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Chapter 6 The Cathedral

It seemed to take longer than he remembered to reach the boundary of the Dark Territory. He could hear the groaning of zombies as he crossed the line into the blackened burnt down forest. Harry pointed Kimiko at himself and intoned, "Incendium."

Incendium Charm Learned

Incendium Charm Level Max

+500 XP

53/5034 Magic Check Passed

Flames began to waft of his clothing and skin. Each step Harry took left fire in his wake. As the first zombie neared him Harry drew his sword bisecting the zombie from hip to shoulder in one motion.

+100 XP

The draw and slash were not nearly as smooth as he had hoped. It was most likely due to being held in his off-hand. Kimiko had claimed his main and she made it clear he would wield nothing else in that hand.

Harry cut down another zombie and a few more burned up in his trail of fire.

+100 XP (5)

He decided that there was no thrill in hunting down zombies and Kimiko urged him to move past them as well. He started to attack them at a run taking them down with a single swing of his sword. There was not any skill to it but with zombies, he did not need any. He was moving too quickly for them to even to react. The ones that did not get cut down were going up in flames when they got too close. He had gone through about 25 zombies as if they were made of paper. In almost no time at all, he arrived at the stairwell. The fire that had covered his body snuffed out as the spell wore off. It was for the best that he did not show up like a torch and that spell was not meant for tight spaces. He would bake himself to death if he down those stairs on fire.

Cathedral Level 1

Waypoint Added to Map!

Waypoints allow you to teleport to that location from anywhere.

Would you like to enter Cathedral Level 1?


Beware you CANNOT Apparate into or out of an Instance!

"Yes." The air in front of the staircase shimmered as Harry stepped through it. After he entered Harry turned back. The exit was a shadowy curtain that blocked his view of what lay behind it. There was scraping at the bottom of the stairs that grabbed Harry's attention. Whatever was down there was waiting for him to come out. The room he entered was pitch black as his eyes had yet to adjust to the darkness. The scraping stopped and the darkroom went silent. A growl came from behind him. Whatever It was, it was blocking the exit, then another to his left. A clank of metal made Harry turn right. Something jumped onto his back and bit into his shoulder causing Harry to scream out in pain.


Another latched onto his back leg and they were not letting go. It did not break the material of his clothes but it was still painful.

-14 HP

Harry let Kimiko guide him as he pointed the wand behind him. "Ignis," he thought as a stream of fire hit the creature that was latched onto his calf. The fire illuminated the room it had cobblestone walls and floors. It reminded him of the dungeons of Hogwarts.

Ignis Charm Learned

Ignis Charm Level Max

+500 XP

33/5034 Magic Check Passed

The creature cried out and retreated. Harry raised Kimiko to point over his shoulder. "Depulso." The banisher hit the creature in the face smashing it into the wall. Harry raised the Sword of Gryffindor on instinct to stop a cruel-looking curved blade. Wielding the blade was a creature that stood a few inches taller than Dobby. It had ram's horns on its head and blood-red skin.

Fallen One Level 16

They were once House Elves but have been corrupted by Dark Magic. All they want to do now is kill their former masters.

Harry snapped a kick to break the stalemate. It caught the creature in the chin taking a quarter of its health. As it stumbled backward Harry stabbed it in the chest taking the rest of its health.

+445 XP

+17 Galleons

Harry pulled the sword from its chest and spun around to see the other two. They were just ugly looking animals. They had no fur just blood red spiny skin and long black claws. One of them was on its last legs as it burned to death while the other was shaking off the bashing it took against the wall.

+481 XP

+48 Galleons

+12 Rusted Silver Butter Knives

+1 Broken Rusted Silver Pocket Watch

Scavenger Level 17

They were once cute little Nifflers but have been corrupted by Dark Magic. They have become greedy little thieves who will kill to get what they want.

The remaining scavenger had its own blood running down its chin and only a third of its health. It growled and leaped at Harry's throat.

"Diffindo!" Harry shouted in surprise the severing charm hit the Scavenger in the mouth removing its jaw. Its body dropped to the floor as if its strings were cut. As soon as it hit the ground the creature decayed into dust and bones.

+481 XP

+37 Galleons

+9 Rusted Silver Spoons

+5 gold earrings

+1 Topaz Shard

The fire faded out leaving him back in a dark room. Harry took a deep breath, "I was not prepared for that. That was just bonkers." He said as he leaned against the stone wall. He looked at the stairs that led up and out. It was all too tempting to give up and forget about all this craziness. All he had to do was go back up the stairs. Gaea would understand if he did not want to do this anymore. Kimiko hummed in agreement with his thoughts. She too would not think any less of him for not completing these quests. She and Gaea wanted him to be happy.

