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During the Avengers Fury tells them they need more help. Tony proposes a person that he has told no one about. She is powerful and is the secret sister of a SHIELD Agent. But was left behind by him. Tony is the only one she trusts. What can the woman who means more to Tony then life itself do?

Chapter .1.

Tony watches as everyone was arguing with what to do with Loki being here and Barton still in Loki's grasp and they couldn't find him. Tony had an idea but he wasn't sure SHE would answer. He meet this woman many years ago. And he knew immediately that she was something special. He was proven right of course. He had helped save her and fix her up. He gave her an hearing aid after she had gotten totally deaf. He made her a prosthetic arm that looked just as real as her other and he had fun and made her a robotic eye. But all those parts looked normal so nobody knew she had them.

She also was a fighter and he had seen her fight with swords, daggers and a staff and she also had magic. Which made him think she could help all the more. He knew he had a favour to cash in with her and this could be it. But was it worth it?

Then he heard Thor say something around an alien army well that changed things they would need her.

"I have an idea of someone to help us", Tony says speaking up

All eyes turn to Tony in surprise.

"You know someone that could help us?" Natasha asks with a raised eyebrow

"Yes. An old friend. I can give a call now", Tony suggests

"We don't know if we can trust this person. And this is sensitive", Fury growls

"Trust me you can trust this person with your lives", Tony replies

"That is not saying much", Maria Hill says

"Actually it does. So I am calling in the cavalry", Tony says pulling out his phone

He goes to speed dial one. He had her first with Happy, Pepper and Rhodey all coming next in that order. He presses dial and puts the phone up to his ear. She picks up one the first ring.

"Tony?" she asks

"Yes. I need you", Tony says

"What is going on?" she asks

"I am cashing in my favour", Tony states making everyone look at him

She doesn't reply Tony begins to get worried.

"You there?" Tony asks

"What is the problem?" a voice says from behind them

Everyone spins around to see a woman with brown hair with white, turquoise, violet and gold strikes in it with multicoloured eyes looking at them with a phone in her hand. She was wearing skinny jeans and a turquoise top with a long black over coat.

It takes a second but everyone had weapons on her quickly. Steve had his shield ready. Thor his hammer. Bruce looked a little green. Natasha had her gun, same with Fury. Tony was quick to act after getting over the shock and quickly places himself between them.

"STOP! She is the cavalry", Tony exclaims

"Who is she?" Fury asks with suspicion as she had just appeared out of thin air

"All you need to know is my name is Isabella but my codename is Eaglemage", Isabella says watching with amusement

She knew none of their guns would get her. But they didn't know that. Isabella or Bella as she liked to be called was a Tier-Zero Mage which was the highest type of magical you could go. Bella had developed her powers through the years. She also because of her heritage had four very important items on her which she never told anyone. After Edward left her in the woods her powers seemed to expand. She meet Tony a month or so later. He saved her life. And made her the things she needed to function. She had told Tony that she owed him a few favours for his services. They had stayed in touch for the next 5 years. She was now 24-years-old and was still doing courses. She was already at Mastery level in Business Administration, Public Administration, English, Literature and the Arts. She had degrees in Accounting, Finance and Marketing. She had Doctorates in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Science and Computer Science and was working on it with Engineering, Political Science and other things because Tony offered her the position of Co-CEO of Stark Industries. Because she was the only one he could trust with everything. And that she could deal with the fact he was Iron Man. Which is something Pepper could never fully understand.

Now when Tony called she knew she would want to answer his call for assistance. She was curious about what this was all about.

"What is going on Tones?" Bella asks Tony

"Can we have a couple of minutes?" Tony asks Fury

"She is not…", Fury starts

"I take that as a yes. Gorgeous would you come talk to me in the corner and put up a sound barrier?" Tony asks

"Of course", Bella replies

They move over to an unused corner and Bella puts up a shield to stop anyone from hearing their conversation.

"Up?" Tony asks

"Yes", Bella replies smirking at the annoyed expression on the others faces

"I have missed you", Tony says

"I have too. Been a while. What can I do for you?" Bella asks

"We have a situation here. It is serious enough that I had to cash in one of my favours with you", Tony replies

"Well is it something to do with the explosion of power I felt not so long ago?" Bella asks

"I would assume so. Loki has stolen the Tesseract from a SHIELD base and it exploded and killed Agents. He also has put some Agents and Scientist under some type of spell", Tony explains

Bella frowns she had heard of Loki. And of course the Tesseract. The Tesseract was the Space Infinity Stone. Which she was sure SHIELD had no clue it was. It was powerful and would draw a lot of attention to Earth that she was certain off.

"So what are you doing here?" Bella asks

"The Avengers Initiative has been active", Tony says

"I thought you were not considered. And that assessment is something I do not agree with", Bella says knowing what the report was given to SHIELD

"Well they decided to call my consulted status into it. And the person her wrote that report is over there named Natasha Romanoff", Tony says nodding towards the scowling Natasha

"So you want my help with the magic side of things and getting these Agents and Scientists back?" Bella asks

"Yes. But also there is an Army coming. A species called the Chitauri. Even Thor doesn't know what they are. But there will be a fight soon. And you're the best to help. You have magic and you can fight with weapons. By the way were are your weapons?" Tony asks

"Flattery will get you everywhere. My weapons are put away for now. But I can tell what you are saying is true. So they will be at the ready. Now why don't I go and introduce myself to everyone? Since I basically know what is going on", Bella suggests

"After you Gorgeous", Tony says with a wink

Bella laughs and takes down the sound barrier. She and Tony start to walk back to the table. Everyone was eyeing her with suspiciously. She understood it. She was a stranger and just appeared in their mist with all their security. Which was amusing to her. And it was amusing they thought they could take her. That begged the question about Loki. How where they holding a powerful god here? Loki must WANT to be here. Which she was going to have to keep an eye on. And she wanted to know why she was feeling the presence of an Infinity Stone when the Space Stone aka the Tesseract was in enemy hands and no way near here.

"Hello everyone you can relax I am here to help. You have my word", Bella says softly looking at everyone

She could just read everyone's surface thoughts and they were amusing and she could see enough to give her names of everyone.

"Who are you?" Fury asks

"All you need is my first name and that is Isabella like I told you. And I bet you have already tired to look me up and failed. Tony here told me you have people basically mind controlled", Bella states

"Yes that is true. One of our best", Natasha says scowling at Bella

Bella sees one of the Agents in her mind. Agent Clint Barton father of two. She had a sibling relationship with him. She feels sorry for Agent Romanoff even though she did a bogus report on Tony.

"I will do my best to return all Agents and Scientists back to you Agent Romanoff", Bella says

Natasha looks surprised that Bella knew her name.

"How do you know that?" Fury asks

"I know many things Director Nicholas Fury of SHIELD", Bella replies seeing a flicker of surprise in his eye

"WHAT are you young Maiden?" Thor asks

"That is a question for another time Crown Prince Thor of Asgard", Bella says

"If we got to work with you we need to be able to trust you Ma'am", Steve says apologetic

"Trust me to know what is best Captain Rogers. Now do you want to show me how Loki is controlling everyone?" Bella asks

"How do you know?" Bruce asks

"Tony told me it is controlling people I want to know with what. So I can undo the damage if I can", Bella replies

"I will take you", Tony says

"Stark…", Fury growls

"Fuck off Fury", Tony states

Bella laughs at Tony's attitude. Tony winks at her.
"Shall we M'Lady?" Tony asks offing his arm

"We shall", Bella says taking his arm

They leave with Bruce trailing behind after them. The others were all staring at them in shock and Fury was looking after them in anger…

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