"Robot Luau"

From the Desk of Sharper

This short story here centers a favorite senior party...the luau. The seniors of the Class of 2007 at Middleton High are just a few days away from graduating, and with the majority of the seniors exempt from final exams, they are going to enjoy a night of leis, hula dancing, and roasted pig, and hell, even plan the traditional harmless senior prank. At the same time, however, Professor Dementor threatens to conquer the world with a robot army. Little did Kim and Ron, however, that an upcoming event will change the course of the lives of all that are involved.

The fanfic takes place within the Rockwaller Chronicles following the events of Nacos and a Movie and a few references for my (future) fanfic Heart of a Champion (even though the Queen will only have a few speaking lines) and it takes place shortly before the events of Graduation. It will have a bit of K/R fluff mixed in as well.

The fanfic is rated K-plus for brief language and some action violence.

Kim Possible, characters and settings, are created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney and is, of course, not intended for profit.

Any OC I create is my own.

"Robot Luau"

Chapter 1 - Good Senior News

(Wednesday, May 9, 2007, 3 weeks before the events of Graduation , 1pm)

"Heya, KP!" Ron exclaimed to his BFGF and crimefighting partner. "I need to tell you something!" He was in his usual outfit with Rufus holding onto his backpack.

"Oh, uh...what's the sitch, my cute BFBF?" Kim questioned. She was, of course, wearing her baggy denim overalls over her purple shirt, and both straps were hooked, as required by the (slightly reformed) MHS dress code. She also had gold hoop earrings, blue sneakers, and, of course, her wrist Kimmunicator.

She was confused on what her boyfriend meant by those words. It could mean a thousand things.

"We need to be in the auditorium right now for an assembly." Ron replied.

"We...as in...the entire school?" Kim asked. "Ron, I don't think this is important! I have to get to AP Calculus before the bell rings!"

"No." Ron said, "It's seniors only! Mr. B even said so!"

"Seniors only with Barkin calling the shots, huh? OK, I'm interested!" Kim replied, her interest increasing in this assembly.

Getting off-tangeant, Ron then asked, "Do you know where Bonnie is today?"

Kim looked mildly-annoyed.

"She's out sick from what Veronica told me." the redhead replied through her teeth. "Though I doubt if I even care about the fate of Miss Senor Junior."

Rufus even gagged his mouth in disgust at the mention of Bonnie.

"Moving on, we'll just see what Mr. Barkin has in store for us." Ron said, unimpressed "It's probably his idea for setting up an exam schedule or something."

(2:10pm, MHS Auditorium)

Kim and Ron then took their seats in the auditorium. Many of their other classmates from the Class of 2007 were present as well, with a few noticeable exceptions.

"Ah, I remember this place well, KP." Ron recalled, "The talent show in Junior Year."

"Lil' Bon-Bon was blown off the stage by your sheer quantity of talents, Ron and by my own voice!" Kim giggled.

"All you had to do was just say the word!" Ron laughed and the two did a fist bump.

Monique also took her seat. Like Kim, she too was wearing a button-down shirt and both-straps-hooked overalls.

"Hey, Monique, you got the MO for this assembly thing?" Kim asked her very good friend.

"I did from a couple students, Kim. I hope this this is not going to BMBO." Monique said, while also adding a Monique-Speak term in the process.

"BMBO? I just hope that isn't an inappropriate term." Ron chimed in.

"Bore My Brains Out!" Monique explained the translation, "Just wake me up when this thing ends."