Dragon Clover

"Sakura vs Videl"

Part 2

"1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6..."

Buu counted, on the fighting floor beside the downed Sakura.

It was the first match the quarterfinals of the Z Ronin Fighting Tournament.

The brown haired girl Sakura was lying on the floor. Videl was standing, catching her breath, and the crowd was all watching her.

This is it, Sakura... the girl said to herself.

Sakura's vision got hazy and she slipped into another realm.

In a small green yard outside a small house in Japan, Sakura and a man in a grey fighting gi were facing each other.

Sakura was a year younger then. She faced the man before her.

He had tan skin and dark hair. His body much bigger than hers. He wore gloves on his hands like she did.


"You'll really let me challenge you?" Sakura asked. "I've been training so hard!"

The dark haired man looked at the girl. Eventually he called her to come at him. "Fine! Come on!"

The two began to battle, with Sakura challenging the man.

She had surprised him with her skills, but ultimately she had lost. Knocked on the ground. Defeated.

Suddenly the young girl found herself, in another dimension. A white background, infinite time and space.

The schoolgirl looked around. She was standing by herself.

That fight... it was from a year ago. When I challenged Ryu. Why am I remembering it? Where am I?

As if her words caused a machine to spur to life, the infinite space around her suddenly turned into the beautiful, dark background of deep space.

She was up in space, with Earth and the other planets thousands of miles beneath her feet.

She was floating up in space, though she felt no physical weight.

Soon, an enormous green dragon was before her. Shenron

"Little girl..." Shenron said.

Sakura was scared, "Wh-what's going on?!"

"The guardians of Earth have been watching you..." Shenron said, his enormous form against the background of deep space. Sakura, feeling weightless, could only stare in awe. "They think that you are special... You will be part of their plan to protect the Earth..."

Sakura stared at the dragon, scared.

"Don't be discouraged... continue in your true quest to become stronger... and one day you will succeed."

Sakura was scared.

Soon she found herself falling towards Earth. Shenron remained up in space, watching her fall. She screamed, trying to stop herself.

Eventually, she woke up.

"7..." A voice said. It was Buu.

The crowd was cheering and calling for Sakura to get up, or cheering for Videl to win. Everyone was quiet when Sakura moved. Her arms moved slowly and she put her hands on the ground, shakily pushing herself off the floor.

Shakily, Sakura stood up. Dusty and beat up, the girl rubbed her chin, getting some dirt off her face. "Phew. That was a nice little break..." Sakura said, slowly getting into a stance.

"Hey! She was unconscious!" Videl yelled. "That's a K.O., isn't it?!"

"Sakura got up and is ready to fight before Buu count to ten," Buu replied. "So she has not lost."

Hercule came up to Buu, speaking quietly. "Are you sure that's the right call, buddy?"

Buu stood defiantly, "Buu memorized rule book. He is sure."

Some officials came towards Buu and Hercule and whispered something.

"It's been confirmed, Sakura is still in the match!" Hercule declared.

The crowd cheered.

"Even if she did fall asleep, it had to only be for a second," Krillin said. Pu'ar nodded.

"Who cares," Vegeta said. "There's no way a human girl is going to win a fighting tournament. Even one filled with weak humans."

"If I remember correctly, a certain human girl kicked your saiyan butt a few years ago," Android 18 said, combing through her hair with her hand.

Vegeta growled and Krillin sweated. "Heh heh... calm down now..." Krillin looked over at Piccolo. "Hey, if things get tense between these two, you'll help me out, right?"

Piccolo closed his eyes. "Hmph. She's your wife."

On another side of the audience

"Yeah! Go Sakura!" Ken cheered. "That'a girl!"

"Yay!" Elena shouted, accidently bumping into Ibuki's nachos and spilling them on the female ninja. Ibuki was not amused

Elena put a finger onto Ibuki's face, scooping some cheese off and licking it. Ibuki proceeded to yell at the white haired girl.

Cammy was still staring at the ground floor of the colosseum. The blonde woman stood up and walked past Ibuki, Elena and Ken.

"Hey, what's up?" Ken asked.

Cammy paused. "Nothing. Going to check something out"

Ken watched her walk up the stairs going towards the food court.

"Man, something about those silent, mysterious chicks..." Ken thought aloud.

Elena looked over at him. "Hm, aren't you married?"

Cammy walked up the stairs of the stadium, and walked to the floor where the concession stands and tables for eating were.

