Viridian Love Story

Chapter 1: Breaking fresh ground

Deep asleep with his face buried in the pillows, Ash marched through the imaginary world of his dreams. One fight after another, he pocketed victories, recognition and fame for being the best Pokémon trainer on the planet. Pikachu was sitting on his shoulder, his cheeks crackling with small electric shocks. They've been an invincible team for almost ten years, their friendship growing stronger with every battle, with every adventure and new challenge. He could have spent more time in his never-never land, but something pulled Ash out of his dreams. The door to his bedroom was slammed open, she rushed in like a nervous wreck, kneeling down next to him and began to shake him around.

„Ash! We're going to be late on our first day!" her squeaky voice made him leave the images of a successful championship behind. Ash grumbled incomprehensibly and turned to the other side, not willing to get up anytime soon. „Alright! You asked for it! Pikachu wake him up with a tiny electric shock, but not too hard, okay? He can't show up completely burned on the university campus," she winked at the yellow mouse. A smile flitted over her face. After over two years of dating, she still had to get used to Ash being a morning grumper. A harsh lightning flashed through the room. Ash leaped up and down, his eyes pinched together, his hair tousled. „Okay, I'm awake, I'm awake!" he mumbled. She ran her hand through his black mane. „Get ready, Brock's waiting outside," she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek which made him blush.

„Thank you, Serena," Ash cracked a smile. „What for?" her question was justified. „Well, thank you for your support and your motivational speeches. I know my attitude towards school has been very tiring at times and there have been days when I really wanted to chuck my studies in, but you believed in me and you hurried me up. I mean, if it hadn't been for you, I would have probably failed ever single entrance exam. Learning has never been my cup of coffee, but I want to make you and my mom proud," he stood up and walked over to his girlfriend. Her eyes shone dangerously. Ash cupped her face and kissed her. „Ash," she reached for his hand. „We're already proud of you! You've achieved so much over the past couple of years. I'm sure you will complete your studies successfully. From the wide range of subjects they offer, you've definitely chosen the right one. You're going to be an ambitiuous coach. Classes like history of Pokémon battles and a top-notch education in attacks, conditions and ideal habitats of our Pokémon friends will enrich your knowledge! And I'm going to work hard on my art theoretical and practical training and become a highly respected show case performer. It's a cinch!"

Somenone knocked on the door, interrupting their intimate moment. Mrs. Ketchum was carrying two lunch bags and tumblr cups. „Good morning, my sweetheart," Ash rolled his eyes, but his mother was visibly bursting with pride. „Today, you embark on your new journey," she could hardly hide her joy. Pikachu jumped on Ash's shoulder, he grabbed the lunch bag and did everything in his power to avoid an embarrassing kiss goodbye. „Bye mom. See you this evening," he, Serena and Brock waved farewell, taking their path to the future.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket was eagerly awaiting a call from Giovanni. They hadn't been instructed with a new mission yet, but, to be honest, Jessie was mentally miles away from their next task. She couldn't forget that night four weeks ago, that night that changed her attitude towards James forever. Nervously tapping her fingers on the keyboard, she recalled her memories.


„To you, Jessie! To the thoughest and most fiery woman on earth!" James slurped down the wine in one go. She noticed that he started to babble. He had been pledging toasts to her for the last hour, they've gotten wittier and quirkier with every refill. Catching a horde of Noibats and sending them to their boss without further incidents had gone to his head, or maybe it was just the wine speaking from him. Jessie laughed, tears in her eyes. He enjoyed the sound of her infectious laugh, it made her even more attractive. Years had gone by where he missed every chance to approach her, but tonight was the night, he could feel it. ‚Screw the past, James thought, ‚screw the reluctance and anxiety.' Jessie looked at him, something in his gaze made her heart beat faster. She spotted desire, longing, excitement, but also a hint of insecurity and doubt. As soon as their eyes met, James became quiet. He looked at her, he seemed to scan her from head to toe. She got nervous, he stirred her blood. Slowly and very cautiously, he closed up on her. Their faces were only inches apart, she could smell the sweet taste of their plonk in James' breath. He carefully wiped a wisp of hair behind her ear. „Jessie," James whispered scarcely audible. She breathed in sharply. The goofy boy had gone, the pathetic guy who was obsessed with his bottle cap collection had disappeared, Jessie was sitting opposite a man. A man with a clear goal in mind. James wrapped his arms around her hips, pulling her so close their bodies would touch. He didn't move, but was only gazing deep into her eyes. She could feel his firm grip, his fingers slowly sliding along the rim of her skirt. A wave of unstoppable excitment shot through her body. She got hot and cold at the same time. Tonight was the night...

