Short description: A revise three-way crossover between the transformers fall of cybertron, and Injustice. Mainly centers around the Teen Titans after the events of trouble in Tokyo.

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The dull creaking sound of the reinforced door being split open by a pair of firm hands to the once silent space craft. Appearing to be abandoned after two occupants have entered. A second nature reoccurrence to the much experience member of the Justice League. From what the man of steel was seeing in the nearly pinch black skeletal like hallway, everything seems relatively intact, just like the exterior. Feeling the effects of the ship's gravity, equivalent to earth's, cemented both his feet to the cold surface, the same with the other occupant to his right, once the door slammed shut.

"looks like nobody's home eh supes?" Flash, lazily muse through his space breathing apparatus of his helmet while donning an all-black custom-made space suit.

Superman to his desolate perception, fear this might happen when a speck of hope for some small action was converting into another mundane of an investigation prior of their arrival, after the watch tower receives a suspicious automated distress signal from the unknown space craft, before appearing out of the blue onto earth's orbital radar. Hands down, this was Batman's playing field. Not his, and if he had the chance, he would've taking this case without question. However, the dark knight already gotten his hands full with another case that involves a series of murders of some well-known criminals. A little disenchanted on the personal outlook so far, but then again it was better than aimlessly roaming about in the dull atmosphere of the tower.

" Seems like it." Superman flatly contort to flash before patching himself way through by ear peace to the watch tower." Superman to base. We currently just enter the ship, and where in what it appears to be the main deck. No signs of life so far." Superman, listening closely to the gawking rambling at the other end from the new rookie Mr. Terrific, as clear as day through his enhance hearing. Whatever it was, got him spooked.

"Hear ya Superman." The new communication officer deeply panted." You said there's no life in there, but something is definitely here, because I'm getting a real high energy reading on my monitor from that ship. My advice, I will not hold nothing against you guys if you decided to wait for backup."

"That won't be necessary Mr. Terrific, we got this." Superman assured." I'll keep you in contact if anything comes up. Superman out." He said at disconnecting communication, before he, and Flash continued to explored the interior of the ship without delay. They both knew this was not a small vessel after they made first contact, as it nearly doubles the size of a tanker, much to the angsty Flash. Making up what little light the ship has to offer. The fainted white glow of the rectangular lights bolted above each air locked doors, did nothing in terms of providing a clear visibility, with some of them flickering while passing by.

"Hey, seeing anything with your see-through vision of yours?" Flash, peering through the thick glass window of one of the doors, only to realize it was not a room at all, but a containment unit filled with liquefied emerald green substance flowing within." Like you know? Save us some time from getting a little lost. Not that it bothers me or anything." He awkwardly said, before instantly backs away from the tense glow.

Superman, giving Flash a pondering look while at the same time, a bit confuse as to where to start. "That would be a problem. I'm unable to see through the walls period."

"So, the whole thing is made out of lead then." Flash concluded with his own statement when zipping right next to the doubtful look of Superman.

"Called me crazy, but I don't think it's made out of lead at all. Whatever this material is made from, its too light, nor it has the proper materials to be one." Superman said before reaching a path that split both ways.

"Well, that kind of blows." Flash said, as if he could care less, and just wanted to get this whole thing over with as soon as possible. Not because of boredom, but due to a schedule appointment with a date with Iris. A date he would be damned to miss, like the previous ones. Excusing himself by taking the lead to the right, but was halted by a firm hand being placed on his shoulder from the stern look of the man of steel.

"Sorry, were going to have to take the other way. I just heard something a moment ago." Superman said to the none protested look of Flash, when following the man of steel to a heavily secured volt door. Flash taking a closer look at the blue glow of a circular thin light, slowly being rotated around, like a typical clock.

"Well, something gotta be important behind this thing, right?" Flash said in curiosity, while taking a few steps back after the door begun to hiss out loud, with thick steam shredded their visibility before sliding itself open." That was not me!" Flash verbally clearing his innocent before his somewhat playful demeanor quickly turn serious after the smoke has cleared. Seeing what looks like a after effects of an enraged hurricane as the entire room layed ravaged.