There were a few people buying food in line, and a few people sitting at the tables or standing talking on the phone.

Cammy walked to the lobby inside and went to the restroom. Inside, the blonde woman went to the sink and turned on the cold water, rinsing her face.

She looked at herself in the mirror, staring at her face for a few moments.

As she looked in the mirror, she saw the shadow of someone walking past the women's room entrance out in the lobby.

Cammy turned off the sink and stood up, walking to the doorway of the restroom. She walked out into the hallway and peered down the hall after the man that had walked by.

A tall man with wild, long dark hair that nearly went to the ground. He was wearing a weird uniform, something like armour. More importantly, was the immense amount of strength the man had - Cammy could sense it.

The man walked down the hall with his back to Cammy, then made a left turn into a stairwell.

As the man turned left, Cammy saw the tail wrapped around his waist.

A Saiyan?!

The young, blonde woman ran after the man, turning to the stairwell.

Inside the door, the stairs led down to a lower level. The man wasn't there.


Outside in the middle of the colosseum, the two young teens were still continuing their fight.

"Come on, Videl! Finish her!" a spectator shouted.

A row above the man, a man in a white shirt and black jacket was sitting with his daughter.

"This is just a friendly tournament!" The man in the jacket said. "There won't be any anyone "finishing" anything here. Thankfully, this isn't Outer Realm."

The man who had said "Finish her" dressed in black with yellow armor, scoffed at this remark.

"Hey, tickets to the Z Ronin tournament. Am I the best dad or what?" the man in the jacket said to the blonde girl sitting beside him.

"It's not the worst way to pass the day," the girl in her 20's said. The father and daughter smiled to each other.

Meanwhile, Sakura was still preparing to start out on her second wind.

Be careful, Sakura. That girl is capable of moving very fast! And what's more, she even did a power attack like Hadoken! Hers was much bigger than mine! I'm going to have to do my best if I want to win this.

Videl stared at Sakura. "You survived my Masenko attack... Most fighters would have been done after that." Videl said, frowning.

Sakura put up her fists in a defense stance.

Videl smiled. "Hm, you're no ordinary fighter. I can see why Yamcha took an interest in you."

"Enough talk! Let's fight!" Sakura said.

"You're only rushing your own defeat, but I'll be glad to comply!" Videl powered up and flew towards Sakura. Sakura got a running start and headed towards Videl.

The two girls sent a strong punch, hitting each other in the face at the same time. Videl did a kick towards Sakura, connecting. Sakura took the hit, and then punched Videl in the side.

They continued to stand at point blank range, trading attacks.

"Whoa! What's got into them?" Trunks said, running to pick up his microphone. "They aren't even dodging anymore, they're just standing there and squaring up."

"You girls be careful!" Hercule said, hesitantly.

Sakura went on the offensive, ducking under one of Videl's kicks and then advancing towards her. Videl backed up, trying to read Sakura's stance. The schoolgirl Sakura in her blue skirt and white top continued to advance towards Videl slowly, backing Videl towards the edge of the fighting floor.

Videl looked back, noticing she didn't have much room left. She sweated.

"No where left to run, sorry," Sakura grinned, putting a foot forward as she was in an offensive stance.

"Do I look scared?" Videl grinned, sweating.

Sakura returned the grin.

The crowd was silent, watching what would happen. Videl was cornered. Would she be knocked out? Or like a desperate animal, erupt with an even stronger power?

Hercule and Buu watched quietly. Goten, Trunks and Lucky were watching also.

The stadium was silent with anticipation.

Sakura stood there, in a ready position, getting together her plan.

This is your chance, Sakura! No matter how fast she is, she can only go in a few directions now! If she tries to run, stop her. Other than that, it's time for me to knock her out and move on to the next fight!

...I know the perfect attack...

Videl looked at Sakura, trying to read her.

Sakura started bouncing on her toes, in a fashion similar to a boxer.

Videl looked surprised. Changing her form?!

Sakura bounced with her feet together, landing in different areas on the floor each time, eventually she built momentum to twirl around and do a swift spinning kick with her left leg.

Videl ducked underneath the kick, happy with the easy dodge. But then Sakura was still in the air, continuing her spin in the air; her kick was only speeding up.

Barely able to react, Videl put up her arms to block the kick. The spining kick, with Sakura spinning like a cyclone with one leg out, knocked Videl's arms out of position, breaking her guard. Videl was alarmed, her arms knocked up above her head having her torso exposed.

