"It's been a long time since we last saw each other face to face, son." Silas samite to the strip advent timber of Cyborg. Involuntary of slitting the habitual roaring outcry from his son, just by his sudden presence." For once, your timing could've been perfect. Sarah, and I were just talking about you, and amongst…..other things." Withdrawing his genteel for a few fly's that's been swarming around on both Cyborg and Springer. Tolerating the nasty stench that swells the air as he continues. "More amaze to see it up close in person of the cybernetic implants that Sarah have gotten rid of. As expected, my daughter's works is nothing short, but impressive. Exactly the reason why I took her under my wing."

"How, and what are you doing here?" Robin expediting at erasing the ever relenting anxiety from being revive. Protecting his valiant composure from collapsing, but barely, once the haunted surgical eyes has seize the small portion of his soul as tissue sample.

"Doing a job like any other parent should, to see my son. Surly there's no harm of seeing your next of ken. Something the dark knight would not disagreed with, am I correct? Adopted son of Bruce." Silas meekly shallow. Renouncing his extracted blaze upon the dispirited boy wonder, and onto the combative ill-tamed person that he came for.

"I think your gravely twisting the difference between support, with harm old man. And you're only answering half the question. How do you know of our location?" Cyborg barbed to the so claim father, who in returned, simply mangle Cyborgs imposing will with a pitiful eye roll.

"Please Victor, here I thought me, and your mother have taught you better not to jump to sudden peroration, or else face the detrimental deterrent." And speaking of detriment; I see you also have miscarriage yourself of acquiring the dark matrix from the netherworld." Silas gaining a scarring rebuttal from Cyborg, before the ex-cybernetic titan snaps his chilling sight onwards to Sarah. The doctor, who was just as lost as everyone, shrugs." Don't miss judge my daughter for the indiscreet discloser Victor. The synthetic energon that you have currently clamored, is valid of where you been running off too. As for your first question? well it has to do with luck than coincidence, by the ruckus you all left behind after the loss of your home. Of course, it would not have been easier after Terra was kind enough of granting me authorization of the T-com on your current surrogate sanctum, by a glamor of a touch." Silas soaking his witted cogent to the spiraling minded Cyborg. The ex-cybernetic titan within his psyche, rips his concerning well being for the geokinetic ex-titan. "Victor, let's get one thing straight, I am not here to simply pay a visit, I came here to do something that I long destitute. To help you."

"Help me? That's real funny coming from a person who called his own son a failure, and the shit he has done." Cyborg flailing his detestable contempt he has for his father for immoral means." Look old man, I deserve a lot more hell for my mothers death, but to use my friends and the people who has nothing to do with our personal affairs? Nah, I've been alright so far, but there is one thing you could help me with. Assist me by shoving this heat up your ass." Cyborg flagrant persuaded to the vacate minded Silas. About to mark his words through the use of the hard-baller, before another persuasion have rained from the tranquil perseverance of the former wrecker."

"Try not to brash yourself towards idiocy just yet, and remember our primary objective." Springer cautiously whispers." Besides, remember what you have said earlier after watching that recording? Well I believe it, because my spark is going crazy just from his presence." Radiating his now corrupted mockery over to Silas." You know, I don't care at all what your gaining from all of this, but a word of caution, the person you're currently affiliating with, have a real nasty habit at disposing those who are royally dedicated for his own hellish desire."

"Someone whom I affiliated with?" Silas softly chuckle as he rose his six-eleven frame." Aah, I see now. Please forgive me, while I do appreciate some form of apprehension, I assure you, I am doing this at my own free accord, that is all. "Repudiating Springers disconcerting half measure prudence, by retreating to the fowl look of Cyborg." And Victor, it was my mistake to called you a failure when you are in fact, are not. You can resent me all you like, but you have to understand that I am doing this for a reason. A reason that is intertwined with the unanswered question you been seeking. In which I will provide. However, there's a catch. In order for you to understand of what I am about to say, you also have to see, what I am saying." Silas ceasing the rest of his lifeless idiom as he gestured his right hand. And through his bleak look, summoned the warp gate." Victor, despite what happen in the past, there's one thing you cannot possibly refute, I have never once delude you from the truth. Tell thus day, you are still the final key towards making a great difference for all walks of life. The answer you desperately seek, is at the other side. If you choose otherwise, then consider this our last interaction between us."

