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Mina grinned as she looked at herself in the mirror. Despite having to wear the white turtleneck shirt with a blue sleeveless dress over that, she looked great. The bathroom door opened and her best friend Rei walked in.

"Why are you grinning like a love-struck fool, Min? I don't see how you could be happy at all when having to wear your uniform." Rei, who was putting on lip-gloss, pouted at her reflection before smiling.

"Trowa and I are going out after school!" Mina giggled as she leaned against the mirror. Rei looked at her friend before rolling her eyes and smiling.

"The two of you have been together since middle school, and you still get all giggly when he asks you out. You are odd Min, really odd." The two of them left the bathroom and walked through the cafeteria.

"Re, let's skip school! We only have gym and algebra left, so let's go!" The two of them stopped in front of Rei's locker, and she got out their coats. They both pulled their coats on before going outside.

"I'm only doing this because I hate algebra." Rei muttered as the two of them sat down on the swings. Mina glanced at her before laughing.

"You just want to see Wufei!" Rei blushed and tried her best to hide it. Mina's laughter attracted a group of boys who were walking by the school. Mina jumped up at seeing them enter the school grounds, and Rei stood up next to her, brushing off the imaginary dust that was on her dress. Mina began waving her arms like a madwoman trying to get their attention, as if they couldn't see her already.

"What are you two doing outside?" Quatre asked as they stopped near the girls.

"We were coming to bust you outta jail!" Duo grinned as he hugged the two girls. Mina then tackled Trowa and hugged him tightly.

"What are we doing out? What about you guys?" Rei asked as Wufei wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Trowa and Wufei are cutting class, Duo got suspended again for blowing up the science lab, same with Heero but instead he was hacking into the school's computer, and all my classes are done for the day." Quatre said as they all started to leave the school grounds, before a high-pitched wail came from behind them.

"Oh! I knew we were forgetting something." They all turned to see Usagi running towards them with a teacher chasing her.

"Oh shit." Duo mumbled. Usagi was never good at sneaking out. Hell, she probably didn't know that sneaking out meant you weren't supposed to get caught. They boys of course weren't allowed on the school's grounds unless for a dance or carnival.

"Baka Odango Atama." Rei groaned.

"Let's regroup at Ami and Mako's place, ok?" Mina asked. The others nodded before running off in different directions. Duo of course had to wait for Usagi before they could ditch the teacher.

Mina followed Trowa out the main gate and down the street a ways before they stopped in front of his black motorcycle. He climbed on and put on his helmet while Mina hopped on behind him, pulling on her helmet as well.

"Ready?" He started up the bike, and she wrapped her arms around his waist. Mina sat there quietly for a moment thinking, before a big grin appeared on her face.

"Screw the others! Let's go on our date now!"


*An hour later*

"Where the hell are they?!" Rei demanded as she slammed her cup down on the counter.

"They're on their date." Ami said as she leaned on the counter.

(AN: My first AN ever! ^^ Anywayz, Ami and Makoto only go to school at night and during the day, they run a coffee shop.)

"How'd you know that?" Usagi blinked, a cookie halfway to her mouth.

"She just paged me. She also said that Trowa was going to teach her how to ride his bike." Makoto said as she gave an older lady her coffee.

"What?! That thing is dangerous! She could be hurt!" Rei yelled, causing some people to look strangely at her.

"That doesn't stop you from riding one." Duo grinned at seeing her blush. The phone rang and Ami left to answer it. She came back a minute later, her face pale and tears in her eyes.

"What is it?" Quatre asked he set his coffee down on the counter.

"M-Mina's in the hospital."


Mina grinned as she sat on the motorcycle.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Trowa asked yet again, obviously concerned.

"Hell yeah!" Mina revved the engine before taking off down the empty parking lot.


Mina turned tightly around a lamppost, causing the tires to squeal loudly. She sped off back the way she came and past Trowa. Turning her head, she flashed him a grin through her helmet, along with a victory sign. For some reason though, he was shouting something and running after her. Turning back around, her heart stopped as she saw a semi-truck pull out in front of her.

Trying not to panic, she grabbed the brake and tried to turn the bike out of the way, but it was too late. She knew that she was going to die.


Trowa willed himself to move faster, knowing that he would never reach her in time. He couldn't watch her hit the truck; he just couldn't...yet he watched. No word could describe what happened. One moment he stood there in shock, the next he was under the truck, kneeling over his fallen love. "Mina! Mina wake up!" His hand rested on her bloodied cheek and his heart slowly shattered.

"W-What happened?" The pudgy truck driver asked as he bent down and looked under his truck. He never knew what he saw, for a fist met his eye causing him to stumble back. Going after the man, Trowa raised his fist again, but it suddenly dropped at hearing a low moan.