The third cycle of the spinning Sakura, had the fast, horizontal kick slam into Videl's body, knocking her off the fighting floor and into the air above the green grass.

Videl gasped, in midair above the green grass, about to fall to her defeat.

"Yeah!" Elena said in the crowd. "Sakura did it!"

Ken was smiling.

"Yes! Good job, Sakura!" Asta shouted on the fighting lounge patio.

Sakura was slowing down her spinning kick in the air, and lightly landed on the floor with a wisp of wind, as she faced Videl. Sakura smiled, waiting for Videl to hit the ground.

Suddenly the wind picked up, and the power that had filled the stadium before was there.

There, in midair, five feet above the grass, Videl was floating in midair.

With her power surrounding her, Videl was still in the position she had been falling, and slowly picked herself upright in the air. She was looking at Sakura.

"I didn't think I would have to use any ki techniques in this tournament, let alone fly..." Videl said, angry. You're really starting to get on my nerves!"

Sakura looked completely shocked. "You... can fly?!"

Videl started floating towards the ring, and Sakura just stood there, watching

Videl landed near Sakura, and then walked back to the center of the ring. "I told you, I was going to give this everything I have..." Videl said, smiling.

Sakura was trying to understand how this girl had just floated through the air, but the last words Videl said made her get ready to throw down

"Hmph... I wouldn't want this to go any other way!" Sakura proclaimed.

"And... the two fighters... are still giving it their best..." the man Hercule said, trying to be professional and not give in to the confusion that his daughter had just floated

The crowd eventually came to grips with seeing a flying person and started cheering

"Come on, Videl! You can do it!" Bulma shouted.

Gohan was watching quietly. "This is a good match."

Videl was getting fed up. She flew up into the air, powering up.

Sakura ran towards the center of the floor, getting away from the edge.

"This has been fun, but it's time for me to finish this," Videl yelled.

She flew down towards the floor and then flew horizontally at Sakura, with both of her fists in front of her trying to punch Sakura.

Sakura ran towards Videl, with each step preparing to connect with the strong girl who was flying towards her.

Videl slammed into Sakura, the brown haired schoolgirl catching Videl's fists in her hands, as they met at the center of the stage.

Videl's momentum pushed Sakura a considerable distance, as Sakura tried to hold her ground, her feet sliding as Videl continued to fly, trying to push Sakura.

There was a struggle, with the two girls contending, Videl trying to push Sakura back, and Sakura trying to hold Videl off.

There was still 7 feet of floor behind Sakura, until she would be knocked off the floor and fall onto the grass

Videl, still horizontal in the air, focused and increased her power, pushing Sakura back more.

Sakura grimaced, her arms surging with strength. Sweat was dripping down Sakura's face as veins showed in her thin arms; grappling with the incredible force before her. Her legs showed her pumping, lean calves, as they held against Videl's flying momentum

Sakura had been pushed from 7 feet away from the edge, to 4 feet... Now only 3 feet left...

Now! Sakura thought.

Videl looked surprised, when Sakura's defense completely dissolved, and Videl went flying forward - but Sakura had fallen onto the floor on her back, still holding Videl's fists. Sakura rolled on her back and put the sole of her foot up into Videl's torso, guiding the girl over Sakura and out of the ring again, into the air above the grassy field.

Sakura released her grip on Videl, as Videl went flying over her, carried by her own momentum.

Videl looked back at Sakura, irritated by the deceptive manuever that had her out of bounds yet again.

Videl was flying towards the wall of the colosseum that separated the fans in the audience from the field. Landing a foot on the side of the wall, Videl paused for a moment on the top edge of the wall, making sure not to fall onto the grass below. "You didn't learn last time, did you?" Videl said. She pushed off the wall, flying towards the ring again. "Knocking me off stage won't work!"

But Sakura was still near the edge of the floor, looking serious.

Videl was caught off guard by this.

At the edge of the platform, Sakura jumped up in the air, so she was parallel to Videl's height in the air. The young street fighter's hands were behind her right side, as she charged power in her hands.

Blue orbs of light started to generate towards Sakura's hands.

Videl watched the girl in midair gathering power for an attack. Videl smiled. "So that's how it is? Game on!" Videl charged her hands in front of her while in the air, flying towards Sakura.

"Masenko..." the girl Videl said...

A big circle of blue power was gathering between Sakura's hands.

"Ha!" Videl yelled, shooting a huge blast towards Sakura.

