Dragon Clover


The crowd was still cheering as the match between Sakura the street fighter, and Videl, Hercule's daughter, concluded.

There was an intermission, before the next fight would began.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Hercule said. "We will now be having a 20 minute break before the next fight. Please use the restrooms now and make sure to purchase lots of good food from the concession stands! Hahaha"

The audience began to converse and talk about various topics, some related to fighting and some unrelated. Gohan and Videl went up into the audience again, sitting beside the wind priestess Talim. People left the stands and went to get food or to use the restrooms and stretch their legs.

Gohan helped Videl get settled into her seat and went to get them something to drink.

"Hey, would you like anything?" Gohan asked Talim, the girl they were sitting near.

The young woman looked at the tall male and waved her hands, "No, I'm fine, thank you!"

Gohan smiled at her and nodded, then walked to the stair aisle and began his ascent up the stairs.

While Gohan was walking up past the rows of people, Krillin and Piccolo saw him.

"Look, there's Gohan!" Krillin said. "What a fight, Videl!" Krillin yelled.

Videl and Talim looked up towards Krillin and Piccolo.

"Thanks Krillin!" Videl waved at him, smiling.

She turned around in her seat again, facing forward. "Ow..." she said, rubbing her shoulder after waving

"You're really skilled," Talim said to Videl. "It was a pleasure watching you fight."

Videl looked surprised and looked at the girl. "Huh, nah, it was nothing," Videl laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of her head. Her face then got serious. Hm, Sakura! You're my new rival!

"Hey Gohan!" Krillin yelled, waving at him and getting out of his seat.

Android 18, Piccolo and Pu'ar watched Krillin as he waved down the tall saiyan male.

"Going to get some more food?" Krillin asked. "Let me come with!"

Gohan watched as Krillin came towards him. He saw the rest of his friends there. "Oh hey guys. So you all were sitting up here the whole time?"

Bulma and Pu'ar waved at Gohan and 18 said hi

"Want anything from the concession stand, Piccolo?" Gohan asked.

Piccolo closed his eyes. "Well... I guess I wouldn't mind some seasoned fries... I mean, if they have them."

Gohan smiled and nodded. He and Krillin started walking up the stairs towards the stands.

As they reached the top floor, they walked into the outside lobby where the food lines

"Hey, we really appreciate your mom looking after Marron," Krillin said, looking up at Gohan.

"Yeah, no prob!" Gohan said. "I'll be sure to tell her you said thanks."

"Perfect, Krillin said. "Hey, have you heard from Goku? Me and Piccolo have been trying to call him."

"Hm... No I have to say I'm not sure where he is either, Gohan said.

Talim was sitting in her seat, and taking a moment to clear her mind, when suddenly she felt it.

The strong, pressing surge of energy. The dark aura she had been searching for. The evil that needed to be cleansed from this world.

Standing up, Talim looked at Videl. "Excuse me," she said, starting to walk past her.

Videl let Talim go by and watched the girl walk off, before looking down at the fighting floor again.

Talim walked into the lobby of the colosseum and made her way down the stairs, going towards the first floor. I need to talk to Siegfried! I've sensed the darkness we're searching for!

She made her way down the stairs.

Down on the patio on the ground, Siegfried, the blonde knight was standing outside of the lounge.

Standing tall, he looked up at the stadium. He looked at the people in the crowd. One of them possessed the evil presence he and Talim were searching for.

He surveyed the crowd.

As he looked up into the stands, he heard the voices of the fighters that were in the indoor lounge behind him on the ground floor.

Is it someone in the audience? Or someone in the tournament Siegfried questioned And what is their purpose here at this tournament?

Siegfried remembered back to three months ago, when the young priestess Talim had sought him out and approached him.

After a few months of searching, they had determined whoever was wielding this evil power was going to be at this tournament. It didn't take much to decide to enter the tournament themselves.

However, they had decided to approach the reconnaisance from two different angles.

Siegfried, as a participant and Talim as a spectator.

The blonde knight looked up into the stands, where Talim's seat was.

He saw Talim wasn't there.

He stared up at the audience for a few more moments, then walked back into the fighter's lounge.

There were many people there, a few faces familiar to Siegfried; Kilik, Ivy, the ronin Mitsurugi. And there were dozens of people he did not know.

Looking for some more leads as to who may be carrying the evil presence he sought, Siegfried looked around at the fighters while the tournament had its 20 minute break.

While trying to read a few of the fighters, he saw some familiar faces. The two young men he had met yesterday on the registration day.

"Man, did you see Sakura?!" Asta yelled, standing in the fighting lounge with a few people around him. "She was amazing! Haha, who would think someone so cute could be that strong!"

