This story starts out shortly after the show ends, around late 1984. Boss Hogg had a mild heart attack and decided to take life easy. He sold a lot of his businesses and shine contracts for a hefty amount of money. Miss LuLu is taking care of the Bank and other holdings. Miss LuLu gave her share of the Boar's Nest to Rosco and sold the other share to Daisy so they were equal partners. Rosco was still the sheriff but he hired Cletus and Bo and Luke as part time deputies but Enos was full time. Daisy still waits on tables and she showed Rosco how to order supplies and do the daily inventories and deposits.
The Duke family inherited a large sum of money from Aunt Laveen, so Bo and Luke were slowly buying up the foreclosed properties from Boss. They planed on farming the land and renting out the farm houses. The Duke farm was expanding and doing good. Daisy left her money in the Atlanta Bank for when she would meet her Prince Charming.

The story begins at The Boar's Nest.

"Hi, sugar. What can I get ya?"

"Just a beer."

"Coming right up." Daisy went to the bar and got a beer for the stranger that walked into the Boar's Nest. He was a handsome young man, sandy blond hair, blue eyes and a smile that could charm any woman.

"Passing through, or staying?" Daisy asked the young man as she set the beer down in front of him onto the table.

"Plan on staying for a couple months, if I can find a cheap enough place to rent."

"Well, you're in luck sugar. There's a boarding house in town that has rooms for rent."

"In that case, I guess I'll stay."

"Name's Daisy Duke."

"L.D. pleased to meet ya." He put out his hand and Daisy shook it. Holding it longer than she ought to.

"I help out on the rodeo, got a couple months off. So if you know of any odd jobs in town that needs to be done. I'm willing to do them."

"Not sure of any at the moment. My cousins Bo and Luke mostly do alot of the odd jobs in town, because of the terms of their probation."

"I see. Well in that case, I best limit myself to one beer." He raised his beer in a toast to the pretty girl that served him.

"Hey, Daisy?" Daisy looked over towards Rosco.

"Excuse me." She told the handsome stranger.

"Do you have the bill from our supplier?"

"Yeah, Rosco. It's in the office on the desk. We have enough to pay them now, so just fill out the check like I showed you. He'll be back later tonight with the rest of the order so make sure you pay him."

"Okay, Daisy. I can do that. You want me to stay until he gets here?"

"If you don't mind."

"It's Luke's turn to do patrol, so I have time." She did not realize that the handsome stranger was listening and came to the conclusion that her and Rosco owned the place. He grinned to himself as he had an idea.

About a half hour later the handsome stranger walked up to Daisy and handed her a note.

"See ya later, darlin'." He smiled at her as he left. She smiled as she read the note. Daisy put the note in her pocket and continued working. When she got done with her shift, Daisy drove to the boarding house in town and saw L.D. sitting on the porch drinking a lemonaid.

"Hey, darlin'. Glad you were able to make it." He told Daisy as she walked up.

"Me too, sugar. Want me to show you around Hazzard? I made us a picnic dinner as well."

"I would love that." They walked together to Daisy's Jeep, just as Enos pulled up.

"Hey, Daisy! What brings you here?"

"My new friend. L.D. I would like you to meet Enos. He's our deputy in Hazzard County."

"Nice to meet you." L.D. put out his hand and Enos reluctantly shook it.

"Yeah, me too." Enos looked around and replied. "Well, see ya later Daisy."

"Okay, Enos. Have a good night." She replied, not noticing the sadness she had just caused to the man that had loved her since the third grade. The two drove off in the Jeep and Daisy showed L.D. all around Hazzard. Then they made their way to Hazzard swamp.

"Isn't this place beautiful? I just love coming here, it's so peaceful and serene."

"Yeah, it's great." L.D. replied, trying to mask his true feeling about the swamp. He didn't care much for the outdoors. He just helped out in the rodeo because he only had to work six months out of the year. For the rest of the year he would find a pretty young filly and stay with her. As soon as the rodeo started up he was gone without as much as a goodbye. L.D. just found his new meal ticket. Although things would not work for him the way he thought they would. Daisy wanted to find her prince charming and leave Hazzard, she thought she found her prince that night. After they ate their dinner, they drove back to the boarding house.

"I hope to see ya around, Daisy. But I got a feeling that I will."

"Funny, I got the same feeling." Daisy smiled as she leaned in for a kiss goodnight.

"Now, Daisy. Don't you know it ain't polite not to introduce us to your new friend here?" Daisy turned her head and saw Bo and Luke standing by her Jeep. She was so into L.D. that she never heard the General pull up behind her.

"Dang it, Bo!" She got out of the Jeep and hit Bo on the arm. "You almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Well, we wouldn't have to worry about you dying. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to give you mouth to mouth. Now wouldn't ya?" Luke replied as he glared at Daiy's new love interest.

"Luke, you behave now! Anyway, L.D. these are my cousins. Bo and Luke." L.D. tried to give them his best smile as he leaned over to shake both of their hands.

"I heard alot about you two." He got out of the Jeep and looked at the General Lee.

"General Lee, huh? What you got under the hood?" Bo knew L.D. was just trying to butter them up but he played along anyway. Bo opened the hood and L.D. looked at the cleanest and most powerful engine that he had seen in his life.

"7.2 liter Big Block V8. 440, 4 barrel carburetor."

"You race her?" Bo looked at Luke, who was also clearly annoyed with the stranger.

"Sure do." Luke replied.

"Win any?" L.D. asked as Luke lowered the hood.

