Chapter 6 - Being Quiet

(12:20am, Possible household)

Kim was sound asleep when the familiar four beeps echoed on her Kimmunicator watch.

She tossed and turned in bed, messing up her hair in the process. The beep tone continued to echo on the watch until she rubbed her eyes and woke up.

Kim turned on the Kimmunicator watch.

"Wade...what's the sitch? It is past midnight!"

Wade replied in his PJs, "Sorry to wake you at this hour, Kim, but we got trouble!"

"Trouble? As in...?"

"Shego escaped from jail...again!"

Upon hearing those words from Wade, Kim's eyes grew alert!

"Wade! We need to wake Ron and Rufus! I'll go ahead and fire up the Sloth!"

(15 minutes later)

The Sloth arrived at the Stoppable house, pulling up into the driveway. Kim got out of the car and walked to the door. She knew the Stoppable knock by heart... a gentle tap on the door twice plus a ring of the doorbell.

Opening the door was Mrs. Donna Stoppable with curlers in her hair and a bathrobe under her PJs. Donna was half-asleep and yawning.

"Kimberly, what are you doing up at this late night of the hour?" she asked.

"Sorry to disturb you, Mrs. Stoppable, but I need Ron!" Kim replied, "An urgent mission just came up."

"You can come in and knock on his door, but be aware that he is a sound snorer." Donna warned Kim. "And don't honk the horn of your car like last time! It took me an hour to put Hana to sleep!"

"I'll wake him up myself." Kim insisted. "And not disturb his baby sis!"

She quietly went up the stairs to Ron's room in the attic, since his old room was occupied by Hana.

"Ron...wake up!" Kim whispered, tapping on the staircase to the attic.

Ron muttered and mumbled in his sleep. Rufus, meanwhile was laying down in his miniature house about 5 feet away from his owner's bed.

"Ohhh! Largest Naco in the World! Come to my delicious mouth! Dripping beef juices...sweet gooey rich cheese...flowing, steaming hot Diablo sauce...almost in my sweet...sweet teeth!"

Kim repeated the phrase with a little more authoritative tone in her voice.

"Ron...wake UP!" And then she cleared her throat.

This was enough to wake both Ron and Rufus up but, thankfully, not Hana. Rufus rubbed his beady eyes.

"Aww MAN, KP! I was about to dive into the largest Naco ever known to mankind!" he complained.

"Earth to Ron here! We need to go to Mission mode!"

"How urgent?"

"Like, Shego escaping from jail type of urgent!"

This was enough for Ron to fully become alert.

Rufus even squeaked, "Shego!"

"Rufus! Time for us to stop the bad guys!" Ron yelled out loud.

This woke Hana up, crying in her nursery. Kim groaned and performed a facepalm.

"Ronald! You're going to get in big trouble for this!" Donna exclaimed downstairs.

(25 more minutes later)

The Sloth arrived at the prison and came to a complete stop. Officer Thomas Hobble welcomed them in.

"Thank goodness you arrived, Miss Possible!" he said while jotting down some notes.

"We came in as soon as we could, Officer Hobble!" Kim exclaimed.

"The scene of the crime is this way!" Hobble replied, escorting the two to where the escape unfolded.

"Did Wade mention that Drakken escaped too?" Ron asked his girlfriend.

"Strangely enough, he didn't." Kim replied back.

"Not to worry!" Hobble said. "Lipsky is still behind bars!"

Kim, Rufus, and Ron then looked at each other oddly.

"So if Drakken didn't escape from jail, who did bust her out?" Ron wondered.

(3 minutes later)

Team Possible then came to where Shego's cell was, on the western end of the prison. A huge hole was present.

"That's going to take a long while to fix." Ron said, observing it.

"You can say that again." Kim agreed. "Come on, Ron. We gotta take a closer look!"


(5 more minutes later)

Kim and Ron both got into Shego's cell to observe for any clues. They found one obvious one.

"Look, Ron! The plasma-absorbing gloves!" she exclaimed, pointing to the gloves on the floor. These gloves were made of the toughest fabrics designed by Global Justice. Their intent was to absorb all of Shego's plasma powers and render them virtually useless. The gloves were usually electonically controlled and emitted a small shock if Shego ever tried to charge up within any prison that Kim sent her to.

The second thing of note that Kim picked up was a small electronic bug.

"'re going to come with me, little guy." Kim said, picking up the bug with tweezers and putting it in a bag.

Rufus climbed up to the bunk of Shego's cell and observed the burn marks.

Kim observed this and said, "Nice find, Rufus!" She then got onto the Kimmunicator and asked, "Wade, can you analyze these burn marks?"

"Sure thing, Kim!" Wade replied while typing.

"According to the readings..." he said while analyzing on his array of computers, "...they came from a powerful laser blast from the outside."

"So we know it's obviously an outside job." Ron said.

"Yeah, but we also know that it's so not Drakken this time." Kim replied. "Speaking of which...we're going to pay him a little visit!"