"What? Is that your girlfriend or something?" Lloyd Irving, a young man in red asked, smiling at Asta.

"Girlfriend?" Asta repeated, now sweating. "Wait, no! It's not like that!"

"You and her are obviously a couple..." a tall man with brown hair said. Squall Leonhart had his arms folded in front of his chest, speaking quietly. "It's nothing to be ashamed of..."

"Wait, no! That's not what happened!" Asta protested, desperately,

Squall squatted, so he was closer to Asta's height, looking at him face to face with piercing intensity. "We all saw you hugging her on stage..." Squall said. "Don't lie to me"

Asta fell on the ground, as if physically struck by the intimidation.

"Whoa! Is he okay?" Lloyd asked. "Squall you killed him!"

Squall was silent, and eventually walked off.

Yamcha, Tidus and a few others laughed.

Standing by a wall, the tall woman Ivy was looking at the men that were talking.

She looked at Yamcha. About to approach him, this time Ivy was careful enough to look for his young female companion, and saw the skinny, brown haired girl Sakura in another of the lounge, talking with some of the young, female fighters.

With the young male, Asta, on the ground, and many of the fighters playing with him and pretending to kick him as if he was a dead horse, Ivy took this opportunity to talk to the man who was fighting in the same Weapons division as her.

"Aren't you popular," Ivy said, behind Yamcha.

Yamcha heard the familiar voice and faced her. "Hey, its you - " Yamcha said.

Ivy interrupted him. "Not so fast. Be sure not to go crazy on me again. Wouldn't want your little girlfriend to freak out."

Yamcha thought back to when he had been staring at Ivy yesterday and Sakura had subsequently slapped him for it. Yamcha laughed, embarrassed.

"Anyways, do you have a minute?" Ivy asked.

"Yeah, sure," Yamcha said, making sure Asta was okay

They walked to a corner of the room.

"I didn't get your name yesterday," Ivy said. "I'm Ivy."

"Yamcha," the male said. "Sorry for yesterday, I can get a little nervous around women."

"Did you say your name is Yamcha...? As in, the notorious bandit Yamcha. Are you a fan of his or something?" Ivy asked.

Yamcha laughed. "Not exactly... The desert bandit... yeah, that's me. Though I've given up on that life for some time now."

Ivy looked at the young man, surprised. "You're a real mystery, aren't you?" Ivy asked, smiling.

Yamcha blinked.

"Anyways, a small group of us are going treasure hunting after the tournament. If you ditch the kids, you could come with us, she raised an eyebrow at him. Yamcha looked at her and considered the idea. "That sounds fun," Yamcha said. "Where's the treasure?"

"Well, I can't go giving you all the details before I know that you're in," Ivy replied. "We would be traveling by sea. It should only take a few days to get there, maybe a week round trip"

Ivy was quiet and tried to read his body language.

"Think about it and tell me before the tournament's over. I'll be waiting for you here at the lounge."

Ivy smiled at him and walked somewhere else in the lounge.

Sakura looked over at Yamcha and the two made eye contact.

Yamcha thought about Ivy's invitation and then walked back to the guys playing with Asta.

"The next match will begin in 10 minutes folks, so hurry back to your seats!" Hercule announced, as people continued to make their purchases at the food stands and walked back into the stadium.

A man named Ky Kiske walked over to Sakura and started talking to her.

Meanwhile, Cammy had been going down the stairwell after the tall man, with long hair that she believed was a saiyan.

The dark stairwell went down many levels, from the third floor Cammy had entered, down to the first floor. As Cammy went down the stairs, she kept ready for any surprise attacks if the man she was following knew he was being followed.

As she made her way to the first floor, there was only two doors. The first was open, leading to the lobby at the ground floor of the colosseum. That was where most people entered the building from.

The second door was an emergency exit leading outside.

Cammy walked out into the lobby. The long haired saiyan wasn't there.

Where did the man go to? Had she been imagining things?

Returning to the dark stairwell, the blonde woman rested her back on the wall, trying to think

As she did so, she felt the wall behind her starting to move under her weight Looking surprised, the young woman took a step forward and turned around, looking at the wall. She put her hand on it, and noticed where part of the wall had gone in deeper than the rest of it, after she leaned on it.

A secret passage...?

Cammy pushed on the wall, opening the secret door slowly. Following the door into the secret passage, she closed it behind her, proceeding inside.

The secret tunnel had orange-lit walls, with small torches lit high up on the walls. Cammy held a hand out to the wall, touching it gently as she walked, trying to look out for any traps that may be set in a similar fashion to the secret door she found.