Prompting him at obeying his dark proposal, was no longer further needed. Snarling his pure dejection on both the waited warp gate and his father, till affronting his decision at making a cautious approach. Yet his scornful pursuit was blockade by Starfire's two digits being gently pressed between his upper chest.

"Cyborg, one of my many guts, is telling me that something very bad will happen, once you crossover. Surely you know of this, yes?"

"I know Star, but I have to know who I am. Besides, like Springer said, he just might lead me to Unicron. And what's he trying to accomplish, after I punch his teeth out. Called it hitting two birds with one stone." Cyborg equating his embitter concerns." I'll be honest, it's not the lies what scares me, it's the fact that he has no reason to, is what scares me." He neurotic disclose, while felting the cold steel of the dominator being pinch to his neck from behind.

"If you even thinking about stepping through that gate all by yourself, your breath alone would not reach the other side without our consent."

"I'm with Raven on this one." Robin sharping his direct potent glare to Silas." You hear that? He's not going anywhere without us, regardless what he said."

"If you all would like to come along with Victor, then do as you please at your own advances, however." Silas shifting his tense sight over to the doctor." Sarah, I encourage that you come width as well, because you are just as important then you realize of what I have to say. I'll be waiting." Silas leaving the distorted group at their own stagnate influx.

"So, I assume you have a some sort of scheme prior of leading everyone back to the prime reality, am I wrong big brother?" Sarah mildly bland.

"Your tagging along too, aren't cha?" Cyborg questionably chiseled over to the serious look of the doctor." You know what we're heading to is not safe for all of us right? I can bitch, and whine in how much of a risk you putting yourself in, but hey at the end, I can't stop your stubborn ass."

"Icky, have you finally relieved yourself from your bitch monologue? If so, then we are all ready for you to lead the pack." She cordially hymns to the lousy look of Cyborg.

"Well there you go Cyborg, it's your call. Where you go, we follow, no exceptions." Robin said

Yeah, yeah I get it. Let's get this shit over with." Cyborg quenching the inflicting doubts, and excursion himself from the crazy doctor and Raven's promising torment in advance when entering the gate. Coming out to a completely different scenery a second later. Giving his earlobes a good scratch at listening to a heavy wave of light machinery from all around. The dark blur area that dimmed his vision, but enough to catch the faint white glow coming from three gigantic looking structures. Closely resembling that of a power generator, with each stood half submerge from the black oceanic contents far from the distant.

"Dude, where are we?" Beast Boy controlling his teeth chattering from the chill musty air.

"Your all within the computer-generated engine room within the prime universe." Silas stoically answered.

"Cut the crap, you know what they mean. You maybe fooling them, but I recognize the designs all too well, similar that of our home world." Springer bearing no nonsense when addressing the titans." Guy's, I have great news, we came what we been looking for, or to be discreet, were inside the head of Unicron." The ex-wrecker informed, mainly to the discouraging look of the changeling.

Scuffling the entire weight of familiarity being clustered upon him. Preconceived of pinning at finding out of what the hell is going on with him, after the condensed atmosphere have change his clear vision into a muddle of haze. The former cybernetic titan, doing what he can at shaking his sight back to normal, and going about of escaping the suffocating aura that was Silas. "Still waiting on as to who I am old man. And by your cryptic ass words, I still don't get what Unicron has to do with me."

"It's because Unicron has everything to do with you, and how you came to this world Victor." Silas plainly drab." You shall be introduced to him in the moment. This here, is an empty reconstructed shell of who he once was. Pardon the numerous disquieted I have brought. I'm aware that your patience is greatly lacking as usual. Understandable, but patience must be warranted. In order for you to understand of who you really are, you must understand how Unicron came to be." Motioning everyone to follow. Guiding the Autobot and the Titans through the gray interlocker steel pavers. "The ones who label him as either the bringer of chaos, or most commonly, the dark god, was once human, believe it or not. Born to a similar world like earth, where the living condition, and the technology were a couple centuries ahead of its time. However, like Krypton, it too shared the same fate of a catastrophic event, by an immunity serum. A serum that turned plague once the outbreak has occurred. His father, a scientific engineer, sacrifice everything within his fashion to counteract the plague with the experimental antiserum. Sleepless nights of countless inadequacies, till secreted a perfect serum, in what he deemed call the M-Five-Nine, or to your familiar, the all-spark." Silas affluently said, causing a few eyebrows to rose, and a small outburst from the ex-wrecker.