He tore his eyes away from the exit. He had never given up before and he has been through some shit. His whole life had been tough but he got through it and he did it on his own. But now he had someone who loved him and cherished him. Harry could not find it in himself to disappoint her. Gaea had given him the tools not only to succeed but to triumph and he would do just that, not for her but for himself. Harry could feel his magic building responding to his thoughts. It culminated in a bright sapphire glow that surrounded his body. He felt stronger and there was something else like he was healthier.

Virtus Charm Learned!

43/5034 Magic Check Passed

Virtus Charm Level 2.0/10


Virtus Charm - Infuses the target with vitality, increasing maximum health and Strength by 20% for 1 hour.

"Well, first I need to be able to see if I am going to keep fighting. I doubt Kimiko would even consider letting me use a Lumos Charm." Harry was not surprised at the wand's disgust at the mere suggestion of it. "So probably something with fire that won't bake me alive in this place. Wait what was that one that Hermione used to read with? She could put it in a bottle or make it float in the air over her. She never showed me how to cast it."

Harry thought on the spell, he imagined the cool floating ball of blue flame. It did not take long for the game to respond as he stuck his wand out and conjured the flame. It floated up to rest two feet over Harry's head.

Azur Globus Conjuration Learned!

24/5034 Magic Check Passed

3.8/4.1 Transfiguration Skill Check Passed

Lesser Elemental Conjuration (3.8) Average Quality

The blueball flame cast an eerie pale light over the room. If anything it made the dungeon feel all the more threatening. He turned to the door and took a deep breath. Whatever was on the other side was trying to get in. He had blocked it out before but now he could hear them banging and clawing at it. He was not going to walk out like before. This time he was going on the attack.


The door blew off its hinges crushing the dark creature behind it. A skeleton rushed through the open doorway. "Let me at'em," it screamed with an ax raised high. There were several more waiting behind him.

Skeleton Level 16

They were once lowly zombies but that was before they shed their mortal skin. They have been around long enough to have simple thoughts and form simple sentences. They tend to repeat themselves.

Ignis, Harry thought. The flamethrower spell as he lovingly called it. Flames streamed out of Kimiko hitting the charging Undead and the others behind him. The fire blasted through the door filling the hallway behind it. The Skeleton and its ax melted down to slag before he could get to Harry.

"No think of the children," one of the dying skeletons screamed. The fire cut out as the spell ended leaving the skeletons as ash.

445 XP (5)

+26 Galleons

+2 Rusty Ax

A scavenger came barreling through the doorway slightly flame. "Diffindo," Harry shouted. The spell missed only cutting the flank of the beast but it was enough to make it trip. A second ran over the top of it leaping at Harry to bite down on his wand arm.

-23 HP

Harry screamed out in pain as he lashed out with his sword cutting the beasts head off. He then stabbed down to kill the one on the floor. A third feral beast was in the air going for his throat. The damn things could jump like ten feet.

"Arresto Momentum," the spell hit the bloody thing causing it to slowly float towards Harry. A quick swipe with the Sword of Gryffindor ended the scavengers life.

+481 XP (3)

+347 Galleons

+15 Rusted Silver Spoons

+5 gold trinkets

+2 Topaz Shard

Moaning and groaning caught Harry's attention as he stepped into the hallway. "Ugh, it had to be zombies. At least you are somewhat lined up but it's a big no on any more fire spells." It had just cooled enough for him but it was still almost unbearably hot. Not even with the cooling charms built into his clothing could make it comfortable.

Zombie Level 16

Kimiko began to whisper into his ear as she had before with the fire spells. This time she made him think of breeze blowing through his hair. The wind flowing through the highlands, of a scythe reaping fields of wheat, separating it from the chaff.


Metentis Charm Level Maxed


39/5034 Magic Check Passed

A horizontal arc of wind rocketed down the hallway. The edges of it cut the wall leaving a deep gouge on both sides. The did not just cut the zombie it obliterated it and the ones behind it.

445 XP (5)

+47 Galleons

"Thanks, Kimiko. That solves a lot of problems." Harry said as he approached the next door. He banished like before crushing the things behind it. Before anything could emerge he hit the doorway with his flamethrower charm. He heard some screams from the skeletons within but soon enough the fire cut out. He did not dare enter the room as he could feel the heat rolling out of the doorway and its frame was completely melted.

Harry turned to move on to the next room but as he did he was smashed into the wall.

-51 HP

A shield had him pinned and he could hardly more. A sword came over the shield stabbing at him. The Dodging System started to pull him out of the way before he thought to react. Harry went with it making the blade stab into the wall. He filled himself with magic to gain the strength to move.

