It was official! She was now a full grade pro hero! With a diploma! And that meant that she could do so many things, like solo work, join on full time with an agency, abuse the fact that she can fly by saying she's on 'patrol', and any number of things that were related to being a hero. And while all those things were absolutely fantastic, she was far more excited about what the diploma meant.

She was no longer a student at U.A. She was a graduate, which meant she was no longer a student of Izuku.

Now she could date him in public and do a bunch of other couple stuff! Like, hold hands! Cuddle! Go to the movies! Kiss! Maybe even sleep in the same bed!

Nejire gasped, spinning in the air as she held onto her diploma, trying really hard not to break out into a fit of giggles. She hadn't let go of it since she had gotten it last night at the graduation ceremony. She had wanted to immediately rush over to Izuku the moment she got it, but that would be almost as bad as kissing him a month ago at school!

No, she had to wait, and do it when he wasn't at work. Which he wasn't right now because it was spring break and she was going to ambush him at his apartment and do something couple related! Like just cuddling and holding hands. Now that they had all the time in the world to be a couple she wasn't going to rush anything like she did when they were at I-Island.

Probably, she might just be so excited to see him that she latches onto him, and then oops he's shirtless.

Floating down in front of Izuku's door she knocked on it and hummed, waiting for him to answer the door.

No such luck.

She had the right apartment number didn't she? Where was he? Was he out drinking with Sir again? Or maybe he was just getting groceries. She should have told him she was coming over. Darn it. So much for a surprise.

She pulled out her phone and called him.

Two rings and he picked up. "Oh, hey Nejire, uhh, babe? Sweetie? What, what should I call you now?"

Rolling her eyes, she smiled and moved over to the railing that separated his third-floor apartment from a drop to the small courtyard down below. "I'm at your apartment, wondering where you are? I want to show you my diploma and kiss and stuff!"

"Oh! You wanted to do that today? Sorry, I thought I had a bit more time before you wanted to come over. I wanted to surprise you, but I moved into a new apartment." Izuku laughed from over the phone. "It's a bit bigger and a lot nicer!"

"What? Why'd you move out of your old place?" she turned and looked at the building. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't really the worst either, it was just cheap. "Besides the fact that it was smaller than mine and a dump?"

"Well, I was just uhh, thinking that uhh, we'll probably be spending a lot more time together, and my lease was up, and uhh, well, why don't you just come over? I think you'll like it." He sounded cute from the way he was mumbling about it.

"Sure, text me the address and I'll fly over!"

"Sure. Uhh, talk to you soon!"

"Yep! See ya!"

"Okay, texting the address as soon as we hang up."

"Dork." She hung up, sticking her tongue out and waited for the message. A couple of seconds later and she received the text from Izuku, her phone showing the location on the map with the flick of her finger. In half a heartbeat she was flying towards Izuku's new apartment. If only there was a map app that was for people that could fly.

His new apartment was a bit further away from U.A. but with trains, it might be a shorter commute. When she saw the area she couldn't help but smile, it wasn't extravagant by any means, but it was nice.

She saw Izuku standing in front of his apartment on the top floor. Now all she had to do was resist the urge to fly in and kiss him. Wait. They could do that now. She spun in, just slowing down enough so that when she collided with him he could catch her.

Their lips met as her legs wrapped around his waist while she grabbed onto his back.

Izuku responded instantly, even as he stumbled back for a moment.

So much for taking things slow.

They parted, laughing at the energy of that kiss, her feet falling to the ground while she held onto his shoulders. "I might have been waiting a long time to do that."

"Me too," Izuku laughed, hands still on her waist. "I was getting really worried we might slip up towards the end."

"So, what was the real reason why you decided to get a new apartment?" She asked, moving a hand to grab his. They didn't have to hide anymore. Not now, not ever again.

Izuku smiled and opened the door for her. A few boxes sat in the modest living/dining room fusion that was comfortably spacious, and his tiny T.V. looked all but microscopic against the wall. But it was nice. Just a bit much for one person. "Well, since we'll be spending a lot of time together, I figured that we could use some more space."

He paused and gestured towards the inside. "And I was kind of hoping that you'd maybe be staying here with me."

She gasped and swatted him on the chest, smiling at the thought. "Izuku! We don't have to rush! We can let this relationship progress naturally. So let's take it slow and really get to know each other."

"I didn't mean to rush, I'm just really happy to start spending time with you." He almost looked like a kicked puppy. An adorable smart, green-haired puppy that was really good at kissing, cuddling. And sex. "Well hey, why don't we go on a date? We can go eat somewhere and just do date stuff?"

"Ooh, that's a good idea." She leaned up to kiss him one more time. "Or. Or we can go a break in your new bedroom. Actually, it'll be the first time in your bed period. But I think a nice day, relaxing inside, making out a lot, and probably being naked is exactly the kind of date we need."

"What happened to taking things slow?" Izuku asked before pressing into her and kissing her along the neck.

"We'll take things as they come."

Nejire moved in three weeks later when she discovered that she no longer got student rates at her old apartment.

Three years later, they got married on I-Island.

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