A/N: Hi everyone, this is my first fanfic about Emily and Aaron from Designated Survivor. Warning: I have not watched much of Season 2 when I found out that their relationship wasn't going anywhere and then she started dating Seth. Anyways, this is slightly AU and I hope you enjoy. Thanks!

As Chief of Staff, Emily's job had never been busier than when she was working at HUD. She spent her time putting out fires, going to meetings that almost always went nowhere, and coming home to an empty apartment. That last part wasn't a huge issue. It was more that she didn't expect that this was now her life. No breaks, no time for a vacation. Then again, how could she when she's too busy running the country. It had been a year since she had that kiss with Aaron. With that one kiss, she could imagine her relationship with him. From the longing looks across the table to every single time they were alone together, she saw how far they had come. In a way, she missed him even though their relationship never went anywhere. It was a simple kiss, at least that's what she thought it had been at the time.

After Seth and her broke up, Emily needed to put herself to work. She had been basically living in her office, which was noticeable by the pillow and blanket hanging off the side of the sofa. The table next to her desk was piled with old fast food paper bags. She was now on her fourth cup of coffee, a quarter to midnight. She was currently working on a way to bring the refugees from Syria safe passage to the United States. So far, she was facing backlash from the FBI, NSA, and State on suspected terrorists from there. Aaron walked in her office and stood at the door, noticing her make-shift bed.

"You know this couch sucks, right? It's whacked out my back a couple of times," he smirked walking towards her.

Emily looked up to see Aaron in his suspenders and his rolled-up sleeves, "Believe me, I know. It's just been too hectic to go home and change and then come back here. It's just easier to stay here."

"C'mon Em. You gotta take better care of yourself. You know that if Kirkman finds out you've been living here, he's gonna send you home."

"I know. It's just until we solve this."

Aaron walked around her desk and leaned against it, "The world's still gonna be here tomorrow."

She smiled at him, "What are you still doing here, anyway?"

"I was about to leave, but then I saw you here and I can't leave here before the Chief of Staff does. That would be unprofessional," he grinned. "Wanna go grab a drink?"

"I don't know. I probably shouldn't."

"Come on, let's go. You need a break."

He grabbed her hand and pulled her off her chair. She gave in and grabbed her closet. They then headed to the bar down the street.

They sat down at the bar and ordered two beers. Across from them was a jazz singer by the name of Jerry Armstrong. He was singing the classic "Fly Me to the Moon". Emily watched the piano player playing near them. She closed her eyes and moved her fingers along the song, reaching for every note. Aaron smiled when he saw her, remembering the time he walked in on her with the piano in the White House.

"So, any news on the refugee situation?" he asked, taking a sip from his beer.

"No, nothing yet. State still want to keep screening them, but that could take weeks to get through all of them. Weeks that we don't have."

"There's no other way unless you know someone else who could screen all of them faster than us and we're going at a maximum level."

Emily then realized the answer, "What if we could?"

"What do you mean?"

"What if we could ask our friends across the pond to help us?"

"What, you mean MI-5? We're not exactly buddies with them at the moment."

"Think about it. We publicly announce that their government is going to help us out with a humanitarian situation, one where they can't just say no to the public nor the refugees. It's a win-win situation. It makes us look good. It makes them look good. My god, this is brilliant! Thank you!"

She looked at him and in her slightly drunken phase, she leaned in and kissed him. She took in his scent and pulled him towards her. His lips felt so soft and velvety, reminding her the kiss from last year. After letting go of him and gasping for air, she realized what she had done.

She put her hands on her mouth and looked down, "Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to... It just came out of nowhere."

Aaron was still taken aback by what just happened and had said nothing.

"I'm gonna go. Umm... Thank you for helping me. I'll, uhh, see you tomorrow," Emily said. She grabbed her purse and ran out of the bar. By the time Aaron had finally become of aware of her absence, he called out her name too late.