Re-enforcement Enabled

Harry threw his shoulder into the enemy causing it to fall backward. It was a skeleton with a sword and shield.

Skeleton Knight Level 17

A skeleton that got its hand on a shield.

Harry stomped on its leg stopping it from getting up. "Ahh my eyes," it screamed. It tried to stab him but Harry deflected it and stabbed it in the chest. Another skeleton Knight charged out of the room as he finished it.


The wind hit the skeleton but it was able to get it's shield up in time. It scared the shield and the skeleton stumbled backward but it remained unscathed.

"I got you now," it cackled before Harry kicked it where its stomach should be. The monster bent over in pain and Harry banished its head into the floor.

Re-enforcement Disabled

445 XP (8)

481 XP (5)

496 XP (2)

+1287 Galleons

+55 Rusted Silver Trinkets

+22 gold trinkets

+8 Topaz Shard

Harry rounded the corner and came to the final door. He took a deep breath to psych himself up. He banished the door off its hinges and had Kimiko spit her flames into the room. As soon as the flames died Harry had to jump back to avoid being run through. Thankfully the Dodging System gave him a warning. A second skeleton Knight followed up bashing him with the shield. Harry spun out of the way only allowing it to clip him. It took a bit of his health but not enough to stop his sword from it cutting it down.

"No not Dave," the other Knight screamed in horror. It charged Harry but he caught it with a tripping charm that made Kimiko giggle in his hand. The monster face planted in front of him.

"Diffindo." The severing charm took the head off the skeleton.

445 XP (11)

481 XP (8)

496 XP (3)

+1936 Galleons

+47 Rusted Silver Trinkets

+42 gold trinkets

+2 Intelligence

++Level UP++

Level 17

Once the room cooled Harry entered it. There was a staircase down to the next level in the corner.

Cathedral Level 2

Would you like to enter?


"Yes, I think I am getting the hang of this."

The room at the bottom of the stairs was empty and much larger than the first level. Harry took another cautious step into the room then stopped. There was something in there with him. He could sense it's magic. A claw dug into the back of his long coat pushing Harry forward.

-38 HP

Harry twisted swiping the Sword of Gryffindor but he hit nothing but air. But the invisible creature slashed him behind his knee. Harry could not stop himself from falling to a knee.

-42 HP

Then another slash came across his back.

-39 HP

Just as he was starting to panic the Gamer's Mind asserted itself calming him down allowing him to think clearly. He could feel the creatures magic. It was somewhere in this room circling him, waiting for the moment to strike. He felt it before it was about to cut his throat. Harry rolled out of the way and the creature hissed at missing its kill. Harry was standing again but he was feeling around for the creature's energy. He closed his eyes to focus.

There! "Metentis," Harry thought as he pointed Kimiko to his left. He felt the creatures blood splash onto the side of his face before he could get a look at it. The creature was in two parts. It had silvery fur and a chimp-like face with two small tusks. If it was put back together again it would be a head shorter than Harry.

Hidden Level 20(Deceased)

They were once a Demiguise but have been corrupted by Dark Magic.

+597 XP

Magical Sense +.2

+500 XP

+36 Galleons

Harry breathed a sigh of relief but there was no resting. This room had no door it opened out into a large hallway. Who knows what would come next? His pants and coat were torn but they would be repaired once he put them in his inventory for some time.

This floor was much larger than the first. Harry had already cleared three rooms the way he had before. He banished the double doors into the room following it with Ignis. His sense pinged again just before his ribs were slashed. But the interruption was enough to stop his spell. Harry jumped back as dozens of Fallen Ones poured out into the corridor.

Metentis. The blade of wind spread out taking down a majority of the fallen ones. Skeleton Knights step forward to stop the wind. The other skeletons charged forward some with swords and some with spears. Harry brandished the Sword of Gryffindor and cut down first two skeletons. He then banished a couple of others to give himself some space.

"Accio," Harry summoneda shield from a Knight.

"Ahh my eyes," it screamed as the shield ripped the skeleton's arm out of its body. The shield smashed through a zombie, a couple of scavengers as it flew to Harry. Before it reached him he banished it back into the group. Metentis. The scythe of wind followed the shield taking out the rest of the monsters. A quick slash of his sword to the left ended the Hidden's life before it could attack him again.

+470 XP (21)

+508 XP (16)

+554 XP (8)

+597 XP

+2469 Galleons

+89 Rusted Silver Trinkets

+23 Gold Trinkets

16 Misc Tomes

++Level Up++

Level 18

Harry cleared another room. They were thinning out as the corridor was turning into more of a maze and more cave-like. Zombies were meandering in the cave along with skeletons, Knights and scavengers. There was no bottleneck for Harry to use an easy way to kill. But now the corridor has expanded enough to allow his fire spells.

