Good and Evil: The Reign of Rekka

Chapter 1: Awakening

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This is the story of the beginning of the reign of the Goddess, Rekka. It all started
when a family from the nearby village went for a walk near the sea(oh boy...
nameless characters)...

"Son, hurry up and let's get back to the village before it gets dark!", shouted
the father. The son was playing by the sea while the mother and father were
walking along the beach, talking.

The son decided to play a bit longer, until the father lost his patience and
shouted for the son to hurry up, louder this time.

"Oh, alright, dad...I'm coming!"

As the son got up from the sand to leave with his parents, he tripped and fell into
the sea. The next thing he knew, he was surrounded by hungry sharks!

"Mom! Dad! Help!", he shouted.

Totally helpless, the mother and father fell to their knees, looking up at the sky.

"We beseech you in the heavens! We pray for you to help us, and save our
son!", they shouted to the sky, hoping that their prayer was heard.

Fortunately for them, it was.


In the Void, she mentally groaned as she was awakened by an insistent tugging
that was trying to pull her toward one of the planets below.

~Can't I have five more minutes to sleep before I have to help those mortals?~, she
asked. To her surprise, the force that was tugging at her replied.

~No, you can't. Those mortals' prayer was out of desperation. Now, get off
your lazy butt and go help those mortals!~

With that "said", the force pulled her out of the Void and shoved her toward the
planet where the prayer emanated from.

While speeding toward the planet, she dozed off again, waking up only when she hit the moon of the
planet she was supposed to get to.

~Damn...where'd that moon come from?! Now, where's that blasted planet?~

She looked around and saw that the planet was behind the moon.

~There it is. Now, to go down there and see what the hell it is I'm supposed to be doing.~

She took off toward the planet again and heard the desperate praying of the boy's
parents when she entered the atmosphere.

She went down to sea level and skimmed over the water, sending a huge spray of
water flying behind her, and, soon, she found the boy. Stopping, she plucked
the boy out of the water and set him down on the beach.

The parents looked up at her in adulation.

"Oh thank you! Thank you for saving our son!", the father said.

They were surprised when the bright ball of red light that was the goddess' true
form disappeared and a beautiful young woman with ruby red eyes, dark grey hair,
and wearing golden armor adorned with rubies over a red robe that had blue trim,
appeared. There was a sword with a golden hilt, sheathed in a blue sheath,
attached to the back of her armor, as well as a ruby in the end of the hilt.

"Oh, you're very welcome.", the goddess remarked.

" Your coming was foretold in the prophecy. Holy One, follow us to our
village so we can finish your temple and start worshipping you.", the father
said excitedly, thrilled at being one of the first residents of the village to
see their people's prophecy fulfilled.

"Oh, okay."

The father took a few steps in the direction of the village, then stopped and turned toward their new

" avoid sounding ignorant in front of you, I must inquire as to what
name you're called?", he said uncertainly.

"I don't have a name...yet. I'll leave that up to you, my followers.", the goddess
replied in a voice that set the father at ease instantly.

"Oh...follow us, then, Holy One."

The family, then, headed toward their village, with their goddess following them.
To be continued....

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