We Be Monsters

By: Bubbajack

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Ch.2: Justice Long Overdue.

For the second time in what felt like a couple of hours to him, Izuku felt like he was walking to his own execution as he descended the final steps leading to the ground floor of the Ashido Residence. 'Dead man walking indeed.' Izuku thought to himself as he got closer and closer to seeing his mother after his suicide.

If he could've, he would have drawn a deep breath. 'It'll be okay, Izuku, it's just your mother… whom you didn't even leave a note or a message for before you nosedived off of your school roof. Is it too late for me to run back upstairs and escape via Mina's window? I could pull that off right?' Izuku thought to himself as a desperate plan of escape started to form in his mind.

"Midori, stop worrying so much, it's not going to be so bad," Mina assured him from the bottom of the stairs with a smile on her face.

"H-H-He did What?!" Inko wailed out before a loud thunk was heard. Mina looked over and grimaced a bit, before looking back to him.

"Your mom just fainted, does she do that a lot?"

"That depends did I just broadcast my thoughts like I think I just did?" Izuku inquired.

Mina smiled and nodded, "Yep you sure did… Oh, that's why she…" Mina looked to someone out of Izuku's line of sight. "Mom, you didn't tell her?!" questioned Mina.

"Of course I didn't. She was fretting enough over the fact that her son was missing. I couldn't just tell the poor woman over the phone that her son commited you know suicide. Then that he somehow came back to life could I?"

"He did what now?" yelled a strong feminine voice.

Izuku paused. He knew that voice. It belonged to a woman who was practically his aunt in all but name, and her son was his personal tormentor. "A-Auntie Mitsuki?!" Izuku squeaked out.

"Midoriya Izuku, you get your butt out here right now!" The woman snapped. He'd heard her use that tone with her son dozens of times but never with him, not until today at least.

"Y-Y-Yes ma'am!" Izuku took the final couple of stairs and turned left. There, he found his mother slumped down on the floor, being tended to by Mr. Ashido. Mitsuki was staring at him like she had seen a ghost or other apparition while Mina was standing defensively between him and the older woman, a determined scowl on her face to protect him from a perceived threat.

Mitsuki took in Izuku's new physical appearance then his clothes and finally the stubborn pinkette doing her best to look menacing at her. She smiled at Mina not unkindly, "Relax girl, I'm not gonna hit him. He's not like my idiot son who only understands loud words and a firm fist to his head," Mitsuki shook her head, "No, Izuku has always been more… delicate." The older woman reached past Mina and put a hand on Izuku's head and stated the obvious "You look like shit Izuku."

"I-I've felt better Auntie."

Suddenly the woman grabbed him by the ear and dragged him forward, "Now what's this I hear about you jumping off a roof?! You trying to worry your poor mother and I into an early grave?! Huh?"

"N-No ma'am I...I just couldn't take it anymore," Mitsuki could actually feel the boy's anguish in his voice, so much so she let go of his ear just so she could wipe away some tears that were gathering in her eyes.

"How about," Gendo began as he stood up once Inko started coming around, he moved his glasses causing them to flash with malevolence, and authority, "We all head into the livingroom and talk about this like adults?"

Mitsuki deferred to the man. This was his house and his city after all. "Okay." She looked down to Inko, who since she'd come around hadn't taken her eyes off her son. She spoke up trying to catch her attention, "You alright to move Inko? Inko?"

"I...I'm fine," The woman said in a faraway tone of voice with a thousand yard stare in her eyes at what emotions she can feel coming off her son. None of it helped her nerves at what her son had gone through.

Mitsuki rolled her eyes, "Uh huh, c'mon let's get you sat down." The ashen-blonde hauled her friend to her feet and guided her into the living room. She shot Izuku a look telling him to follow and he promptly obeyed, Mina followed right behind him.

Once everyone was seated, Emma served everyone tea and spoke up, "Now, we've already gone over this with Izuku-kun but I think it would be best if we do so with you as well," Emma looked to her husband. "Gendo dear, would you like to go first?"

Gendo Ashido took that as his cue, and flipped through his notes. He then read off the notes he made, "Yes, according to your son's account Midoriya-san, he did in fact commit suicide," He paused when Inko all but jumped at the word, and allowed her a minute to collect herself before he continued, "However, by all accounts he was coerced into it."

Inko, who couldn't seem to find her voice, let Mitsuki do the talking as she all but growled out, "How? Some jackass with a body or mind manipulation quirk or something?"

Gendo looked at the hot tempered woman over the rim of his glasses, "I'm sorry and you are?"

"Bakugo Mitsuki, close family friend and Izu-kun's unofficial aunt," The woman replied, narrowing her crimson eyes at the police chief for questioning her right to be there. "Why?"

"Bakugo you say?" Gendo's eyes hardened on that last name.

Mitsuki nodded a feeling of unease settling in her stomach, "Yes, why?"

"Is your son Bakugo Katsuki? Gendo questioned.

Mitsuki nodded oblivious to where this was going. "Yes why do you…" Then, it clicked. She looked at Izuku, who had his gaze fixed on the floor giving off almost physical shame, then back to the chief, then back to Izuku, "No…" Mitsuki denied. "Katsuki wouldn't… He and Izuku are best friends!"

Gendo sighed. He'd heard that far, far too often at the office. It's often the people you that we're closest who ended up doing the most damage. That's why when a murder happened the spouse and family were considered suspects right off the bat until proven otherwise.

"Bakugo-san, your son and," The man paused to flip through his notes, "I quote, told that if he wanted a quirk so badly, maybe he should jump off the school roof. That then perhaps he would get lucky in the next life."

"But why would he say something like that? They're close they've always been. Or so we thought," retorted Mitsuki as Inko began to sob at how blind she was to her own son's bullying.

"Bakugo," Izuku's telepathy somberly droned its way into everyone's heads even as he didn't look up from the floor, "Has been tormenting me since he found out I could and would never manifest a quirk. He and everyone else in school have constantly picked on me. Bakugo has even used his quirk on me on multiple occasions in full sight of the teachers, who did nothing to stop it."

Both mother's jaws hit the floor by the time Izuku finished speaking. Inko continued to sob more Both were thinking the same thing. 'How could I let this happen, how could I be such a terrible mother for not seeing all this, going on right underneath my nose?'

It took Mitsuki a moment to find her voice again, "Did… did Bakugo's words finally break you Izuku? Is that why you?"

The boy shook his head refusing to raise his head as all in the room felt a welling of sadness inside of them. The room also felt a little colder. Mina rubbed small circles in his back prompting him to continue, "No, Bakugo just gave me the idea, the one who finally broke me… was All Might."

"All Might?" Both mothers echoed, how did the Number One Hero, the Symbol of Peace fit into all this?

Gendo picked up where Izuku had left off, "Yes, All Might. Apparently according to testimony given by your son Inko-san, he was saved by All Might from the very same sludge villain who would later attack and take control of your own son Mitisuki-san. It is what he told Izuku that was the straw that broke the camel's back."

When the man was not forthcoming, it was Inko who, burning with motherly wrath ground out through clenched teeth, "Well, what did he say?!"

"I asked him, the Number One Hero, if I could become a Hero, even without a quirk," izuku confessed. "He told me no, that I should just become a policeman or something."

Now Inko understood. Her son was All Might's biggest fan. His room back home is adorned with his memorabilia and merchandise. For her little boy to final meet his hero only to be told by him of all people that his dream amounted to nothing? It was no wonder he'd… done what he did.

Inko got up and gently sat on the opposite end of the couch so as not to scare her son. Slowly, she scooted closer and closer to him until she was finally close enough to wrap him in a hug.

Which she promptly did trying to convey all her love and affection for her son.

Only when he felt her arms wrap around her did he look up, "I'm sorry mom."

Inko did her best not to turn into a blubbering mess, 'Be strong for your son for once Inko! He needs you right now!' She chastised herself. "I'm not going to say its okay sweetie, because trying to kill yourself is not okay!" Izuku nodded seeing where his mother was coming from. She continued, "But I understand why you did it, even if that doesn't make it right." Inko hugged her son closer to her. "Oh, my poor boy. Why didn't you ever tell me? You know you can tell me anything right?"

"Or me," Mitsuki all but growled angry not at Izuku but at her son, angrier than she'd ever been in her whole life. "If I'd have known he was doing this… Ehehehehe!" The woman let out an almost villainous laugh as she cracked her knuckles. "I'd have put a stop to it right quick then and there."

No one in the room need guess just how, Mitsuki would've accomplished that feat.

Izuku just shrugs, "Who would've believed me anyway? I was? Am? Quirkless I might as well be a pile of dog shit someone had the misfortune of stepping in as far as most people are concerned."

"That is not true Midori!" Mina vehemently denied. "I know we only met because you recently got your quirk or… whatever it is, but I think your cool, and I'd like it if we could hang out more."

"Aww, my little girl has her first crush!" Emma cooed.

"Moom!" Mina groaned blushing violet due to her skin color, "I do not, stop embarrassing me! This isn't about me but Midori!"

Gendo was thinking he'd need to keep a second gun on hand at home if Midoriya-san was going to be a new constant in his little fairy princess' life. 'One can never be too careful where boy's are concerned.' The horned man noticed his wife giving him the 'no nookie glare' and thinking she could somehow read thoughts, Gendo quickly changed the subject.

Gendo cleared his throat, "Which brings us to our next topic. We will be arresting Bakugo, his teachers and All Might for… Public Quirk use without a license, reckless endangerment of a minor, physical, verbal, and mental abuse, assisted suicide, and Manslaughter."

"Don't forget destruction of property, dad!" Mina called out!"

"What did the boy destroy?" Gendo asked.

Mina prodded Izuku in the shoulder with her finger, "C'mon Midori show him your hero book, c'mon!"

Reaching into his gifted coat, Izuku pulled out the burnt journal. He then showed it to Mina's father.

"Midori takes notes on Heroes and their quirks!" Mina praised and then continued with, "He like totally figured out how I could make mine super awesome after I showed him what it did only once."

Gendo quirked an eyebrow and smiled, "Is that so? Can I see it?" Izuku vehemently shook his head, perplexing the police chief, "Why not?"

"I-I don't know why but other people touching it makes me… uneasy," The boy admitted.

Mina poked Izuku in the cheek. "Hey, hey, did me looking through it earlier make you uncomfortable?" Seeing him nod Mina scowled at him (cutely he thought), "Then why didn't you say anything?"

"N-No one's ever taken an in-interest in my writings before… it was n-nice."

"Ohh, Midori, you precious thing you!" Mina suddenly pulled him into a hug, smooshing him into her blossoming bosom, and surprising him. "I'm going to smother you with all the love and friendship you've been missing, I promise!"

'Must not grab gun and separate boy from daughter. Remember, he's a victim Gendo, he's a victim!' The head of the Ashido household told himself mentally counting down from ten.

Mitsuki who noticed the man's tensed jaw and knuckles whispered, "I know this must be hell for you, but take it from me, you've got nothing to worry about with Izuku." She raised her voice and continued, "So, how screwed is my son?"

"In a word, very," Gendo continued, "Manslaughter is a serious charge, which can at max get him up to sixteen months in prison, but combined with everything else, provided it sticks, he'd be going away for at least a decade."

"Well, shit," Mitsuki cursed, she rubbed her eyes. "Well, it's not like he didn't being this on himself, the little shit."

Suddenly the doorbell rang, surprising everyone. Gendo took to his feet, setting his notepad aside, "I'll get it, it's probably Gunhead."

The man answered the door and found not only his old friend standing there, but also a lanky older gentleman wearing a blue suit with a black tie, and he had a cap on his head that shadowed his eyes. He had a neatly trimmed mustache and was smoking a rather large cigar he stood on the porch, hands in his pockets.

"Those things will kill you Nari-san," Gunhead pointed out.

The man shrugged and grinned, "They haven't yet, and anything could kill me at anytime, like say… a piece of bone flying at high speeds for instance? Isn't that right hero? Eheheheh!"

"Gu, you made it!" Gendo greeted his old friend, before turning to the other man, "I'm afraid I don't know who you are?"

"This is Nurari-san Gen-chan, from the Monster Help Office. He told me one of you called him?" Gunhead spoke in his usual cutesy voice.

"Oh, that was my wife. Come in, come in please. The person I need you both to see is right over here in the living room," Gendo ushered the men indoors.

Upon seeing Gunhead, Izuku broke into blathering hysterics, "Y-y-Your G-Gunhead! Fifty-first ranked Hero whose quirk lets you s-shoot out shards of bone that you mainly use for either s-suppressive or covering fire."

Gunhead stuck a pose, "Yeah that's me! You sure are a smartie Izu-chan!" Gunhead locked his eyes on Mina, "Mina-chin! How's my favorite niece?!"

"Gu-ojisan, what's up?!" Mina greeted with a smile. She then noticed the guy who looked like a bus driver who hadn't taken his eyes off of Izuku, "Whose this guy?"

"Nurari, just Nurari and unless my eyes deceive me and I'm not so old that I've gone blind yet, I do believe I'm looking at a Lich, no demi-lich… wait..." The man quickly corrected as he walked closer to Izuku, " Wrong twice over, your an Archlich. Yes, you still have a spark of life in you don't you boy? The change was recent wasn't it?"

"Are you the man they sent over from the Monster Helpline?" Emma questioned.

"Yes, yes," Nurari said distractedly his grin never leaving his face as he crept closer to Izuku. "Well the change was recent yes, happened a couple of days ago probably?"

Izuku stared into the man's almost glowing eyes and felt compelled to answer, "Y-Yes sir. I-I jumped off my school roof."

"Mmm hmm Mmm hmm, and when you did, you felt utter despair and hopelessness at the time didn't you boy?"

Again Izuku nodded, "Yes sir, how'd you know?"

"Monsters are, in a sense, born from humans boy," The man explained, "Humans who feel very strong emotions upon death have a strong chance to come back as a form of monster, the stronger the emotions, the stronger the monster. You've heard many tales in your native Japan of women scorned turning into things like demons, Yuki-onna, oni, and the like?" Seeing the boy nod the man took a puff on his cigar as he continued, "Where do you think ideas like that came from? Nowhere?" The man cackled letting out a plume of smoke, "No, that was how monsters have come about through the ages, along with natural reproduction of course."

He looked Izuku up and down, "And for you to become a Archlich… you must've had a strong goal a desire, for knowledge, or understanding, or both, for you to become a creature like that…"

Izuku mulled it over, 'A goal, a desire? For Knowledge and or understanding? The only thing I wanted to understand was why 'I' was born into this world without a quirk. Now, I find out I 'still' don't have one, but I'm some type of rare monster. So the only real question I have now is… what can I do and how do I control my abilities?'

"Excellent questions to ask lad," Nurari said with a grin on his face.

"I thought out loud again didn't I?" Izuku asked, depairing over the fact he couldn't keep his private thoughts private.

"What you just did isn't a bad thing boy. Why in fact, unless I'm mistaken, your not speaking to the mind, but the soul of your subjects. I would also like to add that you aren't just some kind of rare monster, you are the last of your kind."

"Oh," Izuku said sadly, he felt very alone in that moment.

"I do believe dinner is about ready," Emma said breaking the tension in the room. "Would you like to join us Nurari-san?"

The bus driver looked at the boy,"Your full of questions, aren't you boy?"

"Yes, like what can I do? Why do some things keep dying when I touch them? Why don't I need to breathe? So, so many questions."

Naruri turned to the lady of the house, "With your permission, I'd love to stay for dinner miss."

Emma smiled, it looked like things were looking up for Izuku-san, "Certainly."

'Pot Roast is nice,' Izuku decided as he nibbled away at what was on his plate, the potatoes and vegetables that had been allowed to stew with the meat also tasted nice. Yet despite the taste of the food, it didn't fill the void inside of him like he'd hoped it would. He still felt empty and unsatisfied and for the unlife of him, he couldn't figure out why.

Inko seeing her son had cleaned his plate but looking uneasy, asked, "Izuku are you… alright?"

Emma seeing the boy fidgeting asked, "Is the food no good Izuku-kun? Would you like something else?"

"N-No! The food… the food is great," Izuku projected towards his hostess so as not to seem rude. "I just don't feel… full."

Nurari laughed, "That's because your an archlich now boy!" The man reached into his coat and came out with a small packet he tossed to Izuku. The boy turned it over and was surprised to find it was a packet of Sakura tree seeds. Seeing the questioning look he was being given, Nurari explained, "You have a deeper need, a deeper hunger than that of the flesh now boy. Your very soul requires nourishment. It needs life force to sustain itself or… well it's best not to worry about that."

"And I can get that by eating seeds?" Izuku questioned.

The busdriver smirked at him, "What is a seed but a tree that has yet to grow? Full of life and vitality. Better than eating people, eh kid?"

Izuku nodded rapidly before he opened the bag and poured some into his palm. The effect was instantaneous. The seeds glowed green in his palm, tendrils of ethereal energy snaking from the seeds themselves and into his hand. Izuku felt an electric rush run through him, he felt like he had a slight buzz and he also finally felt blessedly full for the first time since he woke up. Izuku crushed the seeds in his hand when they were reduced to naught but ashes.

"Feel better now?" Nurari asked once the lightshow had past.

"Yes very much so, thank you sir," Izuku gave a bow in the man's direction, though not as deeply as he would've liked due to sitting at the table. "Can you tell me anymore about Liches?"

The bus driver just grinned, and waved away his thanks while smoking his cigar, "No need to thank me kid. Just doing my job. Your the last of your kind, and info on liches are a tad obscure at this point… but what is known about them is that they feed off of life energy from other things…" The man paused for dramatic effect, before adding, "And that Liches are all completely and irrevocably evil."

"E-Evil?!" Midoriya was shocked by that revelation. But then he started mulling if over in his head. 'Of course they… I would be! I'm dead! I won't age! Meaning I can't die like a normal person! And if I can't age or die like a normal person then that means… Oh kami I can't have friends, there's no point! They'll all just waste away while I remain the same age forever and…'

"Midori! Midori!" Mina shook him to get his attention. "It's ok, just calm down, just brea- oh wait, you don't do that anymore. Okay just look at me," Mina forced Izuku to look her in the eyes. "Your going to be just fine alright? No need to fret about things like this before they happen right?"

Izuku slowly digested Mina's words and nodded, "Right, sorry for broadcasting my thoughts… again."

Mina leaned over in her chair just so she could give Izuku another hug, "Don't apologize you've been going through a lot recently."

'A girl is hugging me a 'very cute' girl is hugging me! Again!' Izuku thought while praying to whatever god that would listen that this particular thought didn't leak out of his head.

"Aww, Midori thinks I'm cute!" His prayers were not answered. It seems the kami's were all on break at the moment.

"We heard," Gendo grumbled while his glasses flashed dangerously in Izuku's direction, causing the boy to sweat, only for the older man to wince when his wife kicked him under the table and gave him her own stern look.