Both wires, and cables alike, all entangled together as they lay hanging from above. Sparks, spraying like busted fire hydrants from the damaged electrical equipment. The speedster defending his nostrils from the strong rancid stench of lubricants coming from the metallic humanoid figures. Almost resembling that of robots, with all of them rip and dismember. Flash almost appease his grotesque of such barbaric seeing. However Superman, keeping his serene look attach to a lone person who was sitting in the middle of the massacre. Hunched over with both hands locked together while sitting on a mingle looking chair within the darkness. His piercing pine green eyes was the only thing visible within the dark, that both Superman and the Flash have a hard time peering away from after his aura hinted a dead giveaway at being hostile once his eyes have started to flick in brightness.

"I'll take it your responsible for sending that distress signal." Superman, more or less accused to the person who rose from the crippling chair, and the next moment, to the man of steel surprise was flown back against the wall by one hit from the man's fist. Leaving a large dent in the process after superman half-unconsciously came tumbling down to the ground.

"Shit!" Flash quickly evoking his enhance speed to the stranger by knocking him down after delivering a few punches before zooming less than a second to aid Superman." I think back up would be a good time now." Flash in all honestly confess as the dark figure who seems to be unaffected from flash's hits, crept himself over to the mingle look of Superman and the apparent hinder of the Speedster while dragging over a gray plastic looking crate.

"No. That punch just now, he's Kryptonian. "The man of steel said, ignoring the strange look from the speedster." Flash listen, you need to get out of here now and warned the others. I'll hold him off as much as I can." Superman urged to the agitated speedster, who was ready to verbally disagree, when a deep and rugged voice cut them in between.

"We may share some physical components, but I promise you, I'm no Kryptonian. However, I do greatly apologize for the sudden intrusive harm that I have inflicted, Mr. Kal-El, the last descendant of Krypton. Or more preferably, in your favor Mr. Kent. Forgive me, short time restraints have forced me to take other initiative actions." He said through his indifferent expression, while casting away Superman's hard glare." Please, do not fret of such small trivial thing in which I have said in the matter. Rather I fully applaud you in keeping yourself in disguise from the greater populace, however you could only fool some many people. I mean really, a plain office suit, glass's, and a hat, only further proves my personal theory, that earth's population has a great lack of awareness in transparency from their bi-retardated state of mind." Superman, clinching his hand to a ball fist after sensing a dry humor coming from his dull words as the stranger turns his lethal sights upon Flash." I was expecting your presence Mr. Kent upon arrival. Yet I did not expect you to have company in the likes of Mr. Allan. And I must say, I am very impress in how you nearly altar this reality. Tell me Mr. Allan, are you still emotionally entangle in the past mistake of your mother's demise that trigger this alteration?"

As if the volume itself from all around been zoned down to mute by the man's words after Flash speed dash towards the stranger. Superman unable to assist Flash, as he himself was in a state of morbid at the god like speed of an oncoming crate being flown towards him after it been kicked. Forcing the man of steel to be cornered after catching the heavy object between his abdomen. A split second later, was now laying on the ground in the fatal state, and squirming in great deal of pain coming from the unknown emerald glow within the crate after the lid came busted open from its secured latches at impact.

"I assure you Kel-El, that piece of rock is no kryptonite. It's something more potent than that." The stranger verbally poised while dragging the wheezing Flash by the neck as the speedster was struggling in freeing himself from the man's unbreakable grip." There is a simple motive as to why I have contacted the League in the first place. Particularly you Mr. Kent." He nearly all but whisper." I have come to offer a great proposition for you, as well as sending a message to one particular person."

Superman, already sending his complete rejection through his disdain glare, before seeing his own conscious fade away into complete darkness, after his face was purged down beneath the stranger's boot.

"GAAH!" He screams, after shooting himself up from his slanted vertical stainless-steel lab bed. Hysterically panting himself before the familiar vibe begun to soothe his breathing. "Just a dream." He gruffly mutters at laying himself back down in relief. Smearing the sweat off his half human face with his advance cybernetic arm. Relief turns to disappointment when frowning deeply at the sight of his father's design's, that was placed on his entire body. A deadly atonement from long ago that still haunts him. Relapsing after waking up, that he still couldn't believe this public abomination is held as a public figure in defending jump city.

