I have a few ideas lately that can be boiled down to "Characters reincarnated in another setting" and, after someone pointed out the two characters similarities, I thought I'd play with it here. Fair warning, I'm going to be using a combo of the books and movies to fit my needs so don't feel too put off if you see a description of a character that doesn't match the scene.

Working title: Stand By Me In A Field Of Blue (HP/FFXV)

Rough Chapter 1

The stadium shook with the sound of cheers, victory cries of "Krum!" and "Ireland!" mingling together so well one would have thought the Bulgarian player had flown for the other team. Throughout the stands feet stomped the ground and fireworks, or spells very like fireworks, were being launched into the sky. Down in the field leprechauns danced among the spilling crowd, tossing fistfuls of gold to anyone who passed.

It was chaos and Harry Potter was loving every second of it. Bottle green eyes looking this way and that, head snapping around so quick his crooked glasses nearly fell from his face.

"Did you see how he dove for that Snitch?" His friend, Ron, crowed next to him, fiddling with his omnioculars to replay the scene, "It was beautiful it was."

"It was brilliant!"

On his other side their friend Hermione, bushy haired and buck toothed, rolled her eyes but was smiling just as wide as they were. Ron's dad had managed, through his connections at the Ministry, to get ten premium seats at the Quidditch World Cup. They sat in the highest box, right in front of not only the British Minister of Magic but the Bulgarian Minister as well. He couldn't have asked for better seats.

Well, the prat Malfoy and his father could have been in a different box but Harry felt the good company around him more than made up for that little blemish. His messy black hair, and Hermione's own unmanageable mane, may have made him stand out from the line of freckled redheads but he never once felt out of place. The Weasleys had always, always, treated him as one of their own and he'd always be grateful for that.

"Alright, you lot! Come along!" Mr. Weasley called over the din of the crowd, ushering them all to the stairs. "Let's get you back to the tents before the Irish really start celebrating."

"And so we can join them." Harry heard Charlie say to his oldest Weasley brother, sharing a good natured elbow as they passed each other. Harry, Ron, and Hermione trailed towards the end of the line of redheads with only Fred and George behind them. The two apparently had to settle the details on a bet before they caught up.

"But why did he catch the Snitch so soon?" Hermione asked as they descended the stairs, each enchanted step taking them down a story at a time. "Wouldn't it have been better to let his team's Chasers score a bit more?"

Ron shook his head, "The Ishish Keeper was too good, a bloody wall. They'd just be wasting time just trying to get passed him. And then there's Ireland's Chasers, well, you see how good they were doing.

"He had to end it on his terms so he could leave the stadium walking tall." Harry finished, finding an echoing familiarity with his words. As if he said, felt, a similar sentiment before. It was an easy sensation to shake off, especially when they had to wade through the craziness of the campground.

The Irish victory celebration was already in full swing, shamrocks and Irish songs floated through the air as they passed. So did cold mugs of beer, froth spilling as they sloshed on by.

Percy had to smack the twins' hands away more than once.

Causing nearly as much of a scene we're the Bulgarian Cheerleaders, who looked just as lovely with hunched shoulders and pointing lips, as they exited the stadium. More than a few men stopped and made a fool of themselves as they sulked on by, Hermione and Ron's sister made sure none in their group did the same. They grumbled as they pushed the Weasley men along, Harry laughing the whole way at Ron's slack jaw expression.

They all saw schoolmates on their way back, even Ginny waved to an owl eyed blonde from her year. Seamus, a fellow Gryffindor housemate from their year, had been the most memorable but he didn't even notice them. Too busy swinging his shirt about and singing off tune to care.

Finally, back at their tent Mr. Weasley gathered them around a wood stove, that he delightfully lit the Muggle way with a match, and told them it was "straight to bed after a cup of coco". Harry's disappointment was short lived as Bill, Ron's oldest brother, passed them all with a wink and a subtly bottle of butterbeer. The combination of warm chocolate and cool butterscotch-ish flavored alcohol twisted strangely on his tongue but it did wonders for his spirit.

