Sonic the hedgehog really hates troll fics. One day he was reading fanfictions and was getting really mad because of all the troll fics.

"I can't believe how much troll fics there is. Troll fics are so cringe, and the people who make them really think they are funny. Am I such a mockery online that there are more people who like to make fun of me than actually like me unironically?" said Sonic.

Sonic couldn't help but cringe reading all of the troll fics for Sonic the Hedgehog. He couldn't believe how cringey people were who wrote fics like "Sonic Dies in Prison" and "Sonic High School" and even more cringey were the children who read and enjoyed them. Sonic breathed a sigh of relief since he was not in a troll fic, because after all, this is not a troll fic.

Sonic was about to go off and do some chores to get rid of the cringe he felt because of the troll fics, until a visitor came to visit in Sonic's nice house located in a gated suburban neighbourhood. It was Knuckles, Sonic's good friend. Or at least he was before the numerous crimes against nature that Knuckles committed back when they were in the military. But now that Knuckles was out of prison, he decided to give Sonic a visit.

"Hey bro. Sonic, my bro, what is up, my dog?" said Knuckles

"I was just cringing at some really cringe troll fics. I really hate trolls fics, they are so cringe." said Sonic

"Bruh, dude that is really kinda cringe doe. Bro, that is cringe what you had just said." said Knuckles

"What? Why is it cringe. I am not cringe, only troll fics are cringe and this is not a troll fic." said Sonic.

"Bruh." is all Knuckles could say, because it was such a Bruh Moment.

Sonic couldn't understand the Bruh Moment, because Sonic had not learned the terrible truth.

"Bro, like, this IS a troll fic, bro. That is kinda cringe that you don't know that bro." Said Knuckles.

"Oh my god, I cannot believe that this is a troll fic. That really is cringe." said Sonic

"Yeah, it really do be like that." said Knuckles

Sonic couldn't believe that his entire life was a lie and that he was really cringe. He was unsure of what to do next. Unsure of this, he decided to ask Knuckles.

"So, like, what do I do now? I've got nothing left to live for now that I know that I'm kinda cringe." said Sonic.

"Bruh, just do some troll fic shit, it ain't that hard." said Knuckles.

"ok" said Sonic

So, Sonic did what was only natural. Taking a noose, Sonic decided to hang himself, ending his life. While he was at it, Sonic took of his pants, as Auto Erotic Asphyxiation seemed to be effective when hanging oneself. After all, Sonic figured, it was worth it to go out with a bang. Unfortunately, Knuckles was still there while this was going on and he ended up witnessing the whole thing.

"Bruh, that's kinda cringe." said Knuckles, after Sonic had died.

And so, Sonic died as he lived, very cringey.