"You two are too cute," Inko commented at her son's first interaction with a girl besides herself.

"Aren't we just? We'd be a total power couple," Mina said shooting Inko a peace sign with one arm wrapped around Izuku as Inko, Mitsuki, and Emma took pictures of the two with their phones. "Izuku would be the strong silent planning one and I'd be the energetic talkative and spontaneous one."

Mitsuki smirked, "Reminds me of my Masaru. He's quiet and shy just like Izuku-kun. But when he puts his mind to task, nothing stops him."

"Umm, uh, Mina… are you asking me o-out?" Izuku stumbled out.

Mina looked at Izuku for a long moment, "I… don't think now's a good time for that, considering everything you've just been through Midori," Mina quickly added, "I totally would like to get to know you more though! I think you're pretty cool."

Izuku pointed at himself, "Me, cool? I've been called a lot of things, weird quirkless and loser were the main ones but never cool."

Mina scowled. She didn't like how easily he put himself down. 'Bastards!' She thought of his classmates and teachers. 'He's been told he's nothing for so long, he actually started believing it!' Mina told him firmly. "Well that's not true! You are cool! Your a one a kind Lich how many people can say that huh, not that jackass with his explosion quirk. Lots of people can cause explosions with their quirks. Not many can say their apart of a nearly extinct species," Only after she finished her rant did Mina realize she just insulted a guests son. She looked to Mitsuki and rubbed her head sheepishly, "Sorry ma'am."

Mitsuki shook her head, sounding downtrodden when she spoke, "Don't apologize. My son… I don't know where I went wrong with him but clearly, somewhere along the line, my husband and I did."

Izuku shook his head, "It's not you, its… society. People have always told Kaa-chan… Bakugo, that he would be great, because he had a strong quirk. Everyone from other students to the teachers just fawned over him and after awhile he… started to believe them," Izuku looked to Mitsuki who was hanging off his every word. "Isn't that how it goes? People with strong quirks are expected to become Heroes while those with quirks that are deemed weak or 'evil' are expected to either get normal jobs or become villains? Maybe it's because I was always on the outside looking in but… once people learn about me, won't I be villainized? I… I'm not even sure if I want to become a Hero anymore, but the more I think about it, the less likely it seems that such a path would be open to me even if I wanted to pursue it in the first place."

"Gu, you've been oftly quiet," Gendo noted.

Gunhead who had silently been savoring Emma's cooking and of course, silently observing Midoriya this whole time, finally decided to speak up, "Izu-chan is a very bright boy, and it saddens me that he was pushed to this point, it really does." The fifty-first hero spoke solemnly, "He has so much potential, not just because of his newly acquired talent but because of his drive. Yes drive," The hero said upon seeing his dumbstruck look, "Most students get into a Hero School and think they've already made it. Bah! That's not even the first step. That's like a baby, crawling!" Gunhead banged his fist on the table for emphasis, before continuing, "There is so much more to it than that. You must be willing to bleed, sweat and cry for your goal. To push yourself and your quirk in ways you wouldn't even imagine… then push even further still! To always be there reassuring the people that you will keep them safe even though you yourself are human just like them and thus, will sometimes fail. But you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep going." Gunhead paused and said, "That is what it means to be a Hero."

Mina and Izuku stared at Gunhead open mouthed for a moment before they both broke out into applause for the man, the adults soon followed.

"My, my, please stop, your all embarrassing me," The Pro-Hero said abashed. "Gen-chan, make them stop!"

"Okay, okay that's enough, we don't need Gunhead blowing a gasket," Gendo said calmly. He turned to Mitsuki Bakugo his tone becoming serious. "Bakugo-san, you realize that your son is in a lot of trouble yes?"

Mitsuki cracked her knuckles, "Oh yes, with me and the law. When I get my hands on that little bastard…"

"I'd advise against anything that would also get you thrown in jail for child abuse ma'am," Gendo warned. "Anything that can be proven anyway," Gendo muttered under his breath, before he continued. "I'll be filing a police report and faxing it over to the Mustafu precinct in the morning. You are all welcome to stay here until this matter is resolved," Gendo generously offered.

Raruri actually cleared his throat then, "Actually since Izuku is a monster, this falls under MON jurisdiction I believe?"

Gendo hissed through his teeth. He was hoping the man would let regular police handle this delicately. If he brought in the Monster Ops: Neutralization Unit things would get messy between the monsters and the people with Quirks if MON was seen invading a school. 'Still, the man is correct. Since harm was done to Izuku, this does fall to them,' He looked at the Monster representative who just kept grinning, "I do hope you know what your doing if you go through with this."

Raruri took out a clamshell cell phone and flipped it open. "Something that was bound to happen sooner or later," The monster replied before he hit a number on his phone and speed dialed a number and spoke into it once the person on the other end picked up. "Hello Smith? We've got a problem."

Kuroko Smith groaned as she was woken up by the incessant vibrating of her cell phone. "Hello?" she growled out.

"Hello Smith? We've got a problem."

Kuroko's eyes snapped open. She ripped her eye cover off of her eyes and grabbed her shades, before she reached for her dress pants with her free hand, "What's going on boss? It's not like you to call me directly."

"I've recently come across of all things, a Lich, Smith."

Kuroko almost dropped her phone in shock. Her mind immediately conjured images of piles of bodies lying in the streets only to rise to do a grinning malefic undead's bidding, "How many people are dead?"

"None, the young boy is quite kind actually."

Smith let out a sigh of relief, "Okay, that's one disaster averted. What did you call me for?"

"The people that led to the boy's… first death, must be brought in and held accountable. I'd like your team to go and round them all up please."

Smith grimaced. 'Just a kid. Fuck,' She said, "Sure, just give me a list of names."

"A list for a majority of them will be provided later on, but the two main perpetrators are one Bakugo Katsuki and All Might."

Smith did drop her phone that time, but managed to catch it before it hit the ground, "I-I'm sorry boss, could you repeat that last name? Cause it sounded like you said you wanted me to arrest All Might."

"That's correct," Rurari replied with a grin in his tone, "That's exactly what I want you to do Smith."

Kuroko sighed, "I was afraid you said that."

"Oh come now my dear Kuroko," her boss said jovially, "You'll be making history with this arrest."

"Yes," Smith replied dryly, "I'm picturing the fallout now. Mass rioting, crime on the rise, and hatred for monsters reaching a new high."

"I don't think it'll be as bad as all that," Her boss comforted. "Do let me know when the job is done."

"Will do," Smith almost hug up before her boss stopped her.

"And one more thing!"


Rurari gave his final request, "Please put me in touch with Hero team Heartbreaker as soon as possible."

"Will do," Smith replied before ending the call with a click and groaning in frustration. "That man'll be the death of me yet!"

Deciding to get the easier of the two jobs done first, Smith dialed a number on her contact list. "Hey Kurumu. Yes I know its late, sorry, sorry. My boss wanted you and Midnight to call him. No I don't know what for, but if I had to guess, a shitstorm it about to come our way… No not scat porn you idiot! I mean a… Oh forget it, just have Midnight call my boss yeah? Thank you."

Smith sighed as she hung up her phone. "Where the hell does All Might live anyway? Does anyone know?" Smith shook her head, "Not important right now."

She dialed another number. "Dopple, get the rest of the girls together. Yes now!" Smith snapped into the phone when her subordinate complained. "We've got a job to do, given to us by the boss himself. What job? We need to arrest some kid and All Might. Yes, that All Might."

With a sigh, Kuroko Smith hung up her phone. "This is gonna be one of those nights isn't it?" she said to herself as she grabbed her suit jacket and headed out the door.

"There, that's done," Rurari said as he put his phone away. He turned to Izuku and continued, "I'm going to need a list of all of your teachers and classmates."

Izuku just stared at the man for a moment, "Y-You might as well arrest the wh-whole school. I-It'd be easier."

"Then we'll do that," Rurari said calmly. "Something you need to understand Izuku-kun is your one of us now. We monsters, well, we look after our own." The bus driver's eyes gleamed maliciously as he spoke, "And we don't take too kindly to those who hurt us." Rurari leaned back in his chair, "Now there are a few other things you might experience as a Lich."

"You mean besides being evil?" Izuku sulked.

"When did I ever say you, would be evil?" The man said with a smirk.

"You said all… Liches," Izuku realized, "But you called me something else didn't you? An Archlich or a demilich something like that?"

The man nodded his wordplay finally seen through, "Indeed. Liches are evil but you are clearly an Archlich. The worst you could possibly get is Lawful Evil and even then, you'd be no worse than a common lawyer! Hahahaha!"

Izuku chuckled along with the man, enjoying his little joke.

"No, but seriously boy," Rurari continued, "You should pay attention now because you might… pick up some odd habits due to your new… phase in life."

"Like?" Izuku noted his mother was sitting up and paying attention now.

'Of course she is,' Izuku chastised himself, 'She's worried about you.'

"He might have a fascination with graveyards for one," The man began raising a single gloved finger, "Could have a thing for… taxidermy. Or collecting and preserving corpses in some way."

Izuku winced, 'Collecting corpses yeah that isn't going to raise a ton of eyebrows.'

Rurari raised another finger, "He can likely raise and control the dead with magic."

"M-M-Magic?!" Izuku muttered out. "Control the dead?"

"So like zombies and junk?" Mina asked with stars practically in her eyes. "So cool!"

"Indeed missie," Rurari affirmed, before taking a puff from his cigar, "Zombies, skeletons, ghosts and ghouls. All fall under the purview of the power of a Necromancer." He looked to Izuku and asked, "Can't you see em boy? The willing dead are clamoring all around ya already."

"Wha…?! Izuku looked around, but didn't see anything. He shook his head, "I-I don't s-see anything sir."

The monster of a man nodded in understanding, "Right, right, I keep forgetting your new at this. You absorbed a lot of life energy just a bit ago. Why don't you try shifting some of it to your eyes, and tell me what you see, hmm?"

Izuku did as asked poking at the well of power that seemed to fill the void in his stomach now and prodding a small, miniscule portion of it up towards his eyes. When he did he gasped.

For all around him, were ethereal people, their forms as thin as wire and as see-through as glass. They all varied in age, race, and sex. Some were old, while others were children younger than he was. Each and every single one of them held a hand out to him, beseeching him, pleading silently with their eyes, to have a second chance at life.

Izuku turned to Rurari hoping to ask for some form of help, when he stopped again. For in the place of the bus driver was now a stately old samurai warrior. His mustache was long, his hair was ghostly white and tied into a traditional topknot, while his kimono seemed to be white and hemmed in blue flames the garb fluttered in an invisible breeze. He smiled at Izuku, his crimson eyes gleaming. Surrounding him was a pinkish-purple aura that exuded pure power.

"What… what are you Rurari-san?" Izuku asked after staring at the man for a moment in utter fascination.

Taking his cigar out of his mouth, "Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Rikuo Nura, Third Head of the Nura Clan. And I am a Nurarihyoh. He who leads a night parade of a hundred demons." He bowed respectfully to Izuku, "It is a pleasure to meet you Midoriya Izuku-kun."

Izuku bowed in return slightly lower showing more respect to Rikuo, "The pleasure is all mine."

"You're a good kid," Rikou said with a smile on his face. "But you've got a lot to learn. Something tells me though you won't have a problem with working hard, will you?"

"N-No sir!" Izuku got a determined look on his face, which then became curious. "Why are you going so far out of your way to help me though? I'm not all that special am I?"

Rikou laughed, "Boy, your an Archlich! To monsterkind your like… like the Dali Lama."


Rikou explained, "Archliches are like the wisemen, sages, prophets and healers to Monsterkind. For they can request aid and wisdom from the past elders, through the ancient art of Necromancy. Remember what I said about your fascination with corpses?" Seeing the boy nod, the Nurahiyon continued, "People will often come to you seeking advice from long dead relatives, great-grandparents, or clan founders. It doesn't matter, and they'll expect you to summon their ghosts so you can ask it questions."

"Wow… sounds cool!" Mina praised, "Midori is like… Monster Jesus or something."

"Not wrong, not exactly right," Rikou corrected. "But yes, once word gets out you will be getting bombarded by people wanting your help."

"Can Midori charge people for his help or is that frowned upon?" Mina asked.

"Mina," Her mother chastised. "You shouldn't put your nose into this, it doesn't concern us."

Mina shrugged, "What? Midori is my friend, and even cops get paid to get shot at right dad?"

"Right princess," Gendo agreed, only to backtrack hastily when his wife gave him the 'no nookie glare' "But that said you shouldn't pry."

"It's fine," Rikou said, "For unless I'm mistaken Mina-chan's got some fey blood in her somewhere, and to answer your question, yes, he can request payment."

Mina blinked and pointed at herself, "Fey, like faeries and junk?"

Rikou nodded, "Indeed, one of my abilities as a Nurarihyoh is the ability to detect other monsters nearby. I detected more than just Izuku-kun in this place when I arrived, your appearance suggests a connection to the Seelie Court but… What is your quirk?"

"Mina-san can generate acid. It's amazing!" Izuku gushed, making Mina flush violet at his praise.

She playfully slapped his arm, "Stop it Midori! It's not that great compared to you. I mean, you can do magic! How cool is that?"

"Acid huh? Possible connection to the Unseelie Court then," Rikou spoke, mostly to himself.

Mina leaned in across Izuku's lap, causing the boy to stiffen in his seat as she leaned in close to Rikou and asked, "Hey what's all this Seelie Unseelie stuff about, huh?"

Rikou explained, "The Seelie and Unseelie fey courts rule a… place known as the Feywild, it is a place of… contrasts. Winter and Summer, Autumn and Spring, happiness, and sadness. All are split down the line and between the two courts. Neither can be described as 'One is good and the other evil' mind you," Rikou warned, "For all Fey are fickle creatures and enjoy pulling pranks, some, like the Unseelie, pull more malicious ones than others."

"So what kind do you think I'm descended from?" Mina kinda hoped it was the Seelie. They seemed… well if not nice, the nicer of the two.

Rikou peered closer at Mina, "I cannot… fully tell, which is odd. Your personality leans towards the Seelie, but your quirk points towards the Unseelie who have the oddest connection to acid."

"Oh," Mina frowned a bit then shrugged. "Maybe I'm both? Maybe somewhere down the line one person on one side married someone from another and then… tada, yours truly is here!"

'We'd best hope that is not the case. If either Court ever even caught a hint of such a union taking place both sides would not stop until they wiped such a line from the face of the Earth.' Rikou thought bitterly to himself.

"Is everything ok Rikou-san?" Izuku asked seeing the look of consternation on the older man's face.

"Yes, yes, everything is fine, the Nurarihyoh replied. "Anyway, magic yes. Big deal that. We should really find you an instructor." Rikou clapped his hands together, "But all things in due time. First, justice. Then training."

"So like are you guys gonna stay here tonight or?" Mina let her question hang for Inko to answer.

Inko looked to her son who smiled a little and nodded, "Well, as long as we won't be imposing."

"Perish the thought," Emma replied, "We have plenty of room."

"Yeah!" Mina threw her hands up in joy! Before suddenly grabbing Izuku's wrist and saying, "Midori, do you know what this means?"

"That I get to stay over at your house?" Izuku questions.

Mina shook her head. "No, no, no. What it means is… sleepover in my room!" Mina cheered before dragging him away.

"Wait what?! Mina, I-I d-don't think this is a good i-idea! Y-Your a girl, I'm a boy and, and, are you listening to m-me?!" Izuku cried piteously as he was dragged away

"I'm getting my gun," Gendo growled, half standing up out of his chair, glasses gleaming.

Emma glared sharply at her husband, "No, your not! Not unless you want to be sleeping on the couch for the next month. Izuku needs some normal teenager interaction," Emma looked to Inko and Mitsuki, "I'm a Quirk Councilor and RN."

"Oh," The two nodded, "Impressive."

"Thank you," Emma replied before turning her glare back on her husband, "What Izuku needs in my professional opinion is to be around someone his own age who won't treat him like crap. It'll be damn good for his self-esteem which," She looked to Inko, "No offense, is in the toilet due to a decade of constant bullying."

Gendo looked at the ceiling where his daughter's room was located, "But what if they end up…..?"

"Making out and getting a little handsy?" Emma asked raising an eyebrow. "So what? It's a perfectly normal teenage thing to do. In fact, I distinctly remember my own father throwing a certain boy out of my room when he caught him in there when we were their age."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Gendo huffed.

"Honey," Emma smiled a dangerous smile. "Let it go."

Gendo sighed, "Fine but if our daughter ends up pregnant before she graduates highschool I'm not to blame."

Emma burst out laughing, "Oh please, Izuku is a darling boy who is far too timid to make a move. Mina will probably have to be extremely overt with him."

Gendo quirked an eyebrow at his wife, "What makes you think those two are going to get together?"

"Women's intuition," All three women at the table said at the same time. The trio stared at one another before sharing knowing smiles.

"As I was saying," Emma continued, "You didn't notice the obvious chemistry between the two? How protective our little girl was of Izuku and how he praised her quirk and made her all but turn purple? That's how it started with me and you dear," Emma reminded him pointing to her eyes which rapidly changed colors. "You couldn't stop staring at my eyes, and I asked if your horns were heavy. Interest in each other's quirks got us talking, which led to a date…"

"I remember I remember… It's just everytime I look at her I see that little kid running around in a fairy princess outfit for Halloween," Gendo groused.

"I know its hard dear, but our little fairy princess has grown up," Emma said while looking up at her husband.

"I know, I know," Gendo said as he sat down, "But I don't have to like it."

Emma turned to their guests, "Please forgive us for having this conversation in front of you all, it wasn't intended, but it was a long time coming."

Mitsuki despite everything, managed a little laugh. "Don't worry about it, hell it's the one thing I'm glad about having a son. Even if he is… the way he is."

"Yes it's fine," Inko assured the couple, "Though I was a tad worried for a moment when Gendo-san said he was going to grab his gun. I really don't want my son dying… again. If I can help it. Ehehehehe~!"

"He's going to be fine, you know?" Rikou informed Inko, "That boy of yours, he's gonna be fine. But what about you?"

"I… I'll be okay. Izuku and I…" Inko sighed, "We both need to do some soul searching I think. If my son doesn't want to become a hero after all this fine, if he wants to help the monster population, then that's fine too." A fire lit in Inko's eyes and she got a look of determination on her face, "He needs to know that, no matter what he chooses to do, I'm going to be there to support him from now on, no matter what! The fact that he didn't come to me and talk to me about this… it hurts but," Inko sighed, "I also can't really blame him. Ever since I found out he was quirkless and his father left us."

"He divorced you because he found out his son was quirkless?" Emma asked sounding disgusted at the mere notion.

"The divorce was… amicible. He pays enough so that we can keep living as we are, and he moved to America, Alaska as a tack welder I think."

