Leia's bedroom



15 years later

"You look great, little sisters," Leia said with a smile.

Identical twins Lina and Chani grinned.

"Little indeed," 15 year old Lina said with a laugh. "You short thing."

"Hey, it's not my fault I got Mom's height," Leia chuckled even as she finished the last braid of Chani's dark blond hair. "You two and Charis are both tall like Dad and Luke and I are short like Mom and as for Jackson, well ..."

"He's going to be huge at this rate," Chani agreed. "He's a few centimeters shorter than Dad and he's only 13!"

"I have no idea why you are fixing our hair on your own wedding day, Leia," Lina murmured as she twirled around in her light green bridesmaid's outfit.

"Braiding hair calms me," her oldest sister explained.

Lina lifted an eyebrow and put her arm around Leia, "You're nervous?"

"I am nervous," Leia replied. "I love him dearly but still, marriage is a big step."

"He's a fabulous man, Leia," Chani affirmed even as the Force chimed in their heads.

The three Skywalker sisters turned abruptly and called out together, "Come in!"

The door slid open and Luke and Jackson sidled in with full hands, both looking uneasy.

"No," Leia stated firmly.

"Oh, come on, Leia," Jackson whined.

"No, you are not squirting water at us at the end of the ceremony. Put those water guns away."

"It's traditional!" Luke replied with a smirk. "On Tatooine, water is life."

"Well, we're not getting married on Tatooine!" Leia insisted. "We're on Naboo. On Naboo, the bride wears white and the groom wears whatever he wants and there are flowers and singing birds. No water guns!"

"You're no fun," Jackson groaned dramatically, then winced as his sister gently bopped him on the head with the Force.

"Ok, Ok ..."

"You look fabulous, Leia," Luke said, his eyes suddenly misty.

"Thank you," Leia replied, stepping over and hugging her twin carefully so that she wouldn't crush her dress.

"You really do," Charis murmured, stepping into the room. The second Skywalker daughter had grown into a statuesque brunette with blue eyes which were openly teary at the sight of her eldest sister in her wedding finery.

The six Skywalker siblings, suddenly emotional, met for a group hug before disengaging.

"We're going to miss you so much," Jackson said.

"Hey, it's not like I'm disappearing forever. We've been coming and going for many years now," Leia pointed out.

"It still won't be quite the same," Lina said with a tremulous smile. "And Luke's getting married next month to Mara, whom I love, don't get me wrong, but still, it's ... it's hard."

"Only constant in life change is," Jackson stated in startling mimicry of Master Yoda, and everyone laughed.




1 hour later

"Do you, Leia Skywalker, take this man, Biggs Darklighter, to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Leia smiled at her old playmate and friend and now love, "I do."

"And do you, Biggs Darklighter, take this woman, Leia Skywalker, to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"You may kiss the bride," the priest said, and Biggs and Leia stepped forward to engage in a chaste kiss which quickly turned passionate.

There were cheers from the assembled friends, relatives, Jedi, Tuskens, politicians, Mandalorians, Nubians, and an array of sentient mosses. Wilhuff Tarkin, now an elderly man, found himself sobbing quietly and happily into the shoulder of Master Yoda, who was himself quite emotional. The previous years had been hard for the ancient Jedi. It had taken many talks and even a few mock lightsaber battles to convince the Jedi Grandmaster that the old ways needed significant revamping, including discarding the rules against attachments. He still felt cold shivers at Jedi weddings, but the reactions were diminishing with time.

Leia Darklighter certainly looked and felt happy in the Force, anyway. Yoda supposed that was a good thing.


Med Bay


2 weeks later

"Hello, sweetheart," Han Solo murmured to the baby in his arms.

The baby gazed at her father with the blank bewilderment of extreme youth and then yawned.

"She's kind of squashed looking, isn't she?" Qi'ra Solo murmured from her bed.

"Darling, she's as gorgeous as her mother," Solo replied, leaning over and kissing his precious wife on the head. "You did a fabulous, amazing, glorious job."

"It was certainly hard work," Qi'ra grimaced, then smiled in a besotted way at her firstborn daughter, "but totally worth it."

"I love you, Qi'ra."

"I know, Han."

The End

Author Note: I am sure some are horrified that I married Leia and Han off to the wrong people but I think Han and Qi'ra had a chance for a good future if the Empire wasn't running amok and if the slavers of Corellia were brought under control. So this is an alternate happy ending for both Han and Leia.