Incendium. Harry lit himself on fire and ran forward cutting down everything in his way. It was much easier to take them down with more space to work with. Any that he didn't cut down he banished them away or got close enough to catch fire.

+3 Strength

+3 Agility

+1 Intelligence

+2 Wisdom

Beginner Sword Skill 100/100

+500 XP

++Intermediate Sword Skill Earned++

Running 100/100

Jumping 100/100

Sprinting 100/100


++Beginner Free Running Earned++

Harry summoned his cloak as he stood at the entrance of the final chamber. He could see the staircase down was on the far side of the room. In between him and it was dozens of monsters milling about. None of which had noticed him yet as made himself invisible.

In the middle of a pack of scavengers, there was one almost double their size. Its overall appearance was meaner than the others. The beast had sharp armored plates running down its spine. There were also two large horns on its head that pointed outward to gore its prey. Its name lit in yellow also separated it from the pack.

Plague Eater Level 23

This is what happens when a scavenger gorges itself on zombies sandwiches.

Now that Harry knew who his main target was he cast Arresto Incendium on himself. The light of the spell broke his invisibility causing the creatures to charge him.


The red liquid sprayed out setting everything aflame with unquenchable liquid fire. Harry followed it with a wide area banisher sending flaming monsters back into the crowd causing more to catch.

Harry gave the Sword of Gryffindor a flourish and dove into the crowd. His sword cuts were much more flowing than before and his school charms came from Kimiko with a mere thought. It felt like an intricate dance where you had dozens of partners and they all die at the end. Soon enough, it was just him and the big ugly.

Harry's health was nearing half and so was the Plague Eaters. It made the first move in there standoff. It opened its mouth and belched an offensive green gas. It expanded to fill the room. Harry jumped back to avoid it but it was only avoiding the inevitable as that area began to fill with gas too.

You have been hit with an Aerial Poison.

-20 HP

Metentis. The beast dodged the arc of wind but it did push back the gas for a moment. Harry followed it with Ignis spraying the creature with flame. It seemed to shrug off the fire only losing a few ticks of health. It charged Harry slashing it black claws were his head was. Harry ducked and spun away slicing its soft stomach with his sword. Unlike the other beasts, it only resulted in a minor cut. The plague Eater was faster than the scavengers as the beast had already turned to attack once more. Harry brought Kimiko to bare on the beast.

-20 HP


The banisher connected but slid off the beast leaving it unperturbed. It smashed into Harry, it's horn lodging deep into his rib cage.

-20 HP

-300 HP

Harry was sent rolling through the dirt. By the time he reoriented himself the monster was on him. It jumped back to avoid the swipe of his sword. This gave him the space to bring Kimiko back up.

"Stupify," he shouted. The red spell he had used so readily during the third task hit the Plague Eater in the snout.

-20 HP

Stupefy Charm Learned!

39/5034 Magic Check Passed

Stunning Charm will render those without Magical Resistance unconscious but Magical Beast and Creatures will be rendered stunned or dazed for 3 seconds!

The beast stopped in its tracks and its eyes were glossed over. It gave Harry enough time to scramble forward and shove the Sword of Gryffindor through its throat. A bloody growl worked its way out the mouth of the monster. It leaned forward snapping at Harry's face pushing the sword deeper into its gullet. Harry moved with the Dodge System twisting out of the way cutting the monster's throat. The Plague Eaters head flopped uselessly to the side only attached by a sliver of skin. It stepped forward not understanding that it was dead to claw at Harry. Harry gave it one last kick knocking it to the ground where it faded to dust leaving only the bones.

+297 XP (45)

+396 XP (32)

+495 XP (15)

+535 XP (5)

+1436 XP

+14978 Galleons

+Jewelry Box

+176 Rusted Silver Trinkets

+254 Rust Gold Trinkets

+46 Old Dusty Tomes

+5 Diamond Shard

+5 Ruby Shard

+5 Sapphire Shards

+1 Fire Protector Magical Tome

+1 Shock Magical Tome

++Level Up++

Level 19

++Level UP++

Level 20

Harry limped over to a rock to sit down. He had only a quarter of his life left. He would need a good hour to refill it. Harry drank one of the Lesser Healing Potions that he made earlier this week to take the sting out of his injuries. The cuts and bruises that littered his body faded away to leave fresh pink skin. His larger injuries were still angry and raw.

+90 HP

He would have to wait a minute before he could drink another. He pulled the to Tomes from his inventory. They both glowed golden, unlike the white of Mundane books.

Ignis Patronum Charm Learned!

78/5034 Magic Check Passed!

