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Anyways, this story here happens to be inspired by TheDevilZero's "The Evil Hero: Devilman" story. To be honest, I really like his ideas but to me, I want to make complete changes in my own version of this story. Please don't accuse me, I wasn't plagiarizing your work. I was just remaking it into a better story after all. But nevertheless, check his story out!

Note: WARNING. The following story is quite similar to "The Evil Hero: Devilman", where it revolves a much darker and violent scenario tone, although it has some light-hearted scene but may contain an amount of strong bloody violence & gore, foul languages and/or insults, and even lemon scenes, so please be prepared if you wanted to skip the chapters or not wanted to read for your own risk!

Another Note: Unlike DevilZero's take on his original story, "The Evil Hero: Devilman", he stated that it will be fairly different from both the source materials and essences as he's currently made plans of his own idea, which I'm a bit conflicted at first though... But I highly respected his own opinions while for ME, technically this story will cover both "My Hero Academia" and "Devilman Crybaby" as well.

And by the way, read and enjoy!


Devilman © Go Nagai & Dynamic Planning Co., Ltd.

My Hero Academia © Kohei Horikoshi, Viz Media, Bones, Toho Animation & Funimation.

DEVILMAN crybaby © Masaaki Yuasa, Science Saru & Netflix.


"Hello" – Normal speech

'What the' – Though

"I'm not a devil/Prepared to die, Devilman" – Devilman/Demons Speech

(Man Human – DEVILMAN crybaby)


The scene opens with a vast and treacherous landscape with an ominous atmosphere around, til the camera zooms toward the pillar before showing the figure of Devilman on top as it zooms into the demon's chest which shown it's beating heart before the title is shown appears, "The Demon Hero: Devilman"

(Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Human)

The next scene showed a multitude of people in white silhouettes appearance, reaching out their hands up into the sky as before zooming away into one of Izuku's fierce hawkish eyes as black tear-drops leaks out.

(Man Man Man Man Man Man Human

Man Man Man Man Man Human Human)

The next scene shown as it displays three nude semi-white silhouette figures of Miki, Ran and Jun appeared. On the right, Ran has a serious expression, on the left, Jun has a solemn expression, before lastly shows Miki, as she's seemingly reached until a black shape started to manifest before zooming out as Izuku's eyes appear with Izuku with a brooding look while he's cradle Miki unto his arms with Ran and Jun stood aside with him on each side before closing his eyes and a pair of black bat-like wings appear and covering them.


The shape reverts into Toshinori Yagi and Shouta Aizawa, as both have serious expression before Yagi becoming All-Might with a heroic smile, and Aizawa's hair started to rise wildly, and bandages came to life by activating his Quirk. Then switches to Shigaraki, All-For-One, and an army of numerous villains, along with a mysterious figure before a bright explosion occurs.

(Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Human

Man Man Man Man Man Man Human

Man Man Man Man Man Man Human Human)

The explosion resulted in showing various demons such as Kaim, Sirene, Zennon, Miko's spider-demon form, Jinmen, and Psycho Jenny in a blended of artistry before one of Jenny's eyes started to show the reflection of Devilman as he flew into mid-air while hovering with the full-moon casting it's brightness behind him.


Lastly, the final scene showcases Izuku and Katsuki in their school uniforms with serious looks as they're looking away while the background shows them as little kids before having Izuku as a newly-born devil hybrid whose grinning evilly with his razor-sharped fangs and black marks beneath his eyes, going face-to-face with a shocked, horrified, and terrified Katsuki.

(Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man)

And at the bottom of the abyss, it shows the fallen angel Lucifer, better known as Satan before showing Izuku, along with Miki, Jun, and Ran as they all cry out with tears flowing out as it's hits the surface before showing the silhouette of Izuku and Ran before the whole screen fades to black.

The Creation of the Universe...

It is once said that in the very beginning, there is nothingness...

All of the universes were vastly blacken as the silence air of emptiness lingers around the corners of the far-ranging distance of space itself, as all life has been absent to exist either...

Then suddenly, what seems to be thought to be the Big Bang which scientists believed to shape the foundation of the universe, coursing life, an immense light of divine power has revealed itself, indicating the coming arrival when God, the creator, and master of the universe, Himself, begins to take charges to fulfill the void in His own matter. While it at least has taken Him on the sixth day that God has given breathed to the entire universe as stars glittering in the cosmos as another various intergalactic beauty has been shaped by the One Above All and thus giving every creature as well. And finally, on the seventh day, God has completed His work and rested.

However, everything won't remain the same at all...

While establishing the creation of the entire universes, God also makes His own children as well, thus given the birth of the Judeo-Christian mythology of the Angels themselves, who're made to be His own servants to do his bidding. Then without any reason, one of His children and servants, a particular angel has stepped forth to oppose Him, thus permanently punished and sentenced to exile from his heavenly home into the far-reaches of the universes as he's passing by various planets by his reckless action, the fallen angel, Lucifer as he named, descended into the planet that's flowing with air, plants, and water which is called Earth.

But when the fallen angel has finally descendant into the flourishing green planet of Eden, what he made his discovery, to be seemingly intriguing to say the least, as he encounters creatures with grotesque yet monstrous featuring, as they'll be forever be known as "Demons", which according to Christian and worldwide belief as they're hated and feared by their vicious and ruthless nature. However, unlike all of the demons, who were originally thought to be red skin humanoids with horns on their heads or carrying a trident while their weakness is holy manipulation ranging from holy water, crosses, or exorcisms, these demons, howsoever, are completely different from the tradition that we've always know, as they're the native inhabitants of this planet, old as the universe itself.

Ranging from the demons' appearance, some of the creatures have mixed appearance of a crossbreed to that of a human, an animal, and plants featuring, such as ranging from reptiles, mammals, amphibians, and insectoid alike, while others do rarely bare hints of resemblance to his father God either. And that's because they have the ability to merged thought methods of scientific evolution as they started to develops astonishing and high levels of intelligence and consciousness, to stage their strategy against their creator God, whom their new leader Lucifer, now named as Satan, told them to believe before the day comes when God arrives on Earth, accompanied by His children as well, to wage war against His forsaken child, while he's seemingly disappointed by Satan's gathering of his army of demons as well.

However, although Satan manages to overwhelm God, along with the angels and archangels, with the help of his gathered demon army, their foreseen victory turns into a bittersweet state-mate, when the Creator himself, sealed Satan, along with all of his demon followers and cast them into the mysterious universe which it will later be known as "Purgatory", long enough to hold Satan and the demons at bay.

Knowing that Satan, along with demonic followers will eventually break free from the seal, God and the angels reduces the once beautiful planet Earth, which is the demon's homeland, into a molten waste of debris before reforming the Earth back to its natural state as awaiting for a new species to replace the demon's place for millennia. But He fears that one day if the demons were to broke through the seal, then it will only be meant total destruction of the creations of His images, and especially the total genocide of Him and the angels as well.

Unbeknownst to God and the angels, who're returning back to their heavenly home, the fallen angel and current leader of the demons, along with his monstrous followers, they're actually hibernating to store enough energy for themselves to break the barrier and preparing themselves for the final confrontation and payback with God and His legionaries, one more time...

Somewhere on the shores...

There was pure darkness.

That was the only thing that she could've thought of...

Her name is Ran Asuka... Or that what she seems to believe though...

She doesn't exactly know what just happen, but the only thing that she could remember that she's have been born from a couple whose mother is an American while her father is a Japanese man. The last thing, she could at least recall, that she's supposed to be in her crib before found herself to be surrounded and raised by an Amazonian tribe who happened to find her, as they fed her, clothed her, and even teaches her their own native language as she's one of them. By the time, Ran grew at least 4 years old, she seems to be fairly different from the rest, as she remembers the natives have brown faces while performing their tradition over a bonfire as she too, dance with them often.

