Chapter 2: alternative ending ideas.

[In case no one offers to take the idea's in chapter 1 yet, here's a list of episodes that I have Idea's for something different that happens in them.]

Direction #1: if there's a certain number at the end of each title, that's how many new ideas I have for the episode actually end.

Direction: #2: if the idea seems a little too violent, at least try to find someone who will handle it.

Here's my list of alternate ending ideas.

1: Left in the dark.(2)

2: Making the case.(1)

3: Driving miss hazy.(1)

4: Project loud house.(1)

5: Sounds of silence.(1)

6: Ties that bind.(1)

7: Sleuth or consequences.(2)

8: Green House.(1)

9: Along came a sister.(1)

10: Cover girls.(1)

11: Save the date.(1)

12: April fools rules.(1)

13: Dance, dance, resolution.(1)

14: A tattler's tale.(1)

15: homespun.(2)

16: 11 louds a leapin.(1)

17: come sail away.(1)

18: Suite and sour.(3)

19: Vantastic voyage.(4)

20: lock n loud.(3)

21: No such luck.(1)

22: Frog wild.(1)

23: Party down.(2)

24: Fed up.(2)

25: Pulp friction.(2)

26: Potty mouth.(3)

27: L is for love.(1)

28: The whole picture.(1)

29: Fools paradise.(1)

30: Future tense.(3)

31: Lynner takes all.(2)

32: Yes Man.(1)

33: No laughing matter.(1)

34: The crying game.(1)

35: Insta-gran.(1)

36: Teachers union.(1)

37: Ruthless people.(1)

38: Crimes of fashion.(1)

39: House of lies.(1)

If anyone wants to know my Idea's for any of these episodes, please private message me.

To be continued.