In the air, Sakura focused, her body relaxed, but focused on controlling the power it had conjured. She sent her palms forward, extending her arms towards her opponent. Sakura's eyes focused on Videl, while keeping her form in midair perfect.

The schoolgirl shouted, while releasing the huge blue sphere of power. "Hadouken!"

The roaring power from Sakura flew towards the blast that Videl had shot.

The two waves of power hit each other. Each pushing against each other, contending. It lasted for a few moments. Then a huge blast exploded, and the tense struggle was over.

The crowd flinched from the blast, and gasped seeing the results.

After the dust cleared, Hercule coughed and Buu waited to see who had won.

Videl was against the ground floor wall of the colosseum, having been knocked into the wall by the blast. She fell from the wall and face down onto the green grass.

Sakura, who had been on the edge of the ring, had been knocked back to the other side of the ring, landing somewhere between the center and the far side of the floor. Meaning that Videl had fallen onto the ground and Sakura did not.

"Videl has fell out of the fighting platform" the Buu said. "The Sakura is the winner!"

The crowd yelled in cheering.

"Sakura! Sakura! Sakura! Sakura!"

Sakura was lying on the floor of the fighting ring, on her back.

Facing the blue sky, she heard the crowd cheering for her. She leaned her head forward and saw Videl on the grass.

Sakura leaned back with her head on the floor, "Guess... I won," Sakura said, smiling.

In the blue sky, with a few white clouds, she thought she could see Shenron looking at her. The image soon went away, and the young street fighter simply smiled.

"Yeah! You did it, Sakura!" some voices said.

"That was awesome!" another voice.

Yamcha and Asta had run up to the floor and were congratulating her.

Sakura hopped up quickly, not wanting to look hurt in front of them. "Haha, of course I did it! I'm the best!" she smiled. Immediately, she almost fell onto the ground, extremely tired.

Yamcha and Asta caught her, and they all laughed.

Yamcha hugged Sakura and kissed her on the forehead. "Good job. I'm proud of you, Yamcha said, smiling at her.

Sakura smiled with her eyes closed, feeling very happy.

Yamcha then quickly left Sakura and Asta, running towards the field to check on Videl.

Videl was okay, and Yamcha put one of her arm's around him and helped her walk to the fighting lounge. While they walked across the stage near Sakura and Asta, a few medics came to check on Sakura and Videl. Videl stopped walking, with Yamcha helping support her. She looked at Sakura.

"Good fight," Videl smiled at Sakura. "You're going to be a legendary street fighter," Videl winked at her.

Sakura looked surprised. She stood quiet for a few moments, then nodded. "Thanks you too!" Sakura said, giving Videl a thumbs up and a big grin.

Videl smiled and was helped off the platform towards the lounge.

Gohan walked to the bottom of the audience and jumped over the wall, landing on the grass in front of Yamcha and Videl.

"Great match, Videl! I'm proud of you," Gohan said, helping Videl to the lounge. "Thanks Yamcha."

"Anytime," Yamcha smiled to Gohan, watching them walk towards the lounge.

"You're amazing, Sakura..." Asta said, standing on the fighting floor as he held Sakura to keep her on her feet. "I'm really happy we got to train together... You're a real inspiration."

Sakura looked at Asta. "Don't be silly, I'm not that special..." she laughed

"You really are... Asta said.

"And there you have it, folks! The first match of the quarterfinals!" Hercule announced. "Up next, in the Weapons fights, we have Kilik vs Yamcha!"

Talim looked surprised.

Siegfried stood at the entrance of the fighters lounge on the ground floor, watching Gohan and Videl walk inside. The blonde knight looked towards the fighting ring.

I wish you luck, Yamcha... Siegfried said to himself. I hope you won't need it.

As the first match of the Quarterfinals comes to an end, we find our hero Sakura victorious. Winning her third match, she is one step closer to winning the Z Ronin tournament.

Now, Yamcha prepares for his fight in the quarterfinals, against the mysterious man named Kilik, an acquaintance of Siegfried and Talim. Who will win this battle? And why does Kilik seem to dislike Yamcha? Who will Asta be fighting? And what is it that the street fighter Cammy was sensing that has got the composed, shrewd fighter feeling wary?

As Cammy follows after the man she saw in the hall, she gets closer to unraveling the secret taking place at the tournament...

(Hey everyone! I want to say thanks to the really supportive comments in the reviews! It means a lot to me. Thank you to all of the readers)

- July 10, 2019