Sure, people who encounter him thought it was cool to be a half cybernetic person. However, the ones who were really close to him consider him to be an all hero. Funny, he had never thought that the improbable pipe dream would evolve into reality. True he wanted to be a hero at some point in time during his early child hood, granted while people do view him as a hero, along with his fellow titans, he however has never express nor view himself as such. At least not like this. The cost was too great of a burden.

A hero may shine at the brightest moment, but the shine of a failure is always at its side. Always. That alone is his definition of being a Cyborg. Continued to fathom at his fathers designs, that was permanently place or for a better word, force upon him. He did not ask for this, he did not ask to be half man, and half machine, yet he cannot blame him. No, this was his punishment that was cause by his own hands.

Formerly known as Victor Stone, now known throughout society as Cyborg, and shunned from the norm all the same. Unable to feel, unable to find true love, and unable to have a normal damn sleep. This was not selfishness that was doing the talking, it was guilt. For he knows he was not the only person who gone through a lot of pain, and personal hard ships that his team has to content with on a daily base's. That is one of his many reason's why he kept his pain all bottle up to himself. They got enough of their personal struggles to contain with as it is, they don't need another. In all accounts, he should not be breathing as of right now after losing so much blood, and all four of his limbs. Concluding long ago that it was no miracle that have save him, it was just a will of his own body at refusing to be let go from his conscious towards death.

Cyborg, how he despise that name, and the cybernetics that was inserted upon him, even though his mechanical self-have save countless lives, and protected his fellow titans from harm on numerous occasions, but the half machine self was his constant reminder of that of a failure. . . "DAMMIT!" Cyborg cuss at the dent he has just made after slamming his fist against the support rail of his bed. Sucking between his teeth with no remorse in what he has just made. A little dent was an easy fix he concluded. Watering down his outburst by checking the time on one of the monitors, that read six thirty in the morning.

That dream again. That same dream he kept on having on a few rare occasions, however it has gotten a lot worse over this past three months after coming back from Tokyo. Little by little, he kept on dreaming that same nightmare over, and over again. Every night, for eight hours straight, was slowly driving him insane. Keeping his issue deep in the dark from everyone, while using his free time in finding the diagnosis on this recurring dream. He knows damn well it has nothing to do with P.T.S.D. It does not compute in what he was having, starting with his vitals to find out any symptoms out of the ordinary. Anything that was contributing to his latest nightmares of seeing a pool of blood coming from his mother before his name was called out by his father. A name that did not carry a speck of concerns, nor love for his fallen son, but fury from his calm words. The last words he heard that will haunt him forever, before his eyelid became heavy, and being woken from internal abyss like a broken record.

At first, he checks his memory processing unit. Assuming it has gone haywire like the rest of his cybernetic body at times, including half his biological central nervous system, but the computer shows nothing. Making assumptions in thinking he wasn't' getting enough sleep or wasn't being charge properly while checking both the cardiovascular, and the respiratory systems. Again, it found nothing. He knew he wasn't no doctor; he was just a person who's has a strong passion for science, and cars alike, that happens to have enough basic knowledge of human anatomy just in case shit hit's the fan.

And something he had kept informed with to the only person who could possibly help him finding out the troubling symptoms, is now in current hiding for some odd reason. And that's fine with him. Over the fact he will be goddamn to further contact her. He's not that desperate so far as he knows. With a long stretch, and a tiresome sigh, lifts himself from the vertical platform. Popping both his neck and his joints after disconnecting the power core from his chest before starting another day as a teen titan.

Like every other morning, it was that time again of getting his routine started when headed to the kitchen. His little safe haven of what's left of his humanity. Including saving what's left of his sanity from Beast Boys bickering over his never-ending cooking. His reason as to why he got up so early to cook.

Seriously, he was not obligated to fix Beast Boy tofu waffles, and bacon flavor tofu! Shuddering at the flavor bacon part. If he wants him to fix that hideous disaster, then that little lazy ass can fix it himself without a care in the world. Along with sparing himself from Starfire's questionable, and quite possibly hazardous intergalactic cooking with the exception of the Zorkaberrie pie, that he and Starfire created. And of course, the turmoil end of the day of doing the dishes.

For some unexplained reason the team hate's doing the dishes with a passion. More than anything they would rather fight their ass's off against their arch enemies' or God itself then doing the damn dishes. It was something strange about doing the dishes, as if it gives off a pure evil aura from the sank itself. Yet all that hardly matters as he begun his proud cooking, because today was not his turn. It was Robin's.