Ron's too. And, as Harry knew, high spirits and a bit of alcohol took the redhead a long way. Maybe Bill knew this too, maybe he didn't, either way he was having a good laugh with everyone else as his youngest brother made a bit of a fool of himself.

Standing in his chair Ron reenacted the game, hands dipping and diving as he highlighted the match between the Seekers. Krums highlights in particular, "The way he flew, it was like was a bird. He's more than an athlete, he's an artist!"

"Are you in love Ron?" His asked, giggling from behind her cup of coco and sending the twins into a fit.

"Shut up Gin." He said, ears red, tossing his scarf in her face. But, as Harry learned early from the Weasleys, siblings wouldn't let it go with just that. They, starting with the twins, sang him a love ballad. So loud and bawdy they sang, dragging the rest of the room into their song but for an amused Mr. Weasley and a bemused Percy.

Maybe this was why they hadn't noticed the shift in tone outside their tent. How the firework like spells seemed to burst closer to the ground. How the merry songs stopped and squeals of delight turned increasingly shrill, increasingly frightened.

Mr. Weasley noticed the change first, straightens from where he stood and marched to the tent's flap with wand in hand. He was back not a moment later, face pale but eyes furious and worried.

"Grab your coats, all of you. Come now, hurry." He rambled, knuckles tight on his wand as he motioned for them to follow him.

"Dad, what's going on?" Bill asked, already standing with his wand at the ready. Charlie and Percy not far behind him.

"Death Eaters," he said, voice tight as his eyes tracked the younger children's progress, "or a lot play acting as then and doing a damn good job of it. I need you to take everyone to the woods and hide-" His words were cut off as his eldest sons argued with him, saying that 'they were of age', 'that they wanted to help' or that they 'worked for the Ministry now and had a duty to uphold'.

Harry paid little attention to this as he zipped up his jacket and followed Hermione to the tent flap. "What's a Death Eater?"

Hermione peaked out the flap, nerves clear in a way he hadn't seen her since Lupin and the Dementors. "They were followers of, of You-Know-Who in the last war." Harry's hand went to his scarf, a lightning shaped reminder of his parents' murderer hidden behind tufts of hair. "Dark Witches and Wizards, blood supremacist who did his bidding and supported his cause."

"Fanatics is what they are." Mr. Weasley said half pushing Ron towards them as his three eldest stood behind him with sleeves rolled up and faces determined, "Fred, George, I need you to take Ginny and the rest to woods. Stay hidden, stay safe. We're going to see what we can do to help the Ministry. Now go!"

With that, the four eldest Weasley men were off, wands high as they raced out into the chaos. Harry didn't remember much of the run to the forest, though a particularly bad taste settled in his mouth as he was coddled while others fought was a clear memory.

And just as clearly he remembered them.

He remembered how their hooded robes shadowed their skull masks, how their wands flashed cruel shades of green as they laughed at the chaos they caused. Hate hadn't set in until he saw the family, poor victims floating in the air listlessly but very much alive. He hadn't been completely sure on that until one Death Eater, one of the hooded monsters, pointed his wand at the smallest of the four.

Her scream would haunt him.

As would his inaction.

"Harry, come on." Hermione tugged at his arm, Ron not two paces ahead of them, shifting on his feet as his eyes wide as he took in the scene and the growing crowd of black cloaks.

Gulping down his anger and pride he followed after his friends, racing to the treeline and safety. But, just as his feet crossed the first row of trees, he lost them.

'That's not right,' He thought to himself, 'This isn't what happened.'

He half remembered running into Draco, a bully with his half veiled threats to Hermione. Then they ran into the lost foreign girl and the three Veela that Hermione had to drag both him and Ron away from. After that, most of all, he remembered the House Elf and how his stolen wand was used to cast the Dark Mark into the sky.

