Chapter 1 of Pearl like no other.

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Chapter 1

Harry Potter had lived a rather miserable life, several years ago a dark wizard by the name of Lord Voldemort had attempted to kill his family, his mother and father had been away leaving he and his sister Holly alone with a babysitter who was their traitor of an Uncle Peter Pettigrew.

But miraculously Harry and Holly had managed to survive with Holly left with a V-shaped scar under her right eye, and Harry was left with a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

Thankfully their Uncle was found to be a traitor and was later given what was called a kiss which is where a dementor sucks out your soul, leaving you an empty husk.

But for a reason not know, Both Harry and Holly magic was depleted making Dumbledore think Holly had defeated Voldemort and Harry was merely a squib having never shown any signs of accidental magic.

This was terrible news for a child of a family like his, his mother and father had dumped him at his Uncle Vernon and aunt Petunias house, saying they couldn't stand having a squib for a son any longer, despite his begging and his sister please for him, he was left here to the cruel hand of his abusive family. His body was so malnourished he couldn't even stand properly, the only thing Harry thought that was keeping him alive and moving was his magic.

Sadly Harry was pulled from his thoughts as Harry felt the switch make contact with his back again as his uncle laughed his cruel laugh, his uncle then grabbed him by the arm and threw him into the cupboard.

"And don't make a sound for the rest of the night freak," said Vernon, with a vicious sneer and insane laugh as he left the bleeding nine-year-old on the cot.

after the door was closed, Harry kept bitting his tongue to keep from screaming in pain, as he adjusted himself trying to get up, so there wasn't so much pressure on his back.

Once he was comfortable again, Harry began to think.

'Magic it's me Harry Potter again, I was hoping I would hear from you finally and beg you to please save me from this hell' thought Harry, watching the spider crawl over him trying to comfort him.

Harry sat in silence for a moment until he fell asleep, trying to get some sleep.

while he slept Harry saw a bright light emerging from a distance, he felt warm and safe as the sun hit him and he began to run; he was so happy by this that he didn't even notice that his body was moving in ways it hadn't in years.

when he reached the end, he saw a woman in orange and yellow waiting for him they're, with a warm smile and kind eyes.

"Harry, welcome" said the women in a voice like a gentle breeze. She was beautiful in his eyes, and Harry didn't even have to guess to know who this was.

"lady magic?" asked Harry, falling to his knees before her, but before he met the ground, the women pulled him into her arms.

Harry looked up and saw that she was crying slightly.

"My lady, what's wrong?" asked Zach, looking up at the women who had finally answered his prayers.

"My darling I'm sad, because of how much you have suffered do to my negligence this was never meant to happen you were supposed to be loved and cherished like any of my children should be," said Magic, looking down at the boy

Time Skip

After the two spoke about Harry's fate, Magic gently lifted Harry, and the too traveled to a distant planet that held a symbol of a yellow and white diamond and made their way down into the earth to a hollowed out portion with slim white gems emerging from the crust. It took Lady magic a few moments to find a suitable place, but she eventually found one,

"Are you ready, Harry," asked Lady Magic, looking at the boy who was hesitant at first but then nodded and smiled.

She gently placed Harry soul and magic into the earth and watched as it merged with the gem in the earth crust that glowed softly before returning to incubation.

"Good Luck, my child," whispered Lady Magic, before departing.