Eventually, she started to make out voices coming from further in the tunnel.

"The plan is nearly complete..." a male voice said. "We simply need to mobilize the armour and initiate the Sword."

Cammy lowered her posture, as she quietly crept further into the tunnel, going toward the voices.

"What of the saiyans and the namekian, here on this planet? What can we do with them?" another male voice said. This voice was more gruff.

"We've collected enough pawns to deal with them. Not to mention we have my brother."

"True..." the rough voice said. "I look forward to paying Prince Vegeta a visit as well..."

"Anyways, I must go talk to the sorcerer. We'll commence the plan as soon as I return."

Cammy looked like she wanted to rush in. She couldn't let whoever these people were get away.

As she waited, trying to decide her next move, a dark shadow on the ceiling began to move.

The dark form moved, and formed a dark figure of a head, made completely of shadow. This "head" formed from the ceiling, watching Cammy from above.

As Cammy moved a few steps closer to where she heard the voices, a shadow figure dropped from the ceiling and grabbed her from behind.

Inside of a wide room, at the end of the tunnel, a big saiyan man named Nappa was standing in front a teenage girl that was chained to the wall.

Noelle, a young member of the Black Bulls Magic Knights, had her hands and feet chained to the wall. She was wearing her usual clothes, though without her Black Bulls cloak. The young girl was the same age as Asta, her eyes closed, looking as if she was unconscious or asleep.

"What a shame we can't use you as a guinea pig for that sword..." Nappa said, smirking as he looked at the girl. "I personally don't see what use you have, other than looking cute... But oh well, our leader has his plans for you."

The sound of footsteps coming from the tunnel made Nappa look up. "Huh? Who's there?"

A shadow figure was walking towards Nappa, pushing forward a young blonde woman, who was being secured with her hands behind her back by the shadow.

"What's that?" Nappa asked the shadow person.

"An intruder, we believe," the shadow said. "She was sneaking around. Thought you may know her."

Nappa walked over to them. He looked at Cammy, moving some of her blonde hair away with a finger so he could get a good look at her face. "Heh, a cute thing like this? I would know if I knew her... Hey sweet thing. What are you doing down here? You get lost?" Nappa asked, smiling.

"Let me go!" Cammy said, struggling with the shadow person that was holding her hands behind her back.

"Fiesty little thing, huh?" the tall saiyan said. "At least she's older than the kid over there. Maybe the boss will let me keep her."

Cammy stopped struggling. "What kid?"

Nappa moved so she could see Noelle on the wall behind him. "Her. Oops, now that you've seen her, I can't let you go. Haha, sorry about that. Not that I really wanted to let you go anyway..."

Cammy was quiet for a moment. She then started struggling again, and the person behind her moved, trying to keep her in his grasp. "Oh no! Please! Don't keep me here... Are there any other kids here?" Cammy yelled dramatically, trying to get free. "I don't want to stay here all alone with just you two!"

"Uh... no, there's no more kids," Nappa said, scratching his face awkwardly. "I mean... if you have some friends, they can come too."

Cammy's face changed, with a serious glare.

She turned towards the nearest wall and ran up it, backflipping over the shadow that had been holding her. This broke the shadow's grip on her arms. She landed behind the shadow and kicked him in the head, knocking him onto the ground.

The shadow was stunned, then tried to get up off the floor, but Cammy did a chop to the back of its head and it was knocked out cold.

"Let the girl go," Cammy said, standing up in a stance.

"Whoa! You're the real deal, huh?" Nappa said. "And I thought you were an innocent damsel"

"Let her go, and then I'll play innocent for you," Cammy said, still glaring daggers at the man, taking another step closer to prepare for an attack.

"Wait, really?!" Nappa said, excited. "I mean, we can role play?!"

Cammy hesitated for a moment, then facepalmed.

She started to make her way towards Noelle, keeping a defensive guard up.

"So you really are here to mess up our plans," the male said. "Darn

Nappa snapped his fingers.

Multiple shadows on the ceiling and in the corners of the room all moved onto the ground. They formed into human figures, made of shadow.

There were at least a dozen of them, and they were surrounding Cammy.

Cammy got into a stance, now staying in the middle of the room, with nowhere else to go.

The shadow creatures slowly started to move towards her.

Cammy slowly waited... When the fight began, Cammy got low to the ground and did some sweeping kicks, knocking a few of the figures off balance.

As she got to her feet and spun around, finishing a stunned shadow man with a wide kick, the rest of the shadows grabbed her from behind. She jumped up, using the hold of the shadow behind her as support and kicked a shadow in front of her with a drop kick.