Emma sighed, "Some people," Before she placed a hand on Inko's shoulder. "Well he's not alone and neither are you. We're going to support all the way. After all we need to support our future son-in-law, right dear?"

Gendo coughed into his hand, and it sounded distinctly like 'shipper on deck' before the man turned to Inko and replied, "Of course, we'll do all we can."

"As for me, if you need someone to keep an eye on Izu-chan, I'd be happy to do it!" Gunhead volunteered. "He seems like a nice kid and I'm sure some of my interns could pick his brain about their quirks when he's stopping by."

Rikou piped up, "While it likely won't look good for MON to be arresting All Might or a school full of people, we could mitigate the damage somewhat by having Izuku be monitored by both the Hero and Monster community. If we show unity to his plight, it would show both Heroes and Monsters in a positive light."

"Which is why you called in Team Heartbreaker," Gunhead noted in understanding, "A Hero team consisting of a top ranking heroine Midnight and a Monster hero, Allure."

"Correct," Rikou affirmed. "With them, you, and MON watching Izuku, he should be safe until all this blows over."

"Safe from what?" Inko asked fretfully.

"Crowds of rioters," Rikou replied, "The sheer fact of arresting All Might will not come without consequences."

Inko played with the hem of her sweater. "How bad do you think it'll be? Izuku will be safe right?"

"I promise you Midoriya-san, we are taking your son's safety as our top priority," Rikou affirmed. "If need be I know of a couple of vampires I can call in."

"Okay, okay… vampires?!" Inko asked.

While the adults talked about things to come, the two teens were back in Mina's room and both lying on her bed staring at the ceiling. Mina turned to glance at her new friend, "So, Archlich huh? Isn't that something..."

"Yep…I'm Monster Jesus… sounds like a big deal," Izuku replied not taking his gaze from the ceiling.

Mina interlaced her fingers with his. The simple gesture really reassured him. "You'll be fine, you've got your mom, my folks Rikou-san," She gave his hand a squeeze, causing him to look at her as she sent him a wink, "And me, of course."

Izuku despite all the stress he was feeling from today, Izuku felt the tension leave his shoulders upon feeling Mina's hand in his and seeing her reassuring smile. "What about the Fey thing? Is that freaking you out a bit?"

"Nope," Mina said, popping the 'p' as she did. "It does explain some things though, like why my horns are so sensitive."

"Sensitive?" Izuku in curiosity reached out and stroked one, causing a shudder to run through his new friend. "H-Hey now, don't start something you aren't r-ready to finish Midori!"

"S-Sorry!" Izuku apologized, rapidly pulling his hand back like it was on fire, his face resembling the expression.

Mina shook her head, a violet blush staining her cheeks. The pink girl rubbed the affected area, the action behaving like a switch that made both teens already very red cheeks even redder. "Don't apologize, you were just curious is all."

"Maybe they aren't horns at all," the undead boy said speculatively, "but perhaps instead they are antenna of some kind? I mean fairies do have butterfly wings so…"

Once again Mina found herself astonished by her new friend's analytical skills. "Maybe," she conceded. The girl had never put much thought into her horns before with the acid and all that being rather flashy in comparison. "You think if I try hard enough I can make butterfly wings out of my acid to fly with?"

"I mean bubbles float due to being thin and near weightless membranes with large pockets of air inside them could theoretically if you could somehow shape your acid and control its air content yes, you'd be able to float, much like someone in a hot air balloon would. It wouldn't be flight per-say but more like say extended gliding?"

The pinkette grinned, noticing something the boy likely overlooked his entire life, "Wow Midori… you didn't stutter once when you were thinking about how I could use my quirk. That really is your comfort zone isn't it?" Mina praised.

"I-I s-suppose it is," Izuku admitted.

"And there you go stuttering again," Mina said with a little laugh, before she frowned and asked worriedly, "I'm not making you uncomfortable am I?"

"No, no, no!" The Archlich rapidly denied, "There's no one I'd rather be around actually."

"Why Midori, a confession, so soon? How bold of you," Mina teased.

Once Izuku realized what he'd said, his jaw worked but no words came out, not that Mina expected them to. Finally Izuku managed to string a thought together. "I-I'm so sorry I-I-I didn't mean it like that!"

The acid quirk user giggled, "I know dude, relax! It was a joke." Mina became slightly serious as she continued, "But seriously though, once all this is over, with the trial and junk and you feel up to it, I really would like to hang out more. Maybe just the two of us? At the beach or something? Or maybe a cafe for lunch?"

Izuku found himself giving Mina a flabbergasted look, "Are you sure you're not asking me out?"

Mina shook her head, "It's not that, consider it… a rain check? An open invitation you can call in whenever you feel your up to it? Call it whatever you want," Mina said with a sigh and a shrug, "We both know now isn't the right time for that."

Izuku nodded before glancing down at their conjoined hands, "Mina?"

Mina replied in a soft tone, "Yeah Midori?"

"Is it okay if we stay like this? I don't exactly have anything to sleep in and I'd feel awkward borrowing more of your brother's things," Izuku admitted.

Mina nodded. "We can stay like this, I'd prefer it actually," Mina said tiredly, "Night, Izuku."

"Night Mina," Izuku replied, noting she used his first name.

Yet try as he might, Izuku could not fall asleep. He didn't know why, even as he laid there for over an hour, listening as the adults were shown to various rooms of their own for the night. 'Perhaps Liches don't need to sleep? I mean I don't breathe either, so why would I need sleep?' Izuku reasoned to himself. He considered getting up, but didn't want to risk waking Mina. He looked over to her and noticed she was frowning slightly and muttering in her sleep.

"Aniki, come back home, Ichiro-nii."

'She's dreaming about her older brother.' Izuku felt bad for intruding on something so private, but at the same time he wanted to help her the same way she'd helped him. Deciding to take what Rikou-san had said earlier to heart, Izuku spoke gently to Mina as she slept. Not to her mind, but to her very soul. "It'll be okay Mina-chan, he'll come back one day or you'll find your brother. Do you know how I know? I know this because Mina-chan never gives up. A-And also, she has m-me now, j-just l-like I-I have h-her," Izuku finished in a stutter yet he sincerely promised the sleeping girl.

His words must've reached her, for Mina smiled and sighed out, "Midori, good person," before rolling towards him and wrapping her arms around him.

'A-Ah! N-n-now what do I do?!' Izuku thought to himself. His imagination was the scene of a ship going to sortie, the mental captain was screaming out panicked orders while a klaxon screamed and the crew were scurrying to sortie against this strange feeling inside his dead chest.

Just then, Emma popped her head in Mina's room. Seeing the situation, she grinned like a Cheshire Cat and smiled before taking a few flashless pictures.

"This is not what it looks like!" Izuku promised the woman.

Emma disappeared for a minute, only to return with a heavy quilt. She draped it over the two whispering in Izuku's ear as she did, "I know, Mina often clings to things in her sleep for comfort," Emma frowned before adding, "She would often go to her brother when she had a nightmare when she was younger."

"What happened to him?" Izuku found himself asking, thankful his new means of communication was silent.

Emma shrugged, but her eyes flashed to a deep sad blue as she continued, "We don't know. One day he was here, the next… he wasn't. We searched high and low, but we never found him."

"I'm sorry," Izuku said, and he meant it. Losing a family member and not even knowing why must've been terribly difficult for the Ashido's, Mina especially, since she seemed so close to him.

"Don't apologize dear, this happened a long time ago…" Emma paused before adding, "I would like to thank you though. It's been a long time since I've actually seen Mina so happy. Helping you, becoming your friend, and helping you through this time of crisis seems to have helped her move on from her brother's disappearance as well." Emma gently ran a hand through Mina's hair but she didn't awaken, instead she merely muttered something that nobody could hear. "Thank you for being my daughter's friend Izuku-san," Emma said, giving the boy the warmest smile he'd ever recieved that hadn't come from his own mother.

"Of course, Emma-san. Though, it's not like Mina gave me much choice," Izuku joked.

As the woman made her way out of the room, she said, "There is always a choice Izuku-san… You made the right one I think in the long run."

With that, Emma Ashido left the room, and Izuku was left to his thoughts. He pondered on many things, how the arrests would go, what the impact of the trial would be, how magic might possibly work and most importantly his place in monster society. He glanced down at the sleeping Mina who was using him like a body pillow. 'Well at least I can say I've got a friend now,' he thought as Izuku whittled away the long hours till morning with most of it pondering the road his life was taking.

For once, the uncertainty wasn't so troubling.

In the grey light of dawn, MON was on the move. Doppel, in the form of a common housefly, was doing reconnaissance. Their asshole was asleep in his bed, stupid spikey sandy hair sticking up every which way and a scowl on his face even in his sleep.

"Stupid old hag," Bakugo Katsuki muttered, before rolling onto his side. Doppel assumed her humanoid form and spoke into the earbud she'd placed in her ear.

"Target located, permission to arrest, over?"

"Negative. Hold position, and wait for backup to arrive," Smith's voice said over the earpiece.

"Mou, your no fun boss, can I at least scare the kid a bit?" Doppel pouted.

The static of Smith sighing came through the other end, "Fine just don't let him get away."

The Shapeshifter's pout turned into a sly smile.

"Hehehe! You got it boss!" With that, Dopple snuck under the covers and wrapped her arms around Bakugo. Her form had shrunk during the fall, what little hints of femininity she had sliding away, leaving a washing board set of boobs and slight hips that could never be mistaken for a woman. She made herself bony too, hair transforming into a bright shiny blonde, her blue innocent eyes sparkled with childish naivety. Oh, and to add the cherry on the top, the evil girl reddened her private parts to the shade of dried blood.

When the boy woke up from feeling someone holding him, he turned around and screamed, "Who the fuck are you?! Why are you naked and how'd you get into my bed?!" He tried to pull the duvet up to confront her but realised his state of dress and shoved it back down hard, flushing slightly either in rage or embarrassment.

Bakugou couldn't tell but it was hilarious to Doppel, so much so that it was hard to keep up her little act.

The shapeshifter turned on the waterworks, "D-Don't you r-remember mister? You found me lost the other day and b-brought me to this place, t-then you m-made me take all my clothes off then you did all kinds of things to m-me. It made my special place hurt at first but then it felt really funny! It made me feel all happy and sparkly." She tilted her head and allowed her eyes to sparkle, "Hey, mister, does your lollipop make you tingle too?"

Bakugo's eyes bulged in their sockets, "The fuck! I don't remember any of that?!"

"You smelled like sake mister. My daddy smells like sake," She hugged him tightly. "It's nice you smell like my daddy, giving me all the hugs he likes to do but I'm pretty sure mommy said that when a boy lays down with a girl before he gave me an important… ring… that means…" For added effect, her eyes watered as she threatened to have a warble, "Oh mommy told me that I can't get married now and that I should tell the nice policemen if it happened and…"

The sniffling amplified for extra effect, so much so the guy started to panic frantically.

"I don't even remember drinking yesterday!... Wait, how old are you?!" Bakugo asked, pointing a quivering finger at the girl.

"I'm ten mister," Doppel said holding up all ten fingers. She made a point of stretching her back to really lay it down that this was a prepubescent girl.

"Oh my fucking God!" Bakugo screamed to the high heavens

Masaru opened the door upon hearing his son screaming, "Katsuki. what on earth are you doing?" He saw the naked girl in his son's bed, then looked to his son, "I sure hope you used protection, I'm too young to be a grandfather quite yet."

"Get the fuck out!" Bakugo screamed at his father, who shut the door moments before an explosion scorched the wooden door.

"Katsuki, we've talked about using your quirk in the house!" his father reminded him as he went to go answer a knock at the door.

"Hell- whoa!" Masaru cried moments before several pairs of feet stormed the house and Bakugo's door was flung open. Storming in was a girl covered in stitches, wearing a tactical vest and brandishing dual wielding assault rifles. She completed her combat roll into his room and pointed them at him.

"Don't move! You're under arrest!"

"Who the flying fuck are you, you damn morgue patient?!"

"She would be Zombina, a member of MON: Monster Ops: Neutralization. Much like myself Bakugo Katsuki-kun," The nude girl in bed next to him informed him before she clasped handcuffs she got from… somewhere onto one of his wrists, "And like she said, you're under arrest."

"The Monster Cops? The fuck you doing arresting me for?"

"You hurt a monster duh. Almost killed him to," Doppel said, as if it was obvious getting his other arm in the cuff, and snapped it on. It was only then that Bakugo considered using his quirk to fight his way out of this situation, only to find out, it wasn't working for some reason.

"The fuck?" Bakugo yelled.

Zombina smirked at him, "Quirk negating handcuffs. Made using some of Eraserhead's DNA I think. He gets royalty checks for these things but yeah you're under arrest for Quirk Use without a license, several counts of physical, verbal, and mental abuse, destruction of physical property, assisted suicide, and manslaughter. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."

"Fuck you dead bitch! I didn't kill anyone," Bakugo spat.

"If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand your rights as I have read them to you? With these rights in mind do you wish to speak to me?" Zombina was reading all of this off a cue card.

"I kinda wish he'd evoke his right to shut up," Doppel complained as she got out of the bed, body morphing back to her preferred form and hauled Bakugo to his feet.

"I didn't kill anyone damn it!" Bakugo reiterated as he struggled against being led out of his room by the two women.

Zombina had had enough of his mouth and decided to shut him up, "Midoriya Izuku. Does that name ring any bells?"

"Fucking Deku?" Bakugo said with a derisive snort, "What about him?" Bakugo soon found the barrel of a gun placed under his chin and the woman's face very close to his.

"You told him to go jump off a roof, didn't ya?"

Bakugo stared at her blankly for a moment then shrugged, "If the quirkless wonder actually took my advice, that's not my problem lady."

Zombina grit her teeth. She wanted to blast this kid with her gun, but at point blank range even a rubber bullet would be lethal. Instead, the zombie girl walked away and handed Masaru the warrant that showed exactly what she considered his shitstain of a son was being charged with and why, which also included their warrant to search the house for him.

Masaru paled considerably as he read it over the list of what his son was being charged with. "I-I need to call a lawyer, or your mother, or both. Probably both."

"Don't bother old man, they ain't got shit."

"We'll see about that, Bakugo-chan," Doppel replied as she led him out the front door, arms cuffed behind his back.

'One down, a lot to go,' thought all of the MON officers. They better be getting overtime for this!

The Faculty and students of Aldera Junior High had all gathered on the track field as requested by a mass email from the police chief of all people.

"I wonder why we were all asked to come here?" the teacher of class 1-C, which recently held Bakugo Katsuki and Midoriya Izuku asked himself.

"I don't know, but the email said that if anyone didn't show the school would be heavily fined. So I'm taking a headcount," The principal who had the appearance of an elephant grumbled. Due to his mutation quirk, he remembered the names, faces, and deeds of every student to walk the halls of his school, from what he could tell, only two were missing. "Where are Katsuki and Izuku?"

"They aren't here?" The teacher began to sweat and look around for the ashen blonde and green- haired boy, "Bakugo-san is likely keeping that quirkless boy out of some kind of trouble. He was always sticking his nose where it didn't belong. Midoriya's grades were good though, I'll grant him that much."

A black car with tinted windows followed by a platoon of squad cars rolled onto the scene. From the darkened vehicle police chief, Kenji Tsuragamae stepped out. Wearing a black suit with a white spotted tie his head that of a beagle. Several officers followed in his wake as he approached the assembled students and school faculty. He stopped a good five meters away and folded his hands behind his back and spoke to the gathered crowd.

"You have all been brought here today because of a rather grave and serious matter." Tsuragamae began, causing mutters to start amongst the crowd. "One of your number, has unfortunately, seen fit to take their own life." Gasps and cries of shock rang out as did those of people wanting to know whom the victim was. The chief lowered his head and replied clearly, "His name was Midoriya Izuku."

The crowd was silent for a moment before one student called out, "So what, it was just Deku!"

"Yeah, he's quirkless!" another chimed in, "We thought someone important had died. Like Bakugo or something? I was so scared when I heard what happened to him on the news!"

"Yeah I know right?!" another student piped in, further digging their own graves.

"SILENCE!" The police chief barked his tone coming out in a menacing growl, silencing the crowd. "Someone has died! It does not matter if they had a strong quirk, weak quirk, or no quirk at all! All life is sacrosanct! That is what being a hero or a police officer means! To protect the lives of those around you! But being a teacher is the most important. They are expected to keep children safe and mold their minds and uplift their dreams for the future. Not allow one to be so crushed he takes his own. And you," he pointed into the crowd, "Have all failed in that regard. I am hereby placing all of you under arrest for the abuse of a minor, failure to report abuse, assault, and assisted suicide." Tsuragamae turned to his waiting officers and waved them forward, "Take them away!"

The policemen rushed forwards enmasse, handcuffs at the ready. Some tried to flee, others tried to fight, but that just added to their laundry list of charges.

Kenji watched as his men and women apprehended the offenders. When a woman in a bloack suit walked up to him he said lowly, "Mrs. Smith, thank you for letting me handle this in house."

"No problem. My team has already captured Bakugo Katsuki, meaning there is only one rather large fish left to catch," Koroko pulled down her shades and looked at the man, "Think you can help with that?"

Kenji sighed, "I'll call All Might and have him come down to the station. You can have your team arrest him there. Though I'm sure once we explain what happened, he'll give up without a fight."

"We'll see. I'll need some time to get my team into position," Smith said already, dialing a number on her phone.

"Take all the time you need, let me know when your ready, and I'll… I'll make the call," Kenji said with a heavy heart. For though he knew All Might, or Toshinori Yagi was a good person, he seems to have lost sight of the little things in life if he had so brazenly dismissed a boy's desire to be a hero. 'And now, I have to betray his trust. I do hope he will forgive me.'

Toshinori Yagi, better known to the world at large as All Might, Japan's Number One Hero, was winging his way towards Mustafu City's police HQ, Tsuaragamae told him he needed to speak to him urgently.

'He sounded tense on the phone, I wonder what it could be about? Has All For One finally resurfaced? That could definitely be it. But if that's the case, Mirio will need to be trained even quicker. I haven't got much time left now.' The hero thought as he landed in an alleyway across from Police Plaza before assuming his true, skeletal appearance and walking in through the front doors.

The place was as lively as ever. People coming and going, citizens filing grievances, police hauling in perps. Toshinori smiled. It reminded him of his younger days before he became the Number One. He'd often haul most of his early villains here himself so the boys in blue wouldn't have to risk themselves getting hurt. This was before the development of quirk nullifying handcuffs of course. Now, even the cops could safely detain villains now.

He walked up to Tsuragamae's secretary a young witch who had experience in secretarial work named Ruby and said, "The Chief is expecting me, Ruby-san."

"Toshinori-san, head right in," The woman said with a forced smile.