Making the most of the day at putting his finishing touches to his colossal cooking. Slapping down himself a larger variety of meats onto his plate before hording them, while hearing the door slide itself open from the main living room.

Not even taking a second guess of the half demonic vibe that he was feeling, as Raven casually made her way over to the kitchen through levitation, with her book at hand. Pouring herself an already made herbal hot tea to her cup shortly after, with Cyborg busying himself of hording the living life out of his food.

"Morning Rae!" Cyborg gesture through his ridiculous morning greeting, with contents flying out of his mouth. The dark sorceress, indifferent at the sight of her teammate abnormal eating habits.

"Do me a personal favor by keeping your mouth shut while eating, and good. . . . morning." She deadpan through her lecture before taking her first sip.

Immediately doing as he been told by shutting his mouth, and swallowing all his food in one gulp. "Hey, I fix breakfast for everyone. There's plenty to go around, in case you're interested." Cyborg deeply express, while still casting an even more of his crazy gesture at a huge fix portion made just for her. Though he knew the answer right off the bat, but didn't give two cents either way.

"I'll pass." She deeply monotone at getting a saturated whiff of the massive greasy looking hot plate, with a dead look written across her face. Although it does look pretty good, but its perhaps best to spare a huge portion as a midnight snack. There's a fine difference of being hungry and starving, and she felt neither. Raven casually continued to sip her tea next to her teammate, in which he just plainly shrugs when continued to horde on.

Harsh as usual, but that doesn't mean Raven was being rude or being mean. On the contrary, she was just being herself in a unique honest sense. Which he has no problem with at all. Happily getting himself ready for a second plate after finishing up his first portion, when Raven spoke in a dark casual matter that almost made him choke.

"Trouble sleeping?" Raven, without taking a second glance at his stump look while gently turning over to the next page of her book.

DAMMIT! he cursed. He knew this was not a question, it was a statement. And he knew damn well she could easily read a person who was hiding something, or just flat-out lying their ass's off, like an open book without its cover.

He refuses to be one of those statistical ass's. "Uh, really? How can you tell?" This was not good, and that damn stuttering did not help one bit. Worse, he was getting a nervous twitch beneath his eyelid, as she finally looked at him dead in the eyes. Those violet eyes.

"I'm maybe passive, but not retarded, is one. Others may not tell, however it's not that hard to see a deep shadow beneath your right biological eye. Your face is a broken water faucet as you sweat, your body movement is way more tense then normal. May I say more because you look like shit." She stated a matter of fact.

Shit! This was not a way a morning supposed to go. He just wants to cook, eat, and be on his way for a day without nobody noticing or encounter any other forms of interruptions that comes smacking across his face every so damn often.

There was no other way around this, he was cornered by her piercing gaze that would make Batman blush beneath that cowl of his, with joy. Or hell, even get her promoted to the justice league by him personally, just by her damn stare alone. He didn't want to be rude to her by completely blowing her off. Nah, he can tell right away that she was just showing her full concern for his well-being, even though a lot of people can't tell through her dark, and passive rude like expression to see that.

Hell, maybe this would be good for him in telling her as vaguely as possible in what he's been dealing with as of late, in relations of his past. In most likely case, she would be the very first person aside from the team to do so. After all, he had not forgotten what he, and Beast Boy have done after they have intrude into Ravens mind through her personal mirror behind her back, after they broke into her room by accident.

"It's something I've been dealing with prior of being a titan. And that something has gotten worse over time after the events from Tokyo." Cyborg plainly answers, after taking a good gulp of water to ease the tension around his throat, while keeping the level of concerns below the minimum as he can." Even though I am half machine, I can still have dreams just like everybody else. Weird as it may sound."

"Or more like nightmares." She dismissively corrected, leaving Cyborg to concede to Ravens blunt honestly as he slumps himself down back to his stool with a long sigh. Messing around with the food on his plate after losing some of his appetite, due to the reminiscing of the past.

