Notes: AU - Post Canon. Camus & Milo - POV
Prompt Used: 149. "There's no way they can't see how they look at each other."

"They are complete and utter morons. Imbeciles, both."

Camus lifted a brow at Milo, but seeing that Milo didn't notice, he follow his friends line of vision. And then it all made sense, Shaka and Aphrodite were standing there, awkwardly speaking over the fruit punch. He nodded. He hated to admit it, but…

"If those two believe they are fooling anyone but themselves, they are the dumbest men to ever walk the Earth. How is Shaka the closest of the Gods again? And listen, I don't know what he and Buddah speak, but seriously, someone needs to tell him to stop stalling."

Camus considered this carefully. It was true that Shaka was counted amongst the wisest on the Sanctuary, but being wise in some manners didn't equal being wise and knowledgeable in manners of the heart. Something that Milo was apparently ignoring.

"And what about Aphrodite, huh? He's worse. I mean, yeah, I get it. Those four don't have the best reputation, but they've been forgiven and we're all moving on. And he goes and falls in love with Shaka and now, he sulks like a child. You'd think he'd have more balls and actually go after him."

"Well," Camus finally spoke. "Perhaps they are afraid."

Milo turned, gave him the blandest look he could muster and said, "Of being rejected, yes."

Well now, that was surprisingly well observed by Milo. "Not everyone is prepared to risk a heart, Milo." He replied. "And they both have always been separate, they barely got along before and then we all died and this is a whole new world, things have changed and then, you add love – because make no mistake, I do believe they love each other – to the mix and this is what you get."

"Two people being idiots." Milo said with mild scorn. "Yeah, I can see that. But they need to get over it, what are they going to do, wait until one dies and then regret never speaking up?"

Camus knew Milo enough to fear the glint in his friend's eye. "Whatever you're planning, the answer is no."

"Oh come now Camus," Milo's complete wicked look would have scared lesser men. "Don't you think it's high time someone gave them… oh I don't know, a friendly push?"

"We are not locking them in a closet."

"Pst, as if that could prevent them from escaping. I was planning on speaking with Shion, you know, send them to a mission together. We could do that."

That could work, Camus thought. At least, they'd be in close proximity and would have to rely on one another. They complimented each other's power set well enough. "If that fails and either comes after you, I will deny being involved."

Milo laughed, "I wouldn't have it any other way! Seriously now, I know Cancer's keeping a bet behind the Fish's back."

That was surprising. Death Mask was – and still was – a friend to Aphrodite, the fact that he was running a bet behind was quite something. Specially because Aphrodite would've known by now. He was very good at finding out things about himself.

"Honestly, there's no way they can't see how they look at each other. But they are being hard headed idiots, therefore, we must intervene. For their sake."

Camus gave Milo a wry grin, "Just a friendly push."

Milo nodded, solemn looking, save his eyes, they sparkled with mischief. "Just a friendly push. That could give us an advantage on the bet."

"What's the bet?"

"Death Mask cooking for a whole week for the winner."

Ah, that was tempting. He missed French cuisine, but Italian came a close second for him. "Very well then."

Milo fist pumped, "I'll go to your temple tomorrow, we have things to discuss, if the plan with Shion doesn't work."

Camus nearly regretted it, but then, he turned back to where the Virgo and Pisces saints stood, only to find then gone, he looked for them and found them in a corner, huddled close and talking in quiet whispers. He sighed, idiots. Yes, they were definitely getting a push.