'This must be serious indeed,' the skeletal blonde thought as he knocked before walking into the office. The chief as usual was sitting behind his desk, arms folded in front of him. Standing next to him was an unknown woman in a black suit, shades covering her eyes. "Kenji-san, who is this woman?"

The woman in question smirked. "All Might, I presume?" The lady walked forward and reached into her coat pocket. Toshinori was tempted to transform, his secret identity as All Might be damned if she pulled out a gun, only for her to hand him a stack of papers.

The Number One Hero took them and read them over his eyebrows raising in shock, "You are here to arrest me?"

The woman in question nodded, that emotional facade she had never faltering for a moment. She was cooler than most villains he had met over the years. It frankly unnerved him. "Correct, I am Koroko Smith field director of MON, I think you've heard of us?"

"Monster Ops Neutralization," All Might offered as a response to the woman's confirming nod. "Yes, you resolve human monster disputes… but forgive me for my confusion but what does any of this," Toshnori stated, waving the warrant of his arrest around, "Have anything to do with me?" The door behind him closed to reveal a monster, a rather large monster, bigger than even himself in his true form in heavy armor crouched in the corner of the office. 'How did she even fit through the door?' Yagi found himself wondering.

"Please don't resist Mr. All Might. I don't want to have to hurt you," an unexpectedly sweet gentle voice said, coming from somewhere in the metal suit. The surprisingly agile creature then rather cutely, if such a word applied to an enormous armoured demon tripped, cracking the wall that one of her hands had been using to support her unusual position.

"I have no intention of resisting young lady, I'm assuming this is all just a big misunderstanding," Yagi said calmly. He couldn't help but wince as the armored figure's fingers accidentally punctured holes through the plasterboard like a hot knife through butter in a vain attempt to regain her posture. Damn, she was strong!

Smith shook her head, "I'm afraid not. Do you recall three days ago, saving a boy from a slime villain?"

All Might nodded, "Yes Katsuki Bakugo if I recall."

Smith bit her lower lip in frustration, "No, the other boy, the one before Bakugo. Green hair, eyes, little freckles?" Her tone turned sarcastic faster than a ferrari, "Might have asked you a very important question about whether or not someone could be a hero without a quirk? Ringing any bells All Might?"

"Ah yes, him…" The young boy with the overly ambitious plan for his future had reminded him of himself, at first. While his desire to help was strong his flesh, and lack of a quirk made it far too dangerous for All Might to even consider advising the boy he could be a Hero. Yet, remembering it properly, the method and his rather indifference that he seemed to give off at the time, a side effect of both his time limit and getting the villain to the nearest police station gave Toshinori a sinking feeling in his gut. "He introduced himself as Midoriya Izuku, quite a smart boy, but he sought to fight dangerous Villains without a quirk of his own. I couldn't in good conscience let him do that."

"Your words All Might," Smith said, spitting his hero name out like a curse. "Drove that boy to jump off his school roof."

The Number One Hero and Symbol of Peace felt his world drop out from under him. His heart stopped, forgetting it needed to beat at all, his broken body felt even heavier than normal, "I… he what?"

"You heard me. He commited suicide because of your thoughtless words. As such I am placing you Toshinori Yagi, under arrest for assisted suicide and manslaughter. Turn around please."

Toshnori looked paler and sicker than usual emotionlessly turning around with his hands behind his back, constantly muttering, "I-I never meant, I was only trying to help! I didn't want him to get hurt! I was only trying to help."

As his muttering turned to yelling with tears in his eyes, Tsuragamae Kenji looked away. For the Number One Hero to be reduced to such a state... It broke his heart even if he knew it was necessary to see justice done.

"We'll take it from here, Kenji-san," Smith said, ushering Toshinori away, her associate somehow managing to crawl out of his window, the exact same way she'd entered.

Once they were gone, Tsuragamae buzzed his secretary, "Miss Tojou, could you please cancel any of my other appointments today? I'm feeling… under the weather."

"Of course Chief. Will that be all?"

"Yes Miss Tojou, if you need once you've done that, you may take the rest of the day off as well." Kenji told her kindly.

"Yes sir, thank you sir," Ruby replied in just as kind a tone.

Once he was finished, Kenji opened a drawer in his desk, and pulled out a bottle of scotch and took a long pull from the bottle not even bothering with a glass.

Today was one of those days.

Mina's eyes fluttered open as light shined into her room despite the blinds being closed. Blinking against the glare of sunlight, Mina woke up and found herself cuddled up against her new friend.

'Thank goodness he's asleep, if he'd been awake I'd never live this down,' Mina thought to herself.

"Morning Mina."

The pinkette froze in embarrassment.

"You're awake?" She asked in a pitched embarrassed tone, her face flushed violet.

"Umm… I never fell asleep last night. Turns out, I kinda don't need to anymore...I think?" Izuku added as an afterthought, unsure if he needed sleep or not anymore.

"S-So then when I started cuddling you in m-my sleep? You were awake the whole time?"

Izuku looked at her and quirked an eyebrow, "Yeah, but it's fine though I just wanted you to be comfortable. Also, are you feeling alright? Your stuttering and everything and I'm not. It's kinda weird, no offense."

Mina ran a hand down her face as she reminded herself that Midori was adorably awkward, "I.. you… forget it Midori. Let's get something to eat, yeah?"

"Kay, but I'm not feeling all that hungry," the undead boy noted.

Mina sent him a deadpan glare, "Humor me."

Izuku looked away timidly, "Sorry."

Mina groaned.,"Sorry, sorry, I'm a bit grumpy until I've had my first cup of coffee in the morning. Before then, BRAAH!" She playfully jumped at him arms outstretched.

"I see, Mina is scary before morning coffee," Izuku said as he wrote this factoid down in his burnt notebook.

"Wha? Don't write that down Midori!" She tried to snatch the notebook out of his hands only for Izuku to move like greased lightning, and avoid her, looking at her like she just tried to steal his firstborn.

It took the pinkette a moment to realize why he looked so affronted. "Oh, right, you don't like your journal being touched do you?" When Izuku shook his head rapidly from side to side, Mina bowed her head respectfully, "Sorry Midori, I forgot and its first thing in the morning so I'm not fully awake yet. Forgive me please?"

"Ok Mina," Izuku replied warily, "So, breakfast?"

"Breakfast," Mina agreed with a nod.

The two descended the stairs to the kitchen finding the adults were already up and nursing cups of tea. Inko was the first to notice the duo.

"Good morning you two, sleep well?"

Mina flushed at the question, prompting Izuku to answer, "Mina did I… don't seem to sleep anymore?" He phrased it as a question, which he directed towards Reikou.

"Archliches, well Liches in general don't need to eat, sleep, or even breathe if they don't want to. So no, you don't need to sleep, but you can," the Nurahiyion explained, "Sorry for not mentioning it last night lad, but a lot was going on."

"I-I understand, d-don't worry about it," Izuku said hastily.

Emma clapped her hands, "Now that you are up, we have some important news for you Izuku-kun. Honey would you like to take if from here while Inko, Mitsuki, and I get started on breakfast?"

Gendo put down the morning paper and pushed his glasses up causing them to flare. "Of course dear." He motioned to the couch, "Take a seat."

The two teens sat down, Mina instinctually going for Izuku's hand and clasping it in her own. If the boy had any problems with this arrangement he said nothing about it.

Gendo noticed the interaction but said nothing about it but instead he carried on with his news, "As of 10:35 this morning, Bakugo Katsuki, just about all of the graduating students from this year including the faculty of Aldera Junior High, and All Might have been arrested on various charges."

A million watt smile burst out over Mina's face. She even considered skipping coffee this morning, that was how energized she felt at the moment. She immediately embraced her friend, "They got em all Midori! Isn't this great?!" When she didn't feel the boy hugging her back, Mina pulled away to see him looking contemplative, "Midori?"

"This could be very, very b-bad actually. By arresting A-All M-Might, the Symbol of P-Peace, we will be undermining the cr-credibility of the entire Hero c-community and t-thus the Villains, the s-smart o-ones anyway, will sense weakness, smell the b-blood in the water, and b-become b-bolder. C-Crime will rise, t-terror will become p-prevalent and a-all of it, because of m-me," Izuku lamented.

"No," Mina said a bit harsher than she intended. "This is not your fault. If the people turn on All Might it'll be because they see he's capable of screwing up just like the rest of us and he's not some omniscient god who can save anyone whose in trouble. That has nothing to do with you right Midori? Right Midori?" Mina said with a bit more force when he doesn't answer.

"R-Right Mina," Izuku rapidly agreed.

The adults all shared a look. It was clear Mina wasn't going to let him dwell on this line of thought. Rikou even made a playful whipping motion with his hand only for the alien girl to catch his eye and sent him a death glare.

"Mina-chin is so cute!" Gunhead squeed, "I'm tempted to ask when the wedding is."

"Gu-jiji! Stop being dumb!" Mina scolded as she blushed, "Midori and I are just friends understand? Friends."

"Ah, to be young and naive," Rikou said wistfully. "I remember those days."

Mina was about to verbally rip the Nurarihyon a new one when Inko popped her head in and said, "Breakfast is ready everyone."

Mina dragged Izuku to the table plopping him down next to her before pouring herself a steaming mug of sweet black nectar, adding three scoops of sugar to it along with powdered creamer. One giant gulp later and the psuedo-alien let out a sigh of relief, "I'm alive again!" She turned to her new friend. "I hope I wasn't too grouchy Midori."

"No, no Mina was nice as always," the boy assured her.

Mina knew exactly what she was like before she'd had her coffee. So she rolled her bumblebee hued eyes and said, "Liar, but thank you for being polite like always. I didn't threaten to hurt you did I?" she asked worriedly.

"No, not me," Izuku sent a sideways glance Rikou's way.

Mina looked at him sheepishly, "Sorry Nura-san, I'm sorta… bitchy before I have my morning coffee."

"Language young lady," Emma said, coming into the dining room carrying a large pan.

"You remind me of my wives."

"You were married Nura-san?" Izuku asked curiously.

The man quirked an eyebrow, "Was? I am still happily married to all three of my wives." The man realized his error and smiled. "Ah I keep forgetting your change was recent. Forgive me. Polyagamy is an accepted practice amongst Yokai, Izuku-san."

There was silence for a moment and then...

"EHHHH?!" The boy yelled out, his shout of shock resonating in everyone's heads.

"Midori! calm down! calm down!" Mina told him giving him a shake, though she was handling this just about as well as he Izuku had gathered his wits, Mina took a moment to calm herself. "'So, Midori is super important so… He's gonna get lots of offers probably right?" She didn't know why, but even asking that made her stomach feel like it was tying itself into knots.

"Oh most definitely," Rikou affirmed. "Some will want political marriages, others will simply be drawn to your strength, and wish to sire strong children. For a Yokai, strength is everything."

"I-I-I don't k-know how to h-handle this!" Izuku almost wailed, "What do I-I do what d-do I do?!"

Mina firmly grasped his head and turned him to face her, "First things first. You're going to eat breakfast. Or chow down on some seeds, whatever. Then you and I are gonna meet up with some friends of mine from my Junior High and we're gonna spend all day having a blast and forgetting all about this sad crap, ok?"

"Ok Mina… can I have my face back now?" Izuku asked politely.

Mina let him go and picked up her cell phone and started sending out texts to all of her many friends. 'Izuku needs some male friends too… Oh, I know! I'll introduce him to Kirishima! Those two will get along great!' She sent out a special text to Kirishima tell him it was imperative he meet her at the park to meet her new friend. Yeah, she used a big five dollar word and everything. Mina felt proud of herself for that text. Sending off the last one, Mina smiled happily to herself, a job well done. "There, now you're gonna socialize one way or another."

"That's great dear, now can we eat?" Emma smiled at her daughter, showing she and everyone else was waiting for her to finish making her plans before they had breakfast. Everyone, Mina included had a large piece of quiche on their plate.

"Oh, sorry. No phones at the table I forgot," Mina apologized, before putting hers away into her pocket.

"Itadakimasu!" everyone said at once before digging into the food.

Mitsuki looked over to the two, a cheshire cat smile on her face, "So… you and Mina… going out for the day…"

"I-It's n-not a d-d-date auntie." Izuku got out frantically, "I'm just meeting some of her f-f-friends."

"Of course, of course," Mitsuki replied, "I mean, you've already done the hard part. You've met her parents already, and they like you." Mitsuki ficked her gaze over to Gendo and muttered under her breath, "Mostly."

"I think Midoriya-san is a good person," Gendo commented, apparently having heard Mitsuki's comment, "I feel I can at least trust him with my daughter's safety."

"T-Thank you sir," Izuku said, bowing slightly.

"Daddy…" Mina said blushing, "Midori and I aren't even like that."

'Yet,' was the thought of every adult at the table.

Mitsuki carried on with her earlier topic, "Your kinda doing things in reverse you know that kiddo? Usually you ask the girl out then meet her parents, and meet her the first time either with her friends or before that. Aren't you kinda jumping the gun? You've met her parents, haven't asked her out, and have yet to meet her friends."

"I-I'll get a-around to it w-when I-I'm good and r-ready thank y-you," Izuku said, a bit defensively.

Mitsuki blinked, then laughed heartily, "Good for you Izu-chan. Standing up for yourself."

"T-Thank you, s-sorry auntie," the boy said, apologising.

Mitsuki shook her head. "No, no don't apologize, I'm being nosy. I guess because… despite everything I'm still worried about Katsuki," she admitted, tears welling up in her eyes. "I mean don't get me wrong, I know he deserves it but, no mother wants her kid to go to jail you know?"

"I do, I'm sorry once again this is all my…" Izuku stopped when he felt Mina squeeze his hand. He looked over at her and she sent him a mild glare and shook her head.

"No Izu-chan, no. It's not your fault," Mitsuki said sniffling at little. "My son has always been thick headed, stubborn, and prideful. I had hoped if he actually managed to get into Yuuei he would be brought back down to earth that they'd pound some common sense into his head you know? But that doesn't look like it's going to be happening anytime soon at this point."

Izuku poured a handful of seeds into his palm, "Rikou-san, how exactly does magic work?"

"Magic?" the old yokai questioned.

"Yes what are the basics?" Izuku inquired as he drained the life from the dozen or so seeds in his hand.

"Magic works of off somatic, verbal, and material components. That is to say spoken gestures, certain physical movements, and a particular physical offering needed to enact a spell. A certain amount of magical power is also required, and one also might need the assistance of the Gods themselves to use certain spells. Why do you ask?" Rikou inquired.

"I was just wondering what it would take for me to teleport over to Mustafu's Police Precinct and talk with Bakugo, that's all."

Instead of trying to reprimand him or stop him, Rikou just laughed, "Now your starting to sound like an Archlich. Instead of running from your problems you wish to face them head on, and solve them the fastest way possible. I'm assuming you've thought about this all night?"

Izuku shrugged, "I had nothing better to do but think while I was acting as a body pillow."

"H-Hey!" Mina said, sounding flustered and quickly adding, "We're meeting my friends after breakfast remember?"

The undead teen nodded, "True, true… it's just, I would like to get this matter resolved outside of court if possible. Too many innocent people could get hurt if the people's faith in All Might get shaken."

Mina sighed, "You're too kind by half, you know that Midori? Did it ever cross your mind that maybe, just maybe, All Might deserves to have his name dragged through the mud? Same for this Bakugo guy? Again, no offense ma'am."

"None taken," Mitsuki said for the second time in two days.

"Right, anyway," Mina continued, "I guess I need to remind you Midori that we're teenagers. We shouldn't be thinking about heavy stuff like this! Well, not yet anyway," she amended, thinking how she'd been considering joining Yuuei. "This is the kinda stuff you leave up to the adults while you go out with a cute girl and spend the day with her and her friends."

Izuku considered it for a moment before looking to his mother, "Mom?"

Inko smiled at him encouragingly, "Go on son. Go have fun, we'll handle all this business."

Izuku looked around at all the adults who were nodding at him willing him to go out and forget the last twelve hours or so. Izuku couldn't help but concede to their demands, "Alright then, I guess I'll go be a n-normal t-teenager for o-once."

"Yeah!" Mina threw up a fist. "You are just gonna love my friends Midori! And I'm sure they'll get a kick outta you writing about their quirks, and telling them how they can improve! Speaking of, we need to totally stop by the store and get you another journal. Can't have you writing in the burnt one now can we?"

"No umm, that's fine Mina, really," Izuku told her hastily, not wanting to give her any reason to throw old his old waterlogged and burnt journal.

Mina frowned at him peering at him with narrowed eyes, "Okay, what's with your strong attachment to that journal Midori? Is this another Archlich thing?"

Rikou let out smoke like a chimney as he sighed knowingly, "Ah, the missing piece of the puzzle! The journal is your phylactery isn't it Izuku-san?"

"My w-what?" the boy asked.

"Your soul container," the third head of the Nura clan clarified, "So long as it remains undestroyed, you can't really be killed. Your physical body can be physically destroyed but you'll just regenerate near your phylactery eventually."

It took Izuku a minute to process that information, "So I really can't die then?"

Rikou shook his head. "Not really, no. Not so long as your phylactery persists," Rikou paused as if tempted to ask something, but unsure how to phrase it.

"Is there something else, Rikou-san?" Izuku asked after the man fell silent.

The Nurarihyon rubbed the back of his head, "Well, as I'm sure you've likely realized by now Izuku-sama, you are very important to the monster community. So it would be bad for us if your phylactery got destroyed along with you. With your permission, I would like to move it someplace safe."

Izuku's first instinct was to lash out and say no! No, he could not have his phylactery and nor would he be taking it anywhere but Izuku forced himself to calm down, logic overroad irrational fears and the young boy found himself asking instead, "Where would you take it?"

Rikou smiled, "To the safest place in the world. Yokai Academy. The Headmaster there will see to it that it is kept safe."

Izuku found his head abuzz with questions, "There's an Academy for monsters? Where is it? Who's the headmaster? How can you be sure I can trust him with my phylactery?"

"Yes there is an academy for monsters, it was used to teach monsters to blend into human society but nowadays it promotes human understanding and peaceful coexistence. The Headmaster Tsukune Aono is a very powerful vampire and someone I'll vouch for that you can trust if it'll put you at ease."

Izuku nervously tapped his fingers on the tabletop for a moment in contemplation before he finally made up his mind. Reaching into his coat, he drew out his burnt journal and gingerly handed it over to the elder monster.

Rinkou accepted it with both hands in a show of humility before he placed it in his jacket pocket. "I'll see to it that this gets to Tsukune-san right away." Rikou stood and bowed politely to his hosts. "Thank you for having me, the food was delicious."

Emma smiled graciously, "You're welcome back anytime Rikou-san. Please feel free to bring your wives next time."

The man grinned as he finished off his cigar, "I might just do that. I have a niece who isn't too much older than you Izuku. Perhaps I could introduce the two of you sometime eh?"