4.1/4.5 Charm Skill Check Passed!

Impulsa Charm Learned!

29/5034 Magic Check Passed!

3.0/4.5 Charm Skill Check Passed!

After his rest, Harry moved on to the Third level. It was still caverns and it held the same creatures as before just a higher level. The final creature to Harry's consternation was a zombie. It was a Plague Walker and it burned just as well as all the other zombies.

The fourth level of the Cathedral slowly shifted back into a dungeon. It was also smaller than the other two levels. But what set it apart from the others the most was the decor. The walls had spiked human heads every few feet and it was lit by chandeliers made out of flayed human bodies. Harry not sure if they were even dead as some were still moving. He had already vomited this week's meals. He would be curled up in a corner terrified of whatever had done this. But now due to the Gamer Harry only felt resolve to stop this monster and its madness.

Quest Alert! Due to your title as Quest Giver, your will has formed this quest.

Quest: Kill the Butcher

The monster, known as the Butcher is the ruler of this dungeon. He is a vile creature that has been summoned to this world. Kill him to end the curse of this dark territory.


+50000 XP

+5000 Galleons


Intimidating double doors stood closed in front of Harry. The carvings on them depicted tortures that Harry could never have conceived. As he approached, the doors opened on their own accord. Inside was a throne room and a giant crowned skeleton sat upon a throne of bones.

"The warmth of life has entered my tomb. Prepare yourself, mortal, to serve my Master for eternity!" It's demented laughter echoed off the walls.

The Skeleton King Level 29

"The only time I will meet your Master is to introduce him to Kimiko and the sharp steel of the Sword of Gryffindor," Harry shouted causing the great skeleton to stop laughing.

The Skeleton King's form turned a hazy transparent as it floated down from the dais. Harry snapped off a quick stunner but the spell just passed through it. The monster turned solid as it stood over Harry bringing down its large mace. Harry stepped out of the way and stabbed at the skeleton in the same motion. But before the blade could pierce it, it went intangible. It became solid as Harry pulled his sword back. It swung its mace once more causing Harry to dodge.

"Ignis Patronus," a flame appeared next to Harry that shifted and solidified into a fox with fiery red fur. It yipped in excitement with fire escaping its mouth with each sound.

The Skeleton King followed Harry's lead. "Come, minions." Six skeletons rose up from the ground and assembled. "Welcome back to the land of the living. Now get back to work!"

Incendium. Harry set himself aflame and charged. Metentis. The blade of wind turned the summoned skeletons into dust. The fire guardian added it's fireball to the wind. But before it hit the huge monster it turned intangible. The wraith glided to Harry it's hammer raised above its head. It turned corporeal to smash Harry but he was already within its reach slashing the Sword of Gryffindor through its rib cage. While his fire guardian had latched onto its femur.

"Come, Minions!" It shouted again. Harry had to jump back to dodge three simultaneous attacks. But just being near him was catching the skeletons on fire. He had to dodge again as the monster had wraithed to him through the burning skeletons.

"Impulsa." Electricity spread out from Kimiko hitting the nearest skeleton it spread jumping from one skeleton to the next. When the Skeleton King turned solid the electricity hit it causing it to slow down enough to hit it with Aduro. The red liquid stuck to the monster lighting a fire as well.

The attacks stopped it from going wraith. Harry took advantage by hacking at it with the Sword of Gryffindor. The Skeleton King broke down with an unearthly scream and collapsed to the ground.

Once it settled, A spirit rose up from the pile of bones putting Harry on edge once more.

"Thank you, stranger," the apparition spoke. "You have released me from my twisted prison."

"You're welcome but who are you?" Harry asked, his sword and wand at the ready.

"I was once known as Count Carne. In life, I lived here and in death, I roamed this land as its protector."

Harry nodded, sheathing the Sword of Gryffindor. "Your family still live on this land and protect it. They are the ones who sent me down here to help you."

"That is good to hear my young friend. It puts my weary soul to rest knowing that it will be protected. But be warned if you travel further. The Malfoy's have summoned a beast beyond comprehension. The Butcher rules this dungeon and is the foulest creature to walk this Earth. Train hard as you will need every skill you possess to defeat him. Good luck young traveler." The ghost faded away like smoke in a breeze.

Quest Complete!

Hidden Quest Complete: Find out the Truth of the Dark Territory.


+5000 XP

+4098 XP

+643 XP (12)

+1547 Galleons

+Carne's Circlet

+4 Agility

+4 Strength

++Level Up++

Level 22

Milestone Reached! You have hit 100 Agility!

Reflexes Passive Gained: Reacting fast to quick, unexpected circumstances from dodging a sneak attack to grasping for a handhold when the cliff below you suddenly gives way. This skill compounds with system assisted dodging.