Headbutting the shadow behind her, she got free and threw an elbow into the shadow's face.

She proceeded to deal with the shadows, while the teenage girl Noelle stayed quiet against the wall and Nappa watching the blonde woman fight.

After she had finished the shadows, the room was filled with shadow men on the floor, knocked out.

"Bravo! Now, this is where I ask you to join us!" Nappa said

Cammy stayed quiet. "Let her go!" The woman said, urging one final warning for Nappa to release the girl.

"Heh heh... You're tough, but you're no match for a real warrior," Nappa said

"Care to back that up?" Cammy said, still in fighting position.

But truthfully, she was bluffing. She could tell the man was much stronger than her. Skill didn't matter when the power difference was this big.

But still, she couldn't just leave this girl here. If only she had been smart enough to have asked Ken for help.

"Getting cold feet" the saiyan taunted.

Cammy stayed there with a calm expression. She eventually, with no other options, charged at the huge man.


In the fighters lounge, the blonde man Ky Kiske finished talking to Sakura.

The man smiled at her, and Sakura smiled in return.

Yamcha and Asta were having fun with a few of the male fighters.

Siegfriend was walking up the stairs from the ground floor to one of the lobbies. Talim, where are you? Have you found the one wielding the sword?


Nappa slammed Cammy against the wall, holding the blonde girl with his hand around her neck

Cammy struggled, trying to break free of the male, but he was too strong. She kicked him, as she was held against the wall, a foot off the ground. The saiyan male blocked the kicks and slammed her against the wall again.

"Haha, enough of your resistance, girl! Join us! You can be my new partner! Together we can rule under the leaders commanding this new plan."

Cammy opened her eyes, as she struggled, "Leaders?"

Realizing he had said more than he meant to, Nappa shut up. "Enough! Join us or suffer the consequences!" Nappa said.

Cammy still tried to break away. She was starting to lose blood flowing to her head, from Nappa choking her.

The young woman slowly moved her foot in position between the man's legs. Sorry... Cammy thought, ready to kick the man below the belt

Just then, the sound of footsteps came from the tunnel. There was the sound of a battle taking place, and eventually one person was victorious.

"Please, stay down..." the female voice said.

It was that of Talim

Walking through the tunnel, the young priestess walked in, seeing a teenage girl chained to the wall, and Nappa and Cammy in a physical confrontation.

"What's going on here?" Talim asked.

"Does anyone know how to lock doors around here?" Nappa yelled, now seeing another person in the secret room. "Mind your business, girl. This is a conversation for adults."

Cammy was still struggling from the man choking her.

"Let her go! At once!" Talim said, pulling her tonfa blades in front of her, ready to charge at the man.

Nappa looked at the girl and laughed. "Make me"

Talim frowned, determined to do just that. She charged her weapons with pure spirit power. Her tonfas glowed with a green aura.

She ran towards the man and followed him when he sidestepped in evasion to the side. Keeping up with him, Talim kicked Nappa in the side of his leg. The kick did no damage to the male, other than putting him in an awkward position, as his leg buckled for a moment.

Without the proper positioning of his feet, now out of balance, Nappa was taken by surprise as the young tan girl slapped him in the side of the head with one of her tonfa blades, and followed with an uppercut into his jaw.

With this quick display of attacks, Talim had successfully knocked the man off balance, but he still remained on his feet, choking the blonde woman

Talim, using the last remaining power from her charged blades, slashed at Nappa's left arm that was holding the blonde.

Blood spurted out of Nappa's wrist, and Cammy fell to the floor, as the saiyan released her. "What the... what weapon is that?!" Nappa yelled in pain. "You are just a human, aren't you?!"

Talim stayed in front of the man, just a few yards away from him. Cammy was on the ground, gasping for air.

"Leave this place at once," Talim said to Nappa.

The saiyan male growled. "Fat chance!"

Talim stood in front of Cammy, ready to defend against the huge man Nappa.

Noelle was still chained to the wall on the other side of the room.

And even so, Talim did not sense the evil power here in this room. It must be somewhere else. There must be someone else working with the man who she found here.

In other words, she had to keep moving. Her final enemy was not this man, it was someone else. And the more time she spent here, the less chance she had of stopping the evil she and Siegfried had come here to find...

As the fighters and spectators enjoy an intermission, Cammy the street fighter finds a saiyan man Nappa holding Asta's friend Noelle captive!

Who will win in Yamchas fight vs Kilik?

And soon, some of our heroes will find themselves at the receiving end of one of their friend's swords...

The epic continues in the next episode of Dragon Clover!