"Um… I... maybe?" Izuku said after a moment, feeling Mina's impatient glare from his side.

The girl suddenly grabbed his arm and dragged him from the table, "C'mon Midori, we should get going before we're late. Seeya everyone!"

"B-Bye!" Izuku called out as he was dragged out of the house.

"Have fun dear," Inko called before she turned back to the adults and giggled. "Mina-chan doesn't seem to like the idea of my son having a harem of girls."

"She's going to have to either step up or step aside, because Izuku-san is going to be in high demand. An Archlich hasn't been around since the thirteenth century," Rikou informed the group, "For one to appear now is… as fortuitous as it is unprecedented. He will be seen as an ally to some, a pawn to many, and an enemy to others. I've taken steps to see to it that he is protected, never fear. We can't afford to have anything happen to him."

Rikou rose and tipped his hat to the group, before he made his way to the door.

"I wonder what he meant by protection?" Inko thought aloud.

Gendo adjusted his glasses making them flare, "Knowing what little we do of him, whatever it is, it's likely over the top."

"I'm sure Izuku-kun is fine," Mitsuki reasoned.

"But just in case, I'm gonna keep an eye on them myself," Gunhead said, making his way to the door himself.

Gendo stopped him with a few well-placed words, "You don't need to do that Gu, I'm sure you have better things to do."

"Nah, not really Gen-chan," Gunhead turned and gave his longtime friend a thumbs up. "Besides, looking out for people is what Heroes are supposed to do, right?"

With his peace said, the fifty-first Pro Hero made his way out of the house following after the kids.

Izuku didn't say anything as Mina held his arm in a vice like grip even though he noticed people stopping, staring, and whispering as they passed. Izuku was picking up bits and pieces of conversation as they walked.

"The Chief's daughter?"

"Who's that boy?"



"Not good enough for her."

These were the most common lines he picked up. It wasn't too difficult for him to put together what people thought was going on.

'T-They think w-we're d-dating!'

"Ignore them Midori, ignore them," Mina told him firmly as they finally came to the park entrance.

The place was verdant with a cement bike path encircling the entire area, some healthy emerald colored trees sparsely placed throughout the place as well as benches and picnic tables.

"Mina-chan over here!" Mina turned and waved, smiling when she heard her name called. Izuku followed her gaze to a group of people and he found himself freezing up as he stared at them.

The first, the girl who called out to Mina had the upper body of a voluptuous woman while her lower half was that of a crimson scaled snake, almost six meters long. She was wearing a bright yellow shirt that was tied around the middle to show off her stomach.

Next to her was a boy with shark like teeth and red spiky hair wearing a black shirt that said 'Red Riot' on the front in red ink. His shorts were crisp white like the color of fresh linen with black stripes going down the sides and he had sneakers unlike the girl next to him.

The oldest looking one of the bunch was a boy with a simple looking face, his blonde hair seemed to stick up in the front, and despite the fact he was wearing a polo shirt it was obvious he was built like a brick house.

The last was a little slip of a girl, with wings for arms that were coated in blue feathers, and bird like talons for feet. She had a clueless expression on her face that sharpened considerably when Izuku came into sight. Her attire consisted of a tube top and tightly fitting daisy duke jeans. In Japan's modern society it came off as borderline indecent.

Mina stopped moving when she noticed Izuku's hesitancy. "It's ok Midori, these guys aren't anything at all like the kids at your old school. They're nice so just give 'em a chance ok?"

The Archlich didn't say anything, he just kept his eyes locked on the waiting group and silently nodded before making his way forwards.

"Yo Mina whose this guy?" The redhead asked once they were close enough. The red haired boy seemed to be sizing Izuku up, at least that's what the good lich thought to himself anyway. His life experience with strong looking guys usually ended up this way so he was apprehensive of this teen.

"Hey Kirishima, sup? Like the new do," Mina complimented. "Guys, this is Midoriya "Midori" Izuku. Midori, This is Miia, but you can just call her "Mii-chii" Lamia. The blonde is Mirio but you can him "Miri-sempai" Togata, Eijiro "Edgy" if he lets you Kirishima, and Papi. I couldn't think of a nickname for Papi," Mina admitted. "She'd forget it in about ten seconds anyway."

Miia was looking at Izuku in a state of shock, "Mina-chan, do you know what your friend is?"

"Oh yeah, Midori is an Archlich and apparently that's a big deal right?" Mina said it so casually, like it was nothing major.

"Big deal, very big deal," Papi said, Izuku getting the impression she was sounding unusually serious before she swept her wings behind her and dipped down into an unmistakable bow. "Your Holiness."

"Izuku-sama," Miia followed the winged girl and was prostrating herself, pressing her head flat against the ground. "We are honored to be in your presence."

"I-I um, t-that's n-not n-necessary p-please g-get up!" Izuku spoke in the flustered tone. The others jumped when they heard his voice ringing in their heads but the two girls immediately complied.

"Umm, what's going on? Mirio asked sounding confused.

Eijiro was equally perplexed. "Yeah, what's with all the bowing and scraping?"

Clapping Izuku on the shoulder, Mina explained in the worst way possible, "So like, basically... Izuku is Monster Jesus."

"Seriously?" Both boys deadpanned.

"There is much more to it than that," Miia complained, sounding annoyed, "That is a vast oversimplification of how Monster's view Archlichs, Mina-chan."

Mina for as long as she'd known Miia, had never known her to get heated with anyone, least of all her but this seemed to have struck a chord. She held her hands up in a show of nonhostility. "Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean any offence. Midori and I are still trying to figure all this out. Mind filling us in?"

Miia let out a sigh. Izuku blushed at what it did to her assets when she shook her head. "To most of the Monster Community, the Ancient Archlichs are revered much like Martyred Saints. For it was with their sacrifice that allowed monsters to survive into the current era by giving us a place to hide away from humans who were… less accommodating than they are now."

"Evil, racist, killers," Papi added, "Papi's mama made sure Papi knew everything about why we had a safe place to nest and be safe from predators."

"Your mama was a wise woman Papi. To us, Archlichs are pillars of the community. They were the ones we look to for guidance in times of strife, mediators for internal conflicts, Generals in times of war, wise advisors and philosophers in times of peace. Some were even rumored to bring back the dead with not a blemish found on the body. Life rejuvenated and whole again. They are without question the face and have final say in all matters within the monster community. For us, their word was law."

"Both king and god in life and death," Papi solemnly intoned like a prayer.

"Both king and god in life and death," Miia echoed before explaining, "That is the oath all monsters swear to the Archliches. That if they are not useful when living, they shall make themselves even more useful once dead."

"Midori… your a god? Why didn't you tell me you were a god?" Mina said in deadpan seriousness.

"I didn't know. I really didn't. This is news to me," Midoriya replied in a shocked tone, his brain overloaded with information.

Mina sighed. Midori had overheated again, "You overdid it Mii-chii. Now Midori's brain is on the fritz."

"Oh, I am so sorry your holiness, I didn't mean to burden you," the Lamia said as she bowed contritely flaring her assets a little.

"D-D-Don't worry about it Miia-san," Izuku replied as Mina guided him over to a bench and plopped him down.

"His holiness called me by my name! I am unworthy," the girl? young woman? replied as she flushed.

"Well w-what else am I s-supposed to call you? I'm not using Mina's nicknames for e-everyone."

"Usually unless the person in question was particularly close to the Archlich, a monster was simply referred to by what they were rather than who they were. I would be called lamia for example."

"Papi would be harpy," the girl added.

Izuku scowled at that. "T-That s-seems r-rude. No offence m-meant to my p-predecessors of c-course."

"Sounds like they were too old to bother remembering everyone's names," Mina opined.

"Back then the Archliches were very busy. Or so I was told they had to erect havens and fight off hordes of murderous humans, and other groups of not so friendly deities. They didn't exactly have time to remember the name of every monster they crossed paths with unless it happened on an almost daily basis," Miia said, defending the Ancient Archliches with a reverance that made her flush and her arms wrapped around her chest.

"We don't mean to be disrespectful Miia-san, it's just…" Izuku searched for the right words to convey his thoughts, "Hard to imagine all of this happening, that's all. Also there is a lot I don't know so I have some serious catching up to do, I'm going to be relying on as many people as possible to help me. Can I count on you and Papi?"

The lamia and harpy pointed at themselves respectively.

"Me?" both girls said at the same time. When Izuku nodded, they smiled and Miia spoke for the two of them, "We'll do whatever we can to help Your holiness."

The undead boy humbly requested, "Could you p-please j-just call me Izuku?"

'He's so humble and kind,' the two monster girls thought simultaneously.

"Right, Izuku-sama!" Miia replied with a graceful curtsey.

"Izuku-taicho! Hai!" Papi saluted.

The archlich ran a hand down his face. "I-I... that'll do for now I guess."

Kirishima spoke up then, "Umm, not that this wasn't cool to learn and all, but why'd you call us out here in the first place Mina?"

"Hm? Oh that's right!" The psuedo-alien said, "I wanted everyone to meet Midori and then we can all hang out!"

"Sounds like fun to me," Mirio agreed. "I've had a hectic few days and could use a little break."

"Oh yeah?" Mina grinned impishly, "What happened did you finally realize your feelings for Nejire-san?"

"There is nothing there at all," Togata replied completely straight-faced. "Your imagining things where they don't exist Mina-chan. Neijire, she's my best friend, but I don't see her in that light."

Mina narrowed her eyes knowingly, "Ah, I see… so you and Tamaki then huh?"

"Shut up, right now," Mirio warned, his facial expression hadn't changed at all but a sudden aura of menace surrounded the man, forcing Mina into a hasty compliance.

"Sorry. Sorry. Anyway has anyone seen Ken-chan? I thought she'd be here, but looks like she didn't make it."

Mirio sounded abashed as he replied, "Ah, Kendo sent me a text telling me to tell you she couldn't make it. She's picking up her foreign exchange student today and helping her settle in."

Mina mulled over those words, "Well we could always swing over and 'conveniently be in the neighborhood' just to say hi, you know?"

Miia and Papi turned to Izuku waiting for his input, "I um guess we could do that, but it might be a bit too much, for someone who just arrived in Japan don't you think?"

Mina nodded at his input, "True, jetlag is a bitch lemme tell you. Alright, alright, we'll leave Kendo and her foreign exchange student alone for now. For today, let's hit an arcade or something."

Izuku readily agreed, "O-Okay. It's b-been awhile since I-I've gone to an a-arcade."

Mina smacked her fist into her palm. "It's decided then! Arcade, ice cream, and then… who knows! Long walk on the beach maybe?! Let's go!"

Despite everything that happened to him recently, Izuku found himself smiling. Yet, he trailed behind the others as he left the park, for ever since he'd arrived with Mina, he couldn't shake the feeling he was being watched. He didn't know by who or for what reason, but they, whoever they were, were starting to put him on edge.

'I'll deal with them if I have to I guess,' Izuku, the dead boy thought to himself as he hurried after Mina and the others, who were motioning for him to hurry up.

The moment he got close Mina latched onto his arm between hers and started dragging him off. "C'mon Midori c'mon, the arcade is this way! Hurry, hurry!"

"Okay, okay I'm coming… um Mina I didn't bring any money with me did you?"

"Nope," Mina replied popping the 'p' like she liked to do.

That led to a problem as far as Izuku was concerned, "Then how are we going to pay for tokens?"

"That's what Togata-sempai is for. He's treating his adorable undergrad today, right?" Mina turned and smiled at him with sugary sweetness.

The man just smiled back. "Sure why not? I mean you actually did manage to pass junior high your first time trying, right?"

"Yes I- hey!" Mina said sounding affronted, "Are you calling me dumb?!"

"No, no of course not, I bet on you, that you'd pass. Tamaki and Nejire on the other hand… well…"

Mina muttered something under her breath about 'traitors' and 'getting them back' before she said, "Fine, then you can spend some of that ill-gotten gains on me."

"That's the plan," Mirio confirmed.

The arcade was a place filled with flashing lights a copious amount of noise, and various arcade machines lining the walls with air hockey and pool tables in the middle of the floor. Mina could feel Izuku shaking like a leaf from where she held his arm.

'Poor guy is all jumpy, like he's gonna get attacked at any moment. Damn bastards treating Midori like a doormat,' Mina thought, knowing there was no way he would ever take the initiative himself. Mina dragged him over to a skeeball machine saying, "C'mon Midori! I wanna see if you can beat my high score!"

The boy moved woodenly, robotically, his head on a swivel as he tried to look every which way at once, that is, until they stopped in front of the skeeball machine. Then he focused on it, the flashing lights around the scoreboard, the high score being 3500 with MINA as the holder. He looked at the device and saw all the different holes with numerical values on them it was pretty obvious what he had to do to win so he turned to Mina.

"Do we have any coins?" Izuku asked.

"Right here!" Mirio said, running up to the two using his shirt to carry a small mound of coins towards them.

Taking a handful, Mina got ready to slide one into the coin slot. "Ready, Midori?"

Izuku nodded. He may have never played this game before, but he was going to give it his best shot. "Do it Mina-san!"

The coin dropped and a rack filled with heavy balls was released. Izuku wasted no time throwing one towards the far left hole worth a hundred points. He missed by a couple of inches. Adjusting his aim, he tried again, and again, he missed but as the saying goes, the third time was the charm. Once he landed his first shot, every one after it was right on target. Over and over like clockwork, Izuku kept scoring in the hardest bucket and Mina couldn't help but watch in amazement as he neared her score.

2700, 2800… 3000...3400… 3500… and just like that, he broke it, and kept right on going, reaching heights an NBA power forward would weep at right up until the buzzer rang. For extra bullshit the buzzer alarmed the rather nervous boy and fluffed his last shot but it still managed to find the hole.

Mina hugged him jubilantly, "Midori you did it! You blew my score out of the water!"

"Huh, I did?" He looked at the scoreboard and sure enough it read 4600. "Oh wow… sorry."

"Eh? Why are you apologizing?" Mina asked.

Izuku looked surprised, "You mean, you're not mad?"

Mina looked at him sadly as she replied, "No Izuku, no I'm not. I'm actually happy you pulled it off." While she was smiling on the outside, inside she was seething, 'The guy thinks even beating someone's high score will set them off? Just what the fuck did those people, and I use the term oh so loosely, do to him?! Bastards! Bastards! Fucking Bastards!'

"Mina, is everything ok you seem kinda tense?" Izuku asked, concerned for the person he considered his one true friend at this point.

"I...I'm fine Midori. Let's… let's play a different game now kay?" she said soothingly, still annoyed at his treatment at his classmates hands, in particular one, Bakugo Katsuki.

"If it's about me beating your score, I really am sorry," Izuku said again.

Mina waved his apology off. "You really don't need to apologize for that," she assured him. "It was bound to happen eventually." She led him over to a two player arcade box. "Here, let's see if you can play fighting games as good as you can skeeball."

Izuku's undead face lit up when he saw the game in question, "Heroic Justice III?! I didn't even know this had an arcade version!"

"So you like this series then?" Mina asked.

Izuku nodded as he giddily answered her question, "Five is my favorite, because not only were the environments destructible, but they were also tiered, and you had three-hundred-sixty degree movement."

Loving seeing him talk so animatedly Mina continued this thread of conversation, "Same, who's your main?"

"All Might, secondary is Best Jeanist, with my Tri as Endeavour, you?"

"Midnight, Mrs Joke, and Malady of the Wild Pussycats," Mina said proudly.

"Stone waller huh?" Izuku said with a grin.

Mina rolled her eyes, "Whatever you say, mr glass cannon team."

"All Might is not a glass cannon!" Izuku replied.

"Endeavour and Best Jeanist are though," Mina retorted. "Overuse of Endeavour's quirk damages his HP bar and Best Jeanist can only use his quirk so much before you have to tag him out to recharge it. If either are your last man left standing, your screwed."

"True, but I still think I could take you!" Izuku declared.

Mina grinned at him. She was liking this side of her friend. "Oh, do you now, my Midori? Let's just put that to the test shall we?"

The fires of competition burned in Izuku's bright green eyes so brightly he had missed the possessiveness in her tone. She was loving how he seemed to light up at this and noted to come here more.

"You're on Mina-chan!"

'He called me Mina-'chan' just now and probably didn't even realize it,' the pinkette thought with a smile on her face as she dropped two coins into the slots and selecting two players before picking her team, waiting while he did the same. "Any preferences for stages?"

Izuku shook his head as his reply, "No, not really. Wanna leave it up to the randomizer?"

"Sounds like a plan Midori."

The stage was downtown, the teams were set all that was left was for the two to duke it out in the virtual arena.

"Woah guys, check it out, Mina and Midoriya are about to go at it in Heroic Justice III!" Kimishima yelled from behind them, causing their group to gather around the two.

"I got a thousand yen on Ashido!" Kirishima called out.

Seeing his lineup Mirio grinned, "I'll take that bet, but double on Midoriya."

"Half of all proceeds go to the winner like usual!" Mina called out before the fight started.

Izuku opened with All Might upper cutting Midnight then he swapped in Best Jeanist, who used his threads to keep hitting her and bouncing her in the air. When Midnight's HP bar fell below half, Best Jeanist was swapped out for Endeavor who used his Ult Hellflame costing him a third of his health bar to not only wipe her out but also do some minor damage to Ms Joke when she hopped onto the scene.

"Y-Your a damn juggler!" Mina shouted.

"Yep," Izuku admitted shamelessly.

"That's cheating!" Mina accused, pouting petulantly.

Izuku quirked an eyebrow, not taking his eyes off the screen as Endeavour used his flames to launch Miss Joke into air which was followed up by several uppercuts by All Might as he retorted, "But is it... is it really?"

"Yes, because I can't do jack!" Mina replied as she helplessly watched Miss Joke flop through the air like a fish on land.

Izuku casually replied as he had All Might finish Miss Joke off, "If you'd chosen different Heroes like say Hawks, Ingenium, or Mirko this would be a different fight. They all have mid-air recovery to prevent juggling."

"Eh, really?! Mina asked as she helplessly watched as Mandalay was taken out by a Triple Ult. Wrapped up in Best Jeanists' threads as All Might was sent rocketing towards her fist cocked back, the thrust of his flying punch provided courtesy of Endeavour airlines. Mina watched her final Hero's HP bar drop all the way to zero in one attack. She sighed in defeat as the screen displayed PERFECT! Showing Midori hadn't taken a single hit. "I lost!" was Mina's only answer to the beat down she just received.

"G-Good game M-Mina?" Izuku said in a nervous shy tone, holding a hand out to her.

Mina smiled and hugged him instead, "Yeah good job Midori. You totally kicked my butt."

"Y-you conned me!" Kirishima accused Mirio, pointing a finger at the older teen even though he was smiling.

Mirio just smiled, "Not my fault you couldn't figure out Midoriya-san's strategy. To me it was a foregone conclusion who was going to win this fight based on the teams alone," Mirio held out his hand, "Now pay up."

