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Chapter 1: Ninja Kids

The kids of the Ninja team had grown from toddlers to kids.

Xavier, the son of Zane and Pixal was now 8-years-old, and so was Felicia, the daughter of Kai and Skylor.

The twins, Nina and Eric Walker, the kids of Nya and Jay were 7, and was their cousin Charlie, Kai and Skylor's son.

Obsidian or "Siddie", the daughter of Cole and Opal was 6-years-old, and so was Lydia Garmadon, the daughter of Lloyd and Harumi.

Nina had brown hair in a bobcut, freckles, and wore a blue t-shirt and black pants.

She was energetic, bubbly, and sweet.

Her brother, Eric, had curly black hair and wore a gray long sleeved shirt and blue pants.

He was very clever and practical.

Siddie had black hair in two pigtails, and wore a pink t-shirt and black jumper dress.

She was caring and strong.

Xavier had silver skin and hair with blue eyes.

He wore a blue and white sweater and khaki pants.

He was really brainy but very friendly.

Felicia had brown hair in a ponytail, and wore a black shirt, red jacket, and red pants.

Her personality was friendly but a little feisty.

Her brother, Charlie had spiky red hair, and wore an orange shirt and blue jeans.

His personality was happy and playful.

And Lydia had blonde hair in a braid and green eyes.

She wore a green dress, glasses, and a green bow.

She was a nice shy girl.

They all enjoyed playing and hanging out together, and they enjoyed hearing stories about their parents past and battles with bad guys trying to take over Ninjago.

And they hoped that one day they'd have powers and go on adventures just like their parents.

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