The first time that she does cleary remembers of seeing violence at first hand. When an unknown squadron of military soldiers arrives at the village thus slaughtering the entire indigenous tribe there, where a river of blood flows through the ground unto the river basin. While rushes outside to see what's happening, all of the army units soon notice Ran and gunned at her as they're ready enough to kill. And just as one of the units fired his gun, the bullet launches toward her, and as well, hundreds accompanied flying straight toward her.

Just then, the bullets never came piercing her body as if it were stopped by some sort of invisible force, before turning full-rotation and flew back straight to the same troops who fired their weapons before, as they lay dead on the dusty ground, along with their guns.

However, in Ran's case, she was filled with curiosity, wondering why they'll keep weapons that could instantly kill them. But for Ran, she knows that she had killed them before, but whatever it was, it must be truly powerful indeed. Then she later walks up the solider's corpse and took the gun as she examines it for a moment before placing it back to its deceased owner.

While stood there in total silence, Ran hears a couple of shouts and voices which are coming from the other part of the Amazon Rainforest, she ran through the dense bushes and trees as she knew that she couldn't be here, as if there'll be more armed enforcement, along with much powerful artillery, which she might it could be her last moment.

Then suddenly, while she ran, Ran could have felt that she's no longer running on her feet anymore as if she's now floating in mid-air. As she flew higher and higher into the skies, Ran soars through the crystalize bluish ocean that's filled with aquatic life much to her amazement and curiosity by the immense space of the water as she sees some dolphins or whales as she passes by.

As it seems to be for eternity while flowing into skies, Ran finally begins to lose altitude as she begins to fall-flat into the watery depths of the ocean, which she thought of trying to clearly remember of finding herself been washed up on sandy shores of a beach as she could feel the dirt of sands on her hair, while feeling the waves pushing her toward the shore while tasting the salts in her mouth.

While thinking that nobody won't come for her, perhaps that it's better to adopt the totally strange and unusual environment that she found herself in. And perhaps, making herself stray from anybody coming nearby her.

But one faithful event has somewhat transpired more than of Ran's curiosity and her cold-stoned persona when HE shows up...

"A-Are you okay?"

A hand appears out of nowhere as it seems to grasp something as the girl's blue eyes reflected.

The hand belongs to a male child. The boy's appearance of a soft pale skin rounded with baby fat cheeks dusted with light freckles and an average nose overlooking a painfully bright smile filled with glossy teeth. Equally wide, innocent and curious eyes should have stared back him, topped by bushy brows and an unruly mop of curly moss-green hair, with black lowlights.

Ran seems to be spooked and surprised at first. But when looking through the eyes of this stranger, she started to feel safer as he makes careful steps as he cuddles the blonde as she never felt before.

"It's going to be okay," said the young child as he tried to comfort the spooked and surprised Ran whom he found near the lighthouse on the beach, who's apparently staying over with his childhood friend Jun Fudo, along with her parents.

"You're going to be safe now."

Musufatu Playground

"Hey, guys look! We've got a bunch of weird-ass foreigners here!"

A boy with spiky-ash blonde hair, who's around kindergarten age, shouted out his goons with him as they spotted a couple of girls, who're actually invited by a certain person whom he despised the most.

His name is Katsuki Bakugou, or better referred to as "Kacchan" by his former "best friend" as well. Ever since that he's has developed a unique Quirk called Explosion which gives him the ability to generate explosions from the palms of his hands, thanks to his sweats, he was praised and was treated with respect by all of the other students. Unfortunately, this only ended up making his pride and ego grew into thinking that he's so amazing that no one could ever measure up to him at anything. And things get more complicated, he believes that he has the right to ruled the playground, just because he's invincible. While there're other kids who developed their own Quirks, but none of them couldn't suppress him, as he starting to dictate other kids around him as well.

Also, when there are some foreigners coming to his territory, in Katsuki's mind, he doesn't even like any out-of-place weirdos coming to his playground or his neighborhood either in Japan, as he couldn't wait to ridicule them since they've no right to come here either.

Now for the girls themselves, one is identified as Lan and the other girls are Miki Makimura and Jun Fudo, who happened to be invented to this particular neighborhood, which is the home to a certain boy whom he has befriended. Normally, some kids, who're unfortunate enough of having a confrontation with Bakugou and his cronies, who're completely scared and just simply ran away, because of his authoritarian nature and his impressive Quirk, however, surprising the girls aren't afraid but are rather all mixed for irritation, annoyance, disgust, and even hate and anger.

For Ran's, she absolutely abhors the spiky-blonde punk so much, along with a bunch of Neanderthal, simply because of how he's mishandling his impressive Quirk, as he's nothing more than a power-hungry monger. And for Miki and Jun's case, well, they've been bullied before just because Miki is mix-blood as her father is an American-French descent while her mother is Japanese, as this urges her to give him a mouthful of how dumb her friend's so-called 'friend' is and for Jun, she tries her best to control her unusual rage as she only gives a glare with pure animosity which she doesn't even know why she felt this way before. And even so, she too also lives with Miki as well.

Suddenly, a familiar voice has finally echoed out to the girls and Katsuki along with his minions.

"Leave them alone, Kacchan!"

That voice belongs to none-other than Izuku Midoriya. The boy who's a friend with the tormentor of his neighborhood and even the one who invited the girls over.

Young Izuku rushes toward Lan, Miki, and Jun as he poses a protected stance behind them while the dried tears boy bravely goes face-to-face with his tormentor and his gang, even though he's discovered to be Quirkless, but it was sheer-will power urges him to do it.

"That's enough! Just harass me! Pick on me! Don't you see they're my friends? If you ever hurt them... I-I-I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" The young Midoriya bravely pleads Bakugou to spare his friends while Izuku himself, is shuddering and trembling with fear, and teardrops are now dripping off from his eyes.

"Really, Deku? Are you still planning to be a hero again?" Katsuki smirks evilly as he begins taunting his 'punching bag' before readily to active his Quirk, just for the fun to intimidate that worthless trash of society while mocking him more with intentional malice. "What's wrong, you useless little shit? Are you going to cry now, before I beat you into a bloody plump?"

Despite the threats and insults that Katsuki has hurled at him, Izuku remains still guarding the girls behind his back while showing a mixture of fear and determination, as he's ready to take some beatings, even in a trembling and fragile state.

"...Tch," Katsuki grunted as he gives Izuku one last glare. "C'mon you extras, Deku or his little girlfriends aren't worth it..."

Knowing that the 'trash' won't back down, Katsuki decided that he has enough of this bullshit crap before begrudgingly commands his friends to leave Izuku, along with Ran, Jun, and Miki alone.

Realizing that Katsuki and his friends have already left off, Izuku then finally sighs a sweet relief while he's all covered with his own sweats before facing to Ran, Jun, and Miki while checking any sign of injuries. Knowing his newest guests and friends are alright, he was relived before swearing his own proclamation to them.

"Ran, Jun, and Miki... No matter what happens, you can count on me and I'll be there always."

After Izuku finishes his oath, this somewhat flustered the girls as well, as Jun's cheeks begin to blush while Miki begins to giggle of how cute and heroic Izuku is, before giving him a dreamy stare with hearts floating around her head. And for Lan, well, she remains her neutral state but deep down in her heart, she could've felt she's completely soaring through mid-air of Izuku's courageous heart and attitude as she was seemingly bewitched by this seemingly innocent boy, after all...