Undead Hunter

Obtained by killing a major Undead. You have slain a true creature of darkness! Become a true hunter and continue to slay the enemies of Humanity!

30% increase in damage against Undead.

30% increase in defense against Undead.

+10 to beneficial status effects while fighting Undead.

Harry found another staircase down behind the throne.

Catacombs Level 1

Would you like to enter?


Waypoint created!

It was a few days before Harry could make it to the Carne's antique shop. But he had visited the Cathedral every night. Harry never went past the Fourth level deciding to just work on his skills. The big monsters such as the Plague Eater or the Skeleton King did not return but all the minor ones did just in fewer numbers each time. In his second run, he found a treasure chest that he must have skipped the night before. It contained shards of the sword Owen was looking for, Galleons, and several enhancement potions. To Kimiko's dismay, Harry spent last night working entirely with the Sword of Gryffindor only casting an occasional stunner to slow the creatures down.

Leah was working at the shops counter when he entered.

"Hiya Harry," she said while turning bright red. "I did not expect you back so soon. Any luck?"

Harry gave her his most winsome smile as he approached. He had to ignore her squeak as he answered. "You could say that. I have what you were looking for."

"R-really?" She stuttered her response.

Harry could not figure out why she was having a hard time looking him in the eyes. He followed her eyes down to his sweaty clothing. He pulled his white shirt away from where it clung to his skin. "Sorry I just got done working out and forgot to change before I came over. I was just excited about returning this to you." Harry reached into his pocket and fished a wooden box from his inventory.

She did not react to the box he held out at first as her eyes were locked on to the rewards of his boxing regimen. After waving it in front of her face for a few seconds it became impossible to ignore.

"Oh, what is this?" Lead asked as she finally grabbed it from him. She opened it and shut just as quickly. "Is this what I think it -," she opened the box again. "It is, it's the stone," she pulled him into a hug. "Wait here I will be right back."

Quest Complete! The Missing Star

The stone is lost somewhere in the Cathedral. If you can retrieve it for Leah and you will be handsomely rewarded.


+6000 XP

+ ? Ring

"Well she was excited," Mr. Carne said as he came to the counter. "What was that all about?"

Harry ran his hand through his hair and then reached into his pocket to pull the Counts broken Circlet out and set it on the counter. "I found your things in the Cathedral and the Count had been released from his torment a few nights ago."

Quest Complete!

Quest Kill the Count!

The first step to purify the dark territory if to destroy Count Edmund Carne. Bring proof to the Carne family.


+18500 XP

+480 Galleons

Mr. Carne picked up the Circlet and fell back into his seat. "But the Dark Forest is still there?"

Leah came back in as Harry shook his head. "There is something else in that place something far worse than the Count. He told me there is some beast known as the Butcher. He said that it was summoned to this world by a Malfoy. It rules that Dark Territory."

"A Malfoy did this?" The man said with intensity. Even Leah was gripped whatever was in her hands until her knuckles were white.

"That is what the count said."

"You have to find proof. You just have too," Lead pleaded.

"Okay, what am I missing here?"

"The Malfoy's took everything from us," old man Carne spoke. "They blame the corrupted forest on us and brought the Wizengamot down on us. They took everything from us. If they are the cause of it I have to know."

"It was that little tosspot that humiliated me in Diagon Alley last year."

"Draco, that ferret?"

She smiled but it quickly disappeared. "He recognized me on Diagon Alley. He turned my clothes into rags, they were just awful, smelled and they barely covered anything. He then stuck a sign to me that said Dirty Squib and defiler. I can not use magic so I couldn't fix it. I had to wait for it to wear off. So I rode the train home smelling like that and in rags that barely fit. Harry, please if it was them we have to know."

Quest Alert!

Quest: Find proof that the Malfoy's were behind the summoning that corrupted magic.


46000 XP

500 Galleons

"I will see what I can find. But you mentioned something about defiler. Why is that such an insult?"

"I forget you grew up muggle. Being called a defiler is a high insult to purebloods. It means you have destroyed or corrupted magic in a way that cannot be undone. Magic is meant to be something pure and worshipped, to defile it is unconscionable."

"I will let you know if I find something. I better get back there are things I need to do."

"Wait," Leah shouted to stop him from leaving. "Here I used one of the shards to make this for you." She stuck out her hand and in the center of it lay an ornate ring.

Old man Carne chuckled, "Leah I think you got this backward. The guys are supposed to give the ring."

The cheeks on the girl in question burned red in embarrassment. "Grandda it's not like that. This is a reward for finding the gem for me."

