Squiddy and Goblins

Pt 2

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Diagon Ally was filled with students. Severus could not help but sneer at the thought of the school year being ready to however looked forward as he made his way towards Gringotts Bank. He was not fond of the bank or the rude goblins, but this had to be done and he did have all the legal documentation that gave him full parental rights. While the Potters were not on the List of sacred twenty- eight they were still a very old wizarding family and knowing Lily they would not have left Harry with nothing. Upon entering the bank he straightened his frock coat and robes and approached one of the tellers as he spoke.

"I need to speak with whom ever is in charge of the Potter vaults"

and placed the folder of papers as well as the key down onto the counter before them, before the goblin could touch the items his hands pulled them back.

"Only the manger of the vaults, please" he added as the Goblin scowled but nodded and hurried away.

It was never a good idea to anger a goblin, yet you also had to show that you were not intimidated by them either. He held high respect for the creatures, they were after all magically powerful. It was only a five minute wait when a older goblin with small glasses approached him. He gave a bow to the older goblin a slight bow.

" I am Hilnok, manager of the Potter Estates…what can I do for you Master Snape?" he asked.

Severus stood back straight.

" I am here as the legal guardian to Mister Harold James Potter and I wish to review his estates, assets, vaults and other investments"

Hilnok nodded as he led Severus to a long hallway where he felt magic flow over him but he said nothing as he knew the bank safeguarded against theft. He was brought to a small office and took a chair as he slid the files to the older goblin who in turn looked them over and then looked to the key and frowned.

" This key is a duplicate, do you have the original?" he asked as Severus shook his head.

"It was given to me by Albus Dumbledore who was in-facto guardian of the Potter assets until the child came into my care." Severus stated as Hilnok gave a nod and wrote something down.

" All of the paper work seems to be in order Master Snape and if you will just give me a moment to have all the assets compiled and presented to you"

The older goblin stood and left the room for a good ten minutes before returning with a large stack of files, two wooden boxes and a small key ring of vault keys. Hilnok laid each file out and then sat back down with a final file in his hand.

"In the matter of the estate of the late Mister James Fleamont Potter and Mrs. Lily Evans Potter, Harold James Potter inherits all properties, accounts and holdings of said estate. Mister Potter also entitled to the former title of Lord Potter upon his seventeenth birthday, the last titled Potter was Equitus Potter in the year 1746. All wizard and muggle holdings are listed in the files presented."

He read off as he then motioned to the files. He then opened the first wooden box as a set of rings lay upon black velvet. Each was a signet ring and Severus could not help but look at them in almost confusion. Potter was to be a Lord..if he so chose.

"Upon his taking the title of Lordship will be able to wear the family signets of Gryffindore, Potter and Ravenclaw."

Severus's head snapped up at this as he was not sure how to process this information. The goblin however kept reading as he then opened the box. Inside the dark oak box saw a small simple amulet with green and blue stones.

" This amulet is for the guardian of the Potter holding until Mister Potter turns seventeen years old. The amulet possesses protection against hexes and curses as well as used as a key to gain access to Vault 5097 which is one of the oldest vaults here are Gringotts."

Severus reached to slowly pick up the small piece but did not assume to put it on, he only held it in his hand as he looked over the fine detail work of the Elven made silver. His attention however fell back on the old goblin as he spoke once again, presenting the small key ring of keys.

" The Potter estate vault keys to all the vaults." He stated as he handed over the key ring and Severus looked at the numbers and he found that some of these keys were even older than the previously mentioned vault.

" We also have a running tab of all withdrawals and purchases from the estate in the name of Albus Dumbledore"

Severus's eyes narrowed as their were several papers in which were handed to him as his eyes scanned down the list. The old man had been taking money for years to pay for various things such as houses for some Order of the Phoenix members. He had bought several homes with this money, which made no sense as Dumbledore was a wealthy man in his own right.

"Stop all access of these accounts and assets to Professor Albus Dumbledore, any withdrawals from this day fourth will only be from myself or Mister Harold James Potter him self. Please add Chrystian Rogue Slate to all accounts as well as authorized persons."

He of course knew his daughter would not abuse this power. Hilnok nodded as he wrote this all down.

"Would Master Snape like to view the vaults?" he asked as Severus nodded.

"Yes…please if you would be so kind." He said as he started looking over the files his mide racing with the numbers he was seeing. The muggle investments alone were astounding and while he was never a fan of James Potter he had to give it to the man, and Lily of course, that they took care that Harry was very well taken care of. The boy will never want for anything, and while a pang of jealousy could not be stopped as he, himself had lived in poverty almost the entirety of his young life. He however stacked the files.

" May I have a complete copy of all these files and the Will. I would like to eventually show Mister Potter when he is older."

Hilonok nodded as he made yet another note before leading the wizard down into the vaults.

By the end of the day Severus was sure that Harry was more wealthy than the entire sacred twenty-eight. In the end Severus only withdrew a few hundred from the Potter vault in which he had the duplicate key for. After that any vault that Dumberdore had access to the keys were changed and Severus made sure that he had the only copy, except for the one the goblins had of course. He also set up a payment of 20 Gallions a month for the managements of the entirety of the estate that had been presented to him. Hilnok tried to refuse but Severus informed him however that Mister Potter would not like the fact that the manager of his account was not getting paid to do such a good job, in which the older goblin nodded and bowed low to the wizard, a sign of good faith.

Severus finally left the bank just as the sun was setting in the sky. He of course knew it would take long time to go through everything but it was one of those things that would need to be done. He sent a patronus to Chrystian telling her that he was on his way. He was just approaching the apparition point when a well dressed figure stepped in his way. Severus frowned as he looked to the other figure, the platinum blond hair of Lucius Malfoy was unmistakable.

" Severus…how good to see you"

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