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I am a huge Motocrossed fan and I felt that it would be cool to see what could possibly happen if they made a sequel. Please note that I am an extremely mushy person. I hope this is relatively good considering trying to stay in character.
Note: Andrea-Andi and Andrew-Andy

Chapter 1
Andi's Pov

It was only a few months after my racingvictory that I started to get a lot of phone calls. Most of them were fromguys, wondering if they were 'up' for the job. It was Jason who got annoyed with them calling all the time- always requesting to speak to me.

A part of the phone ringing endlessly was beginning to strike a nerve. I couldn't really blame Jason because it wasn't the most 'fun' way to spend your afternoon.

Later that morning, I was skimming through a cheerleading magazine when my brother, Andy, came into the room. But I didn't notice him as I ran my hand over a beautiful uniform and my eyes welled up with tears. I truly loved, well love cheerleading but I completely love racing. Deep down I knew I couldn't possibly keep doing both. There was going to be a time when I'd need to make a choice.

"You miss it, don't you?" he asked softly, plopping onto my bed.

"Yeah," I murmured sadly, suddenly recollecting what I had done a few days ago. I loved racing so much that I had decided to put cheerleading on the back burner, and that I was like an alternate for the team. I'd only step in if something happened.

My old friends were majorly jealous.

It was obvious they didn't stick by my decision, and it was hard to understand where they were coming from. I was the best on the squad, and making myself an alternate had just made the other cheerleaders life hell as they organized a routine without me.

I was feeling miserable.

"Hey, I was wondering if you'd like to go for a ride out back," he asked, a slight grin forming on his face.

I froze for a moment, contemplating what I wanted to say. "Are you challenging me, Andrew Carson? I asked, more cheerfully than last time.

"Sure. Take it as you will," he answered, laughing lightly and ruffling my hair. "I love my twin sister."

"Yeah," I responded, not believing him. "Sure you do."

"Seriously. You are my favorite sibling, out of Jason that is."

"Wow, I feel honored," I answered sarcastically.

"No need to get all sarcastic on me. But, I'm willing to bet that I'm going to kick your butt so bad on the track," he answered, chuckling.

"I think you got your facts backwords. I will be beating your butt on that track, not you." I continued to tease him until he mumbled a few words about having to be somewhere. I just shook it off because I wanted some time alone to think things through. Just some time to wallow in the sorrows of having to choose between two things I loved dearly.

A few minutes later, I closed the magazine, and darted out of the room to find Andy.I quickly found him in the garage putting on his boots as Jason worked on the top end to my bike. "How's it going, Jas?" I asked, slumping into an old, greasychair beside my little brother.

For a few moments, he stood there awkwardly and then responded with, "Great. I just decided to bring our 250 Rider along to get some practice with his new teammates."

I nearly choked on my own saliva.

Jason was being such a weasle! I really didn't want to hang around anyone, especially Dean. My wounds still weren't healed because I missed cheerleading so much, and I wasn't ready to deal with how much he may have wanted tokick my ass.

What was I supposed to say? Thinking that I had just imagined the whole thing, I saw the one and only Dean Talon literally strut into the garage. No other guy could possibly get away with looking that good. They just couldn't.

All I could do was smile as my brother cheerfully spoke those words. Maybe today or the rest of the upcoming season wasn't nearly going to be as bad as I thought. After all, I was going to be around Dean a lot. But, my dear father had set up quite strict rules and number one- I can't date anyone that works for us. That rule definitely was a set back, but that didn't mean I could bend it or end up gawking over another guy who would grab my attention.

If I sounded like a love-struck teenager, then I apologize profusely. It's just that my dad doesn't allow me to date guys unless he knows that they can be trusted.

I'll let you be in on a secret, my father doesn't trust anyone. And I'm just that ordinary girl who was looking for someone to say those words that would send you to heaven.

A few moments later and Dean emerged from his spot by the bike. My face was replaced with a huge grin as I saw him wipe the sweat off his forehead, but grease smeared that area now. His hands were covered in grease and I couldn't help but think that this guy was hot. Even when he got down and dirty I couldn't help but stare.

"Hey," he said smoothly, as he brushed past me.

"Hey yourself," I said quietly. I walked towards Jason and began helping him instead of spending my afternoon staring at Dean and gawking at him like a piece of meat. It was going to be very difficult

"Hey dude. What's up?" Andy asked.

They did this weird little handshake thing. She didn't like how buddy/buddy they were acting right then...

"Not a lot. I was just dropping by to see what you guys were up to," Dean responded, stuffing his hands into his khaki shorts pockets.

"Well, I was going to go on a ride with my sister, but it looks like Jason has quite a problem back there, so I don't think that'll be happening anytime soon." He put on that I-Miss-My-Old-Sister pout and looked down at the ground.

"Yeah." Dean turned away to face Andi. He always thought she was cute, especially when she was getting down and dirty working on the dirtbikes. She truly was a one of a kind girl or so he thought.

Quickly, he shook those childish thoughts of his head. Dean was stricktly told that there could be nothing more but a platonic relationsip between the two. "She is so beautiful," Dean blurted out.

"Dude, if it is eating you up so bad, then why don't you go and talk with my mom and dad? Maybe you could make some sort of agreement with them. My parents may seem heartless but their pretty easy to bargain with," Andy replied.

"Sounds like a good idea, Carson. In the future I'll think about that. I really don't know much about her anyway…" Dean trailed off, feeling stupid.

"Jason?" I asked him softly.

"Yeah?" he responded, trying to concentrate on what he was doing.

"Do you think you can handle this on your own? I prmised that I'd call Tory. Ya know, she is that girl who is friends with one of the riders," I replied.

"I guess so. Go girl talk and talk about boys," Jason shouted, cringing at the thought of what I talked about with her friends.

"Boys!" I howled in laughter as I headed back to her room. I was completely unaware of the events that would be following. It probably was going to be good, but the others seemed to be bad.

"Hey Tory," I spoke up into the cordless phone excitedly.

"Oh, hey Andi. What is this call about?" Tory asked, moving around in her room.

"Oh sorrry. I just wanted to call and see if you wanted to go and have a girls night out. I don't seem to have many of them," I told her bluntly.

It was true, though. I hardly had any time to just relax and be able to be herself.

"Sure, but can my brother come along?" she asked hopefully.

"I guess, but can my brother come too?"

"Heck yeah. That boy is fine," Tory whistled, laughing into the phone.

"So, what about Dean?"

"What about him?" I asked.

"You know. Are you two settling your differences?" Tory asked, as she giggled loudly into the phone.

"Well yeah but dads' got a problem with guys and I don't think he really trust Dean..."

"Oh, that sucks. At least you can be friends with the hunk," Tory replied dreamily.

I wanted to slap her for being so ridiculous, but I just lightly exhaled and closed my eyes for a moment. "I suppose, but it's not that easy..."

"I totally get where you're coming from." It sounded like Tory was busy. There was a lot of noise in the background. "Listen, Andi, I'll call you later. I'll busy at the moment."

I sighed. "Sure." Hanging up the phone, I fell back onto my bed, forcing my eyes closed. All I needed was a short, little nap away from all the chaos.

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