10 Years Later

Somewhere in the middle of the countryside of the outskirts near Tokyo and Musutafu, a loud roaring sound which came from an engine of a car, which pierced through the quiet night as a car of whitish color as snow, drove dramatically as it swivels through the road while driving in an intense speed per mile.

The white-colored car is none other than a Mitsuoka Orochi, a Japanese sports car, designed and built by Mitsuoka Motors, a small Japanese automobile company, which it's actually designed as a concept car in 2001, with updates and revisions to the design appearing in 2003 and 2005, before finally being put into production and offered for sale in late 2006 as a 2007 model.

There's also a trivia for the sports car's namesake, as it was taken from the mythical "Yamata no Orochi" a powerful yet malevolent 8-headed Japanese dragon, that once has terrorized the ancient lands and it's people of the feudal era of Japan before eventually slain by "Susanoo-no-Mikoto", the Japanese God of the storms and seas.

And there's even a public statement from Mitsuoka themselves, as they say, "Orochi is the car to ride to gather attention from everyone" before the company itself, categorizes this car as a "Fashion-Super Car".

However, this isn't for any uses for luxuries either. But this time, the driver behind the wheel of the Orochi is hell-bent on searching for a specific person, as the windshield reveals a very particular and beautiful blonde woman, who happens to be the same girl whom her friend has befriended at least 10 years ago...

Her name is none-other than Ran Asuka. And right now, she's on a desperate mission, to find one person whom she've always know and love the most.

"Izuku!" Ran shouted while driving the white-color sports car Orochi. "Izuku! I need you right now, so hurry!"

The Demon Hero: Devilman

I – I Need You Izuku! Reunion and Reborn

Present Time – Musufatu, Japan

"All men are not born equal."

No one better knows the painful truth of the ugliness within society itself than Izuku Midoriya himself.

In a world where at least the amount of 80% of the population manifests innate yet unknown and unexplainable superpowers which are labeled as "Quirks", which creates the existence of Heroes, Villains, and Vilgianties. However, unfortunately for those who haven't develop their own Quirks were deemed as "Qurikless", roughly around the majority of 20%, and yes, sadly, this is how society itself has looked down and misjudged upon.

For Izuku's case, well, ever since that he's a young boy, all that he just wanted in his life to become a hero. Kind and selfless, Izuku is destined to be a true hero, just like his most favorite Hero of all time, the currently Number 1 Hero, All Might.

Sadly, things didn't go so well for him at all as he still clearly remembers the day when he and his mother Inko, visit the doctor's client, only to be discovered that he had been diagnosed as "Quirkless", in which the doctor told his mother that he's supposedly manifest his own Quirk by now, but since it doesn't manifest, as he concluded that he has two joints, as he stated that all people, who don't have any joint were thought to evolve with their Quirk.

Or that's what the doctor told them so...

But things couldn't get any bad to worse, as he was bullied throughout his whole life just simply because of his "Quirkless" nature, by all of his classmates from preschool to middle school had made his life even hard. However, the one who's bullied him the most by his former "best friend" Katsuki Bakugou.

He and Katsuki use to play together a lot when they're younger. But when everyone else in their preschool begins to develop their Quirk, so does Katsuki, everything has all changed. When Izuku didn't end up with a Quirk which he's dubbed as "Quirkless", Katsuki even gives him a derogatory nickname, "Deku", which translates to "Defenseless Izuku". And not only that, Katsuki eventually ended their friendship by using Izuku as his own favorable punching bag for his Quirk to practice which physically harmed him.

This has even gone on for years till the current day, as our young shonen protagonist has surprisingly long endured the hardships from simply a tragic childhood.

But right now, Izuku isn't having a really good day at all, as his own miserable life is now detouring towards the bellows of Hell itself. Why you'd ask? Well, simply put this, he was fine in the morning, after watching a group of Pro-Heroes fights off a giant Villain, but when he's at school, everything started to fall down and even get worsen ever since THAT day...

At Aldera Junior High, when the homeroom teacher revealed that not only Katsuki had applied to U.A. High, which is regarded as the greatest heroes school ever in Japan, which is, unfortunate, that Izuku also tries to apply to it as well.

After the teacher reveals his plan of getting into U.A. High, the whole classroom erupted in sheer snorts and calls of laughter at this, since Izuku doesn't have a Quirk, meaning there are never any chances of becoming a Hero or entering academies that train future Pro-Hero at all. And for Katsuki's mind, he even knows the same thing and even adding the mockery that he'll die in the exams.

But things didn't end there just yet, Katsuki wasn't done yet as he has the urge to rub his superiority complexity in Izuku's face once more to feel satisfied. After the class section has ended, he and his two lackeys showed up in front of Izuku before using his Quirk to burn his notebooks before tossing it out of the windows as he threatens him not to apply to U.A. High at all. And he even suggests Izuku simply should do, "jump off from the roof and hope to have a Quirk in the next life." To Izuku's mind, it is crystal clear that Katsuki only cared about himself and even didn't know what a true hero meant, because a real hero in training won't dare to say that kind of thing at all!

Of course, it was a pretty awful day for him so far, but Izuku has dealt with this daily basis for the last 10 years, he isn't gonna let Katsuki's words stop him. He'll find some way to get into the national hero school and become the hero he wished to be.

But once again, life has played a serious 'bitch' for him once again. As Izuku's now taking a shortcut to home underneath a bridge, he was suddenly attacked and nearly get killed by a sludge villain, before he was eventually saved and rescued by non-other than All Might himself! However, Izuku questions All Might about the possibility of becoming a hero without a Quirk, only to be told this...

"Pro-Heroes are always risking their lives. I cannot simply say, "You can become a Hero even without powers..."

These are the very words pierce right through the mind, and if not the soul and heart of Izuku, his eyes are once sparklings and beamed brightly with life, now dimed as pale and lifeless, while his face is entirely dried with his own tears.

"It's not bad to dream. But you also have to consider what's realistic, young man."

The words inside of his mind continually repeated itself as Izuku's head as he seemly started to lose what left of his own sanity.

Izuku tried to wipe away the tears that were threatening to come out with sleeves once at a time. He felt he was in an endless nightmare. He desperately tries to wake up, as he continually pinches himself, but it couldn't. It's all real. And what's even matter worse, is that he felt betrayed as if everyone has turned him down. His classmates, his once 'friend' Katsuki, his peers, and even his idol, All Might himself.

He knew from the very beginning. Pondering of how can he do to achieve this? Even his own hero says, "You can become a Hero without a Quirk", and what sort of magic will have the strength to make it a reality.

But it was nothing else. It's nothing more than a mere pipe-dream.

While walking down the streets, which he's heading to his home, he could felt a presence behind him, before feeling a pair of arms seemingly attempts to reach out for him before he got the chance to see who it is.

He was expecting a major beatdown from Katsuki, but this time it's different. It's more friendly yet with a heartwarmingly affectional feel to it.

"Hey, what's with the long face my hero~", a girl with raven brown-haired and green eyes in a flirting tone. She is dressed in a different school uniform unlike the schoolgirls wearied in Aldera Junior High. Her school uniform is white, while her dress skirt is green, along her legs covered with black leggings and shoes.

"Also, have you happened to forget about me too Izuku?" Another girl with beautiful featuring with a flowing silking long dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Similar to the girl's dress wear, who hugged Izuku tightly like a prized stuff animal, her uniform is identical to her dressings.

For Izuku, he instantly recognized them as Miki Makimura and Jun Fudo, whom the girls he befriended.

"Miki", Izuku with a surprised tone as he met his childhood friends. "Jun."

Izuku never thought that he'll see them again, ever since they've lived in the neighboring district of Tokyo, which is fairly near to Musufatu, as they're enrolled in Kamigaku High School in where they both participated in the Kamigaku Running Track Team to compete with other rival schools in the Koshien Track and Field tournament.

