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Well, Impa was correct in one thing. The people of Hyrule did in fact join together to form a jubilee for the return of the princess. The princess is safe! The princess is safe! That was the buzz of the bazaar for the first few days… That and a new troupe of pole dancing Gerudo women that performed nightly (only men were allowed of course), but the princes was still safe!

They even tried to hold a ball in the ballroom of the grand castle of Hyrule. Even faeries came to lend their light for a disco-ish feel with blue and pink lights. There was dancing, music, festivities, games…

Of course, they would have all been better if the princess had actually attended.

While the world outside was buzzing around, the princess stayed in her room, watching it all through her window. She was not amused. Princesses were normally hard to amuse, but even the most bitter and despicable brat would have at least been tempted to smile or have an ounce of gratefulness. Zelda experienced nothing more than a hollow gloom.

One might wonder the reason why the princess felt so down. Her skin was returning to its usual color of peach, her lips were pink like carnations, and the self inflicted wounds she had made had even begun to fade. Her hair sparkled, all of her clothes had been remade to the newest fashion… she simply could not feel.

Or at least that's how Impa saw it. Little did she know that what the princess truly needed was a friend, and despite how friendly Impa tried to be she simply could pass the state of being a mother. However, feeling that the princess was simply ill, she forbade all from bothering – or even coming close to the princess's door. Except her of course. She absolutely knew that she would not be included in the category of annoying people.

What she didn't know was that there was a certain someone sitting outside the princess's door day and night. But it had been three weeks now, and Impa simply had to do something. Even if she could make the princess mad it would show some type of improvement because then she could at least prove the princess was still human.

Impa came across the all too familiar hallway to the all too familiar site. Two guards constantly in comical conversation (she wondered if the princess could sometimes hear such talk – she made a mental note to scold them later on their language around the princess) and a faerie-less young adult, hugging his knees to his chest in a sort of innocent fashion.

The older woman grimaced, and approached the boy. Her request was one that was hard to make – after all, he should have already had this priviledge … he DID save her life… but at the time, her motherly instincts had wanted to take the princess away from everything that might make her think of things that have transpired. She repaid the boy by taking him out of servitude and given him permission to visit anytime…

That was all in the past. Well, three weeks, but who wanted to get technical at a time like this.

Link didn't bother to look up, half-way expecting her to just walk into Princess Zelda's room as usual. Yet instead the woman kneeled down beside him reverently. Politely he looked up with obvious fatigue.

Impa knew that all that was required of her was four words and he would understand perfectly. Even the dumb and dumber guards would understand, and they changed out everyday in between four groups.

But grace and dignity were a strong part of Impa, and she delivered her message with a respectful bow of the head. "You may go in."

At first he looked dumfounded. After three weeks one can only be expected to give up hope. But as comprehension dawned on him, his eyes grew big. Speechlessly, he stood up, and glanced over at the guards. Instead of in their defensive cross of spears, they now stood on either side of the door with their weapons erect and at 90 degrees from the ground.

Without needing further invitation, Link carefully knocked on the door three times. He knew there would be no answer, so he carefully opened the door and stepped in. He also shut the door after he went in, which at first alarmed the guards. They began to open the door back up, but Impa held her hand out and shook her head. The time period of whence he went in and whence he and the princess both exited is simply unknown, nor is it documented. The guardian led the guards away, and let the two have their first moment alone in full privacy.

Zelda was sitting in a chair by her window, mechanically running her fingers through her hair. Her body was that of a young pre-teen, draped in a pink frilly gown, but her eyes were that of an old and aged person. In short, she looked as if she were a well polished vessel.

Her room was neat and orderly, yet dust covered nearly all the objects in her room and had even begun to accumulate on her bed. The area by the window however remained clean and dainty, however as if it had been in frequent use. The drapes were blowing in the wind, and sometimes silhouetted her by being blown out and circling around her before being yanked back again.

Link's legs felt weak, and he felt some searing back pains, and a full bladder. These problems would have been taken care of if he had known in advanced he would be making a guest appearance – but that couldn't really be helped. His whole entire body seemed to become more alive than ever with the apprehension that he was going to be with her again.

Be with her… The phrase brought a smile to his lips and suddenly he knew he could make things better. He could make her smile, he could make her frustrated… he could make her spoiled and he could spoil her. He could serve her again in all of her selfish endeavors.

Knowing his previous actions, the reader might be curious as to why Link might have been that patient, especially with no faerie companion around due to various previous events. Well, with the author wanting to indulge in a little more cheese, the answer was simply that he knew he would be with her and he knew the waiting would be best. She needed to heal, and he needed to think.

Now that she was done healing, it was time to live again. He approached her chair, and kneeled down in front of her, his head even with her knees. "How may I be of service to you?" And making a bold move, he reached for her hand and held her gloved fingertips in the palm of his hand.

Zelda's glossed over eyes flickered for a second, and she turned her head down towards the person whom was now at her feet. Two locks of hair toppled over her shoulders and down her chest and swayed with the movement.

Encouraged by her movement and her attention, he took off the glove of the hand he held, and brought her fingers up to his mouth. He breathed on them quietly, and pressed his lips against them. He repeated the same action with the other hand, except instead he kissed the palm, and he kept her hand there against his mouth, holding his breath.


The murmured word was more like a hum through closed lips, and so faint that if the wind had blown any harder he wouldn't have heard it at all. Link jerked his head up to look in to his fair princess's eyes, and found them not void, but full of life. And a two great big tears. Her lashes closed and opened again, and the two tears leaked down either side of her face.

Her hand slipped from his mouth, but not because he had let go of it. It slid up against his cheek and cupped mechanically, yet tenderly at the same time. He closed his eyes, and felt himself starting to cry again as well.

"A stolen kiss is punishable by treason." Her voice was flat, but Link heard it spoken by a slightly younger Zelda with a snotty attitude. His mouth open and a contained laugh came out, strangled with a cry, and his arms went around her waist to pull her up and against his body.

A small, "Oh!" escaped her lips, but Link only held onto her all the tighter for the same reason. She was frigid at first of course, but eventually her body melted against his, and her head fell into the crook of his neck.

And it would be a betrayal to them both if any author chose to go divulge any further information.

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