"Frag! So, everything have finally started to connect. Oh no, I believe everything in what you're saying. It just that our race, let alone Cybertron, all came from a lowly human? Frag, I can't wait to see Megatron's face once this stuff is revealed." The Autobot invectively cursed.

"Yes, I have not forgotten to pay my personal visit to the Decepticon leader. After all, he did once serve for him." Silas at his stark aspired, lead them to what appears to be an observation deck. Inadequate to properly convey the sense of embellishment coming from the skeptic minded team. Suspended at what they were witnessing beyond the safety rails, to an astronomical rounded diamond looking chains within the upper walls. Leisurely rotating the jagged looking teeth from all around. Inebriated from the far winded background, till withdraw have finally kicks in to the summit of fold, and thrust belt. Or at least so they thought. With the artificial grim landscape being slab over with countless parallelogram pellucid gray looking cylinders.

"Due to the spontaneous effects from the outbreak, it was out of necessity that he made a second antiserum, the M-Five-Ten, the dark all spark, which Unicron was injected with, while his brother Primus was given the all spark. He never got the chance to see his untested creation to greatly exceed his expectations, after they were cured. But not without knowing the lasting effects it has on both of them. Yes, while the all sparks granted them omnipotent magnitudes, it has also had strip them from their humanity entirely. In order to retain their full control of their divinity force, they imprison themselves within the metallic planetoids. Primus, with his great lengths of struggle, adapted to his new form. The same fate cannot be said for Unicron. Remember when I said the dark all spark functions differently than Primus. It was something beyond his control that left him consuming all matters that the universe has to offer, as his means of survival. He took no pleasure at his own endeavors at retaining his dark spark to properly function. Primus, the so claimed righteous one, personally corrected Unicron's actions. But to no avail, as their stability were equal in match. A few billion years of conflict, and leaving galaxies in complete shambles with no termination to be sought. Till Primus cleverly relinquish his sole row in keeping his order of peace, over to his thirteen children, who donned the matrix, or should I say, granted them a small portion of his life force." Silas gripping his cane tighter as he spoke through his mellow presence. A presence that became frigid by the person who erupted in rage.

"Go screw yourself old man! I already know the deal between Primus and Unicron. You still haven't answered as to why this shit has to do with me. As a matter of fact, I've been told that you are possibly not my damn biological father." Cyborg filtering his fresh anger to the funny, yet befuddle look of Silas. Yet, his stringent inferno rancor was swindle off the rails by the foul detestation of Beast Boy, after the main volt gate was lifted. Vector Prime, casually made his presence adequate through his delighted grin. However the deep scowl coming from the green changeling was not directed at one of the most deadliest being to ever existed, but to the former teammate right beside him.

"I heavily suggest you retain your vivacity young one, because you are fated to do something great for all of reality." Vector grandfatherly equate to the foul aggression of Cyborg. Discoursing his wise optics over to Silas. "I just receive an update from Aqualad. And it would seem that both he, and Macabre have gotten their hands full with the Decepticon lord, following the loss of Blitzwing. They request immediate backup."

"You two go ahead and assist them. I'll personally be right with you shortly. The dark matrix is one of the last keys that is greatly acquired, in order for our plans to fully floweret."

The last prime fulfilling Silas request with a light nod. Paving himself to the sharp whistle coming from the former wrecker, and the challenging tone that comes with.

"So, this is what the great legendary guardian has become as of late. Becoming the very thing I assume you hate. Being someone's toil, by harvesting energon as much as you can, while gutting a few sparks, here, and there, just to up keep this rusty hulk running? You should know by now that irony is a bitch. And don't cry like a little sparkling over to me when the day your disfigured hide becomes his fuel."

"So, that's what the massive liquid abyss is!?" Cyborg petrified at such revelation." Yo, Vector! I did see a poor bastard being controlled by a powerful being. But now, all I see is a sick person!" His condemned outburst turned to rust by Vectors corrupt laughter.