And for the exact moment, Izuku could have sworn that he felt that his body started to feel so much alive and his heart beating soars when his childhood friends accompanied him in his darkest needs after been previously misjudged from his peers and even heroes alike.

"Uh… Miki", said Izuku, who started to become more embarrassed when his childhood friend is clinching him if he was an oversized stuff bear. "Can you let me go a bit? We're in a public area so we don't want to embarrass ourselves when there's a crowd going on."

"Oops", said Miki as she lets go of him, and then Izuku started to sigh of relief that neither he nor his friends weren't getting sort of attention from. "Sorry about that Izuku."

"It's fine... I'm okay... Just trying to catch my breath, that's all..."

It is no stranger to why Miki started to develop a huge crush for the green-haired wannabe hero after he defends them from Katsuki who seem to be bully not only those who haven't any Quirk but also peoples who came from different places. She was so fed up with the boy's abuse treatment to any individuals, she wanted to give him a big mouth of why he started in the first place.

But when Izuku shallowing his fears and shield her, Jun and the strange girl whom Izuku befriended, that was the very day Miki was so impressed, and if not mesmerized by his courageous and caring heart, it's was no longer why Miki fall in love with him in the first place. And if not, she happens to be a major fangirl for him ever since then.

As it seems to be almost a few minutes ago, Jun decides to break the silence.

"Hey Izuku," said Jun with a worried tone. "What's with the sad look on your face?"

Immediately once upon hearing Jun's question, Izuku felt like the color of his body is now draining away from him. Feeling like his great sense of humor is now going to the drain. And the same moment, Miki and Jun could have sworn they saw his body tremble while his skin color seems to slight fading.

"C-Can w-we t-t-talk a-about this in private. S-s-somewhere but here?" Izuku asked in a broken tone.

The girls started to understand the situation from the exact beginning. Izuku's life was so messed up and he needs help at once. They decided to take him somewhere where there aren't any civilians around.

Even from the city as well.

Downtown Docks

While searching through the entire spot for a private discussion, the girls suggest that they'll talk about it in the library or cafes, but Izuku wanted somewhere that anyone won't hear his story. And they decided that they'll have an isolated place where no one will interrupt their peacetime.

While scouring throughout Musufatu before coming near to the district of Tokyo in searching for a perfect spot to discuss privately, they formally suggest about discussing it in any libraries or cafes, however, Izuku seems to against it as he wanted nobody else to hear his story as he fears of embarrassment, which leads them up to their destination, a boardwalk near the river, makes perfect of their private discussion before sitting down.

"Well, this is the only place." Miki said while leaning toward Izuku for comfort, "No people, no distraction, nothing. Just plain you and us. So, anyway, Izuku, please tell us."

"Miki's right, Izuku." Jun nod with a sign of agreement before placing her hand unto Izuku's shoulder with reassurance. "We're all here with you, and we wanted to help you."

Feeling a sense of security, Izuku then finally sighs out as he looks at his best friends in the eyes, before detailing them everything of what's just happen to him since from morning till the afternoon, which involves with Katsuki and his peer's taunting and misjudging, nearly killed by a sludge villain, and even rescued and turned down by All Might as well...

5 Minutes Later...

"...And that's about it..." Izuku spoke as he concludes his story before glancing back to the girls, before giving a moment of surprise for him.

Miki and Jun, they just stood perfectly stood, while having a genuine expression of all mixed reactions, after hearing Izuku's story. For Miki's mind, she's clearly upset and heartbroken to see Izuku going to all the pain that he's been through only to denied again by his own peers and his greatest idol as well, while the other is pure rage, as she has the urge to confront Katsuki, along with his friends and those who involve in harassing her crush, by giving them a mouthful of how racist and selfish he is, and especially calling All Might a fraud, a liar, and a hypocrite, for not knowing how her admirer has been going through. And for Jun, she too shares the same feeling just as Miki, as she couldn't believe that her friend has been harassed by his tormentor and even been denied by his greatest idol of all time, which this is such a cruel fate, indeed.

"There's no way that U.A. will ever accept Katsuki though." Jun bitterly declared which Miki nodded in agreement. "They've just to look at his records."

"But Jun, what else could you do? What kind of records? He'll never be punished for anything at all! Don't you remember? Me, you and Miki, we're all Quirkless too! And the matter the fact, he's the school star student and he's going to be the first one to ever make it to U.A from there." Izuku retorts much to Jun and Miki's shock and horror that a mere scumbag, who pretends to be his so-called "best friend" is scotch-free and eventually entering the hero academy, much to her disturb and dismay at this.

Then something came up to Miki's mind before looking at Izuku, who's seemingly sinking into his own depression.

"Hey, Izuku?" Miki asked the depressed Quirkless teen.

"Hmmm?" Izuku turns to look at Miki with a puzzling look. "What it is, Miki?"

"Have you ever told your mother about this yet?" Miki asked her childhood crush, whether his mother should know the full extent of his bullying and rejection, which could at least bring some sort of closure for him.

"Well, I would if I haven't yet though..." Izuku frown at the thought of it, but he reluctantly to do so, as it will only emotionally stress his mother, even more, before giving a depressed look on his face, while saying in a slightly depressed tone, "Now, that you all know why I've a sad look on my face..."

After Izuku has said this, both Miki and Jun at each other before nodding their heads in understanding, as they're too, born Quirkless from the very beginning. However, even though they were bullied before of been labeled as "Quirkless", that doesn't stop them from becoming representatives for the Kamigaku Running Track Team, and their anticipation for the upcoming Koshien Tournament, which it's coming at least a few weeks away. But seeing their own friend is sinking down in his pool of depression, they're speculating whether it's the time to tell his mother Inko about the situation that's going with her son so that she could at least further action for her son's safety and mental health.

But, as they're having their moments, they heard someone making beats, like the typical rap music they heard in other music media. After titling their heads to find the source of the beats, they see three rappers coming to their direction as they're doing their freestyles rap.

*Ken The 390 - Freestyle Rap - DEVILMAN crybaby*


















"Yo, what'd you think about my rhymes?" When one of the rappers asked Miki, he started to take notice of Jun and he seems to be flustered by the sight and ask her as well if she likes the music he makes. "And how' bout you beautiful? You like my rhymes, don't you?"

Both of the girls seem to be embarrassed and annoyed at such questions, so they tried to hide their complainant.

"I'm sorry, but we don't like rap music", said Miki who seems to be impatient, along with Jun as well. "Anyway, can you let us have some privacy, it's really important right now."

The rapper with the white hat seems frustrated that they're ignoring them as well. This is going to be a long shot to get them appreciated their music. But of the rappers with dreadlocks in pink spoke when he recognized Miki, "Hey Wamu! I see this chick before. She's the so-called Witch of Highschool Running Tracks! She's famous!"

The white cap rapper known as Wamu turns his head to what his friend said. Now turning back his head and said, "Oh, so you're a fast runner? Now, this is unexpected."

But for either Jun or Miki themselves, neither nor the girls bragging their skills, not with a tender personality like theirs anyway.

Before either the girls or the rappers say anything, they're interrupted by a voice, as if we're to leave them alone in a more mannered tone.

"Um… Excuse me, but can you guys stop that?"

They all turned to see Izuku, who seems to be shaking in fear as he tries to muster his courage whether his friends are in danger.

"Izuku? What are you doing now!" Miki exclaimed in a now worried state seeing her childhood and admire crush once again risking his life to do something so reckless? Even getting himself killed as well.

