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Prompts Used: "I'm not here to make friends." & "Well, that's tragic."
Summary: Aphrodite invites Shaka to an outing to Rodorio.
Warnings: None
Notes: One sided crush

"I'm not here to make friends," Shaka said as he rejected Aphrodite's invitation to the town.

Aphrodite observed Shaka, he was so stubborn and kept for the most part, alone. Oh he knew that he had the confidence of the Pope, after all Saga wanted to keep the strongest of their order close to him.

But Shaka mostly isolated himself. He had his disciples and men who he taught, but friends? No. Much less any sort of romantic inclination. Which was a shame, Aphrodite thought. Shaka was an attractive man.

And if he didn't know that his advances would probably earn him complete disdain, he would make them.

He just stared at Shaka and said, "Well, that's tragic. We were planning on having some fun, which is something you could benefit from."

Shaka frowned, "Your idea of fun and mine don't align Aphrodite."

Aphrodite shrugged his shoulders, even if Shaka couldn't see his movements. "I know, but you shouldn't close yourself too much. We're not the enemy, we're your closest allies. Remember that."

"I do know that," Shaka grumbled, annoyed. "I have no problem interacting with my fellow saints," Shaka rose his hand, stopping whatever argument that was coming. "Else I wouldn't be talking to you. But parties in the town? That's not for me."

"I'll give you that," Aphrodite conceded. "But don't be a stranger, at least come to the gathering we sometimes throw on our temples."

Shaka hesitated, "Maybe. You might have a point in that I need to befriend our fellow saints more. But I have never been one for parties."

"Fair. Then, how about this? Shura and Deathmask are coming over on Friday, my temple, I'm cooking. It's just the three of us, well four if you come. Which I hope you do."

Shaka hesitated again, Deathmask was someone he tried not associate with. The man was not someone of his liking. But Shura was a serious and devoted Saint, "I will, but I should warn you, I'm a vegetarian. If you feel that is too much, then it can be on another time."

Aphrodite sighed, "It shouldn't be a problem. Deathmask will complain, but I'm cooking, so he can deal with it. Then, I'll leave you be, I'm sure you have things to do, or want to return to meditation. Just come up on Friday after five. It'll just be us four."

In the end, Shaka nodded, "Thank you... and I'll see on Friday."

Aphrodite turned back towards his temple, a smile grazing his handsome features. While he knew that most of the saints considered him somewhat cold and arrogant, he found that he quite liked the Virgo saint. He was glad that at least his invitation had not been shot down, instead, he was quite pleased that Shaka had accepted. He wouldn't push for a relationship, even if he wanted one, he'd be content just being his friend.

In the Virgo Temple, Shaka wondered if accepting his invitation had been the right thing to do. But he shrugged his shoulders, trying to be friendly with his fellow saints couldn't hurt. And Aphrodite wasn't so bad. So, why not allow himself a small time with him and the other two? It couldn't be so bad. So he made the decision to take it one day at the time, he'll go to dinner with Aphrodite and the others, then decide what to do next.

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