"I haven't had this sort of chuckle for a long time young one, I truly do thank you. However, I assure you, that I'm not exhorting myself by the likes of Unicron, or Silas for that matter. His cheerful sense of humor soon melted away to a place of darkness. "To this day, I still stand by what I've been sworn to do, after our home world have crumbled. It just that we both see, and agreed on the same ideals for what is best for all vitality, nothing more." Vector concluded at taking his leave, before the red jeweled optics have strode themselves over to the tactful geokinetics, as Terra stood firm in her place right beside Silas. "Coming with little one?"

"No, I want to see how things plays out, incase something gets out of hand." Terra malign at meeting the dark contempt look of Cyborg.

"Its fine Vector. Terra may do as she please. She has earned that right for her servitude." Silas satisfying Vector before the last prime took his leave.

"I don't like this anymore then you do son, however their great sacrifice will shortly be known. "Silas motioning his glowing iris at summoning a stool looking platform, that rose to a knee length behind him. Continuing his progression of making Cyborg to see the truth once he had settle. "Say what you want about me Victor, but I'm doing this all for you. And more importantly, for Sarah."

"The hell are you talking about?" Cyborg a bit sluggish after his body have lurch itself forward by one step towards Silas. Recoiling his inner turmoil to the erratic screams of the dark half, who suddenly tore through the cerebral inner walls. Sensing his freedom was one step closer, as he burst Cyborgs earlobes. And the damn fool, foresighting at what he was dealing with through his lethargic grin. However, his temptation was elsewhere, once the remote soul devouring perforation, have braze upon the reverie look of Sarah.

"Sarah, I know what you've been inserting into your body this whole time. And the reason why your body have so easily been adapting, is by no means an accident. You, just like Unicron and Primus, are the last survivors of your home world, within the prime reality. "Silas coursing his deep hypnotic locution upon Sarah. And through his abstract conjuring words, have sowed itself around the doctor's ears.

Deaf to the gaping mix reaction coming from everyone as her sentiment, dim as ever when speaking. "Yes, I was long aware that something was indeed…, in terms of my high abnormal intellect, as well as my strength. I could make a lot of conjectures in how I came to be, without suffering some sort of digression. Predominantly by youth, or how I came to this world for that matter. But I would feel a lot more resolved if I were to hear it from you, father." Sarah expressing her complete adolescence, received the most placid nod from the apologetic form of Silas.

"It's relatively simple, but the events that took exceptionally difficult to frame. As I postulate just a moment ago, it also very much involved with Victor as well." Silas, through his high efficient eloquent, recited." However I will disclose upfront of how you survived the final moment of such calamitous incident. Unicron, after he and his brother shortly been treated, immediately took you under his care at the request of your parent's final wish during your infancy. But not without adding a certain amount of the much stable compound of the all spark that he himself developed, into you, just out of the means of survival. And due to the high risk of you being infected, had you put under permanent stasis through a special made pod." He convey through his mundane cadence. However, all the regret sentiment that have been dormant, was exposed by a single tear shed." Sarah, I can never be so thankful, for accepting me of who I am. But all the same, please forgive me for the convoluted scrutiny that I have long imposed. And don't be concern my dear daughter, Victor will know the truth shortly. He must."

"No, it all makes sense father, thank you."

"Sarah, what is he talking about?" Cyborg at his most hesitation, feared of cracking the doctors Pandora's box. Yet he have broken something far worse than that. Rattled of losing a few pints of his enhance cells by the acute words of decimation coming from the undistinguished façade of his sister.

"If you are greatly ken of our fathers dividends, than at my per request, shut up as long as you can, and let him finish."

"I need to remind myself to Elinore of how we raised such magnificent daughter." Silas deeply elate." However I assure, you it was no trouble at all of your secured protection. However, things became problematic after his defeat by the thirteen primes. He used what's left of his life force to extract himself from his damaged body, and back to his close's thing to of an original form. Interestingly enough, it was that same moment where Unicron, and Vector have cross paths. The last prime, equally frustrated at the great loss of his twelve comrades after negotiating a better solution, without the cost of losing a life from Cybertron. But his wise words never came to surface upon the corrupted Cybertronian council. And beyond unexplained logic, was exiled from his home world." Silas, mainly addressing the Autobot. "Don't take my locution as its source Springer, take Vectors."

Springer catching the data with one hand after being tossed. His doubts from the man's words have started to crack, once his optics have latched to the steel plated disc cover.

