Hi. I am happy to present this new story. I am only focusing on two stories now. I had way to much last time but I feel better and ready to write. I really hope you enjoy this. This is after the battle of New York. There will be no threat from Gea. Why. Well because it is my fic. Now read and enjoy

"Persus Jackson. What is your answer do you want to be a god." Said Zues

"Yes, on one condition"

"What is that condition Mr.Jackson"

"Annabeth Chase becomes a god with me"

I look back at Annabeth seeing her face was funny but this was serious. That is the only reason.

"Well if that is your request than we will grant it Mr.Jackson, Ms.Chase do you have and objection?"

"No Lord Zues"

"Well than it's settled"

The fates than appeared out of nowhere.

"Annabeth Chase the goddess of strategy,architecture,books,crafts,wisdom and unicorns (A/N unicorn just cause. They are amazing creatures. Also it makes me laugh.) Her sybol of power shall be a book and dagger. Her animal is a Unicorn."

"Persus Jackson the god of earthquakes,time,tides,swordfighting and pegusi. His sybol of power shall be Riptide and a watch (A/N A MAGICAL WATCH). His animal is a pegus."

"Their transformation is complete." Then the fates left.

"Now it has been 12 Olympian's for centuries but I believe these two brave gods deserve a place and palace on Olympus." Said Zues, " And because Annabeth is the goddess of architecture as her first task would she like to design them?"

Zues clearly wasn't asking so Annabeth being smart said "yes".

"Good you can start tomorrow but now let's clebrate. Let's give the gifts."

From Zues I revived godhood and Annabeth had goddesshood so he thought that as good enough a gift. From Hades because he decided to come they each got safe passage into the underworld whenever they wanted. From Poseidon Annabeth got a beautiful necklace. My dad thought giving me part of his realm was enough gift for me. Hera gave us each a gift card to a local Olympian furniture store. From Apollo we got musical instruments. Artemis gave us a presious deer skin. From Ares we got a book on war. I didn't know he could read. Aphrodite gave us happy love life together which I was greatful for. Heaphestus gave us our weapons and thrown. Dioynous gave us a bottle of never ending wine. Athena didn't give me a gift but she gave Annabeth part of her realm so I was fine. And Hermes gave us free use of his delivery service for a thousand years.

After the party me and Annabeth saw our new thrones. Annabeth's was a marble chair with beautiful columns but the cushions were a vivid rainbow and every other color ever to represent unicorns. My throne was a leather arm chair with a place for my sword yet it looked intimidating.

As we walked into our room I blurted out

"Annabeth will you marry me?"

"What" she said clearly being taken off guard.

"Would you marry me. I mean it would happen eventually we have eternity together. Why not now."

"Percy we are 16"

"We will always be 16"

"I guess your right Seaweed Brain, I do I'd love to marry you"

"Same here Wise Girl"

Hey. I really enjoyed this. Super fun. I hoped you liked it to. It is not the best but I am planning on continuing. if I get enough sooner than later

Hope you liked it.

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