Zelda sighed boredly and flicked her hand in dismissal. In front of her was a grudgy looking child with dirty hair. "Aren't there any better picks of the litter?"

The guard shrugged. "There are thousands of children waiting to be sold. And the dirty ones are just as good as the cleaned ones, all we'd have to do is take care of them and they'd be worth their weight in the work they could do."

After she flicked her hand, the child was taken off out of the beautiful room decorated with armour and paintings. They were inside of Hyrule castle, and Zelda was the princess.

"I don't care. I won't have some scraggly child with no manners as my servant."

Zelda had come to age where she could now pick her own servant to wait on her and do everything she said. She was now 16. It was really something more of a tradition in the family that when the princess or prince became 16 they could pick their own personal servant to tend to their every want and desire.

The guard sighed and ran off to find the next child for inspection. He was getting quite tired of this tiredsome job to keep running back and forth because the Princess couldn't just humble herself for one minute and stop judging these children on appearances.

He looked for the list and he called out to the crowd of waiting children, "Link!"

When a young man, almost the same age of Zelda came up, he was stunned. "Um…aren't you a little bit old?"

The boy named Link just shrugged his shoulder and positioned his green hood on just a little better. The tunic he had on was forest green, but they were old and worn out. He had scratches and bruises on him, but he was clean for the most part, and his boots looked fairly clean.

"Follow me."

Link followed the guard down the corridor, while looking at certain things, and he kept grabbing for his cap which made the guard a little suspicious, but he never showed this. He just wondered if Zelda would approve of this one so he could get on with his other daily duties.

When they got to the room Zelda was in, all she stared at him. She looked him up and down. And the look Zelda was showing was very plain. It read quite clearly: ZELDA. IS. NOT. PLEASED.

"What is this!" She said almost at once. "Not ONLY is he scraggly…and scrawny, but he's…" She searched for a word in her mind. "He's…too old! I mean, just look at him! He shouldn't even be an enslaved person! Why is he still in this slave auction!" She came up closer to him, and acted as if she was about to put her hand underneath his chin to tilt his head up so she could get a better look. She then thought of the dirt that might've been on his face, so she just stared at him. "Why are you still trying to be sold?"

"There is no other way for me."

She held her head up higher in disgust. "Get him out of my site, and do something about him. I don't want to ever see someone this old in slave auction either. Make orders for him to be released at once! And I-"

She stopped at once because she saw something glow in his hat. "…What is in your hat!"

He looked at her innocently. "N-nothing…"

"Remove your cap at once you dirty, FILTHY –"

"SHUT UP!" The tiny voice came outta no where, and immediately the glowing object came flying out of Link's cap. "Shut up you stupid little twit! Go pick on someone else!" The object appeared to be a fairy, and a very mad fairy at that.

The look on Link's face could only be described as pure horror as he swept his hat off his head and catched the fairy while mumbling various apologies.

Zelda was too stunned and shocked to say anything. All she could think was, "…I've been insulted by a bug." Then the blood started to flow with utter rage. She still couldn't talk though, oh no, she was FAR too furious for that.

Luckily, the guard noticed that too, and grabbed Link and said, "We best get away from her…" while Link, nodding, followed him through the chamber halls.

All that was heard was a loud screech of rage, humiliation, and ready for revenge.

When the guard came back in there to check on his lovely princess, he saw a broken vase and one of the pictures hanging on the walls in ruins. The princess looked quite a mess as well, with hair sticking out everywhere.



The guard shrunk back in fear. He didn't want to lose his job being only promoted 4 weeks ago.

"Wait…what is your name!"


"What was that…THING that that boy had with him?"

Albion thought for a second. "It seemed like a fairy, Princess."

"A fairy…" The look on Zelda's face was pensive, as she tried to think clearly. She was now hunched up in her throne seat with her arms wrapped around her knees like a helpless child.

Albion felt sorry the girl. Her father and mother had both died when she was young. Her mother had died while giving birth to her, and her father had simply died of heart failure. No one but a woman named Impa took care of her, and usually Impa was out on royal business. He strongly suspected that Impa was her only friend as well.

"I've never seen a fairy before…" She paused for a moment. "I thought they'd be graceful and kind…not LOUD…and OBNOXIOUS.." before her voice had been sweet and thoughtful, but it steadily grew into an irritated and irate voice.

"Maybe perhaps…" Albion dared to speak, "maybe she is a guardian of that boy and she…well, I beg your pardon Princess-"


"You were being rude to him…so maybe the fairy stood up for him."

"Hn." She started tapping her fingers lightly on the throne chair. Then she stood up proud and dignified. "I would like to see him and his fairy again. I take an interest in him now."

Albion smiled and ran off to go find where he had places the young scraggly boy. He found him huddled up in the hall way and whispering things into his cap. When he noticed the guard, he immediately put the cap on his head and acted as if he had done nothing out of the ordinary.

"The Princess would like to see you again."

The fear was evident in his voice. "Am I to be…"

"Nothing of the sort. She takes interest in you now."

When they got back into the room that Zelda awaited them in, Link immediately put his head down in respect and said immediately, "Princess, I'm sorry on behalf of-"

"No need to apologize." Her voice was coated with sugar but he could tell that she had not forgiven the poor fairy yet. "Infact, I'd like to see your fairy."

Link blinked, and too his green hood off. He whispered a few words into the cap and the ball of light came out in a jovial way.

Albion couldn't help but smile as Zelda gasped as a child would when finding something new. Then she nodded in an approving manner. "Albion…I have decided. I want this boy with the fairy to be my servant."

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