"Disagreements as expected, was paramount before reaching a compromise, by regaining what they have lost the most. Unicron, still greatly frail, was forced to drift across the cosmos for quite some time. He kept himself sustained through the replenishment of dark energon reserve, and Vectors kindness of providing Cybertrons energon supply ship. Regaining enough ability to cross over to another reality during his stagnant recuperation. Thirteen million years of being confined and his eventual arrival to this reality. Baying the supply ship, along with the large quantitative of dark energon, deep in the ocean mountain that eventually will become Atlantis, while stowing the rest in Jump city. Ready to be use once the time was right."

Cyborg retracting another step back. Fighting the inner hell that his dark half was causing, and the fear he so recognized that led him of covering the blood soak tracks before becoming a superhero. He should've kept on running, he should've kept on running from that warm cogent smile of his. And keep on running from the inevitable thang he was about to say.

"A few thousand years later, met a special person who against all odds, change the outlook of how Unicron view things in life. It was her who found the name Unicron simply…..ridiculous, before giving him the name base off the god of forest that she admire. A few years later, have created something that was extremely incredible, that no higher beings such as Unicron himself, could never replicate. And what better name to give for that incredible son, based from his grandfather's name. A name that goes' by…."

"SHUT UP!" Cyborg evoking the untamed incursion, slammed. Caved down in utter disarray. Erasing the wounded words that left him gaping for air. The dark sorceress, with all her consultation tried to pull him from his morbid turmoil.

"Breathe Victor." Silas at his casual former, rose himself to full height. Braking Cyborgs hyperventilation through his dark resonance.

"That tone of his really creeps me out to no end. But he's right, save yourself from losing your mind for another time, alright?" Springer registered at keeping his deadly sight to the person who was driving one of the titan members crazy.

"Yeah, I'm good guys." Cyborg through his complete collective, said." Alright old man, I've given up. just this once, please tell me what the hell am I?"

"What a sad thing to say." Silas grim at shaking his head." Then again, I do hold myself accountable for your upbringing. I would hope you will have a better understanding once the dark energon have reach its maturity before adapting with your cybernetics. But I gravely miss-calculated the struggles you're going to dealt with. Allying with the titans, and your encounter with another cybernetic counterpart, Fixit and the demon god, Trigon. Those events have greatly rupture the delicate developing process, cause by the overwhelm emotional stress. That's why I took the initiative in manually shutting down your alternator power cell from further damage. However, it means very little at this point." Silas continued to bore his lack of affinity to the rendered titan." Listen close boy, you are my son. More importantly, you are to take my place as the next dominator. These past few millenniums have not been kind to me. My all-spark, isn't what it used to be right, after regaining my true form. My time here is coming to a close, after that, I'll be no more. I don't need to tell you of how imperative it is that you must carry out the legacy that your mother, and I have created. That is the only thing I ask."

"So what? "Springer ready to flick out one of his main weapons, after caught wind of the abrupt power surge coming from Silas eyes. "I know your history, and what you're doing right now, it just screams more bloodshed. So, cut the crap, and tell us what you're really planning on doing with Cyborg."

"Terra, would you be a dear and allow me some personal space? I need to convey my persuasion up-close to my son for a short moment before I make my leave." The geokinesis, vividly seeing his clear insinuation of not to intervene. The now intense glow from his iris that burns brightly demands so." The answer is simple, to give what the people have been longing. No, for what all vivacity been longing for…. True tranquility." Silas heighten his potent malevolence over to the former wrecker. "Autobot Springer, I sense you will fight beyond your means for your current leader, Optimus Prime. The perfect reincarnation of my brother. However, I will be wary into questioning what you've been fighting for, in regards of this particular commodity, called peace. And some cases' freedom, that Optimus been sermonizing. Yes, the same exact attunes, that Primus been exploiting. Because peace, and freedom does not meld will together. Do you know what's the actual idiom of absolute freedom really means? Its chaos."

"Will in that case, I'm not going to say no on your offer….you will see it, when I burn this place to nothing." Cyborg at his promising decree, said." Besides, I don't think mom would like your crazy ass idea to begin width." Anxiety, a long unforgiving bitch, once Silas unsheathes the long wooden cane by a single click, to an indestructible piercing looking blade. And with a simple tap, have cause the entire premise to shot itself into a blaze of misty green.

