Lucifer Fanfiction

Continuation of the Season 2 Episode 13:Till Death Do Us Part

--Just after the argument between Lucifer and Cain and the pep talk given by Decker.--

Standing beside a tree buttoning his vest over his light blue dress shirt, Lucifer sees Marcus moving the nachos on the table away from the macaroni. Marcus walks backward to admire his work when Lucifer moves from the tree, still buttoning his vest, to stand in front of the tree. Lucifer looks to Marcus, who is fixing the ornaments on one of the other trees, with a look of realization in his eyes says, " You moved the nachos." Marcus slowly looks up and turns quickly saying, " Well, yeah, I didn't want anyone to spill salsa," "...Into the macaroni, " they finish together gesturing to the serving table. Looking at each other with understanding, Marcus steps forward revealing, "Wasn't sure you were coming back." Lucifer still with a look of awestruck slowly walks closer to Marcus and says, "I made you a promise. And I am a man of my word no matter what you may think." "I may have overreacted. I'm sorry." "Thank you. But...You were right about one thing. I don't have all the answers. But I hope that...we can find them together. I mean, after all, you may be the only person on this planet who truly understands me. I'm not ready to give up on that."

The crowd around the two awwws to the sweetness of what transpired. Both Lucifer and Cain are standing close enough to touch. With Lucifer still looking at Marcus and Marcus looking at the crowd, momentarily forgetting where he was while he talked to Lucifer. Lucifer looks around, also just remembering. With the clicking of cameras and the long drawn out sighs of happiness from the crowd, Marcus groans in exasperation noticing. Lucifer chuckles as he sees and hears this, gaining the courage grabs the sides of Marcus's face and neck and pulls him in for a kiss with his eyes closed. The crowd gasps at this new development. Marcus with his eyes closed as well starts to lean into the kiss his hands starting to move towards Lucifer's body.

Hearing Chloe in the eyepieces saying, "Wow! Cover officially restored. Okay. Now can we please check the book for signatures?" both men reluctantly pull away and get back to work.

--Later that night after they arrested the woman and her husband.--

Walking out of the elevator into the penthouse above Lux Marcus shouts, "Lucifer, this better be good. I was really looking forward to sleeping far away from you tonight." Walking up behind Lucifer who is drinking out on the balcony. "Oh, it is good. I finally got you figured out." Marcus chuckles, "Really." "Mmm. Yes. You're terrified of letting someone get close to you, 'cause you know they'll eventually leave you. You'll outlive them. You want to die, because you don't want to be alone anymore." Marcus with a defeated posture turns to Lucifer, "Yeah. Well, duh. What's your point?" "If we're going to kill you, then we have got to do it together," Lucifer reveals handing a cup of alcohol to Marcus. "Is that right?" Marcus replies. Lucifer hums with a look of meaning on his face. Marcus continues, " You see, I don't think you've been spending time with me trying to figure out how to kill me. I think you want to spend time with someone who's been screwed by your dad as much as you've been." Lucifer scoffs looking away from Marcus's face. "You are the one that doesn't want to be alone," Marcus drawls. Lucifer shaking off his anger says, "Well, I suppose one might call us friends now. And it is nice to have a friend who can relate. I get you." "No, you don't. You've been on the Earth, what, five years? You'll see. It's hard not to get attached." Marcus revels in his loneliness. "Okay. Okay. So we both have some issues that we need to work through. But if we're gonna get revenge on Dad, we've got to be committed," Lucifer says hands leaning on the railing besides Marcus. "I've already married you. I'm not sure how more committed I could be," Marcus says with a look of light confusion. Lucifer lets out a dry chuckle and with a smile says, "True. True. But there are so many things that we never got to try." While Lucifer drinks his drink Marcus comes into the realization of what Lucifer meant. Steeling himself Marcus replies, "Fine. Go get the chainsaw." Lucifer sighs out in delight, "Oh. I thought you'd never ask." With an excited bounce in his step Lucifer waltzes towards his bedroom with a chuckle, and tries to find the indicated article. Marcus sighs, heavily taking a big gulp of his drink with his hands on his hips. He places both hands on his balcony shaking his head looks out toward the horizon.

Lucifer comes back out with wheeling an array of tools on a metal table covered in a black cloth. Marcus walks toward Lucifer with a look of clear reluctance on his face, " I think I told you only to get the chainsaw." "I know. I know. But I think you'll find it more fun if we start out slow then build out." "Fun. Fun. This isn't supposed to be fun we're supposed to find what can kill me." "But Markie, both me and you know you've haven't had sex in a looong time. So we are going to do with a little flare. Now sit." Lucifer says with a grin on his face pulling a metal chair seemingly out of nowhere. Marcus sits after pulling his clothes off, after being told by Lucifer. "Hell. Why is this chair so cold?" Marcus exclaims purposely choosing that wording. "Because it was in the freezer. I want to know how it will affect you. Now, Markie, I'm going to need your complete obedience. Everything that I'm going to be doing is for finding your weakness, and hopefully have some pleasure as well. Choose a safe word now because I will not be stopping without it. " Lucifer explains with a carnal lust in his eyes. "Pause. Short and to the point. Although I doubt I'll need it," Marcus says.