"Izuku!? Don't you know this is too risking!?" Jun exclaimed as well, knowing that Izuku has suffered a painful yet traumatic experience. But putting out his courage in a condition like this is fairly too dangerous. Even Miki, Jun nor his mother couldn't bear to see him like this.

Before Izuku tries to respond to their questions, one of the rappers asked in an intimidating manner, "So what, do you just pop out of the sea or something, Mr. Mermaid?"

Despite the rude comment, Izuku doesn't seem to resent that but found it funny so he decides to humor back. But not what he's expecting for.

"What? Me a mermaid? No, I'm not a mermaid! I'm a superhero! Mr. Superhero, that's my name! Soring through the skies and arrive to save the day! Never fear for I AM HERE! HAHAHAHAHA!" Izuku shouted with all of the energy for a high-pitched voice while throwing his arms into the air while making the same stances as how All-Might always does.

But what he does makes all of his good witting jokes, are complete trash to anyone who hears it. And the meaning for it, Izuku has done a truly foolish thing. He did nothing but to add more fume to the fire. It also means, he's playing with fire all the whole time.

That's was total silence in the docks right now. Only water seems to slightly push back as it randomly moves the debris such as cans and bottles around by hitting the beams of the docks.

For Izuku's childhood friends, Miki and Jun couldn't believe it! Izuku just told the most ridiculous, and if not the lamest joke ever! They all thought at the same time as they face-palm in utter disbelief and embarrassment. 'He's so screwed now.'

And for the rappers, well you know how they felt about his jokes. Then Wamu shouted to Izuku in a more annoyed tone, who seem to be 'sick' of his lousy humor. "The hell is that goddamn joke! Who do you think you're huh? Some sort of a Quirk wannabe like All-Might! You can shut up and go back where ya come from, bitch!"

Realizes his jokes were a complete bust, Izuku has a comedic expression of horror as face turns pale white before they grab and drag him before hurling him unto a small boat as they begin to throw boards at Izuku.

"Oh no! Izuku!" Miki gasped in helplessness as she watched her childhood friend been attacked without any intervention neither her nor any else to helped.

Jun gasped as she held her hand to her mouth, as she watches in complete helplessness as she prays desperately for anyone to show up and save the day.

Well, fortunately, it seems that her prayers have somewhat seemed to be answered.

*Buddy Ryo – DEVILMAN crybaby*

All of a sudden, they heard of what it might sound like a roaring engine if the driver is coming down to their direction. The rappers manage to stop their throwing unto Izuku if it means they're in a careful and alert stance. The girls ponder on why someone would drive so recklessly came to a narrow space like the place they're in. And more importantly, who the driver exactly is and how to do this person know where there.

And there it was. A white-colored sports car Orochi model, which could put anyone into shamed that they couldn't afford such an outrageous price. Even the rappers and the girls themselves as well.

Then out of the completely white-colored car, came out a beautiful blonde woman with a stunning blue eye, where her face is heart-shaped and her outstanding long rich-golden hair until it's half-back. The dress that she wears is a tight-black dress highlighting her seemly divine beauty underneath her white trench coat.

In the docks bellowed, the rappers were completely spell bounded if she's a beauty queen for a fashion model. And for Wamu, it seems that he was seemingly mesmerized by this blonde 'chick' there.

For the girls, they never saw such a beautiful woman before. But of all sudden, they could have sworn that they met this person before, but they couldn't figure out where or since when. Then it was interrupted that the blonde is seemed to be desperately searching for someone. But when she calls a name so familiar.

"Izuku!" Ran shouted as she continued. "Izuku, where're you!?"

This has caused a stir among Miki, Jun, and the rappers. Does this woman meet him somewhere before? A friend or a secret admirer? Surely, Izuku must have met her before.

"Whoa, hello there hot mama!" Wamu shouted as he tries to flirt the mysterious newcomer while the other rappers standstill as they too were awestruck by her as well. As Izuku started to recover from the broads that the rappers throw, in an instant, he recognizes this beautiful woman. "Doesn't seem too hot for you in the summertime, my dear ice baby doll?"

Not only Jun and Miki facepalmed at Wamu's lamest sense of wooing over a girl, but the blonde beauty also seems to be disgusted with disdain and annoyance at the white-cap rapper's comment.

"Uh, Ran?" Izuku called out the familiar face of the beautiful blonde. "Is that you?"

"Huh?" Not only Miki was surprised to see Izuku remembering this beauty, but also Jun and the rappers follow at the same moment as well. "Eh?"

"Izuku, come on let's go!" Ran shouted as she reaches out her hand if something truly urgent.

"W-What. Hey, come on baby! We're in the middle of something here!" Wamu shouted to Lan.

Ran had simply enough of this primitive freeloader's boasting, so she held out a machine gun and aim directly at them before they tried to do something stupid. "I suggest that you swine stand quiet now for the time being." Ran said in a more threatening and territorial tone to the rappers below her feet.

"What the hell did she say!" One of the rappers with the pink shirt who seems to be panicking as Izuku makes a run for it as he started to climb the stairs, desperately escape from the rapper's clutches on time. But seeing his longtime friend, he felt he never got the chance to see her again.

"Ran!" Izuku shouted started to rush toward the blonde as she too welcomes him back with open arms and shouting his name as well. "Izuku!"

The two embrace each other before twirling around if they felt like they're separate ever since. But luck does reveal the most unexpected ways far imaginable. But for Miki and Jun, as well for Wamu, they started to feel a bit of disappointment, and if not, a tinge of jealousy.

"Oh, Lan! I never will have thought I'll ever see you again!" Izuku has never felt so much happiness when seeing his friend and if not secret crush again.

"Mine as well too for you Izuku!" Ran replied to the exact thing to Izuku. Then suddenly of her mind, she almost forgets her mission. "By the way, Izuku. We have to go now!"

Izuku never heard Ran's voice before, as she was on a mission so crucially important of her studies somehow. But anyway, this new case seems to get Izuku's interest as well.

Before they made way to the Orochi, Miki called out to Izuku, as she demands an answer of just who's is this 'Ran' anyway. "Izuku hold on, just who is this person anyway!"

"Her name is Ran Asuka. She's the same age as me. Not only that, but she's also a professor in the United States and a colleague with Jun's parents as well!" Izuku started to explain everything before Ran asked him to get in the car.

"Ran Asuka," Jun mutters quietly as her mind started to piece itself together until fully realizing her in memory as well. 'It can't be... then it's must be really Ran!'

Just before Jun could at least have the chance to get Ran's attention, in hopes that she'll recognize her and Miki as well since the fateful day that Izuku defends them with his life. And also the wellbeing of her parents, who've been gone away while she stayed with the Makimuras. However, unfortunately, Ran seems to be far focused on Izuku then his childhood friends behind.

"Hey wait! We're not done yet!" Wamu shouted as he tried to gain attention but like how Ran threaten strangers before, she draws her machine gun to aim and opens fire as she shoots the wooden docks bellow which destroys part of it. "Whoa, whoa!" Wamu exclaimed panicky as well the other rappers started to lose their confidence as they almost lose their footings. "Chill down honey! Take it easy!"

"Like I said before. You swine should have stand quiet for now." Ran threatens the rappers once more in a more malice tone as she before she asked Izuku to get into the sports car with him been in the front passenger seat as well. "Anyway, get in Izuku. Let's go."

"No Izuku! Don't go! Don't go out with a person like that!" Miki shouted as she tried to reach them in the nick of time, but it was too late. Both Izuku and Ran are already left as the Orochi sped off at such an amazing speed, as it leaves only Miki, Jun, and the three rappers behind.

She was too late. She couldn't be able to reach to protect Izuku from an unknown person on time. And if not, what will happen if this person whom she never met before might do something harmful to him.

