Hi all! Sorry to have vanished for a while there! Between recovering and working full time I found myself stretched thin for a bit there. I'm still in recovery, but it's winding down. I'm also not currently working full time, so that's opened up my schedule a bit.

I was finally getting ready to get back to writing this story, my muse was making a reappearance and then my ex asked for a divorce for his birthday. Needless to say my life has been turned completely on its head in an extremely painful way.

I'm good now, though. Mostly.

I'm starting to sloooooowly begin writing again. I can't make any promises about when the next chapter will come, but it will. Probably soon, but it'll just depend.

I'm happy most days, it weirdly feels almost like I've been let out of a box, which probably says a lot more about the state of my marriage than anything.

I'm also a treat and he's an idiot to have let me go.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to read and comment during my absence, the comments have meant more than you realize.