Y/N's heart started beating quickly as Liu approached her. "Don't worry, I'm just here to warn you... about Jeff. He's in love with you.", Liu informed her in his best innocent voice so as not to reveal that he was just as in love with her and dangerous as his brother. " You see, Jeff's got a... unique way of treating the things important to him. He's actually quite caring, or he was when he was younusger, but somewhere along the line, that got turned around into his current, twisted definition of love. Probably when he went insane. It's his line of thinking that he'd rather kill something than let it go that makes it worse." Liu sighed and looked at the ground, doing his best to play the role of a caring friend who wanted nothing more than to look out for Y/N's happiness and safety.

Y/N's eyes widened. They were such a beautiful colour... Liu just wanted to drown in them. She could tell him every terrible, horrible thing she had ever done and it would just make him love her more. Jeff came up behind them slowly, cutting Liu enough that he passed out from blood loss but didn't die. Jeff's eyelid-less eyes widened dangerously as he, if this was possible, smiled even wider than usual. "Don't be scared, love.", he purred in Y/N's ear. "I'm doing this for you. No, for us." "B-but...", Y/N stuttered, tears running down her face. She didn't know what was happening, but she knew that she certainly didn't like or approve of any of it. Pulling out his knife, Jeff pinned Y/N down to the ground, then slowly used his knife to etch a permanent smile into her beautiful face. "There. Beautiful.", he laughed as blood seeped out of Y/N's fresh wounds. "Oh, and Liu.", Jeff added, suddenly getting a bit more serious. "If you don't stay away from him, I'm going to kill him and then I'm going to kill you. Understood?" Y/N opened her mouth to speak. "I-", she began. But Jeff put his pale hand over her mouth before she could finish. "Shh. No talking, babydoll. Just listening."