Before there was light, there were angels. One moment there was darkness and the next, heaven was bright with glorious beings. It was perfect.

It did not last.

Lucifer revolted against God and a line was drawn in paradise. A war began. Every angel was forced to choose between the holiness of heaven or the chaos Lucifer had caused outside.

One angel refused, he believed the only thing worth fighting for was a force we now call love. Cast out of heaven, this angel did not fall alone. Every angel who had yet to choose fell in a flash of almighty fury. Exiled from Heaven, they wander the Earth banished, until the rebel angel abandons love and takes a side. These are the Fallen.

"Does Daniel really believe that we should stay in this place?" Evangeline Grigori muttered, looking around Sword and Cross. Despite the fact that the group had already been there for three years, Evangeline hadn't gotten used to the damp, moss covered buildings and rooms.

"Yes, he does. And you know why." Arriane Alter responded as the two girls walked into the lobby of Sword and Cross, where the new students were being told the rules and regulations. There were two new students, Gabbe (a fellow friend) who was a new student and Cam who was being returned.

"Is that L-?" Arriane started to ask but then the girl turned around and Evangeline let out a small gasp. The only reason Evangeline and Arriane were in this place was because Daniel believed Luce wouldn't end up here but once again, fate found its cruel way.

"Get out of here, Arriane, before I have you lobotomized." The attendant warned after Arriane had said something rude.

"You'd need to understand where the brain is first." Evangeline joked whilst Arriane performed an uncivil gesture.

"Well, girls, you've just earned yourself the task of showing around Little Miss Sunshine today."

Whereas Evangeline was more hesitant about approaching the girl, Arriane wasted no time in bounding up to Luce and looping her arm through the short haired girl's arms.

"I was just thinking I could really use a new slave." Arriane grinned.

"Down girl." Evangeline stood on the other side of Luce, keeping her arms to herself.

Cameron Briel sauntered over to the group of girls and started talking to Luce, ignoring the other two until Arriane chuckled at him under her breath.

"Arriane." Cam greeted in a clipped tone. "Evangeline."

"Cam." Arriane responded. Evangeline just watched the look in Cam's eyes as he took in Luce. Exchanging a glance with Arriane, Evangeline dragged Cam into a room whilst Arriane escorted Luce around the premises.

"Stay the hell away from her, Cam." Evangeline hissed as she pushed Cam away. The dark haired guy only smirked in response. "I'm not messing around. Stay away from Luce. Stop trying to ruin things for Daniel."

"Why? I'm just trying to protect her from him. You know me, I'm a nice guy." Cam continued to smirk.

"No you're not. You're trying to provoke Daniel into protecting Luce from you, forcing them to get close and ending in her death. You don't care about Luce, you care about yourself and pleasing Lucifer."

"Eva, that's not-"

"Don't call me that! I'm not interested in whatever bullshit you have to say, Cam. Back off Luce or else you can deal with me." Evangeline spat, storming out the room leaving a smug Cam behind.

Fog covered the grounds but as Evangeline followed the voices of the two girls, she knew where to step to avoid tripping. Arriane was laying on the bleachers with large, unneeded black sunglasses on her face.

"Cut my hair like yours." Arriane demanded as she stared at Luce's hair cut.

"What?" Luce gasped. "Your hair is beautiful. It's got the same curls as Evangeline's."

That was true, Arriane and Evangeline did have similar hair styles, the only difference was that Evangeline's was a golden colour and Arriane's looked more like caramel.

"Beautiful schmootiful. Yours is sexy, edgy. And I want it." Arriane rolled her eyes. After Luce asked how they would do it, Arriane pulled out the pink Swiss Army knife that had belonged to Gabbe. The knife that Gabbe would never see again.

"Go anywhere near my hair with that. And I will stab you with it." Evangeline threatened, alerting the two girls to her presence. Locking eyes, Arriane and Evangeline seemed to have a mental conversation about the issue with Cam but a small smile from Evangeline reassured Arriane that everything was okay.

"Arriane." Luce whispered. "Your neck, it's all-"

"Scarred?" Arriane finished. "It's alright to say it. I'm not afraid of it."

"And you never should be." Evangeline stated.

Once Luce had finished Arriane's hair, the three girls made their way over to the Augustine cell block where their classes were. Students (prisoners) were already milling outside the block, dreading going in and having to endure the torture that was classes at Sword and Cross. Spotting her brother, Evangeline bounced over to Daniel (who was talking to Roland) and joined the conversation. She avoided mentioning Luce.

However, as if feeling her eyes on him, Daniel glanced over at Luce after he slid his glasses in his pocket. All the other angels at the scene tensed as the two lovers locked eyes for a few moments. Daniel raised his hand as if to wave but instead, flipped her the bird and turned away. The bell rang, cutting the tension, and people started to drag themselves to their classes. Daniel watched as Luce walked off and Evangeline gave him an encouraging smile before following the short, dark haired girl into the classroom.

Greeting Gabbe, Evangeline made conversation with her and resisted the urge to stare at Luce. There was something so different about this one compared to the past Luce's that Evangeline had met and she so wanted to get to know what it was, but she also wanted to keep her distant and not get too attached.

"What is Cam doing?" Gabbe whispered to Evangeline, noticing the dark Fallen angel had sat next to the human and had pulled his desk closer.

"I'm going to kill him." Evangeline gritted her teeth and went to walk towards them but a perfectly manicured hand prevented her.

"Let's just see where this is going."

A blush crept on Luce's cheeks at whatever Cam had said and by the time he had pulled out a guitar pick and handed it to Luce, Evangeline was across the room and seating herself at the desk on the other side of Luce.

Shooting a glare at Cam, Evangeline started a conversation with Luce whilst Arriane 'jokingly' warned Cam to back off. Cam kept staring at Luce during the lesson and every time he caught Evangeline's eyes, he shot her a victorious smirk. The blood in Evangeline's body boiled as she remembered why she ended things with Cam in the first place. He was too drawn to Lucifer.