I was looked down on by everyone because I didnt have magic...

I was made fun of by noobs that only followed the story after the Saiyan Arc...

But we won't give up!

"Yamcha, Asta, go forward and follow your dreams. I believe in you"

- Naruto Uzumaki

Dragon Clover

Chapter 1

Asta was walking through the woods one day, after having just finished a mission for the Magic Knights. It was his day off, so he went to go relax in the wilderness.

As he was walking, he heard someone.

"318, 328, 330..."

He walked into a clearing and saw a man with long, dark hair doing pushups on the ground.

Ah! Someones training! I wonder if he is a mage like me!

"Ah hello!" Asta said, waving at the man from where he was.

"Sorry to interrupt your work out," Asta said as the man stopped doing pushups and sat down on a towel on the ground that had some food and water on it. "My name's Asta. I was wondering if youre a magic hero!"

The man was wearing blue jeans, and a white shirt. He had a scar on his face and looked around 21 years old.

"Hey," the man said, sitting there looking annoyed. "I'm Yamcha. A magic hero? Im not sure what you're talking about. I dont use magic. Just hardwork and skills," he grinned.

"You don't... use magic?" Asta said looking surprised. Is he like me? Does he have no magic?

The older male drank some water, then got to his feet slowly. He walked towards Asta.

"How old are you? Im guessing around 12." Yamcha said, smiling

"I'm 16!" Asta yelled.

"Youre pretty muscular for a kid. Feel like having a spar with an old geezer like me?" Yamcha grinned.

Asta's face went from being irritated to excited and interested. "Yeah! Wait... but how do you spar with no magic?" Asta asked, taking off his bag that had his grimoire in it and setting it on the ground.

Yamcha put his fists in front of his chin in a fighting stance and grinned. "With these..."

(The adventure is just getting started! Dragon Clover continues in chapter 2. New uploads every Friday!)