Kirishima grumbled good-naturedly but reached for his wallet.

Meanwhile the other girls were impressed with Izuku's knowledge of the game characters. "Izuku-sama is really good at this game," Miia noted.

"It's not just this game, he's scary good at figuring out people's quirks and how they can be used in general," Mina told the group. "He had a journal full of notes on Heroes and their quirks."

"Really?" Mirio sounded intrigued. "You take notes on people's quirks?"

"I-It's j-just a hobby r-really," the undead boy replied flustered, both from being the center of attention and being hugged by Mina.

Then he felt it. Once again he felt as if he was being watched. 'Again? This is getting ridiculous.' Izuku thought gently pushing away from Mina he made up an excuse. "I-I n-need to use the b-bathroom, excuse me!"

As he walked away Mina cocked her head to the side, "Huh, I guess even undead gotta go sometimes."

"Yeah, sure looks like it. I'll keep an eye on him so he doesn't get lost. This is a big place after all," Mirio said before he walked off after Midoriya before anyone could stop him.

Izuku felt the presence following him as he neared the restrooms. 'Well, they're definitely after me, and not the others.' Izuku concluded. 'The question is why? Are they just observing me, do they want something, or do they want to fight?' he thought to himself while sincerely hoping it wasn't the last option. He turned the corner into the hallway that led to the restrooms and waited. The presence stalled for a moment before coming closer. When they were almost right on top of him, Izuku reached out and grabbed whoever it was and slammed them against the wall next to him, like he'd seen done in a movie once.

His stalker was an older red-haired girl with pale skin and dark blue hued eyes. Said hair was up in pigtails and she was wearing jeans, a t-shirt under a leather jacket, and cowboy boots completing her ensemble. She looked surprised to see his hands on her shoulders.

"Who are you and why've you been following me?" Izuku asked, not stuttering one iota. He didn't have time to stumble over his words He was too annoyed at being stalked and too concerned Mina and the others might potentially be in danger.

"Ah, M-Midoriya-sama," the girl managed to stutter out.

The fact she used that particular suffix to address him meant she knew who and what he was but that didn't explain the why of things which is what Izuku was most interested in. "Well?" He gave her a light shake as power reinforced his words, "Speak!"

"I do not believe my sister can speak to you Izuku-sama," The reply came from next to him Izuku glanced next to him to see a voluptuous tan blonde woman wearing a white dress, a tiara of all things ,and high heels standing at the entrance to the hallway. "Due to the fact you are inadvertently paralyzing her with your touch."

The exotic model like woman moved to walk forward only for an arm to come out of the wall and land on her shoulder. It was soon followed by the rest of Mirio Togata who had a scowl on his face. "I do believe Midoriya-san would like to know why your following him."

"I'd also like to know why your naked Togata-san! There are l-laws a-against this kind of t-thing you know?!" Izuku stuttered out.

Mirio didn't even seem to notice his nudity, "Ah, that's due to my quirk I'm afraid. It let's me phase through anything but it doesn't work on my clothes, just me. Sorry about that," Mirio focused his gaze on his fellow blonde, "Now, as to my question miss?"

"This one is known as Kaluha Shuzen, and she is her little sister Kokoa," the blonde greeted with a bow, only for her to trip and fall on her face.

"Nee-san," the redhead Kokoa groaned out in what sounded like strained exasperation.

Turning over, the woman's face was filled with tears, "I embarrassed myself in front of Midoriya-sama!"

"Why are you here Kaluha-san?" Izuku asked in a less hostile tone. He was still suspicious but it was hard to take such a clutz seriously. Also Izuku had a soft spot for a girl crying such innocent tears.

The blonde seemed to gather her wits, "Ah, yes. Rikou-san sent us to watch out for you while you were out with your friends. Just in case."

Izuku let out a sigh, "Rikou-san sent you did he?" Seeing the blonde nod, he let Kokoa go and stepped back before nodding to Mirio and offering Kahlua a hand up. "In that case I think it would be better if you joined us so as to better protect me don't you?"

Kahlua looked at the offered hand for a moment before smiling an angelic smile that made Izuku feel fuzzy inside, and accepting it. "Yes that would make things easier. Thank you Midoriya-sama."

"Just call me Izuku please, Shuzen-san," Izuku didn't feel right being on a first name basis with such a beautiful woman. He was still reeling from the fact Mina allowed him to call her by her first name.

"No, no, that won't do!" Kaluha pouted. "If I get to use your first name, then you have to use mine, it's only fair Izuku-sama."

Izuku sighed. "If you insist Kahlua-san," He glanced over at Kokoa who had remained silent watching their exchange. "Kokoa-san?"

The girl snapped to attention slightly caught off guard Izuku was paying her any attention, "Y-Yes Midoriya-sama?!"

"I didn't hurt you did I? When I slammed you against the wall?" Izuku asked worriedly. He didn't want to harm the older girl. He was just on edge from being followed.

"No I'm f-fine Midoriya-sama," Kokoa assured him.

Suddenly, a small brown bat flew into the hallway and said, "Kokoa-sama didn't expect Midoriya-sama to be so strong."

"S-Shaddap Komori!" Kokoa hissed angrily at the bat, her cheeks pinkening. She had a hold of the poor mammal and was shaking him around like a flag on Independence Day.

Izuku resisted the urge to sigh. "Call me Izuku please," Izuku glanced at Mirio his eyes fixed firmly on his face. "Mirio-san could you please get some clothes on?!"

"Right, I'm sure you've got it handled from here, yeah?" The hero in training noted, his johnson started getting stiff dude to the cold air in this place.

"Mirio-san, pants now please!" Izuku was very close to being permanently mentally scarred.

The man turned to leave inadvertently mooning the archlich in the process and sinking into the floor.

"Does weird shit like that happen to Izuku-sama all the time or…?" Kokoa let the question hang.

Izuku shook his head, "N-No, not u-usually. But it's been a w-weird couple of d-days. C'mon I'll introduce you to the others."

When Izuku returned to the group with two new girls in tow, Kirishima's jaw dropped. "Dude, I thought you had to take a piss. How'd you manage to pick up two supermodels on your way to the can?"

Mina shot her friend from school a look. "Probably by having tact for one Edgy." Mina greeted the two with a smile, "Sup, I'm Mina Ashido. Who are you two?"

Kaluha smiled. "Kaluha Shuzen," She motioned for her sister to introduce herself.

"Kokoa Shuzen," The redhead introduced.

When Miia and Papi hear their names they froze up, and stood stock still like they were prey in the face of predators. Kaluha just turned and smiled at them sweetly, while Kokoa just sent the two a smirk.

Izuku looked between the four girls wondering what was going on. Mina didn't notice the odd tension in the air though, instead asking, "So how'd you bump into Midori?"

Kokoa quirked an eyebrow at Mina's affectionate nickname but replied. "Neechan fell down outside the bathroom. Izuku-san was nice enough to help her up and invited us to join you. I hope that's alright?"

"Oh yes," Kaluha said clasping her hands together, "I do hope we won't be intruding?"

Mina shook her head, "Nah, more the merrier right?" Mina nudged Izuku in the shoulder playfully. "And you thought you were socially awkward but then you go inviting two girls to hang out? Nice going stud."

"Mina," Izuku made sure this communication reached her and her alone by focusing intently on her face. "These two have been following us since we left your house. They are bodyguards for me sent by Rikou-san."

Mina blinked as her only response, "Really?"

Izuku nodded, "I sensed they'd been following us since the park and confronted them near the bathrooms."

Mina crossed her arms and scowled at Izuku a bit, "You could've told me you know?"

"And put you in potential danger? I don't think so," Izuku swiftly rebutted.

Kirishima and the others were looking confused by the one-sided conversation Mina seemed to be having. With the red haired boy asking, "Um are we missing something?"

"Private conversation Edgy," Mina replied shortly before focusing back on Izuku. "So how much bullshit did we just get fed?"

"Not much, she really did fall on her face and I did offer her a hand up, and asked them to hang out. I figured it'd be easier for them to watch me this way."

"Your… not wrong," Mina agreed with a sigh. "Okay then." Mina turned to the two Shuzen girls. "So, what do you two like to do for fun?"

The two looked at each other then back to Mina. Kokoa was the first to speak up. "I like going to the batting cages, and Nee-san likes Karaoke."

"Batting cages and Karaoke huh, okay cool," She turned to the boy she planned all this for. "What about you Midori?"

"I-I'm fine with anything really." The dead boy replied hastily.

"C'mon you gotta have some kind of hobby besides writing down notes about quirks that is, not that it isn't cool of course," Izuku sighed and mumbled something. "I didn't catch that?" Mina replied.

"I said, I like music," Izuku replied.

"Okay? Nothing wrong with that."

Izuku shook his head, "You don't know the kind of music I'm into Mina… its… weird."

Hearing that caused Mina's eyes to gleam in interest, "Oh? Tell me more."

In response, Izuku took out his phone and began typing in something when he got the results he was looking for he spoke in a surprised tone. "Huh there's a place not to far away from here that has my kind of music. We can go look i-if your all ok with that."

"Today is your day dude. Lead the way!" Mina cheered. When she saw Togata making his way over she called "Miri-sempai! Midori has some music shop he wants to visit. Hurry up!"

The now larger group found themselves outside of a music shop called the Brown Note. They all chuckled at the name before heading inside. Various music related things from clothing, to CDs, to posters hung on the walls, vinyl took up a whole section and everything was categorized by genre.

The Satyr who was manning the counter gave them a jaunty wave, and welcomed them to his shop, saying if they needed help finding anything to just ask. Izuku silently nodded as he walked through the rows of musical CD's finally stopping in the Heavy Metal section.

"Heavy Metal, you? No way," Mina said a grin on her face.

"Way, you get told all your life you'll never amount to anything because you don't have a quirk and you'd be pretty pissed off too," Izuku rebutted before picking up a Led Zeppelin CD.

He felt Mina's hand land on his shoulder in reassurance, "Midori…"

"It's fine, I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lash out," The boy apologize without looking back.

He felt Mina hug him from behind her arms wrapped around his neck, her hair tickled his neck when she shook her head back and forth. "You don't need to apologize. I… I can't say I get it, because I've never been quirkless but I can tell your still angry and you have every right to be. You weren't treated right Midori, and you were treated that way because of something completely out of your control. It wasn't right, and it wasn't fair. Just remember, the people who did it are being punished for it ok? I know it won't magically erase the last ten years or so, but… I hope it helps."

"It's… a cold comfort if I'm being honest," Izuku replied after a moment of silence his hand reaching up to gently clasp hers, albeit awkwardly due to her position. "It means something I suppose, seeing justice done after so long but… too little too late. The barn door is being shut long after the horses have left the stable."

Mina frowned with her head pressed into Izuku's back. She was afraid that was the case with him. He was thinking about the repercussions of the arrests because he didn't care about the arrests themselves. For Midori, the time for justice had long since past. "Can I do anything to help ease your pain, Izuku?"

Izuku chuckled. "You're already doing it Mina," He patted her hand. "By being the first real friend I've ever had."

Hearing that made Mina smile, yet at the same time her guts seemed to recoil at the word friend. 'Did I not eat enough breakfast or something?' the alienesque girl asked herself.

"Anyway," Izuku said seaguing into a different topic as awkwardly as he could. "What type of music do you like Mina?"

"Oh me? I'm into anything that has a beat I can breakdance to Midori," Mina admitted to her friend.

Izuku turned around, "You can breakdance?"

"Totally, I could even teach you sometime… if you like?" Mina offered nervously.

Izuku smiled serenely, "I'd like that."

"Oh dude, they got Babymetal here, score!" Kirishima cried out.

When Izuku heard that, he quirked an eyebrow, "Babymetal?"

"You've never heard of the super famous idol group from before quirks were a thing?" Mina asked.

"No, and with a name like that, I think I'm glad I haven't." Izuku said mainly to himself, but Mina punching his arm told him she heard him anyway.

"Don't let Kirishima hear you say that he's a rabid fanboy. He's even a fan of the new quirk band based off of them called Rattlescrews or something."

"Did someone say Rattlescrews?!" Kirishima cried out in a pitched girlsh tone.

"Oh gods no," Mina said putting her fingers in her ears to block out the pitched squeal as best she could.

Kirishima was on them like a fly on a week old corpse, "Where? Where is it?!"

"Mina was just telling me they were your favorite band Kirishima-san, we didn't actually find anything of theirs, sorry." Izuku hastily replied.

"Oh," Kirishima looked downtrodden but only for a moment. "Ah well, that's fine," He turned to leave but not before clapping Izuku on the shoulder. "Midoriya, hang in there buddy, your not alone anymore, kay?"

With that the redhead walked away, leaving the Archlich confused. 'What was that about? Why would Kirishima-san… OH FUUUCK!'

Mina for the second time in two days endured psychic screaming in her brain courtesy of Izuku. "What, what's wrong Midori?!"

"W-When we t-talked just a b-bit ago… I-I think I broadcasted i-it throughout t-the entire store!"

"Oh… oh crap!" Mina peeked out from behind the shelves they were hidden behind to see everyone staring in their direction worriedly only to quickly go to looking at the merchandise when they caught her staring.

"How bad is it?" Izuku asked worriedly when she turned to face him again.

"They know," Mina replied seeing no point in sugarcoating it.

"They know?!" Izuku hit his knees and gripped his head. "Oh just great I finally had a chance to make normal friends and I totally blew it!"

"Now now," She said leaning down on her feet so as to pat him on the back. "I can't speak for the Shuzen sisters but the others will understand if you just talk to them about it. I know and I haven't abandoned you."

Izuku looked up from his almost fetal position, "You think so?"

Mina gave him an encouraging smile. "I do, but if worse comes to worse and they for some weird reason don't, know that no matter what, you've still got me. Okay?"

Izuku nodded again and finally stood up, "O-Okay Mina. T-Thanks f-for p-p-putting up with me so much today.

"Putting up with you?" Mina said cocking her head to the side. "Dude, I love hanging out with you! You beat my record in skeeball then creamed me in Heroic Justice III, usually I can't get anyone to play me in those games cause I'm just that good at them, then you super casually kick my ass at both. Today has been nothing short of awesome!"

"Ah, w-well I'm glad you had fun."

"What about you Midori? Have you had fun today?" Mina suddenly asked. After all today was about helping him unwind after everything that had happened to him. If he hadn't had fun, then everything they'd done today was a moot point in Mina's mind.

"I-I did," Izuku confirmed much to her relief. "It's been… fun having friends and being a normal kid again… I can't even recall the last time I felt like this…"

Mina grit her teeth she wanted so, so badly to introduce the students and faculty at Midori's old school to her quirk. For a good long while too, while she was at it. 'Think happy thoughts Mina, happy thoughts. Kittens, cotton candy, festivals, the people who picked on Midori melting and screaming in agony. Happy thoughts.'

"Good. Wanna go get some ice cream next?" Mina asked nodding towards the checkout counter, an album by Queen in her hands.

"Sure we should check and see if everyone else is ready to go first though," Izuku replied.

Upon saying that a rapid scrambling could be heard moments before the two poked their heads out from behind the shelves to see everyone else standing at the counter waiting on them.

"Yo, we were about to come check on you two." Kirishima called. "What were you doing back there, making out or something?"

Mina flushed violet, "S-Shut up Edgy!"

Kokoa kicked Kirishima in the shin for good measure, causing him to hop on one foot. "Ouch! That hurt damnit! Just how strong are you?!"

"Hmph, stronger than you," Kokoa replied simply.

Making his way to the counter with his purchases in hand Izuku realized once again, he had no money. "Oh, uh, I don't have any cash."

"I got you Midoriya," Mirio told him easily handing over a couple thousand yen for the CD's Midoriya wanted to buy, "Besides half of all proceeds go to the winner if you recall?"

"O-Oh right. Thank you Togata-san." Izuku said bowing gratefully.

Mirio just waved him off, "Don't worry about it."

Izuku approached the counter and placed his items on it waiting for the cashierer to ring him up. The Satyr looked at Izuku in awe for a moment and then said, "Y-your money's no good here your Holiness."

"I-I are you sure… Xeat-san?" Izuku asked doing his best to pronounce the man's name properly from his name tag.

"Yes, your Holiness sir. Please feel free to take it, as a gift," Xeat implored him. "In fact, are all these people with you?"

Izuku nodded slowly, "Yes?"

"Then please all of you by all means please accept them as gifts," The Satyr implored them.

"We c-can't d-do th-" Midoriya tried to protest only to be cut off.

"Thank you very much sir," Mina butted in, a giant sugary grin on her face. She grabbed Izuku by the arm and hauled him out of the store before he could protest.

Izuku looked for a way to break the ice. "So uh, what did everyone get at the store?"

"The Best of Beethoven," Kahlua offered first.

Mina quirked an eyebrow, "So, all of it then?"

"Yes," The vampiress replied.

"I picked up some jazz by Charles Mingus." Kokoa replied nervously.

"Sweet," Izuku replied.

Mina give the undead boy a sideways look, "I thought you were into heavy metal?"

"The only way one can understand understand Jazz and Blues is by understanding sadness. I understand sadness Mina-chan," Izuku said seriously. "And anger too."

'Midori,' Mina thought to herself, 'How much of that sadness and anger have you buried deep down? And how can I help you let it out.'

"What about you Kirishima-san?" Izuku asked.

"Got me some Babymetal dude, I'm good," Kirishima replied, "What about you Togata-sempai?"

The blonde looked in his bag, "I got the latest album from Three Steps From Hell. Cause, you know what every Hero really needs?" When everyone shook their heads Mirio replied, "Theme music."

"Nice!" Kirishima replied, "What about a theme song?"

Mirio shook his head as he replied, "Nah, that could get stale after a while. You put a playlist on though hit go and jump into action? Sheer awesomeness awaits. Afterall, how can you not save people when your pumped?"

"Papi got nature sounds. Papi likes nature sounds," The bird girl replied simply. "Soothing."

"Nothing wrong with that," Izuku told her.

"As for me, I got this," Miia revealed a CD entitled Scandroid.

"That looks like a synthwave band," Mina noted. "I didn't know you were even into that genre."

"I'm not, I just bought it cause the cover looked cool," Miia admitted, causing everyone to laugh.

Izuku hoped for a moment, however brief, that everyone would just forget about what they heard in the Brown Note. Yet as they all stopped at a vendor for ice cream cones, and crowded around a small table, Kirishima said, "So Midoriya, what was all that about back in the shop between you and Mina?"

All the girls and Mirio sighed, with Mirio slapping Kirishima upside the head, "Kirishima, don't go bringing that up!"

"What, why? I can't be the only one it's bugging right?" The redhead asked.

"Midori you don't have to tell them anything," Mina said hurriedly when she heard her friend sigh next to her.