"Call an ambulance!" Trowa raced back to where Mina laid on the ground, and slowly half carrying, half dragging, he pulled her out from under the truck. He ripped off the bottom of his shirt and wrapped it around a deep gash in her arm that wouldn't stop bleeding.

"Mina, please forgive me." He mumbled as tears stained his face. He sat there quietly, just stroking her golden hair, until an ambulance showed up. After that, everything passed by quickly. One of the medics tried to stop him from getting in the back with her, but after looking at his face, he allowed him up in the ambulance.

As they arrived at the hospital, Trowa followed them to her room, and stood outside as the doctors and nurses rushed around their new patient, doing everything they could to save her. A short slim nurse came out and looked at him. "You were the one that came with her, right?" He nodded, not taking his eyes off of Mina. "Fill out these papers." He took them from her, and sat down on a chair across from the room and began to fill out the papers.

After filling out the papers, the nurse took them and left after showing him where the phone was. He could barely think, and he dialed a number, not even aware of who he was calling.

"Moshi moshi?" Ami's voice came over other end, sounding cheerful like usual.

"Mina's in the hospital. You and the others should come as soon as you can." With that, he hung up. He knew who he had to call next, Mina's parents. Yet, for some reason he couldn't. What would he say to them? 'I'm sorry but I put your only daughter in the hospital'? Shaking his head, he went back to his chair, he'd have Ami call them.

Minutes passed and nurses frequently left and re-entered the room. Loud voices filled the hallway, and he knew that the others had arrived. Getting up, he stood in the hallway waiting for them to get to him. Rei came up first and pulled her fist back only to send it flying forward, hitting him in the jaw. He just stood there, looking down at the floor as more tears spilled down his face.

"What the hell were you thinking?! Were you even thinking at all?! You knew she could have gotten hurt and yet you still let her ride your fucking motorcycle!" She screamed at him, tears running down her cheeks and coming together at her chin.

"Rei calm down!" Makoto held her back while Ami tried to sooth her distraught friend. Duo was holding a hysterical Usagi, Quatre was sniffing and trying not to cry, and Wufei and Heero stood there, taking everything in quietly. Minutes passed and everyone just stood there, trying to come to terms with what happened.

Usagi finally removed herself from Duo and stood in front of Trowa. She stood there looking at him for a moment, before moving his head up so she could look him in the eyes. Gasping, she took a step back to see tears falling out of his dull lifeless eyes. More tears escaped from her eyes as she hugged him tightly. For some reason, he broke down and began to cry, not caring that everyone was watching him. He stood there crying, and the petite blonde hugged him tighter.

"Don't blame yourself, Trowa." She whispered before finally letting go of him. "Did you call her parents yet?" He shook his head and she nodded before going off to where the phone was. Half an hour had passed before two frantic people dressed up for a cocktail party came rushing in.

"Where is she?!" The woman screeched as she came upon the group. Trowa was going to explain to her, when she slapped him. "You! This is all your fault!" She was becoming hysterical, and her husband and to keep her back, or else she would have pounced on Trowa and ripped him apart. Luckily for all of them, the doctor finally came out.

"How is she?" Mr. Aino asked as his wife sobbed in his arms.

"She is doing just fine. Seventeen stitches were used in sewing up her left arm. It'll heal with time, and there'll only be a small scar left. Right knee twisted and left ankle sprained. Her back is scraped and badly bruised, her ribs are cracked and her right side is also badly bruised." He paused for a moment, letting the information sink in. "She is going to be moved upstairs to a different room. No one is allowed to see her till tomorrow afternoon."

Mr. and Mrs. Aino decided to stay, along with Trowa. The others hugged Trowa, excluding Wufei and Heero, before leaving, promising to be back tomorrow afternoon. Trowa stood there silently after the others had left. Neither Mr. or Mrs. Aino would talk to him. Sighing, he looked at the room Mina was staying in, before finally deciding to go home.

*The next afternoon*

Trowa had ended up spending the night at Rei's temple, along with Usagi, Ami, and Makoto. The five of them were currently at the hospital, waiting outside Mina's room, because her parents wouldn't let her in. The doctor had gone in a minute ago and came back a bit later. They all entered after he left, and were surprised to see Mina awake.

Mina was sitting up in bed, her light blue eyes wide with curiosity as she looked at the people entering her room. Her Mom was sitting on her left, stroking her hand and whispering things in her ear. Mina just sat there, watching them for a few minutes, as if in thought, before shaking her head and sighing.

"I-Is there something wrong with Mina?" Rei asked as she slowly approached the bed.

"Mina has amnesia."


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