Secreting of narrowing the best suited deliberation of enforcing his son to be more obedient without causing excessive harm. Discreet at making a bomb rupturing blast over to Cyborg. Anticipating the broad hesitation that his son was carrying, have quickly became a detriment as it weighs him down. Correcting Cyborgs mistake through disciplinary means by easily deflecting Cyborgs sword with a single swipe from his bare hand. Expressing is crass superiority as he buried his left fist to Cyborgs midsection. Letting his son to grapple with the gut ripping pain, and to make proper space for the deadly energize disk being discharged from Springers gear shredder.

The Autobot with great lengths, tried to keep up with the enigmatic speed of the dark god. Force to convert his gear shredder for the Scrapmaker, after the recoil from the second primary weapon have jammed. But even then, he had known that it would not be enough to take down the likes of Unicron. It would take the entire thirteen primes just to take out one person whos at his subpar form. Thoroughly cursing like his life depends on it, with Silas deflecting the heavy rounds. And at his quietest progression, discharged a yellow thin beam from his sword. Piercing through the protected armor and right to his spark chamber. The brilliant gray optics, quickly dimmed, after his spark felt like it just been imploded.

Unblemished to Starfire's melees and Robin's black hornet. Evaporating into thin air by his destructive speed once his large palm have glued to Starfire's forehead, before his towering frame have wisp right in front of Robin. His punishing assertion, enough to stalled the boy wonders revolting skirmish upon his durable reinforced frame. Sawing down the combative Robin through his malevolence, after enforcing the entire area to ripple as he drawn down his sword.

"Stay down." Silas solidary instruct, before laying down his hand at the top of the pommel. Drifting his voltaic power through the sword and onto the bleak glacial looking grounds. The anguish he heard so many before, was so ever the same when it comes to Robin, with the electrical current have douse itself to his decrepit frame. Detouring from the deceased appearance of Robin, in place of securing the deadly blade of the Dominator around his bulky left arm. Insipid to the menacing sight of Raven. Starfire, desperately unclutching herself from his unrigid grip.

"Vector Prime have made a miss calculated statement. Human beings, and other species alike, are not control by fate itself. No, each and every single individual have always had full control of their own destiny through share will. Of course, it depends how strong their will is, and that's the problem with all of you. You do not have enough will to stop someone else's will." Silas affluently granting Starfire the same fate like Robin. Tossing the limp body of the Tamaranean princess next to the boy wonder." Your concern is not needed, their just semi- conscious." He said to the startled look of Raven, once the Dominator was flicked back to its ownership. And through his reserve tranquil, tilts-himself back to the sudden appearance of the warp gate, that formed from the ground at his directive.

The dark sorceress, swindle around for the whereabouts of the person who perfectly fits the description of nightmare. Distort to the trapped look of Beast Boy, and the person behind him who just reappeared from the green vortex. The changeling, obtuse of meeting the bright acid green eyes. What's little left of his natural vigor, have flayed off entirely by the weighted oblique hands, gently being bolted on both his shoulders.

"Your forestall of constatations in this reality, through genetic configurations, have been compromise." Silas through his standard of indifference, solace." I assure you Mr Logan, your discombobulation will be resolved. My son will see to it." The dark god disclosed his firm hands from Beast Boy. Broaden himself from the stifle changeling. Diverting his dreary dividends to a few mechanical dragonfly's, that have attached themselves to his large frame. Untethered to the vexing nuance, with his bright acid green eyes have flared to the sour look of the doctor." I see now, words would not be enough to induce all of you. But there is someone. I hope your hearing me Victor, because it does not matter whether you want to or not. It's the matter of who." Silas mildly echo through the eighty-thousand-degree electrocution being discharged through him. Unfazed to the scorching shock treatment, and the deadly blade of the wreckers sword, being parry through by just his fore arm.

Divulging his subpar query from the possessed Autobot, and paying his neutral regards to the geokinetic perpetrator." Terra, I have known about your affiliation with the dark knight when I first came to you. Know this, I'm not dismay. On the contrary, words would not be enough, of how thankful I am in your dedication in building up the needed substructure for our ultimate goal. And your efforts in bringing Victor over to me, will be compensated; my son will provide the provision momentarily." Silas at his most self reliant, shoved the possessed former wrecker in one clean swoop. Fusing his main weapon to the ground once more. Transmitting the electrical current from his palm to his sword, Sprawling the tamed electrical oppression, that have now rooted themselves upon both Terra and Raven. Brandishing through the metallic dusted contents, of what used to be the doctors insects in one swipe of his sword after subduing both occupants. Subsiding the minor distractions to rest, and dedicating his complete leeway for Cyborg, and the chaotic rancor of the broad saber. Bearing no logistics at exposing his decrypted melees. Yet to his unforeseen astonishment, combated the flush burning embers of his shock treatment.

