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An eternity loving you

            A young girl about the age of seventeen walked out onto the balcony of her castle. She stood leaning against the railing as she looked down at the lights that were lit up in each home. Her hair swayed swiftly in the wind as she changed her gaze to look at the sky. The stars looked like a vast ocean of diamonds as her blue gray eyes raised to meet them. Her life as she knew it was sheltered. Never once did she experience any hardships. But that's what you get when you're a princess right?

            Kagome raised her right hand and gently brushed back a piece of her hair. It's been so long since she's been out of the castle out of the box that had held her back for most of her life. She longed for the life of a normal person. To be able to do things without guards to follow you and track down you're every move. What kind of life is that?

Most of all…most of all Kagome longed to find her one true love. A person that would be there for her through thick and thin. Someone who would love her for all eternity no matter how bad things would be. That person would hold her in his arms when she feels insecure and just from that one simple gesture would make everything in her world feel right again. But whom is she kidding? She will never find that person. Not anymore, for she is about to be married to a stranger nonetheless.

Her father was losing his patience. Most princesses at Kagome's age would already be engaged but she still remained available. There was nothing wrong with Kagome. She was beautiful, intelligent, and had a nice head on her shoulders. But there was just one problem. She was picky. Kagome wanted to get married eventually. But until she finds the perfect guy she refuses to lower her standards.

The king, being tired of Kagome's pickiness had decided that this must end once in for all. He had chosen to worthy prince's that will come to live at their kingdom for a month. Out of those two Kagome will have to pick one to be her husband. If she fails to choose then her father will just have to pick for her.

Although she loved watching the stars Kagome decided to resign to her room before she catches a cold because of the cold weather. She walked slowly inside and approached her vanity. Kagome sat down and stared at the mirror, she picked up a brush and began to comb her hair as she started to drift away into her own little world.

There was a silent knock on the door but Kagome couldn't quite hear it because of her deep trance. The person who was outside was tired of knocking and decided to check in on the princess. The door opened and a servant slipped inside.

"Princess…are you alright?" The young girl asked as though unsure whether or not Kagome was present.

Instantly snapping out of her trance Kagome looked up at the maid. "I'm fine…what is it that you came here for?"

"The king and queen wishes to see you princess."

"Very well I will be down in a minute." With that said Kagome dismissed the maid and began walking towards the main room in the palace.


            Meanwhile in a palace far away from the Higurashi kingdom the demon king and his son were having a conversation.

            "Do I have to father? I'm not interested on staying at some other kingdom competing for some wenches hand in marriage." Inuyasha crossed his arms across his chest as he stared at his father with an annoyed look on his face.

            "Yes you do. You will go to the palace if it's the last thing I do! You're mother and Kagome's mother were very close friends and you wouldn't want to disappoint her now do you?" The king asked knowing that his son would finally have to give in.

            Inuyasha loved his mother very much. He didn't want to do anything to displease her or make her sad. Irritated by the fact that his father had used his mother to threaten him but knew very well that he would lose in this debate Inuyasha gave in. "Fine I'll stay at the kingdom. But I'm not assuring you that I'll enjoy my stay. Or if I'll win her heart."

            "That is alright as long as you try to get along with the princess you mother and I both will be very happy."

            "Yeah, yeah, yeah." 'looks like this is going to be a long month!' Inuyasha thought to himself.


            Kagome approached the throne hesitantly. Whatever her parents were about to discuss with her she knew she wouldn't like it. "Mother, father, you called for me?"

            "Kagome dear, we wanted to talk to you about the two prince's that will be coming to stay with us." Her mother said.

            'Oh great here it comes.'

            "The first prince was chosen by your father. He is a wolf demon prince by the name of Kouga. And I chose the hanyou prince Inuyasha. Now dear I want you to behave yourself and not scare them off like you did to prince Hojo." Her mother warned her.

            Then Kagome remembered. She couldn't help but want to laugh. The incident that happened a long time ago with Hojo was hilarious she could remember it all like it had just happened yesterday.




            A young prince walked inside the castle. It finally came the day that he would be able to meet princess Kagome. He hoped that she would like him and pick him as her husband.

            Hojo walked into the main room of the palace where the king and queen sat high on there throne. He bowed down and introduced himself. "Good day my king and queen. I am prince Hojo."

            "Ah…prince Hojo, Kagome will you please take the prince out for a tour of the castle." The king said.

            At that moment a beautiful princess with blue gray eyes, dark black hair walked out to greet him.

            "He..he..hello princess. My name is Hojo I'm very pleased to meet you." He managed to stutter.

            "Hello Hojo…" 'great, another one of these prince's I hope he won't be like this around me all day!' "Let's go prince I'll show you around the castle."

            Time passed by slowly as Kagome got tired and bored of Hojo. He was like some boring guy following her around everywhere and won't stop staring at her. 'Did anyone ever teach this guy that staring is rude?' Then suddenly an idea popped up in Kagome's mind. The perfect way to get rid of him!

            "Prince I know what we should do now. Let's play a little game. It will be fun!" Hojo of course agreed to play her little game, not caring what she had in mind just as long as she enjoyed his company.


            "Uh…K…K…Kagome? D..Do you think this…is safe?" Hojo's knees were shaking he felt like peeing in his pants.

            "Don't worry…I know what I'm doing." Kagome drew an arrow from her quiver and attached it to her bow. She pulled the bow back and aimed the arrow at her target. She let the arrow go and it hit the apple on Hojo's head directly in the middle pinning the fruit to the tree he was standing behind.

            Hojo's eyes were wide in shock not being able to take in his near death experience he fell down and blanked.

            "Wow…he fainted…he's weaker then I thought."


End Flashback


            Then Kagome had second thoughts about this whole getting her a husband thing. Maybe it won't turn out as bad as she thought. If it's not possible to fall in love with those two princes' at least they could provide her with some entertainment during their stay.


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