Riders of the Storm

Author's Note: To show you how old this is . . . when I started The Prometheus Cycle, RiD wasn't even finished airing yet. As a result, Cerebros was an unknown when I started writing and plotting, so I gave him a personality. Turns out I didn't much like the official characterization anyway. So yes, TPC Cerebros is very . . . weird.
The usual disclaimers: I don't own any of these characters, since I'm not Hasbro or Takara or any liscensed partner. Also, this is RiD slash, various pairings. So there's your warning. Don't flame me, it'll only make you look stupid. ^__^
Prologue: Intellect and Forethought

Long ago, I walked this very land. I came here, long before the rise of Man, sent to protect a life-sphere of prophecy, a source of vast energy resources. A most sacred life-sphere that would someday rise to aid Cybertron in it's darkest hour. I, most powerful of all Autobots, was chosen to serve in solitude as guardian of this precious sphere. Long was I alone, waiting patiently for the rise of intelligent lifeforms. Long I waited, watching this very land and counting the passing cycles.
Then came the rise of Man. Impressed, I was, with the speed in which these fragile creatures learned and evolved. I knew, from the store of knowledge in my city-body, that the prophecy named these fragile beings as the aid to our kind. I walked among them, sometimes revered, sometimes reviled. God or demon, it did not matter that I said I was neither. So instead, I withdrew from those who would call me demon, counseling the others to peace. Only through peace and harmony, I knew, could they find enlightenment and become the aid I knew my people would one day need. It was ordained in the prophecies. I was only too honored to play my humble role in guiding these fragile beings.
In time, I saw in them a danger that I could not ignore. They were fast, mentally agile, but vicious and small-minded. They squabbled terribly amongst themselves over everything, from a scrap of dirt to the name of the divine. I feared not that they would hurt me, but feared what I might do in my need to protect. I hid my city-body deep within the protective embrace of the very bones of the life-sphere, then sought out my own, separate retreat. Perhaps I could not prevent them from making horrible war upon themselves, but I could separate myself from it. It is what I had to do, lest I let my need to protect draw me into their wars.
But in protecting them and myself from their folly, I abdicated my most sacred duty. Locking away my power, I left the life-sphere unguarded, unprotected. So it was that evil came into the life-sphere, tainting what was once my sacred mission. The taint is strong; it will break the first level in time. But the second . . . the second is mine alone. In it's arrogance, the evil will not ask. Thus can I redeem myself in the face of my failure. Once I am rejoined with the whole of myself, the secret of the second will be mine alone. Then shall none but he who hears the truth of the past know the way. It is the path of the righteous that will redeem my failures. Only in unity will I know the pure from the tainted.
Whole once more, I will stand guard over the life-sphere that I was to protect. And they will know that my will is pure and they will absolve me of my failures. And in time will the prophecies reveal their truths, and my role will be honored.
I am Cerebros, bearer of prophecy and keeper of the one true key. Let all who would taint this world stand aside, for once unleashed, you will be made to suffer under the light of my power.