"Impressive, you withstood my dark energon submission shock." Silas, for the first time he could remember, smiled. A smile that any parent would give to their child of how proud they are. The unexpected notion, have pelted Cyborg into a state of debilitation." Despite the hardship you've been through, you finally beginning to grow. Yes, it would seem there's quite a bit of nano-tech within you as well, that is still present since the incident. I can feel it." Silas through his superior might, dragged Cyborg by the neck down to the ground. Further ceasing of his son's disorder retaliation with a knee firmly pressed against his chest. "You ask me how would Elinore feel, correct? Silas remotely leans forward next to Cyborgs right ear. "Simple, she would be proud, because all of this, was her idea." He said, effectively taming Cyborg to a deep psychosis episode. "Bring peace to our son, and to others who are close; that was her last words." Channeling his raw powers to his sword." In order to unlock your full aptitude, an access key is required.…..Activating E-Five, Two, Nine. Awake Grid. "Silas at his firm devotion, incision Cyborgs broad chest. Rupturing the dark scenic structure to a vibrant of lime green at a nanosecond. Lofting from Cyborgs rendering suffrage, while piling his absent acknowledgement for Robin and the others after regaining their bodily locomotion." Everything is near complete. You may do as you please in the meantime, while I retrieve the dark matrix." Leaving the convulsion sight of Cyborg in his wake to the dark green vortex before him.

"Cyborg…" Robin cautiously willow to the faltering site of the former cybernetic titan.

"Something's not right." Raven disconcerting her suspicion at blockading Robin advancements. Her merciless suspicion was met, once Cyborg have slowly risen. Marking up her defenses higher to the rigid pine green glow coming from his eyes. His dark brown skin, no longer present, after it have crumble itself away to clear black. Withstanding the intense power being defuse from the dark metallic figure, before stagnated his dark silver skull appearance upon the group. Addressing the near angsty titans without moving his durabyllium alloy jawline, before addressing everyone through a deep automated accent.

"Augury through intents is unwarranted titans." Cyborg sterile far from life, summoned multiple projected key panels.

"Icky, please snap out of it, and tell us what Silas is trying to do." Sarah expressing her dormant worries, while kept closely guarded by Beast Boy, once the empty chillin green iris has jolted to the doctor.

"Icky, aka Victor, aka Cyborg, is obsolete at this time. I go by the name of Grid. The original embodiment of Victor Stone." Ranging the mute scenery back to life by the vapid sounds he was making through the projected keys." His acute emotion greatly restricted my development, while his irrationality presents constant danger. Correcting the tenet through obsoletion, was Silas main parameters in decreeing me the next dominator. I only have one covet at the request of my father, to disseminate the conflicts for all life. Members of the titans and Autobot Springer, have meant the confirmation of becoming the new primes." Grid, erasing the projected controls, in place of attending a dark energon filled chamber, after it have rose itself from the ground vent hatch's. Coursing his hunted sight at the unease look of Terra." Markov Tara, please advance forward, and initiate yourself at becoming divinity prime."

"Still have yet to answer of how you, and Silas are going about of achieving this so call peace that he kept on yapping about. And as for us at becoming a prime? I'll think about it….like never." Raven shielding the frighten look of Terra.

"That won't be necessary, your bodies are the only requisite needed." Grid morbidly reprieve of unlocking his lower jawline. Unleashing an acid green atom smashing blast upon them.


Vending off the endless bounds of lightning, was not the prime requisite at desludging his blunt rallying of affliction out in the open. But free falling thirty two thousand feet through the thick stormy clouds, is a basic obsession that cannot be broken. Prying at protecting the respiratory system from being filled with water, after torpedoing himself into a river within a bio-mechanical rain forest. Or at least to his perception, can't really tell either way, due to garnishing for fresh air. Fighting against the rough glacial current, and bracing for natures wrath at being swallowed into a gaping looking tunnel. Regaining his decent sight at whatever the hell he was on, after drifting off to a massive fall. Stuck on top of a lush mountain looking inland, within the gigantic underground cave. Capsule by the surrounding waterfalls, with no signs of a way out. Of course, nose diving head first to the hellish bottomless current is one option; which at this time, he was not desperate to find out, yet.