"We win our fair share." Right about now Bo was getting irritated with Daisy's new friend. For some reason that both men couldn't explain they did not like L.D. but they certainly weren't going to say anything to Daisy about how they felt; at least not now.

"Hey, Bo. Why don't we head on home?" Bo nodded and turned to leave. "See ya at the farm, Daisy?"

"Yeah, Luke. I'll be home later." She took ahold of L.D's arm and somewhat hung onto him.

"Don't make it too late. You know how Jesse can get."

"Don't you two go worrying on me now. I can take care of myself." Bo and Luke got into the General and Luke started him up. They drove away as Daisy and L.D. walked up to the porch.

"That is the first guy I have met that wasn't interested in cars. Did you see his reaction when you told him the engine size?"

"Sure did, Lukas. He didn't care what was under the hood. All he cared about was getting Daisy alone."

"If she has any common sence, she best get to know him better. Remember that one guy she went out with?"

"You mean the one that tried to kill Boss?" Bo asked.

"Yeah, stranger comes to town and she thinks it's true love."

"Luke, she's been out with other guys since that."

"Yeah, I know. But did you see the look in her eyes when she looked at him?"

"No Luke, I didn't."

"She had the same look in her eyes tonight as she did when she met up with that Beckett character."

"That's just great, Luke. Even if we found a good reason not to like the guy, we couldn't tell her. She would never listen to reason or us."

"Got that right, Bo." They made their way home while Daisy walked L.D. to the boarding house porch.

"I had a great time tonight, L.D."

"Yeah, so did I. I hope we can do this more often." He gave Daisy that sweet smile of his as he touched the side of her cheek. Just then they heard the sound of an engine approach. Thinking that it was the boys again, Daisy rolled her eyes and looked behind her. Instead of seeing who she expected, she saw Enos pulling up to a stop. She had enough sence to step back from L.D. before Enos could get out of the car.

"Hey, Enos." She said as he walked up to the house.

"Hi, Daisy." He gave her a sheepish grin. "L.D." Enos nodded in his direction. Feeling out of place, Enos replied. "Goodnight, Daisy." Before he walked into the house. For some reason Enos felt very jealous that Daisy was with L.D. and not him. Dasiy has dated many men over the years and Enos has never felt as jealous before as he does now.

"Well, I best get going on home." Daisy told L.D.

"That's a shame." L.D. responded. Daisy laughed as she gave him a quick kiss on the lips, turned around and walked to her Jeep.

"Bye." She waved as she made her way to her Jeep. L.D. waved back, with a sly smile on his face. "Still got it." He said to himself as he made his way to his room.

The next morning Daisy woke up later than normal. Since she was the only one with a job that had a set schedule, Jesse never woke her to help with the morning chores. Because of that, Bo was slowly teaching himself to cook. He started out with the easiest meal, breakfast. He was getting good at making eggs, bacon and saugage. Even though one would think that bacon and saugage were easy to prepare, one would be wrong in the case of Bo Duke. The only one besides Daisy that knew how to cook breakfast was Jesse and even he was limited to oatmeal and eggs.

"Hey, Bo." Daisy looked at him, confused at why he was making breakfast.

"Morning, Dasiy." He replied as he flipped the bacon.

"Since when do you cook?"

"Since I don't care for oatmeal everyday." Bo snapped back at her.

"Wow, Bo! I was just asking, you don't have to snap at me." When he turned and looked at her, she noticed that he looked like he hadn't slept all night. "Bo, did you sleep last night?"

"No. The damn sheep got out last night. And since Luke was gone I had to get them myself. I just got back." He looked up at the clock and finished his sentance. "20 minutes ago."

"Where's Luke?"

"Out in the barn, finishing up the morning chores with Jesse. He just back from patrol." Bo rubbed his hand threw his hair, trying to stay awake. At this point Bo had been awake for 26 hours but Luke was lucky enough to get a nap before he went on patrol. Bo put the bacon and eggs on the serving plates as Luke and Jesse walked in from the barn.

When he heard the door open, Bo looked towards the door and replied. "Breakfast is done."

"Thanks, son. Why don't you two go onto bed after you eat?" Bo nodded his responce as Luke washed his hands in the kitchen sink. They all ate breakfast in silence. When they were done Bo and Luke went to bed for some much needed rest. Jesse and Daisy cleaned up the kitchen and talked quietly amongst themselves.

"Heard you met someone last night."

"Yeah, I did. Let me guess, Bo and Luke told you that they don't like or trust him. Or I should be careful who I see." Before she could go on, Jesse interupted her. "Now Diasy, it wasn't Bo or Luke that told me. It was Enos. And if Bo or Luke don't care for the guy there must be a reason for it."

"Now Jesse, don't you go and start with me!"

"I ain't starting nothing, girl! And you best mind your elders. You're not too big that I can't take you over my knee." At this point Bo walked down the stairs and stood there with his hand on his hip, clearly annoyed. Jesse looked over when he heard Bo clear his throat.

"Bo? What are you doing up?"

"You two."

"Us?" Daisy asked.

"You're so loud the dead down in the cemetary could hear ya." Jesse looked at Daisy then back to Bo.

"I'm sorry, son. We'll keep it down."

"We appreciate it." Bo turned around and went back to bed.

"Jesse, I want to get to know him. Could you give him a chance?"

"I'll try." They got the kitchen cleaned and Jesse went outside to check on the crops. Daisy walked up to Jesse as he was in the corn field.

"If I would invite him to dinner Friday night would that be okay with you?"

"Yes, Daisy. That would be alright with me."