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Yamcha, Asta and Sakura joined the fighting competition, the Z Ronin Fighting Tournament!

After winning their first fights, and making some new friends, its time for Yamcha to fight the mysterious Kilik, in a weapons fight!

However, behind the scenes of the tournament, Cammy the street fighter finds the evil saiyan Nappa, holding Noelle hostage!

With the wind priestess Talim helping her, the two young women fight to save Noelle, while the spectators watch in anticipation as the tournament continues!

Will Yamcha prevail against Kilik?

Who will Asta fight in his next match?

And is all of humanity at stake here?

Find out who the Dragon Ball Z villains are, that will be a heavy matchup even for the saiyan warriors! It all continues now, in Dragon Clover

Dragon Clover

Chapter 10

The blonde man Siegfried was running through the concession stand floors. His golden hair flying behind him, as the armoured knight made his way past the concession stands and tables found on the second floor of the colosseum.

Talim! Where are you? Have you found the evil presence we're searching for? Siegfried thought, as he raced through the outdoor lobby

In the stadium, as many people were coming back to their seats to get ready for the next fight, a young man wearing a jacket and a blue shirt, Ken Masters, was looking across the stadium. On the other side of the stadium, he saw a man in armour running through the concession floors. Ken watched the man running, staring at him with a serious gaze.

Elena, the brown skinned girl sitting beside Ken, looked up at him. "Oi, Ken-san, are you okay?" Elena asked.

"Something's going on," Ken said. "I have a bad feeling. I hope Cammy is alright

Elena looked at him, surprised by seeing Ken looking focused for once.

"We'll go look for Cammy, right Ibuki?" Elena said, getting up.

"No. Not yet," Ken said. "For now we have to wait."

Elena looked at him. Conflicted, she wanted to go and look for the blonde woman, or at least warn Sakura that something may be going on.

After some inner confliction, she sat down, listening to Ken.

She looked down towards the lounge where the fighters were on the ground floor.



Meanwhile, in a secret room underneath the colosseum, Cammy and Talim, the acquaintances of Ken and Siegfried, respectively, were in a chaotic battle against the large saiyan known as Nappa.

Talim held her tonfas in her hands, the small bladed weapons charged with power, as the thin young woman Talim ran towards a table near a wall. She jumped onto the table, and then jumped onto the wall, pushing off it and did a strong right kick towards the left side of Nappa's head.

The kick hit the man. It surprised him that she had hit him, then he laughed as the attack was barely did any hurt to him. However, Cammy had taken this time to come up behind Nappa and kick his legs in from behind.

Nappa fell down onto a knee. "Huh?" the man said.

With the man lower in height, Cammy jumped onto the man's shoulders and started choking him with her legs.

Nappa struggled, trying to break free from Cammy choking him. Cammy hit some of his pressure points, causing the big man to slow down and lost some of his energy.

Slowing down, Nappa looked like he was eventually going to pass out.

Talim stood in front of Nappa, charging her tonfa blades with power. They glowed green with a tremendous power.

Cammy held Nappa securely in front of her.

"Now, who are you working with?" Talim said to the man. "What is your plan for using the Sword?"

Nappa looked at Talim. "You know... about de Sword?" Nappa said, looking as though he might fall unconscious.

"Who are you working for?" said Talim "Where is he?"

"Why should I tell you..." Nappa said.

Cammy squeezed part of Nappa's neck and the saiyan yelled in pain. "Okay! Okay! Our leader... his name is..."

Talim stared at the man, waiting for the words to come out of his mouth. She needed to hurry and find this person!

Cammy stared, as she held the man.

Nappa tried to grab Cammy's legs to get her off him, but he couldn't get the strength. In defeat, he started to sway losing balance.

"... Raditz," Nappa said. The big man then fell face down on the floor and laid there.

Cammy stayed on top of him for a while, then checked his pulse.

"Is he...?" the girl Talim asked, worried.

"He's alive," she said. She got off the big man and stood up.

Moving through the room, she found some keys and started freeing the young girl Noelle from the chains. "Do you happen to know who this Raditz person is?" Cammy asked, freeing Noelle and supporting her to stand.

Talim shook her head saying no. "I'm afraid not. However, there are many strong warriors at this tournament. Now that we have his name, we can ask everyone to find him. Then we will stop him."

Cammy started to wake Noelle up. The teenage girl looked sleepy and weak.

