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Happily ever after!

            After riding for a long time Inuyasha decided to take a break. His horse was tired so he tied it to a big tree and sat down. But even in the mists of a journey his mind seemed to wander back to his princess. Kagome was waiting for him…waiting for him to save her life, to be there for her in her time of need. He couldn't wait to get back to her…but then fear overtook him…what if he couldn't get there in time…what would happen to her?

            His thoughts were disrupted when his sensitive demon ears picked up a distant noise…trouble was ahead and he would be ready for it.

            Inuyasha got up and made sure that his sword was ready he continued to climb his way up the mountain in search for the precious flower but this time without his horse.

            As he had predicted trouble was soon in sights and a demon bird swooped down warning him that it was the birds territory. Inuyasha couldn't care less what the bird wanted getting it out of the way meant that he was one step closer to getting the flower and that was exactly what his intentions were.

            And so with one clean swipe of his sword Inuyasha managed to kill the bird but not until after gaining minor injuries in the process. He swore at his bad luck but continued on his way.

            Once he got to the top of the mountain he searched desperately everywhere for it. The view was spectacular and yet he had no time to enjoy it to his full pleasure. After about half an hour of searching in vain he saw a faint glow. Walking up to it cautiously he almost jumped at his luck. It was the Shikon flower! Picking it up quickly he immediately went down the mountain.


            She couldn't see anything couldn't feel anything…but yet…Kagome could hear…she could hear what her parent's were saying to her. The comforting words the king used to soothe the queen over her despair.

            "They haven't lost hope completely," She whispered inside her own mind. Sure she could hear them…but it was no use because they couldn't hear her! Closing her eyes once again Kagome sat down and waited…waited to be saved by her hero…the only man that managed to reveal to herself what her true feelings were. She didn't know if these feelings were really love…but she was darn sure that it was close…very close.


            When he got down from the mountain he walked calmly to his horse. The bushes slightly rustled and Inuyasha could feel more then one-presence amongst him. He knew at that moment that he wasn't alone.

            Tired from the last battle and the mountain climbing he still managed to get ready for battle. As he expected three demons jumped out of the bushes not surprising Inuyasha for a second.          

            "It seems you all want to play…well let us have some fun before I send you all to hell!" He yelled before slashing at one of the demons with his sword. Although he killed it something was terribly wrong.

            Then he felt it blood gushed out from his stomach as he looked down in horror. It was painful yes…but he had to go one. Turning around quickly he managed to kill the both of the remaining demons.

            After the battle Inuyasha collapsed onto the ground near the tree. He was in terrible pain. But what can he do? After hesitating a moment he decided to ride back to the castle before it was too late. Getting on his horse he used all the strength that was left in him to get back to his princess.


            Kouga paced back and forth in his room thinking about all the events that had happened. In his mind he never would have given up on Kagome until he saw how determined Inuyasha was when he went to find a cure for her. He didn't know why but he respected the hanyou prince in one-way or another.

            Sighing Kouga laid back down on his bed. Even if Kagome probably wouldn't choose him…he would give anything to see her wake up and to have her be happy…even if he wasn't going to be her chosen one.


            He could see the palace slowly coming into view as he continued to come closer and closer to it. He could feel his strength weakening but he struggled with all his might.

            Finally coming upon the palace doors he barged inside not even giving a second thought about his horse.

            "Inuyasha! You're back!" Miroku welcomed him from down the hall.

            "No time…cook this…and let Kagome drink it." He managed to sputter before everything went dark.


            Kagome opened her eyes to see everything in a very blurred up picture. She blinked a couple of times until everything cleared up and an image of her brother finally came to view.

            "Miroku?" She questioned in a very weak voice.

            "I'm here. What is it my dear sister?"

            "Where…how…what happened."

            "You my dear are very lucky…Kagome you were in a coma for quite a while now. Luckly your prince came to your rescue just in time."


            "Inuyasha of course. He practically risked his life to find a cure for you!" Miroku praised him.

            "Where is he now?" Kagome asked with concern filled eyes.

            "He's currently resting in his room. I'm not sure if woke up yet. He's still healing from severe wounds."

            Kagome immediately got up after hearing what her brother told her.

            "Now…I'm going to go and tell mother and father that you are well. Take care of your self and keep out of harms reach for now alright?"

            "Yes brother!" Kagome giggled and closed the door after her brother exited from her room. She put a normal outfit and made her way to Inuyasha's room.

            'He risked his life? To save me? Why would he do that?' Kagome thought as she stood in front of his room.