" That too, most of the time anyway. Really have no excuse after what I have done back there, and he has every right to hold a grudge against me. And I hold no bars to accept that. Sorry, I was referring to my father." Cyborg saving Raven the confusion." Regardless what I do to fix this, it would not be enough to earn his forgiveness after what I have done to my mom." He nonchalantly said, lost within his own realm of conception, before jolted out of it by Raven, who was now or has been staring at him with an indifferent look this whole time. Holding a great deal of expectations for him to go on, by her tense gaze.

Of course! How could he not forget?! This is Raven he's talking to. The same person who's currently been dealing with one hell of a father issues since birth. Even after Trigon's defeat, his influence still hunts her towards world domination. And so what he failed at taking over the world prior. If he cannot succeed, then Raven would. If not by her then her powerful emotions will do the job. Mentally contemplating in having a strong urge to bitch slap himself of not realizing it from the get go. And maybe another one, just out of guilt.

"Sorry Rae, I almost for-"

"Don't. "Raven softly interrupted, on point what he's been thinking." I Have no idea what you're talking about. But go on, I'm listening."

Sharing his tentative expression with Raven, in which the dark sorceress quirks an eye brow in return. "Yeah, I hear ya, it's Sort of outta the blue here in what I about to confess. This Cybernetics you see here, is not the result from the car crash, but my mistake from star labs." He evenly said, while sensing a small glint of interest coming from the vague look of the half demon." I can't go into details just yet in terms of this broken dream that I kept on having, and the shit that went down, but I can tell you what he said after he save my life." He situated, before decided it was best not to let things hung in the air as he answers. "To be blunt, he refuse to treat me. Thinking it was best for me to atone my punishment by being burn with the rest of the lab. The only reason why he decided to save my life was at my mom's dying request. Which I have yet to find out what she said to my old man." Cyborg feeling most of his pent-up stress have started to dissipate towards relief, when the door violently slides itself open.

"Sup Guys."

Flinching to no end, as if someone just lay a hard slap across his shoulder, while Raven shifted her piercing gaze away from Cyborg, and back to her coveted book. Letting her body language know to everyone that she wants no part of their morning silly affair's. Looking at Beast Boy who was practically floating himself over by the heavenly aroma of the morning cooking from the living room, before arriving over to the kitchen through his dream like state.

"Oh man, something smells good. So what are you guys talking ab-DUDE!" Beast boy exclaimed at crashing back down to the floor after realizing there was no certain special type of food laying out for him." What is this?! Where's the tofu waffles, and the tofu flavor bacon that I requested Cyborg!" He rambles, as if he just saw murder.

"There is none." Cyborg added his own flavor of deadpan, which made Raven who could not help, but to roll her eyes at the share stupidity.

"WHAT?! Hey! You, and I both know that I cannot eat this, that once lived! Look at this!" Beast Boy shouted while rapidly pointing his fingers furiously at the stack of various selections of bacon, eggs, sausage, and smoke slices of ham.

Grunting full of rocks to Beast Boys rants before dumping his logical explanation over to the changeling. "Listen BB, I am not in a mood for another argument. And I already said this once before, but in case you have forgotten, if you don't like what I fix, then DON'T EAT IT!" He hollered, and to Beast Boys credit, stood within his ground from Cyborg's outrageous boasting.

"THEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO EAT THEN?! Beast Boy shouted, and standing barely of an inch from Cyborgs iron chest plate.

"EAT CARBS!" Cyborg retorted back, shooting his large index finger at the mountain of waffles at the counter. "Carbs are good for you! And don't have any damn meat the last time I check!" He bluntly said to the not so convince Beast Boy.

"Dude I can't eat this! It might have been cook with animal fat, which is from meat!" The changeling thoroughly accused at the flabbergasted look of Cyborg.

"WHAT! "Cyborg shouted in complete disarray. Ok, he got him right there. But god-dammit he would be damn to let Beast Boy insult his perfect affection, and love for his cuisine, and walks out as if nothing happens. Not on his life! The morning onslaught of bickering continued as both Robin, and Starfire enter the living room.

"Morning guys." Robin trying to gain their full attention, but failed after being ignored entirely while Raven, giving Robin some form of attention with a simple shrug of hello before going back to her tea. "Figure's." Robin plainly mumbles.

"Come Robin, let us join our friends in this morning feast. "Starfire, in her always positive self-grabs hold of Robin's arm before being dragged over to join the others at the table.