The image of a skull made of starlight looking over the field, snake of smoke slithering out its jaws like a grotesque tongue, stayed with him. Not because it scared him but the feelings it drew from others. The fear it caused was palpable and the response it earned immediate.

But none of that was happening. There was no Ron or Hermione, no Malfoy, no House Elf. There was no one.

Was he dreaming? Reliving the night before in a half impression? It didn't feel like it. It felt too real.

"Hello?" He called, still unsure, "Is anyone there? Hello?"

No one answered. He moved through the empty forest calling again and again to similar results. He heard nothing, not even the rustle of birds. As he trekked deeper the trees grew and thicked, reaching heights he wasn't sure he even saw trees so large in the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts.

They seemed familiar, so familiar. He didn't know where but he had seen them before and they sent a twist in his gut.

The further he made his way into the woods the darker it became but something guided him when he thought himself lost. A light, soft and golden, glowing through the darkness. It was as warm and as inviting as the sudden gust of wind at his back was cold and demanding.

He walked towards it, shielding his eyes as the light stung at his eyes and took him into its embrace. The glare never went away but he got used it, eventually. With his eyes adjusting to the sudden light he felt them widen.

Harry was standing in a field of blue flowers. It spread as far as the eye could see, sunlight fresh from a new dawn pouring down onto the flowers he didn't recognize.

With three years of Herbology classes and a childhood filled with gardening under his belt Harry liked to think he had a head for flowers, able to tell most breeds with a quick look, but he couldn't place it. They looked a little like Lavenders but their color a vivid blue and petaled heavily where blossom met the stem.

He bent down and brushed his fingers against the petals, noticing the black fingerless glove for the first time. He noticed his whole outfit for the first time, an all black selection that would have looked casual if not the fancy skull themed buttons and embroidering.

Harry had never once in his life worn something so strange and yet they felt right. Well worn and broken in, comfortable.

Someone called out a name that wasn't his. He shot up instantly as if it was. A name coming from his lips that he couldn't hear as he stood, the word struggling to escape a suddenly dry throat as he took sight of her.

She was beautiful.

Blonde with clear blue eyes and pale skin that seemed to glow in contrast to her lily white dress. She said his not-name again, one hand covering her lips while the other clutched itself over her heart.

He ran to her. She met him halfway, petals spraying in their wake as the reached out for each other. Their fingers just grazed each other before something pulled them away, keeping them away from each other.

"Soon, Dear Chosen. Soon." A voice whispered over a suddenly icy gust of wind, "Born on a new star your rewards will soon be received. You are so close. The connection made as eyes met, yet words had gone unspoken. Soon."

Harry ignored the voice, clawing at the air that kept him away. He couldn't, wouldn't, be separated from her again. Not after all that had happened, all that he had done and sacrificed, all that had stood in their way.

The last thing he saw before darkness dragged him away was on her, reaching out her hand to him in. Mouthing a word he knew intimately but couldn't hear.

He screamed until he woke.


A bit of a rehash in the beginning, though more from my memory then spot by spot from book/movies, but I needed a spot to start and I think it helps the story's tone.

Anyway, the plot is pretty simple. Harry is Noctis from Final Fantasy 15 reborn, a gift and reward not for him but for Lunafreya his betrothed in the game. The Goddess from the game, not only being close to Lunafreya but a believer in love, decided to give them a second chance at love. Taking their souls from post game and planting them in a new land.

The memories of the past life will be slow until the condition is met for a full memory revival but I have a few idea/plots for how that changes canon near immediately and should make for an interesting/non-rehash 4th year. And it's not just the memories or even powers that would be a part of the crossover, I have ideas! Ideas I hope to show.

Though, I'll be honest, I'm debating keeping who Lunafreya reincarnated as a secret until the full memory revival while giving false hints on who it is. Hell, I hinted the two major possibilities already in this chapter but I'm not sure how I'll play it. I'll probably just roll with whatever I'm writing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. Next chapter should be done soon.