Trouncing at recollecting as to what happen. Reminiscing a glowing looking sword being affix to his sternum by the solace look of his father, till his earlobes was plunder by the loud screeching ring at being warped away from everyone, and into purgatory. Looking around to get an idea where he was, while gashing beneath the brain cavity for the right objective in getting back to his teammates. No space can fill his ever-growing worries at what he was seeing. Glaring to a green infested moss, being layered over by the damaged riddle cracks, cause by the forest roots throughout the building. Cautiously approaching through the thick swell of the overcast mist. Virtually losing his damn mind when standing right in front of the rundown of star labs. Alive and well, was the only confirmation needed, after eluding himself from the oncoming green beam that shot right through the broken doors.

"So, you're that thing my crazy father has dragged out." Cyborg exposing his wear and tare to the dark cybernetic titan, who vacating himself at stepping right through the molted doors." So, are you gonna help me find a way to get me out of here?... No? Okay fat chance." He astutely sludge.

"Negative. Joy, and shame. The same emotions that cause a series of delays in Silas plans to be complete. I'm here to discipline you from those emotions by perforation. And yet, I'm unable to read either of the two requisites, but sensing another that I cannot compute from within you." Grid narrowing his sharp green optics to the far winded person, who plainly shrugs.

"Oh, okay I get what you're thinking. Had me a little lost for a minute there." Cyborg retracting his oblivious back to its place." Yeah what you're currently sensing right now, is a little thing called, not giving a damn. Trust me, it's not a new emotion that just popped right out of my ass. With everything that just happen up till now, got me stuck on a low point. Which is why I'm not all that worry of what's going to happen at the end." Grinding his chisel teeth after reaching the empty hoister, where the hard-baller used to be. Mopping his sarcastic dysentery to the dark half.

"Your current weaponry is nonvoid. As you are trap in a bio-digital world, where you will be erased from your mind, while I will carry out the task of being the new dark god of the dominator. The titans are currently going through the initiation process of becoming my new disciples. Do not resist, but to repudiate yourself to obsoletion." Grid disappearing via teleportation, and reappearing right in front of him. Ready to puncture Cyborgs chest with his sharpen hand. Or at least that was the main objective. Dumbfounded by Cyborgs superior might, with his hand instantly being crushed. Purged from all movement, with his entire frame being dragged down to all four. Submit towards further defeat after his neck was pressed down by the boot. Irate through his tense optics at being at the mercy of the heinous grin of Cyborg.

"I'll be honest, you almost got me there for a second. I could explain in complete dissertation in how I so easily just ass kicked you, but time is literally killing everyone. But I'll say this. It's what you just said a moment ago, bout me being erased from my mind. Listen, how could I possibly be erased, when everything around here is me? But more importantly, you, your are not just a A.I program, let alone just a thing with one purpose. Nah, it's because you are me." Cyborg candidly loath. Detecting a sense of panic that began to flicker by the dark half as he tries to discourse himself from Cyborgs immersion. "That thing you're feeling right now? It's alright, that just an everyday thing for us humans called fear."

"Then the course has been set. Destruction for life would be our nourishment for survival. Have a nice…... day. "Grid hauntingly willow towards banishment through absorption. Leaving Cyborg to prowl in what the hell he meant after everything around him have shot to pitch black with a single blink.

Still in his appearance of Grid after reopening his hazy eyes back to the chilling musty area. Still donning the appearance of Grid, and adjusting to the shock confusion being ablaze from everyone. Albeit looking okay for the most part despite looking a little banged up. Trouble at shaking off the unison of horror being spread around. Particularly Beast Boy, who got the worst of it while being shielded by Sarah. Protecting the changeling from a mad person armed with a broad sword...that was currently being mowed right through her abdomen.

"It's okay Icky. Don't cry, don't…" Sarah faintly smile through her whispers. Her deep artic green hue from her iris, faded to onyx with each word she spoke.

His lips well sealed in swooping her up between his lengthy arms. Activating the warp gate with his free hand. "The gate will remain open once all of you are in." Cyborg through utter dread, rammed through.

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