"Again?" Robin referring to both Beast Boy, and Cyborgs bickering while Raven herself, shrugs once more.

"You know it."

"Morning Rob, morning Star, breakfast is ready in case you guys are hungry. So eat up dammit, before I make this little grass stain here, into eating meat. By force!" Cyborg warns after cutting Beast Boy off for a moment with a burly metal hand slap over the vegetarian's mouth, before relapsing back to the verbal ass whipping fest at the expense of Starfire's warm smile. The boy wonder cannot help but to shake his head at such antics before helping himself to a plate.

" Please, I am not aware that Cyborg can make grass, into eating meat. "Starfire excitedly said, while feeding some of her food to her pet larva, Silkie.

"He's referring to Beast Boy Star." Robin mutually answers.

" Hey! You can't make me eat meat! And I would like to see you try." Beast Boy said at giving Cyborg a smartass toothy like grin.

"Oh I'm about too! And look at what you made me do! Look at this! Broke my damn spatula! What am I supposed to flip with now? Huh!?"Cyborg peering his flaming face close to Beast Boy after he was about to remove the rest of the food from the oven pan before the spatula bent in half by mistake through his misguided strength.

" Jeezz I don't know? You can start by flipping your own head into fixing tofu bacon, and Waffles as I requested!" Beast Boy standing to his ground with his nose up high at Cyborg's heated look.

"Or I can flip your little monkey ass into appreciate my damn cooking! YO RAE! Could you please help a brotha out!" Cyborg playfully plea over to Raven.

His plea, somewhat been answered after Raven openly display something that was not meant to be seeing, by giving him a simple smile, but not just a smile, a true serene smile that she only shown twice to him, during the T-Car fiasco. The entire group around the kitchen, were too stun to form an expression at the whole seeing. He can't really blame them, since this is the first for them. However, it did not provide no solace as the half Cybernetic titan was sweating bullets from this unnatural occurrence.

"Uhhh, hi, Uh Rae? About B-" He never got the chance to finish after she had finally dropped her true smile, and back to her cold, and harsh self.

"I'll be at the living room in case you need me. When your life is actually on the line." Raven excusing herself from the kitchen by levitation while leaving Cyborg high and dry on the spot. She got what she wanted at ending the yap fest between the two titans.

"Hey Dammit! "Cyborg screech, while looking at Beast Boy who was rolling on the floor laughing.

" Dude! she got you! "

"Well that just kill's the whole insults. Anyway, how's everyone doing this morning huh? "Cyborg through his slick words shifted to another conversation.

"Most wonderful, me, and my little Bumgorf are to take Silkie to the shop for pets, and then after that we are suppose-"

" And then have pick nick at the park! Right Star? Robin intervene with a nervous crack smile.

"Hmmm? Is it before or after our passionate kissing ceremony?" Starfire innocently questions. Ambiguous as both Beast Boy, and Cyborg were snickering to Robins embarrassment.

"Yeah that's all cool and all, but who's the little Bumgorf Star?" Cyborg teasingly squeeze between his tight lips as he fight for dear life from busting out laughing.

"Yeah Star, who is it?" Beast Boy smoothly flow. Raising both his eye brows up, and down with a slick smile, as he too was containing his own laughter.

"Oh why it's my dear Robin of course! For Bumgorf, is also your earth terms for endearment." Starfire happily sharing her cheerfulness by grabbing Robin off his stool, and giving him a bone crushing hug, causing both Cyborg and Beast Boy to erupt into full laughter.

"I'll be at the living room, just in case you guys need me." Robin wave with an agitated gruff with Starfire locked around his arms.

" Don't let Star hit you with a kiss on your way out! Both Cyborg, and Beast Boy taunted in unison as they hug one another in support over their laughter.

"Not a word." Robin dangerously advise to Raven after making it over to the couch, though he cannot help but to sense the hidden smirk behind Ravens book.

"You got to admit, it's kind of funny." Raven casually said, and going back to her reading.

"Yes, I agree with friend Raven, this morning experience was the most delightful." Starfire said.

"Don't like it. Which is why it holds enough merit to form another meeting, over this behavior, before it gets out of hand." Robin narrowly said, as he seriously was considering it. Still livid over the recent failed collaboration of assisting the guardians from the darkness. And a certain organization from taking over the kingdom, and the world before officially filing it as a complete disaster.