Then Miki turns to face the rappers with a sour expression. They're the reason why Izuku was taken off by an unknown stranger who came out of the blue. "Oh great, now they're gone! And now look what you guys have done!" Miki shouted with accusation at the rappers for their stupidest gambling for making her time goes to waste.

Then without any hesitation, Miki sped off to catch up with Ran's sports car just on time, hoping that it'll be stopped where there're any traffic lights either they're in the city's streets.

"Miki!" Jun shouted at Miki, who ran so fast enough as she desperately has to defend her beloved friend, and if not her only childhood crush. "Miki wait up! Don't forget about me too!" Jun said the exact thing as she tries to keep up with the Witch of the Running Tracks as well before disappearing as well.

10 Minutes Ago

After the scuffle incident on the docks from a few minutes ago, Izuku and Ran were already on their destination on their journey to the unknown.

"Hey, mom!" Izuku has a conversation with his mother on his iPhone, just to keep her serene that he'll be arriving home late. "I'm letting you know that I'm going to be late for home so don't worry about me. I'm going to be fine. And guess what. I'm bumped to Miki and Jun, but also Ran as well."

When he finished his call, he went to his position as he watches silently around his surroundings. And throughout the ongoing destination trip, neither Izuku nor Ran said a word. But's that's until Izuku finally broke the silence.

"Hey, Ran, since when did you come back?" Izuku said with curiosity on wondering how many years his friend is gone away since she moves with a new guardian.

"Not a long time ago, of course." Ran replied, which much to Izuku's surprise as well.

"Um Ran, is that a gun…?" said Izuku who's more surprised to see his friend wielding such as a dangerous and deadly weapon.

"It's a machine gun, Izuku," said Ran who corrected Izuku's questions about the variable types of arsenal weaponry. "Yea, I know but-", Izuku's comment seems to be cut off when Ran started to cut in as well on his comment. "You can't survive by obeying the laws or even trust on your greatest heroes either."

This seems to be, if not make Izuku confessed by Ran's statement about using modern-aged technological weapons for self-defense by not obeying the law or even from Heroes alike. But he's willing to hear about her case if for the better good or the worst for his part.

"Izuku, why do you want to be a Hero without a Quirk?" Izuku was taken surprised by Ran's question as he also remembers he was questioned by the same topic. But after that fateful incident, he decided to muster all of his strength and replies neutrally to hide the embarrassment. "Actually, I've got that question a lot."

"Even though the majority of human beings, who had remarkable Quirk-like abilities, but their abilities of movement and strength of homo sapiens are considered limited. Comparing to the vast wild animals from around the world, they're no match for the speed, strength, and intelligence of the animal kingdom either.", Ran made a statement that even human beings who have Quirk abilities, but their human instincts were purely weak when pitting against a new type of animal species far unknown of their understanding.

"Weapons and vehicles are what bring out the best abilities of human beings." Ran continues her monologue before jumping into another statement that revolves around modern-aged weaponry is that considered to be mankind's greatest achievement. But to Ran, she considered both Quirk abilities and modern weaponry are useless in case of an impending confrontation with forces unknown.

"But Ran, why tell me now. What's going exactly." Izuku questions Ran on the situation that's now at hand.

Finally, Ran said to Izuku, "What if I were to tell you a way to seek the power you truly desired?"

The last sentence that Ran has spoken, makes Izuku wonders what sort of methods to achieve the power he desperately needed to prove how wrong the world is. And during the trip, neither nor Izuku or Ran has spoken to each other.

Finally, they arrived at their destination. The scenery seems to give an ominous feeling as there're ruins of an abandoned church. The place gets even darker and creepier as they parked their car in somewhat the middle of nowhere. Once leaving out from the car, they walk among some dark alleys which they could at least see some lightening that's small enough for them to see.

For Izuku's case, the eerier this place seems to be, he could've at least looking forward by heading home soon. But Izuku doesn't want to embarrass himself in front of his close-friend and secret love interest. Back then, Izuku was never been popular with any kind of girl. They often looked down on himself of how delusional his superhero fantasies are or how unattractive he is.

But expect for Miki, Jun, and if not of all, Ran as well. They're the only people who accept him as a friend even he's not born with a Quirk. And if not, the only people whom he truly in love with. Or perhaps someday, he might have the courage by asking one of them for a date. But's that will be for another time.

Later, they found an arrow that's in phosphorescent red color painted on the walls. They begin venturing down the alleys until they reach a couple of double doors which it's used for churches. They finally arrived at their destination.

Before entering the doors of what lies behind, Ran looks back at Izuku with a solemn expression. Whether this 'plan' might eventually work or not, she hopes that Izuku might be to forgive her even something horrible happens to him or his family.

"Izuku, please forgive me for dragging you into this." Ran said with a sudden tone which can be described as sorrow and guilt. "I'm not sure if this will work, but there're grave consequences, you couldn't imagine. You could be killed in an instance or even far worst if only you succeed by obtaining the power you truly wished for."

"Yeah, but Ran why me?" Izuku asked.

"It's because you're my only friend. And I always wanted to help you until the very end. If possible, I too wanted to discover the truth and unlocks your greatest potentials. You're the only one whom I truly trusted." Then Ran placed her hands unto Izuku's shoulders as she's begging him. "So please! Will you help me. And once this over, you'll finally show the world how wrong they are."

"Really Ran, you really mean it?" Izuku was flattered by someone who's more an important figure than other than Ran herself. "And if that so, then thank you! I always trust you Ran!"

'Oh, Izuku.' Ran though of how royalty her childhood friend to be. Because he's willing to push the line to defend the people who he trusted and loved the most.

"Thank you so much, Izuku!" Ran exclaimed with a smile on her face before she turns to the double red-color doors. She took out her camera before entering the door of what lays behind. "There's no turning back now. We're going to find your true powers once and for all!"

*Sabbath I – DEVILMAN crybaby*

As soon the double red doors open, Izuku's sensation kicks in if likes he never felt anything this before. The sound of techno-music from the place filled the young man's ears, as he also to sees the exotic colors blend and the smell of carnal relationships activities. Once entering through the doors, they found a vast room with neon lights were hung on the ceilings while most were attached on the back wall forming a somewhat seemingly feminine figure of some sort. Within the exotic party were partygoers as they are gathered varied, ranging from some with branded clothing while others seem to lack clothes as well.

As Izuku watch in utter dump stick at the sight, he seems to be lacking attention as he to be heading toward in a different direction. Until he met with a cute girl with blonde hair and a blue ribbon on her forehead.

"Here you are." Said the girl who suddenly appears to Izuku.

But the most ridiculous and the most embarrassing thing that this girl only dressed in her own panties while carrying a basket with many small pills. And by that moment, Izuku couldn't felt but feel ashamed and embarrassed while gazing back and down a woman's cleavages.

Then suddenly without knowing, the girl placed the pile in her mouth as she kissed Izuku passionately as the surprise had caught him off-guard as he accidentally swallowed the drug pill before he tried to get rid of the drug that he swallowed. The girl watches in amusement and laughs a little while watching Izuku's funniest and adorable reaction as he panicky tried to take the pill out of his body that he swallowed.

"Is this his first time here?" The girl at the party asked Ran.

"Yes, his girlfriend had dumped him." Ran response while trying to hide her annoyance.

"He's cute. I hope that you bumped me again later!" Said the girl in a flirting tone as she left off into the horde of partygoers.

"Ran, what's going here?" Asked Izuku as he follows his friend through the crowd. "I thought that we're here to find my true power?"

"It's called the Sabbath," Ran explained while sitting in one of the seats that are available. "Mostly it's the most recent and popular parties."

