The Bandanna Scenario

The Bandanna Scenario

"Seifer! Stop it!" Quistis yelled desperately trying to get Seifer off her. It was Rinoa's 18th birthday and she was holding a party at Caraway's mansion ……. after she kicked him out of coarse.

"Please ……just for a few minutes, Quisty!" Seifer begged.

"For the last time Seifer, I don't want to go swimming!!"

"But-But….."Seifer looked hurt, unfortunately before he could finish ……..

"Ah! My bandanna!" A rush of wind had ripped Quistis' bandanna from her head and sent it into an oak tree. She walked to the tree, measuring the distance from the ground to the bandanna, she sighed. Suddenly, she felt a great force lift her up.

"Seifer! What the hell are you doing?!" She cried.

"Well," Seifer said after he had her set on his shoulders. "I figured that maybe you could reach it if you sat on my shoulders."

"Oh ……. Ok then. Don't lose your balance." She reached for the cloth." Lift me higher!"

Seifer drew himself to his full height.

Quistis felt her fingers wrap around the bandanna." Yes! I've got it!" She cheered.

She all of a sudden felt a small wetness on her leg. Looking down, she gaped.

Seifer stood there …licking her inner thighs! Quistis deeply regretted being persuaded into wearing short shorts.

"Um ……Seifer? What ARE you doing?"

There was absolutely no answer. He just kept licking and kissing her thighs. He just kept licking and kissing and licking and kissing. He was turned her body and was just about to reach that area between her legs when ……



Seifer lost his balance (Well you would too If someone slapped you head) and they both went tumbling into the pool.

When Quistis snapped out of her dazed spell, she found herself pinned to the bottom of the pool. Assuming the warm lips pressed against hers was Seifer's she thought to herself, *Why am I enjoying this? I'm supposed to hate him. He attacked the Gardens for crying out loud! *

She was running out of air and struggled in Seifer's grip. He eventually let go and allowed her to float to the surface. Gasping for air, she coughed out the water that was in her lungs and turned to Seifer.

"I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that." Seifer began but then was shushed with a finger pressed to his lips.

"Just shut up ……ok?" Quistis whispered and she started nuzzling his neck. He returned the gesture with a passionate kiss. Quistis permitted his hand to travel up her shirt and to feel the soft flesh underneath.

"Quistis? Seifer! What the HELL are you guys doing in there?"

The couple whipped their head in the general direction of the voice and saw, a smirking Irvine, an astounded Rinoa, a shocked Squall, and rolling about on the grass in a giggling fit was Selphie.

"Hahahahahahahahahaha! You two should see your faces!"

"B-But …….how long have you been there?" Quistis sputtered.

"Well don't worry….we got the whole thing on tape!" Irvine pointed to his camcorder.



"HAHA! Catch me if you can!" Selphie taunted as she ran away with the tape. The two sopping wet teens tore from the water and started chasing after the poor girl.

The End