A Hat in Time/TF2 crossover

At the time of the incident, the mercenaries were on their annual break.

These breaks were few and far between. When they occurred, the excess clones would be placed in cold storage and, for 2 weeks, all fighting would cease. Those who wished to visit their families could, but those who did not had the option to stay in the Mann Co. Teufort compound, without any fighting obligations. Even the female counterparts, mainly employed as Mann Co. interns (it was the 1960's, after all), or hired for individual jobs (with ONE notable exception), were able to take their leave in the Teufort facility, alongside the men.

This 2 week break was looked forward to by most, as it was a time to decompress and relax from the other 50 weeks in the year. But, as the BLU Heavy discovered the year of this event, it could also be an opportunity for odd happenings to occur.

That year, many of the mercs had decided to go elsewhere. Only 10 were still present, with five representatives of both teams. For BLU, the male Heavy, Pyro, female Demolitionist, male Medic, and female Spy were in attendance. For RED, the male Soldier, female Engineer, male Sniper, female Scout, and male Spy were. They all had their reasons, but the BLU Heavy had been the only one, year in and year out, to stay. None of the others were quite sure why he never left, as he had never opened up about it. Only the Spies, due to their stealth and skills of educated guessing, had any clue- and all they knew was that he was sad.

It was in one of these bursts of sadness, on the second day of vacation, that we find the Heavy- and also where our story begins.

That evening, Heavy had been sitting on the balcony of the RED fort, looking up at the stars. The female Scout had approached him earlier in the evening, looking to play a game of cards. But, as was expected, he had declined politely, and she had left him to his observation. Some kind of ruckus was audible behind him. Apparently she had gotten everyone roped into a game of poker. He smiled briefly at the voice of Sniper, yelling at both Spies for collaborating in cheating. It reminded him of… something. Refocusing on the sky, he quietly sighed. It seemed that everything had a tinge of sadness now.

He might have stayed there all night, contemplating the night sky, wrapped in his thoughts, had a glint of light not caught his gaze. He almost dismissed it as a shooting star, had it not been such a striking color- an odd bluish green. He sat up, following its progress with interest. It was unlike anything he had seen before, pulsating in an oddly beautiful way. Stranger still, it seemed to be growing. Or perhaps, Heavy though passively, it was falling. As about 30 seconds passed, he realized that that could very well be the case.

Heavy suddenly leapt out of his chair, depression forgotten, to stare intently at the falling object. It appeared to be heading directly at the compound, rapidly descending. Then:

7 seconds before impact, Heavy noticed the small figure silhouetted against the object.

6 seconds before impact, he noted that it was headed directly for the bridge.

5 seconds. Heavy quickly observed his surroundings and thought of a plan.

3 seconds. Heavy pulled out his grappling hook and aimed at the bridge.

1 second. Heavy looked up at the falling object. Tossing his grapple aside, he prepared for impact.

Stepping to the side, with the practiced technique of a champion boxer, Heavy slammed his fist into the glowing aura. He had hoped to simply deflect it, but it instead shattered and exploded, sending him and the figure flying clear. At the same time, with a similar sensation to getting pulled through a wall of water, he found himself once again on the roof of the bridge, the object- what appeared to be a glowing sand timer-at his side, without a scratch.

"Something is strange…" he muttered, looking around.

He finally spotted the figure, floating in the water below the bridge. Jumping in, Heavy swam over to them and gently turned them over. Though suffering from burnt clothes, skin and hair, and a great amount of shallow gashes in the skin, he recognized the fragile figure of a small child- most likely female. A short ways away was a burnt rag, which he picked up. It appeared to be the brim of a hat, with several badges attached.

As he grabbed the small segment of the hat, a deep breath wracked the figure's body, startling Heavy. Looking at her, he watched her open her eyes deliriously, attempt to focus, and then pass out once more. This child should be dead, and yet is not, Heavy thought as he lifted her small form from the water and cradled her in his arms. "Come, child," he said, speaking his native tongue quietly, "let us find the Medic, and have him work his miracles."

A Note: I realize my writing is a bit awkward at times. I'm not an English Major like some are, and my creative writing structure isn't the best. Forgive my failure. But anyways, this is a story idea that was too fun not to write, and I'm going to just roll with it. Please yell at me for things I did wrong, as criticism is appreciated.