James leaned in and kissed her. At first, he kissed her tentatively and carefully, as if she were a fragile porcelain doll. He didn't want to hurt her, he didn't want to force her, he only wanted her to feel safe and secure in his arms. Many men had broken her heart, had exploited her and her goodwill, but he was different. James tightened his grip, as she laid a hand on his thigh. He felt aroused, he moaned at her lips. Barley overwhelmed, she bundled all her passion in this kiss. Jessie's hand embraced his neck, she played with his lavender locks, attrackted by the scent of bitter herbs. James' fingers slipped underneath her shirt. He buried his face into the crook of her neck, he was gasping for breath. „James, what are we doing?" he didn't answer, he pulled the shirt over her head. „Trust me," his breath was puffy. Their lips met again, their kisses were keen and intense. What happened to him? Jessie didn't recognize this self-confident man. Any insecurity and tension had left his body. She decided to relish the moment, to enjoy James' overtures for which she had waited so long. Tomorrow, everything would be forgotten, they would follow the same old and boring rut. He pulled her down very gently, caressing her cheek and smiling shyly as if he knew how akward it looked. They made out, forgetting about their failures, about their misdeeds and losses. His hands were everywhere. Infinitely slowly, he placed kisses down her neck. Jessie groaned pleasurabely. Finally, after so many years, he had made a pass at her. She got rid of his shirt, her nails running down his naked breast. „Criminally hot, heh?" she teased him. James understood her hint and laughed. It was a new sensation they were feeling. They couldn't stop kissing, they couldn't stop exploring each other and then the next day dawned...


James never said another word about it. He had successfully supressed it, like always. The shadows of his past had caught up with him again. He looked at her.
„Everything okay, Jess?" he wondered, rummaging around his tool box. She nodded silently. Meowth didn't get any of that, but he smelled a rat. He kept a stiff upper lift, but sooner or later he would probe them. The shrill ringing of the phone brought them back to reality. „Hello," Jessie answered the call, swallowing hard. „Jessie, James and Meowth!" Giovanni stressed their names disapprovingly.
„Well done! That horde of Noibats was used for a good cause, BUT, you haven't sent me new Pokémon in weeks! Your capture rate has once again reached its lowes point," he was in a very bad temper. Their knees were shaking.
„Sorry, boss," James was the first to find his shaky voice.
„Sorry, boss," Giovanni parroted him. „I give you one more chance! Not far from your base is a renowned university that specialized in Pokémon training and breeding, which means there are dozens of mighty creatures romping about the campus. Now, listen to me. It'd be foolish to try to catch them one by one. We need them all at once. You've got to figure out a plan!" He hung up the phone with no further insturctions. Team Rocket exchanged irritated looks. „How are we supposed to do that?" James asked.
A mischievious grin appeared on Meowth's face. „I've got a cunning plan..."

„Kiss me and tell me you'll miss me," Serena hugged her boyfriend. He gave her a kiss on her forehead and bade farewell to her for their classes would take place in different buildings.

Ash was the first one to enter the empty class room, at least he thought it was empty, but on closer inspection he noticed someone sitting in the corner of the room. He wanted to greet this young woman, wanted to introduce himself and ask her about subjects she would take. But at second sight, he paused to think. The past knocked on his door. She seemed completely intimidated, introverted, her red hair hanging loose over her shoulder. None of the strong girl he once new was left, but he recognized her right away. His jaw dropped. „Misty?"