"But Ran, I don't really get this," Izuku said to Ran while sitting next to her, while his cheeks started to blush madly as his glance caught a pair of two women who're having sexual intimate at each other. "But why bringing me here in the first place."

"Is because we're here to invoke a demon." Ran explains to Izuku while drinking a glass of liquor. "But this is too tame for demons to show up in an environment just like this."

Izuku couldn't hear or understand what Ran had said, as the pill that he shallowed from earlier started to take effect on him as his visions become somewhat blurring and mostly energetic as his head started to feel like a drum beating.

"Uh…Ran?" Izuku tried to call out her name, but instead, his verbal response was quiet even his blonde friend couldn't hear from his lips.

Then all of a sudden, it came without warning.


A scream that can be heard, if it were a sign of someone broke a bottle of liquor and started stabbing bystanders at the party.

Izuku's instincts told him that he must act fast as he tried to find and stopped the assailant from hurting more innocent people.

"Demons love the smell of blood." Ran said as she smiles wickedly while licking her lips while she sits on her seats.

"What's wrong!"

"What happen!"

"There's blood!"

The reactions of the Sabbath's partygoers that's spirally out of control. Some of the Sabbath guests seem to be panicking while others unnoticed the fiasco that's happening due to the effect of the drugs or having time in sexual practices.

"Both the Black Mass and the Sabbath come with blood!" The assailant shouted while the individual continues stabbing random people in his path.

"Blood! Blood! Blood!" These are the only words that this attempted murderer shouted if the subject was in a trance of some sort.

Just in the nick of time, Izuku manages to grab and immobilizes the assailant before he causes more sustainable injuries. "Stop it! Stop this right now!" Izuku shouted while trying to hold on the perpetrator as he attempts to stab more people alike.

"They're all scum anyway." The murder weapon-wielding individual said without any hint of any care while been immobilized, as he's didn't even feel about doing it. "There's no need to be sad."

Then suddenly, an individual show up while having a baseball and have a very ticked off expression on his face.

"You're the one who's scum!"


After the individual hits the broken bottle wielder with a bat, he spilled out blood and a tooth at the process, before collapsing to the floor.

Some of the perpetrator's blood land on Izuku, as he doesn't seem to be worry just now because there're many people who're injured from the stabbed wound. But tending their help might seem impossible.

"Hey, are you alright?" Izuku shouted as he rushed to help, but many were already violated, and they couldn't distinguish between friend or foe.

"You want a piece of this!" Shouted the person who grabbed Izuku by the jacket and throws him over.

When the young man tries to get up, some of the partygoers started to take the opportunity as someone almost beats him, some threw glass bottles at him and somebody almost tripped him as he tried to regain balance. While been beaten up by the partygoers, he landed upon something he clings on nearby.

"Oh, do you wanted to touch my boobs?" The voice seems to be amused with grace. It belongs to the girl from earlier before. And this time, he landed on her cleavages. Then she said to Izuku with a hint of sarcasm and warning. "Look behind you."

Looking back at what the girl said, he saw the same individual before as he hit Izuku with full force which in the process cause him to bleed.

"Take that!"


Soon the whole place began an uproar as the party enters into complete anarchy.

"Hahahahaha!" The girl began to laugh as it's becoming more manically. Then in a split-second, she became silent for a few minutes.

*Possession – DEVILMAN crybaby*

Then without warning, her groin started to spit out a large amount of liquid unto the ground as she started to convulse. She opened her mouth which it's sound belong to that of an animal as her eyes rolled over and over again before her right eye begin to lengthen at impossible levels so much like her tongue. Then her breasts started to transform in a more hideous feature as her nipples puckered as it develops a large row of sharp-razor fangs and eyes as well.

The girl from the party has transformed into a monstrosity that couldn't be described. And without compunction, one of her breasts devoured on one of the partygoers' heads.



Then all hell had broken loose.

"It's already started." Ran said in an excited tone while witnessing the view of the chaos.

Demons starting to emerge everywhere. Some have a monstrous appearance as they possess their human hosts while others tend to devour the partygoers as they transformed earlier.

Many of the partygoers try to evade the severed bodies as they've desperately tried to escape. Some hurled against the concrete structure of the walls as they tried to survive but unfortunately couldn't.

Ran witness the entire massacre as she held out her camera from her jacket as she was filming the gruesome incident.

"Amon! Now, this is your chance!" Ran shouted excitedly. "You must possess Izuku! Amon!"

As many partygoers tried desperately to escape from the demons, Izuku watched in utter horror and disbelief as dismembered bodies fly everywhere while his face is covered with blood and his expression seems to be almost traumatized by witnessing the carnage in front of his own eyes.

Then without warning, a massive bird-like demon swoops in before extending its claws and its jaws as it tries to devour Ran while she constantly fired her machine gun upon several demons who're cornering her near a church's auditorium. But when the massive demon-like bird landed, it was killed by the rapid bullet that Ran fired upon with her machine gun. And because of the demon-monster bird's massive corpse, Ran struggles to break free. But to make things matter worse, a demon with the featuring of a caterpillar and crocodile crawl toward the demon corpse and Ran as well if it were trying to devour both the demon and the blonde woman as well.

"Ran!" Izuku shouted as he rushed to save his friend.

Izuku sprints with all of his might that his legs give him enough energy, but it didn't seem to be in progress for the slightest. The demons are everywhere as there're no more places to run or a place to hide. Everywhere, and everything is covered in entire darkness. And the worst part of all is that he felt a powerful demon is looming upon him while lunging toward him with its jaws ready to devour him in a single gulp.

If he thinks that he's about to be shallow or devour alive, then the worstest part to come as Izuku begins to hear voices echoing through his mind as if the echoing shows nothing by taunts, scorn, contempt, and mockeries he once endured from the past, now has come from the depth gates of Hell itself.

Those voices belong to non-other than the peoples, along with his peers, his bully Katsuki, his mother, and what's even worst, even his greatest idol All Might himself, who's already told him that it's meaningless and even judging him of how spoiled, stubborn, misunderstood, misguided, and foolish the young shonen protagonist's persona truly is.

"You should probably give up."

"It's time for you to think seriously about your future."

"Huh? Midoriya? No way!"

"He still can't face reality, even though he's already the third year in Junior High."

"You're below the rejects! You're Quirkless! How can you even stand in the same ring as me? What can you even DO! DEKU!"

"I'm sorry, Izuku! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Pro-Heroes are always risking their lives. I cannot simply say, "You can become a Hero even without powers… It's not bad to dream. But you also have to consider what's realistic, young man."

Instantaneously, without warning Izuku's mind started to be broken down, as he makes a bloodcurdling scream as tears started to fall from his terrified eyes, knowing that his impending doom has already unfolded before him, seemingly ready to leave this cruel world.



Suddenly, out of the darkness, red lightning makes itself known within the darken void as well.

And when the lightning in his mind appears, Izuku's life has forever changed. Not only his gaze had changed, but his whole body and his soul as well.

*D.V.M.N. – DEVILMAN crybaby*

"Haaaaa….Haaaaa…." Izuku breathed heavily as clutches on the jaws of the demon while his gaze devoid any sigh of mercy, all that is seen with an unnatural thirst for blood as his fangs protruded from his mouth whereas his eyes have mark underneath.


With of his might, Izuku roar in pure fury and euphoria as he started to tear off the demon's mouth while tearing it horizontally in a single movement as its separately from its upper part from the lower one while it's top half makes impact unto the pool of its own pool of own blood and fluid with a heavy blow right next to its other half.


