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Chapter 7: Changes Within and Succumbing To Death

Kagome looked at him, although fear should be evident upon her features, there was none to be found. He was being rough with her. He wanted to smell and sense her fear, he wanted her to be afraid.

"As I said, Is that the best you can do?", Kagome taunted him again.

Sesshoumaru took a step towards her. His eyes narrowed for the battle. 'She will not best me again.'

He picked her up by the scruff of her shirt, then unceremoniously tossed her into a creek that was nearby. A feral smile graced his lips.

As Kagome exploded up out of the water gasping for breath, you could see her aura emblazoned around her. Her temper had surpassed its previous limit when dealing with his hanyou brother. However, she would not give Sesshoumaru the satisfaction of baiting her.

Slowly, she made her way to the edge of the water. Gracefully, she climbed upon the bank. Kagome pulled her hair back and wringed the water from her hair.

She walked casually up to the man that held her heart, body and soul in such torment. Only he could evoke such pleasure and pain in no more than a look or simple touch.

'This is ridiculous,' she thought.

He watched her approach him. 'It was evident that she had been furious with me for tossing her into the water. But now, now I'm confused. She doesn't show any signs of anger, only signs of…………'

His thoughts were caught short when she had stopped directly in front of him. Her thin white shirt and underclothing were now soaking wet and dared not hide any of her well endowed features from him.

He tried desperately to subdue the urge that was building within him. It had been a long time since he had taken a female in his demon form. It cried out within him to be satisfied.

"NO!!!!," he shouted.

Kagome was taken aback. She had been willing to let the *water incident* go. She had provoked him and he had retaliated. In a way, it had been quiet arousing.

"Now what is your problem?", she questioned.

By now he had turned his sight away from her. He was fighting to keep hold of the man he was and not let the beast out. Moment by moment his resolve was slipping.

"Look at me! Do you think that I am mad because you threw me in the water? It will take a lot more than that to get me riled. Humph, you are acting so much like your asshole of a brother. I thought you were different."

Kagome could not have picked better words if she had tried. She blinked once, then twice. By the third time, she found herself pressed firmly to the ground. She noticed his breathing was erratic. She dared to glance into his eyes.

'Oh, no. This can't be good,' she thought.

He couldn't speak. Adrenaline rushed through his veins. His whole self had become hyper-sensitive. Through his fingertips he could feel her quickening pulse. It wasn't from fear but from uncertainty. When he had pushed her down to the ground it had not been too easily.

Blood, he could smell it, almost taste it. It was hers. But where?

She watched as a quizzical look came over his features. She dared not to move, he was acting very out of the ordinary, even for Sesshoumaru.

He sniffed the air. The coppery scent was overtaking him. He leaned down closer, his cheek brushing hers. He inhaled deeply, she could feel the air flow across her cheek. Almost of its own accord, his nostrils followed a path to her ear, down along her neck, across her shoulder then stopped momentarily.

Kagome couldn't take it any longer. Softly, if only in a whisper, she said, "Sesshoumaru?" It was almost a question. What was wrong with him. The closeness that was created between the two ignited her inside. Surely he had noticed this by now. Her arousal was clearly visible. The thin, wet fabric that covered her chest was doing little to hide the pebbles of flesh that were being awoke.

He took her left wrist in his hand and raised her arm above her head. He could still smell the rich, coppery scent but now it was laced with a sweetness that only she could create. His nose traveled down her chest, making sure to brush across her breast. Her back arched to him, wanting him to take her. However, he continued on.

'What is he doing? Surely he knows how I'm reacting to his closeness. Still, he is acting so stran………….'

Her thoughts stopped abruptly as she felt his tongue lapping at her side. She raised slightly to see what he was doing.

"Oh, my gosh! I'm bleeding!," she exclaimed.

Sesshoumaru met her gaze and immediately she was silenced. His eyes burned with desire none which she had ever seen before. Not even when attempting to kill Inu-Yasha.

He still did not speak, he couldn't. The beast had hold of him now and was not going to be denied what it wanted. Subconsciously, Sesshoumaru wanted it too. He was sure that she wouldn't be able to survive the encounter. Even he could not push this on a mere human, especially her. He kept his eyes locked on Kagome's. His inner battle evident to the young miko. He would have to fight the urge.

He had almost subdued the wild animal that called out, that was almost. He hadn't expected Kagome to do what she did.

She reached her hands up to cup his face. Her thumbs rubbing across the lines that graced his cheeks. It was what she did next that started a cycle that could not be turned back.

She raised her head up and closed the distance enough that her lips were able to brush his. As she laid her gentle kiss upon him, her hands entwined in his silvery-white hair to pull him closer, deeper into the kiss.

'What? He's resisting me? But why? Perhaps a little more convincing.' Kagome's thoughts played through her mind. She knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him, she could feel the electricity emanating from his body. Then why was he fighting it.

She pulled him even deeper into her kiss. He had already allowed her tongue entrance. He had not even realized that he had done this. His mind still fighting the urge.

Kagome gently pushed her shoes off. She slowly ran her feet up his strong legs to finally wrap around his waist. Her hips pushed towards his. Odd, she couldn't feel his arousal. She broke from the kiss.

"Damn you, Sesshoumaru."

She placed her hands upon his shoulders and pushed, trying to get him away. She was growing tired of these games. If he didn't want her, then fine, so be it. It had been almost all she could take dealing with the way things had turned out with Inu-Yasha. Now after allowing her heart to want and need again, she wasn't willing to keep playing around. Not without some sort of explanation.

