Marinette couldn't hold off telling her fans the special news for too long. Her stomach was growing a little faster than usual, considering she held twins, and she was a petite woman who would show her pregnancy belly soon enough.

So, when she and Adrien sat down to record the video announcement, they only hoped it would go over okay. After all, while they chose to focus on the good notes, they did get a fair share of hate from some crazed fans when it was revealed they were married.

However, just as that reveal, this reveal went over pretty well.

"#Catbug is trending," Adrien informed her with no shortage of amusement.


"Our kids," he said through a smirk.

Marinette couldn't help but giggle. "Oh, your dad's going to LOVE that."

"Well, my dad isn't getting near the kids, so who cares? Tom will get a kick out of it, though."

Marinette smirked, though her heart hurt for Adrien. His dad should be a part of it, but after their lack of communication and a tense accidental meeting, she doubted either man was going to take the step to repair their relationship. "He will. That's going to be amusing when we tell him. He was thrilled enough as is to learn he was going to be a grandpa."

As expected, Tom did find it amusing when they told him. Of course, this meant Sabine and Marinette were relegated to listening about 'Catbugs' for the rest of the night.

"He's going to be a good father," Sabine had whispered to Marinette.

"He is," Marinette responded, watching as Adrien and her father interreacted. "I know it. He's already got the dad jokes down."

Halfway through her pregnancy, Ladybug was forced to announce that she'd be going down to two videos permanently because she was going to be a mom and now had less time to spend on making videos. Adrien was proud of her even though she had a hormone-influenced meltdown over it.

"It's for the better, bug," he cooed. "You should take it easy for now instead of stressing yourself out over getting three videos out."

Marinette didn't answer. She was busy crying in his shirt over irrational things. But Adrien was there supporting her and soothing her, no matter how stupid she sounded.

When they learned what genders the twins were, they decided to withhold the information from their fans for a little while. They of course had individual reveals for her parents as well as Alya and Nino. But withholding the surprise from their fans allowed them time to plan out a gender reveal video.

Marinette had came up with a blast of an idea. They had two white onesies and two opaque, plastic containers that were filled with a clothing dye. Adrien and Marinette each held a onesie, a black "Catbug #1" written on Adrien's and a "Catbug #2" written on Marinette's. They each dipped the onesie into each vat of dye, holding them there a moment to absorb the color before Marinette counted to three and they each pulled up a pink onesie.

"It's going to be exciting," Adrien commented as they were cleaning up the mess from the video. "Seems like we're going to have two more little ladybugs running around the house."

"They'll probably love being called your ladybugs," Marinette said, rubbing her swollen belly. "But they'd probably love being called your kittens, too. They're yours, after all. They're likely to inherit your sense of humor."

Adrien could only chuckle. "I hope so. My humor and your good looks would be the perfect pairing."

"What about your good looks, M Model?"

"Mine are overrated," he dismissed with a wave. "They better look like you."

"Nuh-uh," she said. "They better look like you."

The duo looked at each other for a while, each wearing a smile.

"Well," Adrien said. "May the strongest genes not be mine."

Marinette only chuckled. "Dork."

Months later, when the catbugs were born, Marinette and Adrien wanted to keep as low of a profile as possible for the time being. To just have a moment to be a happy, new family without a social media presence.

Their hair was black like Marinette's but their eyes were green as Adrien's.

They were okay with that tie.

Eventually, when they were ready to reveal Emilie and Louise a couple months later, Adrien and Marinette put them in their little, numbered "Catbug" onesies and black kitty hats with embroidered ladybugs Marinette had made and took pictures to share.

Catbug trended on social media for a couple days after that.

It was difficult, but Marinette was immensely grateful to be self-employed. She could run her channel and business around being a mother. And then the bonus of Adrien being self-employed at home, too, meant that they could pass the girls back and forth so Marinette could film in peace and then Adrien had time to make phone calls.

On top of that, Tom and Sabine were very needy grandparents who wanted to see the twin catbugs as much as they could. Marinette wasn't surprised by it, but it was a blessing in disguise. Having such eager babysitters allowed Marinette and Adrien to either have date nights or nights out alone or with friends. Because as much as Marinette loved and adored her husband, they did work together and occasionally needed a bit of time apart from each other to keep their sanity.

It wasn't easy, but there were times Marinette would call it "practically perfect."

"Do you realize," Marinette said one night when they were curled up in bed. The girls were in their cribs and thankfully asleep for the time being. "That we're together and have two amazing little girls all because you gave me a pep-talk?"

Adrien was silent. "It's funny to think about that," Adrien said. "How one accidental meeting changed everything."

"It's because of you I came back to Paris a changed woman who didn't give up on her dream."

Adrien shifted, rolling over so he could curl her against his chest. "I can't even imagine Paris without you, now, my lady. My love."

Marinette grinned, happily snuggling against her husband. "I love you. You're the best friend, husband, and father I could ever have asked for."

She felt him press a kiss to her head. "I love you, too, my wonderful ladybug. I love you so much."