Izuku breathes heavily as the demon he tore earlier as its efforts were nothing for him. They were never compared to him. Then all of a sudden, in less than a few seconds, his whole body started to morph rapidly into a much more demonic, and bestial appearance. In the back rear, his hair starts runs wild as it came alive before becoming a pair of two black wings while his face turns into a more humanoid yet canine-alike featuring. His skin turned gray as his body grew in structure and masculine. Two distinguish black marks make itself present on his shoulders. And in his lower half was covered with black fur and a tail emerged from his lower back.

Now his transformation is fully completed, Izuku then railed back as he roared out to demonstrate his newly-founded raw power and ability with all of his ferociously yet demonic might to the world!


"Amon?" One of the demons asked as all of the entire demons watch in dumbfounded by the sight of their greatest champion, to make his grand entrance after possessing a mere weaker human.

The response he received was almost immediate, a hand with razor-sharp claws pierced the demon's solar plexus as if it doesn't have any bones. But he precise it like a skilled surgeon by removing the heart, while the organ still throbbing in his hand without removing his arm from the demon's chest.

Without any sign of remorse or mercy, he crushed the beating heart as he removes his outstretched arm from the demon's lifeless corpse. Then he ran to another demon by holding its head before crushing it to a nearby wall as its yellow blood stained the structure wall.

A skeleton-like demon tried to attack Izuku with numerous thorns from its head, but luckily, Izuku already senses the upcoming attack before dodging in an instance with a mighty leap to avoid the incoming arrows. Continually the arrows pin some nearby bystanders to the wall as their blood drip down. By leaping out of harm's way, Midoriya then took the demon with both of his bare hands as he begins to stretch it before all of its blood sprayed everywhere.

Izuku then leaped against a lizard-like demon as he pinned it to the ground. As the demon struggled to be free from his bondage, then without hesitation, he incrusted his fangs unto the devil's throat before he ripped off the trachea in where the poor demon attempts to stop the bleeding with his bare hands but couldn't as it dies in the pool of its own blood.

This is the first time that the demons have never felt before.

It was fear...

But not some mocked-up fear... but this time, it's truly a genuine fear...

They never felt anything like it since their existence, nor ever have any experience of encountering a being before, such as that monstrosity in front of them right now.

Izuku doesn't care about the fear of his prey around the environment, this somewhat excites him even more as he begins to murder… no, but to massacre every single demon with his own bare hands! Rip and tear, until it is DONE!

From left and right, severed body parts flew everywhere. Some of the demons' corpse had clean cuts, while others prized turned by his jaws. Most of the demons are entirely dead while others soon to meet their own fate as they were already been taken care of.

Blood had already begun to fall from the ceiling as to where the bodies of some demons that's already been severed by Izuku himself. And now, the neon lights were all covered with red as blood and the awful stench of iron and visors filled the entire dance room before golfing with flames.

From the bottom, Ran saw the demon that's front of her what was once her only friend and dearest love had become.

'I've turned Izuku into a demon.' Ran thought in her mind. 'And perhaps I might have created, the most powerful, ruthless, and brutal demon in this world.'

This is the only thing that she thinks of when seeing that his sadistic smile from the demon never seems to fade away. But's when he started approaching right toward her in an instance.

Then Ran's mind started panicky as she needs to get the hell out of here but the demon's corpse that's immobilizes her unable to escape, as she fears but certain death. But her destiny never came as the demon took the deceased demon body as he tosses it aside without any difficulties. Like it seems to be nothing.

Ran stared in utter amazement but soon becoming alarmed as he reached out his hand to her. She took the demon's gesture as an offering for safety with doubt, as he was not only massive in size but also callous and vicious when it came to fighting. But when she touched the demon's hand, she felt a strange feeling within her. The feeling is…warmth.

When she looked into the demon's eyes, she could at least saw indescribable happiness as she did not know the true meaning of his smile. But Ran knew that the gentle and sensitive Izuku Midoriya will never find pleasure in battle and delights in the carnage and destruction he caused.

But this time, it seems that he managed to retain his essence.

Then without any kind of permission or hesitation, the devil wrapped the dumbfounded blonde by the waist with his hand as he pulled her closer to his body. While been surprised by the demon's unnatural behavior, his eyes started to loosen a bit as he pressed his lips against hers.

*Devilman No Uta – DEVILMAN crybaby*

(Are wa dare da Are wa dare da)

The screen showed Izuku in an ominous background where a shadow of a mighty demon Zennon towering over him. Then the camera zooms in closer and closer.

(Are wa Debiru Debiruman Debiruman)

Then Izuku turns over his head with a serious expression on his face before he turns into Devilman as he smiles wickedly as he swipes his claws at the screen. Then the title, "The Demon Hero: Devilman" appears.

(Uragirimono no na wo ukete

Subete wo sutete tatakau otoko)

Devilman was running as he stopped in his tracks as he glances back with a glaring expression as numerous demons are right upon him before the lightning struck. Then the demon leaped into the air before a fierce battle to the death begins.

(Debiru Arrow wa chouonpa

Debiru Ear wa jigokumimi

Debiru Wingu wa sora wo tobi

Debiru Biimu wa netsu kousen)

Devilman had unleashed a vicious onslaught upon variable demons as he punches and kicks before a swarm of demons approach him. Then Devilman unleashes his devastating power as he stretches out both of his arms and opens his mouth wide before spewing a powerful flaming ray as it disintegrated the demons.

(Akuma no chikara mi ni tsuketa

Seigi no hero Debiruman Debiruman)

In an ocean, Devilman was soaring through the skies until a massive sea serpent-like demon broke through the water surfaces as it bites him before dragging underwater. While been submerged by the serpent demon as it attempts to strangle him, Devilman has the upper hand before tearing into pieces with all of his might.

(Hajimete shitta hito no ai

Sono yasashisa ni mezameta otoko)

The next scene has shown Izuku as he smiles while looking into the images of his beloved girlfriends on his iPhone. The images on Izuku's cell phone shown random photographs as it changes to Ran, who smiled mysteriously at the camera, Miko, Miki, and Jun in their Kamigaku Running Track uniform, and lastly, it shows Uraraka, Momo, Tsuyu, Mina, Jiro, and Toru in their variable colored prom-dresses.

(Debiru Choppu wa panchiryoku

Debiru kikku wa hakairyoku

Debiru ai nara toushiryoku

Debiru katta wa iwa kudaku)

In the flaming background, Devilman grinned madly while Ran fires her machine gun upon the demons, while All-Might and the rest of Class 1-A students in their superhero costumes having serious, worried, and anger expression as they confront an army of villains while as Shigaraki and All-For-One stood alongside with each other as Tomura grin wickedly before they're interrupted by Devilman, who's soaring straight right toward them along with Ran who's riding on his back, as the Class 1-A students have happy and/or relief and All-Might seem impressed while Tomura and the villains have the looks of horror and/or fear in their faces.

(Akuma no chikara mi ni tsuketa

Seigi no hero Debiruman Debiruman)

Then out of the sky, Devilman swoops down in a horizontal left and right angle as he's about to touch down. Then the camera shows Devilman's face as his eyes are that are leaking with tears while expressing a serious look before it zooms out which it depicts to shown Ran, with a neutral expression, is seen comforting him along at this side as it was focusing on them.


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For Izuku Midoriya's characteristic role for this story, he will be serious, cunning, sarcastic, sadistic, and cold-blooded as well. The inspiration behind his personality is from the characters of Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson), James Bond 007 (Timothy Dalton), and Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall). Combing all which already makes Izuku as your typical vigilante playboy half-man and half-demon anti-hero, who's seem to be a sociopathic view of justice where the Heroes were focusing on reducing criminal activities while he keeps man-eating demons on check making sure they don't try to destroy both mankind and the world.

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- Mina Ashido

- Tsuyu Aida

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