Bringing out a red rope from underneath the table Lucifer says, "Now, Markie. These ropes are to hold you in place and I just love the color." Lucifer begins tying the rope around Marcus's arms keeping them in a folded position; unlike the tying, you'd see in a kidnapping scene. Lucifer prefers more coverage than just the chest, arms, and legs. Lucifer brings the rope up so it is secured around the shoulders and biceps, he then ties the rope so it is wrapped around Marcus's pecs with a small bundle in the center of Marcus's chest. Bringing the rope down two coils are brought down to wrap around the abs. Then brought around to hold Marcus's ass, coming up from behind the coils are wrapped around Marcus's manhood. Finally, the rope is tied around his thighs multiple times then brought down to his ankles in which the rope connects to the chair.

Taking off a scalpel and a large ball-tipped vibrator Lucifer gives Marcus a devilish grin that promises both pain and pleasure.

Chapter 2

Lucifer gives Marcus a large shallow diagonal cut along his chest skipping over the ropes. Marcus gives a long almost cat-like mewl. "Looks like I was right in my assumptions. Markie, you are a masochist," Lucifer drawls giving a hard twist to Marcus's nipple; making Marcus squeak in a very unmanly manner. Lucifer makes more cuts along Marcus's chest and stomach with varying degrees of damage. Marcus looks at Lucifer with poorly concealed lust. "Please," Marcus whispers already getting into it.

Lucifer grabs the vibrator and puts it on its lowest setting and lightly touches it to Marcus's thighs. Seeing Marcus posture relax from the ridge posture he was in, Lucifer smirks once more thoroughly enjoying himself. Trailing it along his thighs getting close but pulling away before it touches anything. Moving it up so it is trailing along Marcus's stomach making him groan for more contact. Lucifer moves it so the wand is less than an inch from Marcus's vitals moving in a circular motion but not making any move to touch any of it. Continuing for less than 5 minutes but it has the desired effect. Lucifer hears Marcus's pleads for more contact. Moving so the vibrator is directly on Marcus's jewels he turns up the setting. Moving it around to see what Marcus likes. Lucifer finds out Marcus actually likes the teasing. Knowing this he continues on with the torture moving the toy around applying very minimal pressure. Leaving Marcus's rod completely untouched, Lucifer spread Marcus's legs. Waiting for a sign of wanting to stop and not finding any Lucifer continues. Moving the wand so it directly underneath Marcus's jewels pressing harder getting an excited mewl that makes Lucifer's length twitch in its already hardened state, straining against his pants.

Lucifer moves to positions his hand by Marcus's ass and thrusts a thumb in without any lubrication. Moving his thumb in and out keeping the vibrator teasingly on Marcus's rocks. Continuing for a long while, Lucifer removes both his thumb and the machine. He moves put it on the table's second shelf and moves to grab a knife from a small cooler on the table.

Moving the knife so it moves across the other side of Marcus's chest causing him to shiver in both pain and need. Trailing across arms of Markus making more small shallow cuts. By the end, Marcus is moaning and pleading for more, more than with the previous teasing. Putting the knife with the vibrator, Lucifer moves to grab a Large red dildo from the cooler. "Do you want it, Markie. Do want me to use this big 12-inch cock on you," Lucifer says using his power. "Yes. Please, I need more. Make crumble, please. Please," Marcus begs.

Lucifer moves so the cold dildo is teasing Marcus's entrance. Markus is trying to push the object but the ropes are restricting his movement. Finally, Lucifer shoves the first five inches of the toy into Marcus's ass making him gasp and moan. Lucifer moves to wrap a hand around Marcus's throat, making sure to have consent before firmly holding him back, whispering about how much Markus was crumbling under his movements. At first, he is only going between one and five inches slowly, although he soon moves to speed the tempo up gradually to 8 inches. Suddenly he pushes the remaining 4 inches. This caused him to mewl and moan with every thrust as Lucifer pushes the toy into him harder and faster tightening the hand he as on Marcus's throat. With a final hard thrust that would have broken a lesser being, Markus finally cums in a low moan, that Lucifer would argue is adorable.

Getting up Lucifer dusts off his knees moves to untie Marcus hands and arms but keeping the rest of him in ropes. Moving Marcus's hands so that they're positioned in front of his body. Lucifer grabs a hunting knife, using the jagged edge cuts across Marcus's thighs repeatedly. Having just came Marcus's body is sensitive making usually pain he's supposed to feel, feel more pleasurable. He soon becomes unbearably hard. After the 50th cut, he cums.

Lucifer gets a wet cloth from the cooler. Marcus's shivers as Lucifer starts to wipe away the blood and cum, revealing the already healing cuts. "Do still want this to end with me killing you, Markie. If only for a short time," Lucifer questions. Marcus tries to gain composure and says in a tired voice, "That ... that won't be necessary."

Lucifer moves to unbind Marcus from the red ropes. Once untied Marcus slowly stands and starts to dress, for once not dreading the possibility of continuing living. Steps away from the elevator Marcus turns stating, "We will continue this arrangement," not waiting for a reply, he leaves.