One Last Breath

Omg, guys, when I saw the ending of the movie I was crying. And I never cry. It was so touching! So I finally decided to write a fic. This is based just before David climbs into bed next to Monica after she dies when the big blue things (forgot what they're called) reincarnated her for that one day. David's POV at first, then it switches to narrator. The ending is kinda different from the movie, but it's so sweet.


I'll always be with you, Mommy. You loved me so much, you treated me, a mecha, as if I was a real little boy. They said that after this one day you would die. No, they're wrong! You can't die, you're too special. You' Mommy. The Blue Fairy might not have answered to my prayers of being real, but maybe she'll let you live. Because I love you, Mommy. I love you with everything I am.

Just now you snuggled under your covers and touched my face gently, saying you'd always loved me. Tears are filling my eyes. Don't go! Don't fall asleep! Please, don't! I need you! "Mommy," I manage to whisper. You sigh contently and close your eyes, and I know you're gone. Why?! Why did you have to die, Mommy?! I need you here, with me! Henry needs you, Dad needs you! You're the one keeping us all together, why must you leave us?

I remember one day a long time ago when I asked if you would ever die, and you said someday. Someday isn't allowed to come! You can't leave, you're supposed to avoid death and stay here! Please, don't... Come back. Come back to me.

But I know you can't. "Goodnight, Mommy. Goodnight. I love you." I whisper, crawling into bed next to you and snuggling into your limp arms.

I'll always be with you, Mommy.


With a soft cry, David took one last glance at his now gone, angelic, loving mother. Tears brimmed his eyes, and he cried. He cried to his heart's content inside. Gently, he raised one shaking hand to brush some chocolate locks of soft, wavy hair away from Monica's closed eyes. He closed his sapphire eyes, and took one last breath before letting himself travel to the place where dreams come true.

To the place he would see his mother.


And then, they could spend eternity together. Just him, and his Mommy.


That's it! I think this is sad...I got the chills while writing it. PLEASE r/r, this is my first AI fic!


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