"It's fine Mina, I-I think it would be best if I just got it out there. They'd just keep wondering otherwise."

"He's not wrong," Kirishima said only to receive another smack upside the head from Mirio.

"Feel free to start whenever your ready Izuku-san," Mirio told him.

Izuku counted down from ten to calm his nerves. Then he looked everyone in the eye before he spoke. He didn't know for sure if this would keep the conversation self-contained to just them, but it worked with Mina earlier so it was worth a shot. "I o-only b-became an A-Archlich recently. Just a c-couple of days a-ago in fact. Several days ago there was a slime v-villain on the news right?"

Everyone nodded, with Kirishima saying "Yeah it captured a kid with an explosion quirk before All Might got there and saved the day like he always does."

Izuku let out a cold mirthless laugh at that. It echoed in everyone's heads like the keening of a death bell. "Yes, All Might always saves everyone… except when he doesn't."

Mirio was frowning now. He, who had been chosen to inherit the secret quirk One For All which now flowed in his veins, the legacy of the Number One Hero, All Might. "What do you have against All Might Midoriya-san?"

Izuku raised a hand to forestall any more questions, "I'm getting there Mirio-san first I should start at the beginning… I was born quirkless." Several people blinked in surprise and Kirishima winced. "Yes, as I'm sure you could imagine I was treated as a second-class citizen at best and something gross someone stepped in at worst. I… was constantly bullied by my fellow classmates, which were led by my former best friend Bakugo Katsuki. Yet despite years of this, I still wanted to be a Hero."

Izuku had to pause and count down from ten again, subconsciously grabbing Mina's hand as he did so. She gave his hand a reassuring and comforting squeeze. "You don't need to continue Midori," She told him, I can take if from here if you like?"

Yet Izuku shook his head, just holding her hand had given him the strength he needed to continue. "No, it's alright Mina. I've started, I need to finish. Maybe the more I talk about it, the easier it'll be?" Izuku reasoned, "Anyway I grew up being treated badly by pretty much everyone but my mom and Bakugo's mom and dad who were my unofficial aunt and uncle. Bakugo behaved himself around them, mostly. I was walking home a three or four days ago now when I was attacked by the same slime villain while walking through a tunnel only to be saved by All Might."

Everyone was giving Izuku confused looks now except for Mina. She knew this tale by now. "So he gives me his autograph but I cling to his leg as he jumps off because I had a very important question to ask him. Eventually he stops on a roof and…" Izuku paused wondering if he should reveal the secret of All Might's condition. In the end, he decided against it. Despite how jaded he felt towards the Number One Hero, he wouldn't reveal such sensitive information. "We had a quick conversation. I asked him if a boy with no quirk could become a Hero…"

Mina pulled him into a hug. She knew this was the hardest part for him and whispered into his ear, "It's ok Midori it's in the past. Memories can't hurt you anymore." She tried reassured him.

"I wish that were true." That was likely meant to be a private thought but everyone heard it anyway. "He told me no, someone like me couldn't be a hero. That I'd be better off being a police officer instead. I like many people idolized All Might… you really should see my room back home, it's like a shrine to that man… so to hear him of all people tell me I couldn't become a hero well, I decided to take some advice Bakugo had given me earlier that day."

Kokoa, who was gripping the metal table so hard the metal bent like tinfoil, asked, "Which was?"

"He said that if I wanted a quirk so badly, maybe I should jump off the school roof and maybe I'd luck out and get one in the next life," Izuku shrugged, "Turns out, he was kinda right."

The area was suddenly filled with a miasma of power as Kokoa, Kaluha, Papi, and even Miia released the same purple-pink power that Izuku had seen around Rikou-san last night Only even the four of them combined was nothing compared to Rikou-san. All of them together was maybe a fourth of what Izuku had felt rolling off that man.

Just because Izuku was unaffected didn't mean other people weren't however. Kirishima had thrown himself backwards away from the girls, Mirio got up and took several steps back and Mina cuddled closer to Izuku for comfort. Also, people nearby were fainting in sheer terror.

"That son of a bitch!" Kokoa ground out, "I'll string him up by his entrails!"

"You can have what's left after I'm done carving him to bits little sister," Kaluha replied tears falling from her eyes as her arms began to transform into bladed batlike wings and her cross earrings started to shine.

"How about this, I squeeze him to the point his ribs break, Papi gets to peck out his eyes, Kaluah-san chops off his arms and legs then Kokoa-san hangs him by his entrails?" Miia suggested.

"Yeah, I like this plan," The harpy agreed as she raked her talons across the ground gouging trenches in the cement sidewalk.

"Agreed," Kokoa said a malicious smile on her face.

Kahlua, nodded, even as tears rolled down her cheeks, "I don't like violence but I'll make an exception in this case."

"Yahoo! Hey, hey hey!" A voice called out. Startling the group. "Excessive release of Yoki is a misdemeanor punishable by a hefty fine you know?!"

The group looked over to see a girl in a yellow leather bodysuit complete with domino mask which only framed and accentuated her deep purple eyes. She strode up to the group her fingers ended in long talons, she had bat wings on her back and long whiplike tail that ended in a spade. Her bright blue hair fell around her face which was very pretty mask or no.

"Ah your Midnight's partner Allure!" Midoriya noted.

The girl winked at him in response.,"Yep, and you must be Midoriya Izuku-sama!" She bowed causing her breasts to jiggle a little in her skintight suit, " It is a pleasure to meet you, your Holiness."

"J-Just Izuku is fine please," The boy requested as he thought, 'Who 'doesn't' know who I am? I'm going to be an internet sensation by the end of the day at this rate.'

"Then feel free to call me Kurumu yeah?"

"Kurono, what are you doing here?" Kokoa asked narrowing her eyes at her former senpai in the Newspaper Club.

"Um, beside this area being on our patrol route and you girls letting out enough yoki to knock out two city blocks you mean?" Kurumu shot back, "We were asked by Rikou-san to keep an eye on Midoriya-san should we run across him. And it's Allure when I'm in costume please."

"Seriously, how many bodyguards does Izuku have on him at the moment?" Kirishima asked.

"Umm, besides Midnight myself and the Shuzen sisters you mean?" Kurumu asked.

"Yes, like how many of you are there?" Izuku asked getting weirded out at all the secret protection his was getting.

Umm…" Kurumu began awkwardly…

Two kilometers away Monoko lay prone on a building watching Izuku and his friends, her rifle at the ready. "No hostiles detected. Over."

Tioshina, who was doing her best to hide in a bush and munching on a bag of chips replied, "I don't see anything either. The ice cream their eating looks good though. Over."

Doppel who had changed her form to a different humanoid everytime a crowd passed her by so as not to arouse suspicion retorted. "Your eating chips during a stakeout, how can you be hungry? Also the kid is fine. Over."

Zombina was sitting on a park bench pretending to birdwatch with a pair of binoculars as she replied irritatedly. "If only he were a few years older… damn of all the rotten luck. Over."

"Lolicon!" The other three members of MON shouted at the same time, "Over!"

"There aren't too many more," Kurumu finished.

"Allure," Midnight came up wearing her borderline indecent hero costume before giving Izuku a once over before giving him a motherly smile, "This him?"

Seeing her partner nod Midnight smiled at Izuku. "It's a pleasure to meet you Izuku-san, you don't mind too terribly if I use your first name do you?"

"N-Not at all M-Midnight-san." Izuku stammer out. "I just w-wish I had some way to get your a-and A-Allure's autograph. But I don't have a pen or anything to write on."

The two Heroines shared a look. 'He's so cute' they thought at the same time before nodding with Midnight saying for the two of them, "I think we can work something out."

They leaned in and kissed either side of his face leaving lipstick marks on his cheeks.

Kirishima who was watching the scene open mouthed thought, 'Lucky bastard.'

Mirio just grinned. Thinking Izuku deserved this after what he'd just heard.

"Eh...Uh, I-Uh...thank you?!" Izuku stuttered out barely able to form a coherent sentence.

"You let us know if the ink wears off and we'll come and reapply it ok Izuku-sama?" Kurumu said with a wink.

Mina pulled him close to her glaring at the heroine pair possessively, while the other girls with Izuku also gave them the stink eye. Midnight just laughed a bit before getting serious, "I wouldn't go glaring at us if I were you, we could fine you for excessive yoki release you know? What even caused that anyway?"

"Izuku-sama had just informed us how he became an Archlich… we were… most displeased.," Kahlua with a frown marring her otherwise perfect face.

Midnight's eyes widened a fraction in surprise. "Ah," She calmed herself and nodded. "Yes I see. Allure had a similar reaction when she read the report. I had to use my quirk to calm her down."

Kurumu frowned. "That sucked, I'd still like five minutes alone with this Bakugo kid," She looked down at her talons, "I'll treat him like a cat does a scratching post."

"That isn't heroic behavior," Midnight chastized, before adding. "Even if he does deserve it."

Izuku who had now calmed down, asked, "Umm not to be rude, but why are you both here to protect me? What are you going to protect me from exactly?"

"Rioters." Midnight said shortly. "Word of All Might's arrest has already spread and once it gets out that your the reason was you Izuku-san well, people who really looked up to him aren't going to be happy with you. They will come after you, and possibly try to hurt you for what they see as besmirching All Mights good name and reputation. That's why we're here to keep you safe… Izuku-san?" Midnight questioned when she saw him double over on himself clutching his head.

"People want to hurt me for… for hurting myself? Why, why? I don't understand. I just don't get any of this! Before... Before I died, I was nobody… I was trash… and now, now only after I die, am I considered important enough for people to care about?! I'm some monter saint? I don't understand… I don't, I don't get it at all…

Mina knew damn well those were supposed to be internal thoughts but she didn't give a shit at the moment. Izuku was rocking back and forth while holding his head in his hands. He was all but in the fetal position. She knew enough from her mother to know when someone was 'shutting down' for lack of a better term. Dying, coming back then finding out he had all this responsibility as an Archlich and a trial to look forward to on top of people wanting to possibly hurt him? Mina shook her head, 'It's a wonder he didn't do this sooner. Stupid Mina! We should've just stayed home!' The horned girl chastised herself.

"Midori, Midori look at me, listen to me damn it!" Mina shook him to no avail. "Midori!" Then, of all things Mina heard a song starts to play in her head. It took her a minute to place it but she finally did. It was 'Help' by Papa Roach. Izuku was broadcasting the song thinking it to himself. ""Oh Midori." Mina said to herself before she hugged him. "We're not friends because your someone important. We're friends because you're you."

The song slowly petered out and to Mina that was a good sign. It showed her he was at least listening. Taking this as her cue Kahlua picked up where Mina left off. "We apologize if we have overwhelmed you with our reverence Izuku-san," The vampiress got up and bowed low, going for a goza position only to tumble because of her heels and end up flashing her white panties at the poor boy and showing she wasn't wearing something else very important.

"Dammit Neechan!" Kokoa groaned running a hand down her face before giving her elder blood sister a light kick, turning her on her side and saving her and Izuku from anymore unneeded embarrassment, "You did it again! Lean some poise why don't you?"

"I'm sorry Koko-chan, I tripped on my dress again!" Kahlua said finishing with a sigh as if resigned to her own clumsy nature..

Kokoa just rolled her eyes, "Anyway like my sister was saying, we really didn't mean to go over the top and if it's ok with you, Izuku-san," Kokoa stressed the suffix, "We'd like to start fresh."

"Yes please, "Miia said, bowing repeatedly with her hands folded in front of her, "We would like to be Izuku-san's friend first and subjects second. Isn't that right Papi?"

Papi saluted. "Rodger. Taicho is important, but… a flock has to stick together," Papi said in her own birdbrained way.

"Yahoo! Don't forget about us!" Kurumu said speaking for herself and Midnight both while pulling her partner into a one armed hug, "We're gonna be your bodyguards till the trial is over and probably after, so we might as well get to know each other too, right?"

"Us either!" Kirshima piped up, "If Midoriya doesn't have any male friends he's likely to drown in estrogen or something.

"A distinct possibility," Mirio joked."We should buy Izuku-san a life preserver just in case."

"Very funny boys," Midnight conceded. To Midoriya she said, "You can call me Nemuri or Kayama-san if you want to Izuku-san, since we'll be spending so much time together."

Hearing everyone's uplifting words Izuku slowly lowered his hands from his head, and raised his head from the floor, "Thank you everyone… I'm sorry you had to witness this episode."

Mina sighed in relief when she heard him speak and hugged him. "Don't even worry about it Midori I probably should've waited a bit before dragging you outside like this. You've got a lot on your plate right now, sorry."

"It's not your fault Mina I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of this… it's a lot to take in," Izuku admitted. "From going to no one to someone after... what I did."

Mina pulled back and slapped him on the arm, "You were never no one Midori. You had your mom and Mitsuki-san and her husband right?" Seeing him nod Mina continued. "Then you had people who cared meaning you were someone to them. And now, well now your someone to us too. Especially me," she said in an almost whisper.

Midnight smiled at the scene. She knew the start of young love when she saw it. 'Those two will make a cute couple,' Nemuri thought to herself. Seeing a rustle in a nearby bush and sighing to herself the sixty-ninth ranked heroine thought to herself, "Gunhead, what are you doing over there?"

"Eh?!" The man's head poked up from the bushes, "How'd you know it was me Midnight?"

"EHH?! Gu-jiji, what are you doing here?!" Mina cried out.

"Your arm was sticking out," Midnight used her flogging whip to point at the fact his barrel shaped arm was sticking out of the bushes.

"Oh, well darn." Gunhead muttered. He stood up and brushed the leaves and twigs off his person before shamelessly replying while striking a heroic pose, "I was spying on my niece!"

"That's not something you brag about!" Mina protested shaking her arms in the air animatedly to show her anger.

"It really isn't," Midnight agreed with the teen under her breath before addressing the senior ranked pro. "And that's all no ulterior motives?"

"Nope, just looking out for Mina-chii over there. And Izuku-chan too of course," The Pro Hero promised.

Midnight sighed running a hand through her hair with her free hand. "Sorry for doubting you it's just... I'm doing my job."

"Yeah, yeah, I get it, Izuku-chan is in a tough spot right now yeah?" Need an extra hand? I've got two of them to spare." Gunhead offered.

Midnight smiled appreciatively, "It would be a big help, thank you, with your gatling quirk, combined with my sombulust and Allures… allure we should be just fine."

"Yatta! And I get to spend more time with Mina-chii while at work too!" Gunhead said happily.

"Don't just ignore the fact you were hiding in the bushes spying on me and my friends you creepy old man!" Mina cried out, still annoyed. "My dad put you up to this didn't he?"

"Gen-chan did no such thing." Gunhead denied. "It's a Heroes job to look out for others after all, I just so happen to be looking out for specific people today, that's all."

Midnight laughed at Gunhead's response, "An interesting line of thinking you've got there Gunhead."

Stepping out of the bushes showed the man was covered in thorns, he'd been hiding in a bramble patch. "Thank you… I may need to find a first aid kit. Some of these thorns are stuck in some rather sensitive areas."

Kirishima and Mirio covered their crotches in sympathy while Izuku got up off the bench and moved towards the wounded hero his hand moving forward warily. "With your permission Gunhead, I'd like to try something."

"Go ahead Izuku-chan. I doubt you could make me feel any worse," The older man said in a pitious whiny tone.

Nodding Izuku put his hand flat on Gunheads chest while thinking, 'If I can absorb life force and bend it to my will, then theoretically I should also be able to use it to heal, right?' Izuku decided to test his theory by reaching down into his gut where that roiling mass of energy lay, and coaxing some of it up and down his arm that was pressed flat against the pro heroes chest.

Nothing happened for a moment, then a light green glow enveloped Gunhead's form and steam came out of his wounds as various needles and cuts faded or popped out of his body. Once he looked well enough, Izuku cut off the flow and the archlich asked, "Do you feel better now Gunhead-san?"

"Wow… I haven't felt this good in ages Izuku-chan! I think you even got that annoying kink out of my back that my acupuncturist couldn't even get," The Pro Hero bounced on his feet and threw a couple of experimental punches. "Yeah, I'm feeling good now! Thanks a bunch Izuku-chan!"

"N-No p-problem Gunhead. H-Happy to help," Izuku looked like he wanted to bring up something but abstained in the end.

Mina was having none of that though having seen the boy have a nervous breakdown from keeping his thoughts to himself once already,"Whatcha thinkin' Midori?"

"I can't help but think that I should be learning what magic I can as soon as possible. A trial could take months," Izuku shook his head, the more the thought about it the more he disliked the idea of waiting. Not if people might be trying to hurt him and his friends. "Or years. I can't afford to wait that long."

"Do you not trust in us to keep you safe Izuku-san?" Kahlua asked sounding hurt.

Izuku shook his head, "It isn't about me doubting your skills Kahlua-san it's about me being ready to defend myself should I ever need to," Izuku started to pace his hands held behind his back. "If people are coming for me, I want to be able to defend myself properly. That's all."

Mina wanted to interject and tell him he was being paranoid but she noticed he wasn't stuttering at all. So she let him carry on his tirade thinking, 'Just let it all out Midori, let it all out.'

"And if I know how to fight, just in case people get past you guys somehow," As Izuku carried on, green sparks shot off his form, outlining groups of spectres that gathered around Izuku as he paced.

"What the…" Kirishima began.

"Oh dear," Kahlua said biting her her thumbnail, "It seems Izuku-san is making even more friends than he realized."


"And if I know how to use magic then I can be more helpful to people..." Izuku carried on, ghosts politely moving out of his way as he paced.

"Midori!" Mina stressed again as more sparks flew off his body making even more ghosts visible to the naked eye.

"Which is why I think I should start training as soon as possible."

"IZUKU!" Everyone yelled at him.

"What?!" The young archlich looked around and noticed all of the ghost, whom waved and/or nodded politely in his direction. Except for the squirrels, the ghosts of all the squirrels just kept crawling all over the trees, and him. "What the hell did I do?!"

"Nice ghost squirrels… please stay away from my nuts… please…" Izuku said gently.

The ethereal squirrels stopped, perched themselves on his shoulder, and looked at him with hollow eyes, "Good squirrels."

"Maybe we should call you the animal ghost whisperer eh Midoriya?" Kirishima called out.

Not in the mood for Kirishima's dumb brand of humor Izuku deadpanned, "Squirrels, go take Kirishima's nuts."

Funnily enough they scampered off his arm and chased after the redhead who was running full tilt in the opposite direction while yelling, "Not cool! Not cool man!"

"Dude, are they really gonna be able to do anything to him?" Mina asked between chuckles as she watched him flee from a pack of a dozen ghostly rodents.

Izuku shrugged, "I've no idea honestly. But I think their harmless."

This fact was proven when one particularly tenacious flying squirrel phased right through Kirishima's groin, "What the fuck man! I feel like someone just poured a bag of ice on my junk."