            Opening the door gently Kagome stepped into the room with slight hesitation. Her blue gray eyes roamed the room in search for the handsome prince that she owed her life too.

            That was when she spotted them. Two beautiful golden eyes staring at her own. She smiled and approached the bed on which he was resting on.

            "Miroku told me everything…are you well?" She asked him.

            "I'm fine! You don't have to worry about me! I'm a hanyou remember? I've been through tougher times."

            "Inuyasha…I…I wanted to say…thank you."

            "It was nothing…you know…I do this stuff all the time."

            "You mean you've saved other princess's and they all fell in love with you?" She asked amazed and yet jealous at the same time.

            "What did you just say?" Inuyasha wasn't sure if he heard right.

            "I…didn't say anything." She muttered.

            "Oh yes you did."

            "Okay fine…InuyashaIreallylikeyouandwoulditbeokayifIpickedyouasmychosenone?"

            "Uhhhhh…uhhhh…come again?"

            "Inuyasha…since you saved my life and all…would you…uh…do you want to be…my…uh…"

            Suddenly tired of her shyness he mustered up the courage to face her. "Husband."

            "Huh?" Kagome frowned.

            "You're asking me to be your husband…right?"

            "Y…yes…what do you say."

            "Kagome…I don't want you to feel like you're forced to marry me just because I saved your life…after all you know…it is your life and-" But he didn't get to finish talking noOoOoOoOo…Inuyasha was so rudely interrupted by Kagome's lips on his…however he sure didn't mind.

            When they finally parted Kagome looked into his eyes searching for some sort of emotion. "I always wanted to do that…being interrupted all the time finally got to me!" Kagome sighed and looked at him lovingly.

            "So…you actually *want* to marry me? And not just because I saved you."

            "Of course not silly…I have to admit…you kind of got to me…I never thought I'd be attracted to anyone but I guess I was wrong."

            "Kagome?" Inuyasha said a little above a whisper.

            "Yes?" Kagome caught her breath. Was she dreaming? Was he really going to say what she thought he was?

            "I…think I'm in love."

            "Oh? With who?"

            "You." There was an awkward silence in the room until Kagome finally spoke up.



            "I think I'm in love too."

            "Oh? With who?"

            "Kouga…no silly who do you think I'm in love with?! After all I kissed you! Inuyasha you're very bad did you know that! It seems that you've stolen something from me!"

            Inuyasha stayed still for a moment trying to comprehend what she had just said to him. She was really in love with him! His heart seemed to do cartwheels. But then he stayed still confused.

            "Kagome I swear I didn't steal anything from you! What could I possibly want anyways?" He nearly went off the roof.

            "Inuyasha…are you sure? Because the last time I checked it seems you've stolen my heart."

            "Stolen your…OoOoOoOoOoH!"

            Kagome merely giggled at his slow thinking. Then she pounced on him.

            "Oof! Kagome…not…too…tight…" He sputtered. Out of breath.

            "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I forgot completely about your injury!" She sat back up. "But I know something that can cheer you up." She moved closer to him and closed the gap between them.

            Here he was the great Inuyasha…after a battle with three demons…in a palace with a hole in his stomach being kissed by his love? Life couldn't have been any better.

            Inuyasha then looked at her seriously in the eye. "Kagome…I know this isn't your traditional everyday proposal but…will you let me love you and stay with you for all eternity?"

            Kagome almost cried as she hugged him. "YES! Wait…is this a marriage proposal?"

            "Yes…just promise me one thing hon…"

            "What is it?"

            "Next time don't ruin the romantic moment"

            Kagome merely giggled and kissed her husband too be. Yes life was good. She would be glad to spend all eternity loving him.


            Just like every story this fairy tale has finally come to an end.

            Inuyasha and Kagome were happily married and after the first few months together with her love Kagome was pregnant with a baby boy. Life was great for the couple…from then on they were inseparable. 

            Prince Miroku finally got out of his out lecherous ways and proposed to Sango. At first she declined but after two more tries and a lot more of getting to know each other Sango had to give in to the charming prince.

            After the whole Kagome incident Kouga moved on with his life and traveled here and there in search for adventure. Every once and a while he would visit Kagome and Inuyasha. He and Inuyasha had come to good terms and became friends rather then rivals. One time on a long journey he met a female wolf demon and it was love at first sight. Of course getting her to see that is another story. But finally he convinced her…and he too soon had a family of his own.

            And so everyone lived happily ever after.

The End


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