I've finally decided I'm going to do it. Low and Jasper are getting their FULL story. I need something sweet to counteract with my stress induced Undeniable story.

This shorty is just a start, and gosh, I love the fucking hell out of Jasper. I can't wait to give them an HEA with everything. I'm just itching for it.



I knew the second I laid eyes on my girl; she was going to be mine forever.

I fucking called that shit.

Six years ago, she walked in to her dad's office with that messy hair, those rosy red cheeks, and that cute as fuck smile, and I was done for.

Today, I'm marrying her, and fuck me, it's been a long time coming.

Standing at the altar, I can feel myself fucking shaking with the need to run down this damn aisle and drag my girl to me.

Let's go, B.

Come fucking marry me.

When the music starts and the doors open and my girl comes into view, goddamn, I've never seen anyone so damn beautiful.

Shit, she's fucking perfect.

When she blinds me with her smile, I can feel my own stretching across my face, and my heart is trying to pound out of my fucking chest.

Faster, girl, I want to fucking marry you.

Her dad leads her down the aisle, and Liam has to hold me back with a hand on my shoulder, so I don't rush her and carry her up here.

Her smile never wavers from me, and I am so fucking caught up in her, my pretty girl.

I am the luckiest fucking guy on the planet.

When her hand is in mine, I pull her to me, and give her a quick kiss, more than I should, less than I want to.

She giggles and tip toes closer to me. "Hey, J," she whispers through her smile.

"Hey, B," I whisper back, love-sick and obsessed. "You gonna marry me?"

"Heck yes," she says, nodding her head excitedly. "I can't wait to be your wife."

Fuck yes, she's going to be my fucking wife.

It's about damn time.