Harry took it muttering his own embarrassed thanks and left to the book shop. The owner, Owens, was at the counter reading through the newspaper. He looked up at Harry as soon as he entered.

"Mr. Potter, what can I do for you today?"

"Owen, I believe I found your sword and just call me Harry." Harry pulled out the trunk he had found the sword in and canceled the shrinking charm he had placed on it. Owen hurried to his feet in anticipation as Harry set the trunk on the counter. The man opened the trunk to find dozens upon dozens of ancient books in the expanded space. His grandfather's precious sword in several pieces in a separate compartment.

"I-I thank you, Harry. This a treasure beyond anything I have ever been given before."

Quest Alert!

Quest: The Broken Sword!

Owens would like you to find the sword his Great Grandfather lost.


+14500 XP

+95 Galleons

Next Quest: Reforge It!

++Level Up++

Level 25

"It's just a shame that I found it in its current condition."

"About that, there is something else I would ask that you do for me. You see my family were magical craftsmen for the Count. You know blacksmith, tailors, leatherworks, jewelers and such. In fact, that ring on your index finger I can tell Leah created it. I gave her family some of my family tomes to help with their antique shop." Harry glanced down at the ring he had subconsciously put on.

Empyrean Band

+2 to All Attributes

+20% Light Radius

Absorbs Half of Trap Damage

Fast Hit Recovery

"But I thought…" Harry trailed off attempting to figure out how to say it.

"That we are squibs," Owens completed for him. "That is the truth but we are capable of some of the more subtle magics. I also have a Runic Forge that I share with them to supply the magic that we may not be able to channel." Owens waved his hand at Harry's confusion. "It's alright if you have never heard of a Runic Forge, the knowledge of them is lost to most wizards. The knowledge was banned as part of the treaty with Goblins. Only the Goblin's have that knowledge nowadays. Since I am a squib I do not fall under that ancient magic. Anyway, I would ask you to magically reforge my great grandfather's sword."

"How could I possibly do that?"

"Follow me," Owens waved Harry to follow him to the back of the shop. Harry had seen the subtle yellow glow back there that last time he was in the shop but he could not find it. Owens pulled a shelved book and the shelf slid out of the way to reveal a room of magical tomes. He directed Harry to a particular shelf and pulled off three of the books that he gave to Harry. "These are my family's magical crafting tomes. I am willing to allow you to take these three as I do not see my family having any use for them in the near future. I, myself, am only capable of bookbinding magic."

Theory of Magical Blacksmithing

Theory of Magical Leatherworking

Theory of Magical Jewel Crafting

Quest Alert!

Quest: Reforge It!

Jacob Owens has requested for you to reforge his Great Grandfather's sword.



+50 Galleons

"Do you know the duplication charm?"

"No, I don't think we have covered that yet and I just recently got the books for the next few years."

"Don't worry," Owens said as he focused on his palm that he held out as a fog began to form over it. Once the fog grew to twice the size of his hand it condensed down until it formed a parchment with writing on it. "That is as much as I can do outside of the rune forge. Learn this charm then bring the books back once they are duplicated."

Harry took the sheet and immediately the question to learn the spell popped up in his vision. Without a second thought, Harry agreed.

Gemino Charm Learned!

49/5487 Magic Check Passed!

Livre Gemino Charm Learned!

67/5487 Magic Check Passed!

Owens' gasp brought him back to reality but before he could even think of an excuse the man gave him one. "You know the Knowledge Dissemination spell?"

"Well, not exactly it's just something I have been able to do. I didn't even know there was a spell to it."

Owens looked pensive as he stared at Harry. Just as it was starting to unnerve Harry, the man spoke. "Knowledge Dissemination is one of the highest spells in Bookbinding. To say you are able to do it as if it is accidental magic. No, I will not go there. You have given me much to think about." Owens turned and left the room with no further comment. The atmosphere had changed between the two of them. So not wanting to overstay his welcome Harry quickly copied the books and learned them.

Magical Blacksmithing System Unlocked

Magical Leatherworking System Unlocked

Magical Jewel Crafting System Unlocked

On his way back to the Dursleys' for lunch, Harry opened his Status. While he may have leveled in the Cathedral his individual stats really stalled out.


Name: Harry Potter

Race: Human-ish?

Titles: the Gamer, the Boy-Who-Lived, Son of Gaea, Tri(Quad)-Wizard Champion, Quest Giver, Muscle Mage, Undead Hunter

Level: 25 Class: Wizard

Experience 7500 34000

HP: 1550 SP: 1000 MP: 5487

Strength: 95 Attack PWR: 425.40

Agility: 102 Crit Chance: 3.53%

Intellect: 79 HP Regen: 37.13 /3 mins

Wisdom: 59

Vitality: 100 Stam Regen: 20.63 /3 mins

Attribute Points: 80

Money: 15,782 G S6

Armor: 114

Mag Resist: 26

He had accumulated quite a bit of attribute points. Harry decided to bump them all up to receive the milestone perk from the stat. It was never his intention to hoard them all in the first place. He never thought about it since his stats had been steadily leveling and he had no real reason to use those points.