"I wish I shared your optimism," Cammy said.


Krillin was walking back from the concession stands on the upper levels. He walked down the stairs towards his seat and his friends, when he handed them some food.

"Hey, wasn't Gohan with you?" Bulma asked.

"Huh, he didn't come back yet?" Krillin asked.

"Did you get my fries?" Piccolo asked.

"Oh, yeah," Krillin said, giving him the seasoned fries.

Down on the main floor, Hercule stood there. "It's time for the next match to start! Yamcha vs Kilik! Will the contestants please enter the ring."

Yamcha walked out from the fighting lounge, going towards the fighting floor.

The crowd was cheering, ready for the fight between the former bandit Yamcha and the powerful man Kilik.

"Kilik..." Yamcha said to himself. "Finally we get to fight. And settle whatever problems we have..."

Krillin was sitting in his seat drinking a beverage from a paper cup. "Hey look guys! It's Yamcha's turn!"

"Yamcha! Yamcha!" Chiaotsu and Pu'ar cheered.

Yamcha grinned.

"Where's Kilik"

After a while, the officials asked Kilik to show up, and gave five minutes. The crowd impatiently waited.

"Huh... I guess Kilik is disqualified," the announcer said.

"Wait!" Yamcha said. "Can we give him some more time?! I'm sure if we just wait-"

"Sorry, we already waited ten minutes and the procedure is to wait for five.

"Now, we will have the next fight. Asta vs Siegfried!"

Yamcha climbed down from the floor and walked on the grass towards the fighting lounge.

Asta started walking towards the floor. "Hey, I know you were looking forward to the fight," Asta said, meeting Yamcha on the ground. "At least you get to go to the next fight!"

Yamcha was just thinking quietly. "Kilik... where are you..." He then noticed Asta. "Ah, you're right. Thanks Asta. Now get out there and show Siegfried who's boss!" Yamcha smiled.

Asta smiled and nodded to him.

Yamcha kept walking towards the lounge, while Asta walked across the grass to the fighting platform.

When Asta pulled himself onto the fighting floor, he walked to one side.

He then looked up at the crowd of people.

Everyone was cheering.

This was what it was like... being in a tournament.

Asta smiled.

As he waited for his opponent, Yamcha made his way back to the patio of the lounge.

"Heh... Do your best, Asta. You got this," Yamcha said, smiling.

Then he looked at the fighting lounge, then up to the crowd of people. "Kilik... where are you?" Yamcha thought.

The host waited five minutes for Siegfried, similar to how they waited for Kilik.

"Siegfried is gonna own that guy!" a person in the crowd yelled. "Is it even fair to put an adult knight against a kid?"

"Well, it's almost been five minutes. Where is he?"

Asta stood on the floor, waiting for his opponent.

Up in the stadium's lobby the blonde knight Siegfried continued running, searching for his friend Talim.

Suddenly sensing a familiar aura, the tall man stopped. Soul Edge?!

In a dark room in the lobby a small distance from Siegfried stopped, a man was staring at him. Siegfried looked towards the dark room

Siegfried sweated. The room was dark, but he could make out a tall figure, that was holding a huge weapon. A sword that was certainly the blade that he himself had wielded in years before, the blade that had nearly consumed his soul.

"SOUL EDGE!" Siegfried let out a loud roar, drawing his sword; a broadsword that had a golden and aquamarine

About to charge at whoever was wielding the evil sword, before Siegfried could make it to his opponent, the man in the dark room flew out, straight into the blonde man.


Asta was waiting in the ring of the fighting floor, and the crowd was waiting for Siegfried the knight to appear, when suddenly the blonde knight came flying from the upper level of the stadium's

Flying above the heads of many spectators, the tall man was falling towards the ground beside the fighting floor, as if something powerful had pushed him from the upper levels.

The crowd gasped, seeing the man flying towards the ground.

"Siegfried!" Asta yelled, surprised at seeing the man falling through the air

The golden hair of the knight was flowing after him as he flew at high speed, but soon the knight did a somersault in midair, flipping as he regained his posture and landed on the white fighting stage beside Asta.

Landing with a knee bent, and his huge sword in his right hand; the tall knight Siegfried skid across the floor, still facing where he had come from

Hercule, who was standing on the ground, stood there silently. " Uh... Wow! And finally the fighter we have been waiting for enters with a dramatic entrance! The man we've all been waiting for, Seigfried!"

