Dragon Clover

Chapter 2

Yamcha threw a right punch at Asta, then advanced and threw a left hook. Asta ducked under the first punch and swatted away the second. Surprised by the sudden assault, he kept moving away from the man, walking backwards as he dodged and pushed away the punches.

"Heh, not bad" Yamcha said, smiling as he punched at the younger male in a flurry of punches.

"Wait! I wasnt ready" Asta said, barely evading the blows.

Eventually backed into a tree, Asta had nowhere else to run. Before he could go left or right, away from the tree and his opponent, more punches were coming towards him and he ducked and swatted away. Yamcha's punches broke the bark of the tree making dents, and Asta felt the force of the punches graze his head, as Yamcha's fists flew by.

Cornered, Asta was in survival mode now, desperately trying to get off the defensive and try to get away from the tree.

Instead of ducking or evading a punch, that would allow his opponent to continue the combo, Asta decided to absorb one of the punches and counter before the man could withdraw from the punch he threw.

Yamcha did a heavy right cross punch and Asta put his arms up to block the punch.

The punch hit Asta solid in his arms, the force behind the punch was immense - too much!

It sent Asta back twelve inches until his back pounded against the tree, making him bounce off the tree and back towards Yamcha.

The pain in his forearms and his back from the punch were only rivaled by the screaming survial instints in Asta's mind, telling him to get out of this corner.

Asta saw the expression in Yamcha's face. A grin. He was going to attack again.

Desperate, Asta threw a low kick to the outside of Yamcha's left leg.

Yamcha felt the kick, taking a moment to process the need to defend. He looked up from Asta's leg into his eyes again. He was about to throw another punch and keep the advantage of momentum, but Asta deflected the punching hand before it extended. Immediately after stalling his opponents attack, Asta jumped up high, grabbing the older male's head in a loose grip, as he vaulted over the man - somersaulting in the air above Yamcha in a fluid motion - landing the midair flip in a crouched position, with his back to his opponent.

Without skipping a beat, Asta got to his feet and ran a mid distance from the male, getting a chance to breathe and examine opponent.

Catching his breath, "Who are you?" Asta ask panting. "You fight strictly using hand to hand combat?"

"I told you my name is Yamcha" the male said, turning around to face his opponent who just flipped over him. "I am a martial artist. I dont use any weapons or tricks up my sleeve. Just power and smarts."

Though... There is the kamehameha... he thought to himself

"What about you?" Yamcha asked. "You keep mentioning magic. You a magician or something?"

"Yes! Im a Magic Knight! Member of the Black Bulls!"

"Magic Knight huh? The Black Bulls... Cant say I've heard of them" Yamcha said, crossing his arms with a thoughtful look.

Asta fell dramatically.

"Y-you dont know us... Its okay! We work to protect the innocent! Fame and fortune are not our goals"

"Good thing, because you dont seem famous at all" Yamcha replied. "Hey, I was thinking of joining a fighting tournament coming up. You're pretty good. Wanna join?"

"A tournament!" Asta ran up to the man, grabbing his hands in his own. Asta had heart eyes and was practically crying. "You think I'm good enough to join?"

Yamcha looked surprised and slightly confused at the shorter boy. "Uh, yeah sure. Why wouldnt you be?"

"Youre the first person... Not related to me... That believes in me..." Asta said with teary eyes. "My name is Asta of the Black Bulls pleased to meet you!" He shook Yamcha's hand again and again

Yamcha pulled his hand away, weirded out. "I've said it three times now. My name is Yamcha." Lightening up, he went to his towel to collect his things. "Anyways, we should start training when you're free. I have a feeling you've got a lot of potential."

"Yes! Lets train!" Asta yelled

"Let me just get my grimoire," Asta went to get his bag where he left it.

It wasnt there.

"Huh?" The boy looked around for it, all over. By the trees, on the ground, under rocks. Soon he realized it was gone.

"My grimoires gone!" Asta yelled, falling on the ground about to pass out.

"Huh? That bag?" Yamcha asked. Come to think of it... I did sense something nearby during our fight... But I focused on the battle...

"Someone must have taken it during our fight!" Asta cried. "Wait, this wasnt a plan of yours... To steal from me... Was it?" The teen peered at Yamcha warily

"No, I wish it was that simple..." Yamcha said, looking angry and ready to find whoever took the teen's book "I think someone took it."

Behind a tree, 50 yards away from Yamcha and Asta, a tall, big man with slick green hair was hiding behind the tree holding Asta's grimoire in his hands.

The man grinned, listening to the confusion of the two men, as he then laughed and made his way into the woods away from the fighters, running away with the grimoire.

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