Sesshoumaru didn't budge. He knew she wanted up, to get away from him. He just wouldn't allow it. She just didn't understand what she was doing to him. He was fighting a losing battle with his demon within. With one hand he pushed her roughly against the ground. Kagome glared at him.

"What is your problem?"

She began to hit at him and tried to wiggle free of being beneath him. But this only caused to worsen matters. The more she hit, the more his demon blood pumped through his veins, filled his manhood. The only way she would have him, all of him, would be with a fight, unknowingly to the beautiful miko, that was exactly what she was doing. He was slowly loosing the battle. Finally the beast reared its head.

Kagome was flailing her arms and legs trying everything to get free. How dare he just keep her here. She was certain he knew she wanted him. How could he deny her? Then she felt it, brushed against then pressed against her thigh. She looked up into his eyes. Her body went rigid as she looked into the blood red stare that met hers.

In a motion that no human eyes would have seen, he had disrobed them both. Kagome's voice caught in her throat. Her whole self had frozen. That is until his mouth clamped down on the nap of her neck. Blood oozed from the bite. For the first time fear masked her normal scent. Sesshoumaru bent down and licked the wound, almost suckling it. He slowly slipped his body between her thighs to rest there.

Kagome could not believe it. The warmth that flowed through her was amazing. She arched her back into him. His tip grazed her opening. Sesshoumaru looked down at her and snarled. His canines gleaming. Again he suckled at the wound he had created, he craved her blood. This time when she arched, he took full advantage and pushed himself deep inside. Her tightness surrounded him as darkness overtook his senses.

Kagome moaned with pleasure that only he could create. How could she have ever imagined such a simple act of him suckling from his bite as he entered her would create a gush of euphoria. There bodies melded together. Every thrust was met with one of her own. She closed her eyes as the pressure became stronger. Again she wrapped her legs around his waist. Odd, his pelt of fur had rested itself there. The feeling was amazing. She squeezed herself tighter around him. She could have sworn it felt as if he had grown even larger. A few more thrusts and it was all she could take. Her orgasm washed over her, in turn he released into her. Something had happened, though. She wasn't sure what but she could feel it. She opened her eyes and what she saw was evidence enough. It was if he had transformed, but not completely. His hair had become thicker, more coarse. And his ears, they looked like Inu-Yasha's. She ran her hands down his back. A thin layer of what felt like fur covered what used to be skin. His body shuddered at her touch. His face was resting on her shoulder, buried in her hair. She could not see if his face had changed any, only the little furry ear that tickled at her nose. She couldn't resist, she slowly raised her hand and took the ear in her hand. The fur was unbelievably soft. She noticed the more she rubbed and massaged it, the more aroused she was becoming again. When she tried to move herself, with him still inside, he growled and said his first words since this had began.

"Kagome," he gasped. "Stop, I was able to stop it earlier but this time I will not be able to control it."

She rubbed her face against the soft fur of his ear. Who could believe that could be so erotic.

"Control what, Sesshoumaru?"

"My true self…….desires you. I..I can't do that," he answered panting. Her ministrations goading him along. Pushing him to the brink. He would not be able to control it much longer.

Suddenly, as if by a miracle, Kagome realized what exactly was happening. Again fear flourished. This time for real. She now understood what he had been struggling against. It was himself, his demon self. The realization of his size alone compared to hers terrified her. There was no way she could live through that.

Realization for Kagome came too late. The scent of fear laced with the overpowering smell of sex and blood flowed through his nostrils. His body began moving within her. She tried to fight the feeling, the need to be one with him as his true self. Was it worth the chance? Could she survive? She was certain there was no way.

Pain shot though her body as he ravaged her. Ecstasy had long taken control of her mind and body. Fear had slowly subdued. Orgasm after orgasm racked her nerves. She kept her eyes tightly closed in fear of what she would see. But she wanted to see him in all his glory, just once. For she knew one time would be all she would have. Her eyes slowly opened and in her vision was him. Completely as he should be. A lone tear escaped her eyes, not from pain, not from fear, but for regret. Regret that this would be the only time she could experience this. His gaze turned to her face. The tear did not go unnoticed. His warm tongue extended to taste it. He was rewarded with a warm smile. She was becoming weak, tired. His thrusts had reached their peak. As he released, his head threw back and a sorrowful cry was heard. She was gone. Her body had not been strong enough. A blood red tear fell upon her shoulder. One of the few he would ever cry in his lifetime.

Sesshoumaru stood, now fully dressed. He had wrapped her body loosely in his pelt. He looked down almost saddened at the sight of her lifeless body. A sigh escaped him as he reached to his side and pulled the tenseiga from its scabbard. Quickly the blade slashed at her body. For a moment time stood still, then the slow rise and fall of Kagome's chest could be seen. Sesshoumaru released the long held breath in his lungs. He knelt down beside her, placing his hand upon her forehead, then lowered it to cup her cheek.

Kagome looked up at Sesshoumaru. The only word entering her thoughts was *amazing*. He had lifted her up and held her close to him.

She encircled her arms around his waist and nuzzled her face into his chest. He also wrapped an arm around her while the other petted her hair. Kagome looked up to Sesshoumaru and spoke softly.

"Sesshoumaru, will you help me to get stronger?"

He looked down at her curiously , "Yes, why do you ask this?"

"Because next time I plan on living through it," Kagome glanced up at him, a twinkle in her eye and gently laughing.

Sesshoumaru could only smile back, "Yes, I think we can manage something."

The End

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