Hopping off the plane, Ally was greeted with the much colder climate of Ipswich. Already missing the hot weather of California, she wrapped her jacket around her a bit tighter before grabbing her bags. Exiting the airport, Ally searched for the car that was meant to pick her up but failed to spot it. Great, he was late. At that moment, the rain decided it would make an appearance and Ally had to dash under the shelter to avoid getting drenched.

"Welcome home, me." Ally muttered to herself as the minutes passed and there was still no sign of the car.

Finally, an hour later, the car arrived and her brother climbed out of it, a smile plastered on his face.

"Ally, I've missed you so much. Oh dear, we're going to have hell with you and boys." He chuckled, opening his arms for a hug.

"Missed you too. You're late though." She reprimanded before jumping into his arms and hugging him tight.

"Sorry Al, I thought your plane got in later and then Mom was, well, she was having a bad day."

"I'm sorry, Caleb. You should have told me you were busy, I would've gotten a cab."

"There is no way I was going to let my baby sister - who I haven't seen since she was 13 - arrive home without me coming to get her." Caleb sassed causing Ally to poke his tongue out at him.

"Caleb Danvers everyone, the world's greatest brother." Ally rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Ally Danvers, I don't think I like your tone, young lady." Caleb teased.

"Gee, sorry Dad."

Grabbing Ally's suitcase, Caleb heaved it up into the trunk of his car before opening the door for his little sister. Sliding into the car, Ally inhaled the scent of her brother, finding comfort in the smell. She was finally home. After four long years away, Ally was back with her brother and soon, her best friends. As Caleb started to drive through the lanes, towards the Danvers mansion, Ally glanced out the window in awe.

"Everything looks exactly the same but at the same time, so different." Ally gasped.

Caleb just shook his head whilst laughing at his younger sister. Driving past the old Putnam barn, Caleb tensed up and stared at the road with such intensity, Ally thought it would explode.

"That barn gives me the chills. Especially after I got hit by lightning there when I was 13." Ally joked, trying to diffuse the tense atmosphere.

"Yeah, well, it gets worse when you're 18." Caleb gave her a forced smile.

Narrowing her eyes, Ally looked at her brother, trying to figure out why he was so tense before deciding to just change the subject.

"Did you tell Mom that I was returning?"

"Well, considering your text said that 'under no circumstances' am I to tell 'absolutely anyone.' I guessed that meant the boys and Mom." Caleb sniggered.

"A simple no would have sufficed 'Leb."

Ally let out a sharp breath when her childhood home loomed up in front of her. She hadn't seen this place in four years since she announced she was going to California to seek out her biological mother. The day she broke her family's hearts.

Ally came to a quick stop once she reached the steps leading up to the front door causing Caleb to crash into her and drop her suitcase.

"Smooth 'Leb." Ally snickered, picking up her bag. Caleb gave her a small shove before unlocking the front door. Sensing her hesitation, Caleb walked over to his sister, wrapped his arm around her waist and practically dragged her into the foyer.

"It's going to be okay 'Ly. Mom's missed you so much and she'll be ecstatic to see you." Caleb said, reassuringly.

"But what if she's angry."

"Allison Danvers, that woman hasn't seen you - her little girl - in four years. She'll cry. But happy tears, not angry tears." Caleb smiled before pushing Ally closer and closer to the sitting room. "Now, let's go into that room and say hello."

"I've missed you and your stupid always-right attitude."

"No you haven't." Caleb chuckled.

Walking into the sitting room, the smell of cigars and alcohol hung in the air. Ally saw the back of her mother and struggled to not cry when she saw the familiar hairstyle. Her mother was in front of her, and she had no clue Ally was even there.

"I brought a visitor." Caleb announced.

Evelyn Danvers turned around and when she saw Ally stood there, she let out a small scream before passing out on the floor.

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