"For your sake, and the safety of your overall wellbeing. Don't do it." Raven simply cautions before Robin followed Raven suggestion with a hefty sigh. "So, anything going on in Jump City that we should be aware of?"

Robin pondering for bit, in what has trans prior for the past three months. Other than Mother Mae-Eyes', the loud boasting return of doctor light, and the makeshift mayhem being cause by the hive five, minus Jinx, who not so long ago conspire in joining Kid Flash, and the titans. The crime rate within the city over all? Has been down quite considerably.

"Not really, just some random low-level crimes that the P.D can't handle." He dismissively said. "The thing is, I am a bit bother by it. I mean it's good and all, but I just can't quite put my finger on it. It just seems way too convenient."

"You're talking about the lack of crime out break from the elites, like Slade." Raven receiving a simple nod from Robin.

"It's not just jump city, but across the nation. I just recently got a word from Gotham P.D, and the reports from Batman, that the crime rate has plummeted almost completely, at the point of becoming just downright wrong. I was doing a little research as to why, and according to various reports, there's hasn't been any signs of crime being committed by the top-level criminals, like the Joker, Bane, Scare Crow, and the others. All the other reports that I have gather all lead to the same conclusion, as if they have just vanished without a trace."

"Or it just might be the calm before the storm, because I sense something is not right since after our returned from Tokyo." Raven stoically said.

"Which is why I need everyone to be alert, at all time. Because as Raven suggest, something big might be coming our way. Robin said, with a deep frown.

"Hey, what's up with the eerie vibe?" Beast Boy refering to the bleak atmosphere of the living room, while Cyborg was putting away the leftovers to the fridge.

"Don't know. Must be discussing something serious." Cyborg said.

"Yeah, probably over your cooking or perhaps no crime was being committed by any super villains for the last three months." Beast Boy toothily ponders, while rubbing beneath his chin, before being smack right behind his head by Cyborg. " HEY!"

" Okay, who are you, and what have you done with BB?" Cyborg through his dull suspicion said.

" I was just guessing, sheesh. And what was that for?!" Beast Boy cried in retort, by stomping Cyborg's foot.

"That's for the remark over my cooking. "Cyborg, giving Beast Boy a superior smirk when both of them nearly jumped as the alarms throughout the living room went off. Wasting no time as they both dash to the living room to join the others.

"What's the situation?" Cyborg said, while looking at the built-in monitor from the living room circular type table.

"Trouble in the industrial area of Jump City. The excavation site. " Robin said

"Aaah, man! I will never get used to that alarm." Beast Boy said at rubbing his pointy ears tenderly. "Does that thing say who it is?"

"It's Johnny Rancid." Robin through his tight jaw said." And this can't be right. "The boy wonder now taken back by rubbing his eyes at what he was reading.

"Well? Who else?" Raven, calmly pushed Robin to answer from his state of shock.

"It's Atlas."

"What? Dude that's impossible! We all just saw him get his robotic butt get trashed by Cy." Beast Boy said in share disbelief, remembering clear as day when being held captive as Atlas personal trophy's, before Cyborg eventually intervened at defeating the champion mech, before mysteriously was cut down after the brotherhood of evil disbanded.

"Well, the fact is he's back, and he's not alone." Robin concluded.

"Well? What are we waiting for? The cops can't do a damn thing, and neither can the justice league. . . well okay, maybe the justice league, but that's aside the point. The point is, it's been quite a while since I seen some action." Cyborg displaying his determination by cracking his metallic knuckles.

Robin nodded at feeling the same way as well. "Alright guys, you heard him. Titans, move out!"

Superman/Clark Kent/ Kal El. First appearance. Action Comics num 1 June 1938: Technical Data

Strength: ==Unknown==

Intelligence: ========9

Speed: ==Unknown==

Endurance: ==========10


Courage: ==========10

Fire blast: ==========10

Skill: =========9

Flash/Barry Allen. Frist appearance. Showcase num 4 October 1956: Technical Data

Strength: =======7

Intelligence: ========8

Speed: ==Unknown==

Endurance: =========9


Courage: ========8

Fire blast: =====5

Skill: ========8