Authors note: Um, to be honest, I found this fic on my computer. Apparently I wrote it 2 years ago. It's kinda crazy. I have NO idea what on earth I was thinking, but it's really kind of hilarious.

Disclaimer: The Gundam Wing Characters are not mine... Sniff I wish they were tho. But I thank the people who DO own them! ^__^


Thanksgiving day

(all the Gundam Pilots are in the store)

Heero: I don't LIKE turkey.

Duo: Get over it. I'm surprised you, the GREAT HEERO YUI! Is afraid of a big fat bird.

Heero: I'm not SCARED of it, I just don't like it. I'm... Allergic!!

Duo: Oh.

Wufei: *mutters* Weakling

Heero: AHHHHHH! DIE!!! *attacks Wufei in front of the shoppers*


Heero: *stops, looks around* .... *quickly stands up and walks very fast to another isle*

Author who is writing this stupid yet, maybe humorous story: HEYY! That's not in the script!! Heero, you're not supposed to run off, you're supposed to just, look around, blush and look down.

Heero: I don't blush.

Duo: HA! That's a laugh. What about when RELENA comes around? Ooh you blush like MAD!! *laughs maniacally*

Heero: *blushes*

Duo: SEE?!!

Heero: *socks Duo*

Duo: OWWW! *socks him back*

Heero: *attacks Duo*

Duo: *attacks Heero*

A.w.w.t.s.b.m.h.s.: Here we go again.

Heero: *attacks A.w.w.t.s.b.m.h.s.*

A.w.w.t.s.b.m.h.s: AHHHHHH!!

Duo: .... HEYY It's Thanksgiving! We're not supposed to fighting!!

Quatre: HEYY! THAT'S MY LINE!!!!!! _

A.w.w.t.s.b.m.h.s: Yeah, thats right!! We're not supposed to be fighting!

Heero: *takes a deep breath stands up*

Duo: Oh please. *has a black eye*

Heero: I don't LIKE turkey.

Duo: So you've told us.

Quatre: I can make ham!!

Heero: AHHH! I'LL EAT TURKEY!!!! *hides behind Duo* Get him away!!! _ ham........*shivers*

Duo: *quirks an eyebrow* O k...

Wufei: *mutters*......*maybe not*

Trowa: I don't really think he wants ham, Quatre.

Quatre: Oh. Ok. At first I thought he was going to attack me..

Heero: *mutters* If you said "ham" again, I was gonna.

Duo: Why are you so freaked when someone mentions ham?

Heero: *flinches* I don't LIKE ham.


Heero:Um... No one's ever actually asked me that..

Duo: You mean you don't know??

Heero: Well, I like chocolate.

Duo: *sweatdrop* Don't we all.

Trowa: Well we can't make a chocolate turkey.

Heero: I don't LIKE turkey.

Trowa: WE KNOW!!!

Duo: Whoa. He actually yelled.

Quatre: *blinks* Trowa?

A.w.w.t.s.b.m.h.s: *slipped off a long time ago*

Manager: Are you the people causing trouble?

Heero: *pulls out a knife* Nope.

Manager:....Oh. Ok. *walks away*

Duo: Well. He suspected alot. Usually they all run screaming.

Heero: Yeah, thats the first time anyones walked away calmly.

Quatre: Probably get alot more death threats than you can imagine. I mean.. he's the manager.. sometimes people aren't very nice.

Duo: You mean like Heero? *cringes, lest he get smacked*

Heero: I resent that remark.

Duo:.... I didn't get smacked!!

Heero: *smacks Duo*

Duo: I spoke too soon.

Quatre: Well this a pointless story, isn't it?

Trowa: Yeah well with a beginning line of "I don't LIKE turkey" Wouldn't really show the artistic side of this story.

Duo: It has an artistic side??

Heero: Well maybe if the author who whatever whatever whatever knew who I really was, then this could be a little more exciting.

A.w.w.t.s.b.m.h.s: Excuuuuuuuuuuse me for living, but I wanted a FUNNY story. *sniff* If you can't do that FINE!
*one hour later*

Duo: I don't LIKE turkey.



Quatre: Bring Heero back..Please?

Trowa: Seeing as I'm not really IN this fanfic, I really couldn't care either way.

A.w.w.t.s.b.m.h.s: But...But.. He was doing it WRONG!!

Duo: He was funny....sort of.

Wufei: Just bring Heero back.

A.w.w.t.s.b.m.h.s: FINE!!!! HEERO GET BACK INTO THE STORY!!!

Heero: Me?

A.w.w.t.s.b.m.h.s: YES YOU!!!

Heero: Why?
*Hour later*

Heero: So what are we going to do about thanksgiving if I'm allergic to turkey and I don't like...Ham *flinches*

Duo: Looks like you'll just have to eat chicken.

Heero: O_O CHICKEN?? HECK NO!!!!

Duo: *whispers to Quatre* Is it just me, or is he REALLY scared of poultry?

Quatre: *shrugs* I dunno.

Wufei: *snorts* Well we could have curry.

*Everyone gives him a strange look*

Wufei: What?!

Heero: I guess I'll just starve.

Everyone reading this fic (yep, your included too! ^__^) Aww.

Gundam Gang: O_O There are people reading this??

Author: Yeah, it's a story. Whadja expect?

Quatre: :o

Wufei: : (

Heero: *emotionless*

Trowa: : |

Duo: -o- *yawn*

Author: Well, ACT!!


Duo: Hey. Author. Where'd the store go??

Author: You were magically transported to your house.

Heero: We have a house?

Author: Quit complaining or I'll make your house a box.

Quatre: Can you really make a house out of a box?

Trowa: Quatre, you really HAVE lived a sheltered life.

Quatre: I can't help it.

Heero: I don't--

Duo: Like turkey. WE KNOW! Say it again and I'll stuff it down your throat!


Heero: Why didn't I think of that?

Wufei: You don't have as good of a mind as I do.

Heero: *attacks Wufei*

Duo: *sigh rolls eyes*

Quatre: We shouldn't be fighting!!

Trowa: I guess I make thanksgiving dinner.

*3 hours later*

Wufei: *sits at the table with two black eys and a punched in nose* !@#*&*#&$&#.

Duo: Wufei! You shouldn't curse at the table.

Quatre: GOT DANGITT!! THAT'S MY LINE!! Stop taking my lines please, or I will be forced to change to insane Quatre.

Duo: *cringes to a ball* I'm soooorrry^__^

Trowa: *walks out with a big turkey and other stuff*

Duo: YES!!

Heero: *looks at the turkey as if it is diseased*

Trowa: *sets a big bowl of stuffing in front of Heero*

Heero: *looks happy for once*

Duo: I'll say grace! ^__~ God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for this food, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaMEN!

Quatre: DIG IN!


Quatre: *sheepish grin*

Heero: *eats his stuffing made especially for him*:)

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~