Before the crowd could cheer, a man in a suit of black armor shot off from the stadium's upper floor, following after the blonde knight.

The man was in a black suit of knight's armor, wearing red gauntlets on his arms and red boots. The helmet of the suit covered the man's face completely.

The only thing more sinister than the presence of the man in black armor, was the sword he was carrying. A huge sword the size of a small adult, that had a peering eye at its core - the blade known as Soul Edge.

The man in dark armor had jumped down, and was falling towards Seigfried. The dark knight raised Soul Edge and slashed at Siegfried with it, as he flew down towards the ground. The dark knight crashed into the floor, creating a huge cloud of dust.

Asta coughed, standing just some feet away from where the dark knight had landed. "Siegfried!" Asta called out, trying to look through the dust.

As the dust cleared, it showed Siegfried standing underneath the weight of the big, armored swordsman wielding Soul Edge.

The two swordsmen were locked, with their blades against each other in a battle of brute strength.

Yamcha, like many of the other fighters, had come out from the fighters lounge and onto the grass beside the fighting floor.

Siegfried stood there and took the attack, head on? Yamcha thought to himself.

Siegfried was obviously struggling under the weight of the knight above him. However, the look on the blonde's face showed angry resistance more than weakness.

The dark knight above him tried to press past the blonde's defenses, but he could only make small advances before Siegfried's resistance pushed him back.

The two swordsmen were in an almost perfectly matched battle, neither of them choosing to change their positions.

"They're equal in strength," Krillin said, up in the stands. "Whoever chooses to withdraw for a second attack first will be at a disadvantage."

"Huh?" Puar asked, looking at the man sitting beside

"It's clear that these two people are equal in strength, at least for now, so depending how their speed is, whoever gives up their footing first may end up open to attack. And I'm willing to bet that means game over."

Vegeta smirked. "Its about time we got some more action around here. Though only a coward resorts to using a weapon."

Krillin looked up at Piccolo. "Hey, maybe this is a good time for us to grab Asta's grimoire, before anyone else more powerful tries to get it."

Piccolo was staring at the two swordsmen, and Asta who was right next to them. "You may be right..." Piccolo said.

"So? Let's go and get him! While we have a distraction" Krillin said

Piccolo was still just sitting there. Krillin has a good point, but I can sense other powerful people here, that haven't revealed themselves yet.

"Vegeta, can you feel it?" Piccolo said

"Huh?" the saiyan said, looking across towards the Namekian. "What are you talking about?"

"There's a saiyan here," Piccolo said. "And I don't mean you or Gohan

Vegeta looked surprised, now looking at the floor with more interest.

Goten and Trunks were at the table beside the fighting floor.

"Hey! You can't just interrupt a fight!" Goten stood up, yelling at the man in the dark armor.

"Yeah! What do you think you're doing?!" Trunks yelled.

Trunks climbed up onto the floor, "Look! Only two people can fight here at once!" he said, talking to the man in dark armor. "Hello! Are you listening?"

The person in dark armor looked towards Trunks.

Someone high above the stadium, watching from a bubble in the sky grinned.

"Hey! Did you guys just feel that?" Krillin said. "A magical energy, it came from up in the sky

Vegeta looked startled. "I know that feeling!"

The man in dark armor pushed Siegfried's sword back, then flew a few feet over towards Trunks.

Trunks looked surprised, and the dark knight used the blunt side of Soul Edge's handle to hit Trunks in the stomach, sending him flying into the table on the grass

Vegeta was hot in anger, and soon he turned Super Saiyan. "Who the hell do you think you're hitting, you bastard!"

Krillin called out to Vegeta, hoping he wouldn't go down and attack the man by himself. "Wait! Calm down!"

Vegeta ignored the short human, and flew out of the stands and down towards

Vegeta, in his first super saiyan state, flew down towards the man in black armor, when suddenly someone intercepted him. A person in blue bandages, wrapped from head to toe, looking like a mummy. The person in blue was in the air, and punched Vegeta, sending him flying into the stands, right into Krillin and Tien.

The two humans managed to catch Vegeta and stop him from flying into any of the spectators.

"That... that punch..." Vegeta said, hurt physically and his pride, "That man has the strength of a..."

Piccolo stared at the man that was in the sky

"A saiyan"

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