When life hands you lemons, make lemonade

"Y-your what?" Bella choked out. Charlie had called Bella into their hotel living room and noticed the two police officers by his side. She had to confirm what he just said.

"I said… I'm sending you to get some help. I talk to your mother and she agrees with me. You tried to kill yourself Bella and not just once but twice. Nothing I do is helping and I can't have you bringing Jacob down either. He's a good kid and I thought you being around him would help but that obviously didn't work. And it wasn't right for me to put that responsibility on him. Nevertheless, you need help bells and this the only way I could get through to you."

With a nod of his head the two officers walked towards Bella like a frightened animal. "Bella. I want you to go with these two officers. Please. Ill follow right behind you."

"Where are they going to take me?" she asked as tears formed In her eyes. "To the hospital. Your mother will join us."

Bella nodded numbly as the officers escorted her to the car. Charlie had betrayed her. He told her they were going on a vacation but instead he was sending her away. Her mother too. Why would they do this to her? Would Edward find her? What if he came back and she wasn't there? Bella began to panic and hyperventilate.

"miss swan, we need you to calm down or we will sedate you." One of the officers said

"le-let me ride with Charlie. Please. Let me ride with my dad."

The officers looked towards for confirmation. He nodded and they escorted her to his car.

The drive was quiet, with Bella quietly sniffling.

"I'm doing this for your own good Bella. This was the last resort. I tried giving you a chance to just I don't know cry it out. And then I sent you to Jacob, thinking having another friend not related to forks or the Cullen's would help but then it turns out you just stressed Jacob out. He Cut his hair, getting a tattoo and then not talking to you anymore. And you have to try to kill yourself Jumping off of cliffs, cutting your wrist. And all over that bastard Edward Cullen. I know he was your first boyfriend but this depression and suicidal action its too much! Its not normal. You failed in all your classes, barely even going and getting on random motor bikes with strange men? I don't know what I would have done if Jessica Stanley's mother hadn't told me what you had done. I want to see you happy and healthy Bella. So, if putting you In a hospital will help you then so be it. And those Cullen's. I let you spend too much time with them. That was my fault. I should have pushed you to hang out with other people."

Bella didn't speak. The hole in her chest was ripping up with every word Charlie spoke. The pain was unbearable. She was being abandoned again. First her mother, finding Phil and not having time for Bella. not stopping her when she decided to leave for forks. Next It was HIM. He left her in the forest, alone by herself. He no longer loved her and it would be like he never existed. Then it had been Jacob. She thought just for a minute, that things were changing. She was changing but then Jacob, her sun after their movie night, he stopped all contact with her. not taking her calls, avoiding her when she went to visit. His father only made it worse, telling Bella to stop coming around. Jacob's last and only phone call to her was him telling her to stop calling her and not contact him again. That was the last straw for Bella. She had jumped off the cliffs of la push that same day. She didn't know how or who, but a very hot body pulled her out of the water, performed CPR but by the time she woke up she was in the hospital.

Why did people leave her? Was she not wanted? These thoughts only pushed Bella deeper into the dark abyss of her mind. Would she ever come back up?