Woody was standing at Bonnie's wall, admiring her latest crayon masterpiece, when there was a sudden knock at the bedroom door. He frowned as he turned his head toward the noise. "That's weird." The door wasn't even totally shut. Another knock. With a resigned shrug the Sheriff went to answer it.

On the other side was Buzz. He was clutching a stack of index cards under his arm. "Buzz? What are you doing, Buddy?"

"Blast," he muttered. "You weren't supposed to answer."

"What? You knocked!"

"I have to start over. Do me a favor. Close the door and go get Jessie."

Woody looked at him as if he had started sprouting daisies from his jet pack. "Excuse me?"

"Just do it!"

"All right, all right!" Gently Woody pushed the door closed so that it didn't latch. As he walked away, he muttered under his breath, "He's finally cracked his battery case."

A moment later, he was back at the door, Cowgirl in tow. She looked confused as Woody called through the door, "Okay, I got her."

"Good!" Buzz called back. "Now get out of here!"

Jessie snickered as Woody huffed, throwing his hands in the air and stalking away. She sidled up to the door. "Buzz? You had somethin' to tell me?"

A moment later there was a knock. Jessie pulled the door open. Buzz was holding the index cards in front of him. In bold marker he had written, Say That It's Carol Singers.

"It's Carol Singers," Jessie yelled loudly over her shoulder.

"Oh for the love of Pete, we can all see him!" Mr. Potato Head shouted.

"Zip it!" Jessie snapped back. She turned to Buzz expectantly.

He began to drop the index cards one by one, revealing the message on each: I know you hate romantic comedies...But let me say...Without Hope or Agenda...

As he held up the final card, Jessie began to laugh. Confused, Buzz looked at it. It was upside down. "No, no, no!" He visibly cringed. "Can I start over? You go back inside and I'll knock again and-"

"Buzz..." Jessie reached over and took the last card from his hands. Flipping it right side up, she smiled and pointed to him.

To me you are perfect.

As Jessie leapt into his arms, smothering his face, the other toys watched from a distance. Woody smiled. "Nice one, Ranger."

"It's not even Christmas," said Buttercup.