Dear Matthew, my beloved son.

I wish that I could send you this letter with better spirits.

The king has done something irreversible. Against the advice, wishes and backs of your Papa, myself and his Minister, he joined in on the war. The one that Monsieur Kirkland and your brother are in the middle of. He decided he wanted to help your brother win. As result, the economy has grown worse. My people are starving now more than ever. I can feel their anger in my blood and the starvations in my stomach. For every death it weights heavy upon my soul. I fear that riots will start soon.

Your Papa is packing our things right now. I am writing this in the meantime, as I am in no condition to help. I have grown greatly ill. It is the illness that we gain when our people are suffering. It has affected me a lot more than Papa, which I am thankful for. I am sorry to have kept this away from you, but I did not wish for you to worry about us. Not when you need to defend your land.

Your Papa and I are leaving the palace. I refuse to be under the same roof as someone as honourless as the current French king. If we disappear after this, then let it be away from these corrupted men. I cannot tell you where we will be, as I fear that someone will get their claws on this letter. That, if they do, they would come for our heads. If we live through this, I will send you another letter.

If this is the last one, then let me leave you with these last words.

Your Papa and I cannot be more proud of you. You have grown into an intelligent and capable young man. We still remember you as our little Matthew. The one that always got into mischief because his curiosity got the better of him. The one that we sung to sleep. The one that we cuddled with at night when you decided to sneak in. That little Matthew will never return. Instead, he was replaced by a man. A man that is leaving his nest to build a new home, with his own hands. A man whose heart is true and strong and helps those that need it.

We love you dearly. No matter what happens, never forget that.

Love you forever,

Maman and Papa