"Is that all?" Izuku called out cupping his hands over his mouth, briefly forgetting he didn't talk like a normal person anymore.

"What do you mean is that all? That's fucking cold man! Wah!" Kirishima jumped in the air when another one passed through him, this time his back. "Damnit quit doing that!"

Izuku wished he had a pen and notebook right now, "This is fascinating! I wish I could write all this down."

Mina snapped her fingers. "We never did get you a new journal did we? This would be a perfect time for one too."

"Fact number one, ghosts seem to exhibit a cold response from living beings," Izuku said in a clinical tone.

"Ghosts are cold," Mina paraphrased. Hearing a cawing from above, Mina looked up and she kept staring as she called, "Midori, you'd better take a look at this…"

"What… is it?" Izuku looked up and found the nearby trees covered in ghostly birds. Seagulls, ravens, rooks, hawks, crows, and all other manner of flying feathered animal was just perched in the tree staring down at them, or more specifically, Izuku. "Umm… nice birdies?" Izuku said with faux-hope in his tone.

In response, a lone raven swooped down from the tree and alighted on his shoulder. It stared him in the eye, and Izuku found himself staring back for a moment before the bird nodded, just once before taking off again. As if by some unknown signal all of the ghostly birds took flight at once, one after the other, until the trees were bare of false images of life, and the ghastly apparitions faded from sight.

"Okay, that was kinda cool," Mirio said after a moment of silence. "What about the dead people though?"

"Good question." Izuku said mostly to himself. He motioned one of the nearby wondering dead, a young man who was dressed in a soldiers uniform forward. "Um excuse me sir? Can I… help you with something?"

"Private Kenji Takamura, sir!" The young man saluted, "How might I be of assistance my Emperor?"

"Emperor?" Izuku asked blinking and pointing at himself.

The man bowed low, "Yes my Emperor, how might this one serve?"

Izuku needed more information so he asked, "Tell me Takamura-san, what year is it?"

"It is 1943 my Emperor, and by your grace, we shall wipe out the Western Barbarians and cleanse our land of their filth."

'1943… shit this guy is from World War Two!' Izuku realized. "Okay Takamura-san wait here for further instructions and if possible gather up any of your fellows."

The private saluted, "Yes my Emperor!"

Izuku walked back to the others, "I summoned a ghost from the second World War! What do I do?!"

"Uhh… that's not something you hear everyday." Mina said. "Ok… um, how does he see you are you his commanding officer a general or what?"

"He thinks I'm Emperor Hirohito… the one who surrendered during World War Two? The guy who had to claim he wasn't descended from gods? Mina-chan did you not pay attention in history class?!" When he kept receiving a blank stare from the pink alien girl.

"But Midori… prequrik history is so boring!" Mina complained, before carrying on, "So your someone super important, we can work with that." Mina replied. She nodded. "Ok this is what we're gonna do, your gonna introduce me as this Hirohito guys wife."

"What?" Izuku said in complete deadpan.

"Trust me, trust me this'll work. Then you and I can boss these guys around."

"How is that helpful for getting rid of them?" Izuku replied.

"It's really helpful to me," Mina replied. "Why learn history when I can talk to people who were there? Now all I need is that Steven Hawking guy for math and I'll be all set… you don't suppose…"

"Mina, I am not raising Stephen Hawkings ghost just so you can pass your math classes," Izuku deadpanned

"Okay well what about that Einstein guy?" Minna needled. "I'll happily settle for him."

"No!" Izuku for the first time raised his voice to his friend. "That would be very disrespectful to both a dead person and yourself. If you need help with your homework just ask me or something, don't drag the dead into this. Now, do you have an actual plan to help me get rid of the ghosts or are you just going to keep fooling around?"

He thought Mina would be angry with him for telling her off, but she just smiled. "Yep, but you still need to introduce me as that Hiroburrito guys wife for it to work."

"Hirohito. How did you even get it mixed up with mexican food?!" Izuku asked.

Mina just shrugged, "I did spend some time in America, I told you that right?"

Izuku corrected, "You mentioned your mother was from there but never said you went yourself."

"Yeah well anyway, just introduce me as Hirochirro's wife and follow my lead ok?"

"Hirohito. Also, why do you keep getting his name mixed up with mexican food?!"

Again, Mina just shrugged. "I dunno but now I'm hungry for churros. Can we get churros on the way home Midori?"

"Where are we going to find a mexican desert in Japan Mina-chan?" As he walked back towards the ghost.

"Well, there's got to be a Knockoff Bell around here somewhere right?" Mina replied.

When they neared the ghost of Private Kenji Takamura, the man along with thirty-nine others prompt saluted, "It is an honor to be in your presence our illustrious Emperor!"

Izuku raised his hands for silence which he was immediately given, "Gentlemen, I would like to introduce my wife, Empress Kojun. She would like to say a few words."

The men bowed low in reverence, "The empress herself, we are not worthy."

"Greetings gentlemen you have done a great service to the… Chrysanthemum Throne and thus, it has been decided for such… fealty you shall be rewarded by becoming the personal bodyguards of my husband and myself."

The ghosts bowed even lower, "We are not worthy of such high positions your highness."

"On the contrary gentlemen, we believe otherwise," Mina replied don her best to fake a hoighty-toighty accent. "On that note you shall be split into two teams of twenty each. Half of you shall be guarding me and the other half, my husband."

"What of the Emperors concubines? One man noted before motioning to Kahlua, "Should they not be protected as well? For it is clear the Emperor has raided the Western Barbarians and taken the crown jewels of their women."

"Umm…" Mina was totally thrown off her game by this question.

"Neechan, I think that ghost just called you Izuku-san's concubine!" Kokoa said.

Kaluah said after a moment to think tapping her chin with her finger. "I… would not dislike being in such a position."

"N-Neechan!" Kokoa said blushing, a bit of blood dripping from her nose.

Seeing the situation beginning to spiral out of control Izuku took change, "Two of you will guard every woman you see on that bench over there, the remaining ten shall take twelve hour shifts guarding the empress and myself. Am I clear?"

The ghosts bowed in reverence to their emperor, "Yes, Emperor Hirohito!"

"Then you are dismissed to see to your new duties, please come tell us if you find something amiss," Izuku said, before he waved his arm out in front of him, causing the ghosts to dissipate into thin air as if made of smoke.

Once they were gone, Izuku slumped over and sighed before sending Mina a halfhearted glare. "I thought you said you had a plan Mina-chan?"

"I did, sorta… the concubine bit totally threw me ok?" Mina defended.

"You pulling shit out of your ass in the heat of the moment doesn't count as a plan Mina-chan," Izuku said tiredly.

Mina nodded not having the strength or heart to disagree with him. "Nice job saving our butts Midori… Now, about those churros?"

"We'll stop by a knockoff Bell on the way home… and spend money we still don't have," Izuku said in realization.

"After a performance like that, Knockoff Bell is on me," Midnight promised only to give Izuku bedroom eyes and say flirtatiously. "But Izuku-san, I had no idea you were into older women, especially myself. I'm flattered you would consider me concubine material really."

"W-What?" The boy stuttered out.

"Well, you did say all of the women over on the bench were your concubines," Midnight reminded him teasingly.

"Oh...oh shit! I-I-I…" He tried to get the words out but they just wouldn't come.

"Well, if Midorya-san insists, being a concubine doesn't sound so bad," Miia said holding her cheeks while she blushed.

"EH?!" Izuku and Mina said at the same time.

Miia continued, in a shy nervous tone, "Can… can I call you darling?"

"Umm, Kahlua help please? Izuku begged.

"Kahlua has already said she doesn't mind being your concubine Izuku-san," The bronze blonde said with a smile completely missing the point. After all her mother always told her she needed to practice getting a man. So why not get a boyfriend first.

"Kokoa?" Izuku felt his hope dwindling, "Please?"

The redhead looked away a blush on her face, "Well, if it's what Izuku-san wants…."

"No! No it is not what I want at all!" He looked to Kurumu and then just as quickly dismissed her, "Your not going to be any help!"

"Hey! I've been in this situation once already and it sucked the first time around I'll have you know!" Her voice was filled with quite a bit of anguish as she spoke.

The undead boy made a mental note to ask about that at some point but now? Now was not the time. "Help please Kurumu-san?" Izuku said instead.

The succubus sighed to herself with her hands on her hips, "Fine, but only because you asked nicely and your kinda cute."

'What about me is 'cute' exactly? I look like a walking corpse. That's what I have the hardest time figuring out.' Izuku thought to himself.

It was Kahlua who answered him, "Monsters have a different value on what we define as normal Izuku-kun. We for example have no problem living in slightly rundown moldy structures. We find human residences too clean and 'dead' by contrast. Nothing is able to grow in them, and it smells… chemically. By that same token to most monsters, you would be seen as quite handsome. Right, Mina-san?"

"Yeah… wait what?" The alien girl asked caught off guard by the question.

"Okay everyone, listen up!" Allure said raising her voice to get everyone's attention. "Your freaking out my charge, and since it's my job to protect him, I must ask that you cease and desist effective immediately!"

'This girl tries too hard sometimes,' Midnight thought to herself. "Okay, okay, we get it Allure, fun time is over. So," Midnight said, cracking her flogging whip through the air. "Knockoff Bell then home?"

"Can someone please get Midoriya to do something about these damn squirrels?!" Kirishima yelled out.

"Oops," Izuku said before letting out a shrill whistle to call the ghostly rodents off. "Take five guys. I'll call you again if I need you." The squirrels nodded before winking out of existence. And Izuku called out, "You okay Kirishima?!"

"Fuck squirrels man, just fuck squirrels." Kirishima replied breathless as he laid on his back in the grass. The Eijirou Kirishima would go on to be terrified of squirrels from that day forth.

True to her word Midnight took the group to Knockoff Bell and then back to the Ashido household. When they came through the door Gendo looked up from his paper which he seemed to constantly be reading, and said "Ah hello children, I see you've met your bodyguards Izuku. Regardless, did you have a fun day out?"

"It was somewhat relaxing, yes."

Gendo nodded, "That's good to hear, because unfortunately I have to be the bearer of bad news."

Izuku braced himself, his hand automatically reaching for and finding Mina's. "What is it sir?"

"Both All Might, and Bakugo Katsuki have called for their right to a speedy trial. With the sensitivity of the case and who one of the defendants is, the case will be held a week from today."

Izuku couldn't help himself, "FUUUCK!"

"Midoriya Izuku!" His mother chastised from the kitchen.

"Sorry mom, but in this case I think I've earned it considering I'll be going to court in a week," Her son apologized.

"Oh… I heard dear, hang in there!" Inko called, with as much pep in her voice as she could muster. "I'm making your favorite for dinner. As a pick me up."

Mina nudged Izuku in the side, "Hey, hey, Midori, what's your favorite food anyway?"

"Pork katsudon. You Mina-chan?" Izuku asked.

"Natto and okra."

"We're serving that on the side honey," Emma called from the kitchen. Her tone took on a teasing lilt as she called out, "Why don't you come in here and help cook? Show off for your future husband a bit? You know, they say the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach?"

"M-Midori isn't my boyfriend! Or my future husband!" Mina said stomping into the kitchen. "Move over, I'll show you how to cook darn it!"

"Well I think it's clear," Kahlua said plainly after watching that scene play out, "That Mina-chan is the legal wife."

"What?" Izuku said,

"What?" Gendo growled his glasses flaring murderously in Izuku's direction, "Midoriya, while you were out today, did you happen to trick my daughter into some sort of harem situation?"

"N-No s-sir, I didn't I s-swear!" Izuku said waving his arms out in front of him frantically as if trying to ward off the man's fatherly wrath.

"We're the concubines," Kahlua added unhelpfully while smiling angelically and completely unaware of the consequences of what she just said.

"I'm giving you a three minute head start, and that's only because that's how long it'll take me to go upstairs, and get my gun out of its safe. I suggest you start running," Gendo advised as he made his way out of the room.

"M-M-Mina-chan! Your dad's gone to get his gun to shoot me with it!" Izuku called out.

A sigh came from the kitchen and Emma came out, her hands on her hips, "What crazy idea has that man got in his head now?"

"H-He thinks I t-tricked M-Mina-chan into joining a harem."

Emma laughed, "That's ridiculous."

"We're the concubines," Kalhua said again, and again she was not helping Izuku's cause.

Emma blinked, "You didn't form a harem while you were out today did you?"

"No!" Izuku turned and gave Kahlua a sharp look, "Stop saying that! You're not helping Kahlua-san!"

The blonde vampiress cocked her head to the side in an adorable way, "But Izuku-san, didn't you tell the ghosts we were your concubines?"

"Ghosts?" Emma echoed, "When are ghosts involved in a normal teenage outing?"

"I'm starting to think that nothing is ever normal when I'm involved Emma-san," Izuku replied in a self-deprecating tone.

Emma waved away his concerns, "Nonsense dear, I haven't known you long but I think you're an absolutely darling boy."

Izuku bowed at the compliment, "Thank you Emma-san."

"Don't worry about it, plus, like I believe I've mentioned previously, I've never seen Mina this happy since you came around."

Izuku rubbed his head, "Well, I'm glad I could cheer her up at least."

The sound of Gendo coming back down the stairs was heard. When he spotted Izuku, his glasses flared. "Oh good, you didn't run," He cocked his service weapon, "It saves me the trouble of having to chase you down."

"Honey," Emma said sharply getting her husbands attention and fixing him with a glare that said 'No sex for a month 'and' your sleeping on the couch if you don't do as I say'. "Go put that thing away before somebody gets hurt."

"B-But dear, our daughter… tricked… harem!" Gendo protested.

"There were extenuating circumstances, now march!" Emma said pointing back up the stairs.

Gendo grumbled something about 'his little princess' purity' as he stomped back up the stairs.

Once her husband had gone to put his gun away Emma inquired, "Now, what was all this about ghosts?" Izuku explained the situation as best he could and when he got to the part about her daughter introducing herself as Empress Kojun, Emma couldn't help but laugh and say, "They bought that?"

Izuku nodded, "They did Mina then gave a grand speech about how they were supposed to be our bodyguards from now on and then one of them asked about my.., my concubines." Izuku gestured vaguely towards Kahlua who twiddled her fingers at him and smiled, "Which in the end, completely threw Mina-chan off, I ended up having to take charge."

"Then I teased him mercilessly because he said all of the girls on the bench which included myself," Midnight added with a lascivious grin.

Emma nodded, that was to be expected of Midnight really, "Then what happened?"

"Well after we called the ghost squirrels off Kirishima-san…"

"Wait, wait, wait… ghost squirrels?" Emma asked, thrown for a loop after hearing something so far out of left field.

"Yeah, I didn't just bring back the ghosts of people. It also worked on the local wildlife. Birds, squirrels, and the like."

Emma was now writing this down on her notepad which she seemed to keep on her person at all times, "Uh-huh, yes, go on."

"The birds took off… somewhere, and Kirishima got on my nerves so I told the squirrels to attack him?" Seeing the look the woman was giving him the Archlich quickly elaborated, "They didn't hurt him, in fact from what I observed, they couldn't hurt him. All they could do was give him a chill."

Muttering something about 'boys and their toys' Emma asked, "And then what happened?"

"We went to Knockoff Bell on Midnight-san's dime, thank you again Midnight," Izuku said with a bow, "Then we parted ways with Kirishima-san and Togata-san and came here, that's it."

Emma read over what she'd read of Izuku's abilities. 'I swear the more I learn of what he's capable of the more fascinating he becomes,' The woman thought to herself. "Well, it seems you had an interesting day Izuku-san, I'm sorry we had to somewhat ruin it by you coming home to bad news and my husband being… overprotective," Emma gave the boy an apologetic bow in response.

Izuku waved his hands in front of him, "N-No need to apologize Emma-san, really. I know Mina-chan is very special and I can see why Gendo-san would be so protective," Izuku's tone became thoughtful as he continued, "If Mina-chan was my daughter I'd probably be the same way…" Izuku paused for a moment before adding timidly, "He does know I'd ask his permission before taking Mina out on a d-date right?"

"I do now," Gendo said as he finished descending the stairs, "While I'm still not thrilled about this harem thing,"

It's not even a thing!" Izuku protested.

"Yet." Kahlua said from the sidelines.

"Not helping Kahlua-san."

"Anyway," Gendo interrupted, "It's nice to know you'd at least ask me before you took my little girl out."

"Duh, obviously Midori would ask you for permission before he asked me out! Mina said with her arms folded standing in the entryway to the kitchen. She now had an apron over her clothes and a handkerchief over her hair that had two holes cut in it for her horns. She had a bit of flour on her face from where she had been dipping pork cutlets into flour before cooking them.

Izuku just couldn't stop staring at her.

Mina cocked her head to the side, noticing his gaze, "What is it Midori? Do I have something on my face?"

'Mina-chan… cute,' Izuku thought to himself.

Emma looked back and forth between the two before grinning, "Oh, I think we've just discovered Izuku-sans type. He seems to have a thing for 'domestic type' women'. Your in the lead dear, congratulations."

Mina flushed violet. "M-Midori! M-Mom!" The alien girl turned around so neither of them could see her blush… or her happy smile. "Dinner is just about ready so get to the table!" Mina called before heading back into the kitchen.

"R-Right, thanks Mina-chan," Izuku moved to make his way into the dining room only to stop when Emma placed her hand on his shoulder and whispered into his ear, "You know Izuku-san we're fine with you asking Mina out anytime your ready right?"

"We are?" Gendo asked only to receive a painful jab in the ribs from his wife. "I mean, of course we are."

"Yes we are," Emma reiterated, "We started dating at fourteen after all, and we did it behind my fathers back. Izuku-san is being man enough to ask you up front. Isn't that sweet of him?" Emma asked with a shark like smile directed at her husband.

"Yes," Gendo grumbled silently. He knew better than to argue with his wife when she was like this.

"Really?" Seeing both parents nod, Gendo more reluctantly than his wife, Izuku replied, "Well, maybe after the t-trial. A lot is going on right now and… yeah…"

"Whenever you feel comfortable dear," Emma told him, "Now, shall we go have dinner? I've never had homemade katsudon before but your mother's recipe smells delicious."

Despite everything going on in his life, Izuku managed a slight smile and a nod,"Yeah, let's go."

Meanwhile while the Ashido household was fuller than usual for the second night in a row, another gathering of sorts was taking place in the WWII memorial graveyard. For as one, twenty bony fists punched their way out of their graves, the yellowed skeletal fists held together by strands of green necromantic energy.

As the skeletons dragged themselves out of their graves, their bodies covered in dirt, their joints creaking with every movement, and their eye-sockets filled with pinpricks of power for eyes. The undead creatures spoke in one voice, shambling out of their graves to fulfil their given orders. Their bones began to repair themselves and bleached. They became whole again and strength infused their limbs.

"For Emperor Hirohito!"

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