Milestone Reached! 100 Strength

Born to Fight Passive (1/10) - Pretty self-explanatory. You're not afraid to get your hands dirty.

+10% to Melee Attack Speed

+Increased Strike Accuracy

+26% Increase Melee Physical Damage

+12% to Health

Milestone Reached! 100 Intellect

Mana Affinity Passive (1/10) - Long ago, Wizards and Witches, learned to draw upon magic without the use of a focus. This gave them greater control and subtlety over the mystical arts. This skill increases the users skill over Magic and improves their affinity with Magic.

+5% Increase to Magic Attack

+5% Increase to Magic Resistance

+30% Increase to Magic Skill Effects

+30% Increase to the Rate of Learning Magical Theory

Milestone Reached! 100 Wisdom

Sorcerer's Dominion (1/10) - You have power and you are not afraid to use it.

+20% Increased Spell Damage

+Increased Spell Accuracy

+5% Increase to Cast Speed

+8% to Magic

Looking over his stats he decided that was enough for now. He still had a couple of Attribute Points for emergency situations. He would no doubt need at some point in the Cathedral. He squeezed his fist shut to test his strength. There was not much difference from before but it was only a five-point change. Not to say his strength was not a big deal because he knew he could obliterate most mundanes with a single punch. He had not thought much about that until they started to spar with one another at the Boxing gym.

When he first stepped onto the mat he broke out in a cold sweat due to worry of killing his partner. But luckily the Gamer System had already thought of it. As soon as the match had started a Dueling Banner erupted from the floor. The Dueling System lowered all his stat points to match the level of his opponent. The man he sparred against wiped the floor with him even after he had read all those Pugilist books. It proved to him that experience could not be learned from a book.

Speaking of books, Harry could not wait to crack open his Charm's books. His mind felt so free and clear after he bumped up his stats. He never thought he was dumb but it was like he was thinking with sand prior to upping his stats. "This must be what Hermione feels like all the time. It's no wonder she gets frustrated talking to us."

Harry frowned as he entered the Dursleys. "I still have not received a letter from her. And with how I am being watched I would not put it past Dumbledore's henchmen to take them. He marched over to the phone in the kitchen and grabbed the phone book beneath it. He flipped it to the "G's" until he found Granger's. "I know they are doctors and he mentioned that they live in Hampstead." His finger traced down the page until he found one that matched, a Dr. Wendell Granger.

He quickly dialed the number. It rang three times before it flipped over to an answering machine. A feminine voice that sounded like an aged Hermione spoke, "You have reached the residence of the Doctors Granger. We have left on vacation until July 25th. Please contact us after this date. Ta."

Harry hung up after the beep rather than leave a message. "I guess I will try back later," Harry said with a sigh. "I really wish I had someone I trusted to talk to about all this Gamer nonsense."

He rubbed his forehead in frustration as he went upstairs to join Dudley for lunch. "Maybe I could talk to Dud about it," he said just before he opened the door. He remembered his quest to find new partners as he entered the room and sat at the table filled with food.

"Invite Dudley," he whispered to himself to not draw attention. He wanted to see Dud's shocked face but all he got in response was an error message that made him frown.

Invitation Denied! Only Magical's can join the Game.

"Why the long face, Harry?" Dudley questioned. "Aren't you going to eat?"

"It's nothing Dud," Harry responded as he put some fruit on his plate. "I just haven't heard from anyone from school yet."

"Ah, no worries then. I am sure they are all busy with their summer plans. Hell, I surprised you have time to even write them with your boxing and that tutoring thing you go to. I know I am too wasted after our workout to do anything."

"Speaking of tutoring I should hurry up and go." Harry scarfed down the rest of the food that had been piled onto his plate. "That was a good spar earlier. And Dud, thanks for convincing me to box. I would have gone stir crazy without it."

"Of course, I got your back Harry."

Harry felt saddened once again at the denied invite. He had grown close to his cousin. Maybe not as close as Hermione or Ron but closer than anyone else he had met at school. He waved Honey over himself to cast a cleaning and refreshment charm. Harry breathed in to indulge himself with the light sweet scent of spiced apples that came with the refreshment charm. It was enough to pick his spirits back up. "There is still plenty of time to find my partners," He said to himself as he prepared to apparate. "But until then there are things that need learning."